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How We Started Blogging Full-Time

August 22, 2012


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Now THIS is a question we get asked all the time. Really, at least once every two days. Especially if we start a Tumblr or Twitter chat session with people, the question always pops up of how we’re doing what we’re doing. Not that we’re annoyed with anyone for asking. Our families barely understand what we’re doing or how we’re doing it, and how it is that we haven’t starved to death shivering somewhere. Blogging for a living isn’t exactly a career that school prepares you for, and it’s not even a career that many people know exist.

It’s hard to even call this a career. Not that it technically isn’t. It’s just, well: when we grew up hearing the word “career” it came with images of people in suits commuting to work, probably downtown from 9-5. Very Mad Men-esque: just without the alcoholism, misogyny, and infidelity.

But we don’t “go” to work. We don’t have a dress code to follow. We don’t have a boss to speak to. There’s no threat of being fired if we mess up. There’s no water-cooler conversations. No team building exercises. We…just make videos and blog posts.

Some people have called us “entrepreneurs” which is something we’re also uncomfortable with. Entrepreneurs, in our minds, are people that have big dreams of starting a company, and then become a lean startup and hope to get funding from venture capitalists, and then they hire a bunch of staff to help their company grow, or something like that. We don’t fit into that category either, because neither of us ever dreamt of having our own business. It just sorta happened and we thought, “hey, can we make a living off just making videos and blog posts?”

Sure, there’s a lot more to “just” doing that. We don’t just whip out our cameras, fart around for a bit, click the magic edit and upload button, then dance around singing “YOUTUBE MONEY!”. Our work schedules are insane and all our close friends know how little free time we actually have. Prepping for a video means getting ready to be on camera (like, showering, for starters, putting on makeup and picking outfits to wear, buying new wigs and props to use in our videos), setting up the tripod, lights, focus, audio equipment, power cables, positioning in front of the camera, such and such. Once we’re all ready, talking in front of the camera is easy enough…or is it? You might have seen with our massive blooper collection, we spend a buttload of time messing up what we’re trying to say. OH! We didn’t even factor in the time that it takes for us to prepare what we have to say, especially with music videos: we watch them a whole lot of times, look for stuff, think about what we like and dislike about the videos, discuss with each other, create skits, head to the store and see if there are CDs to give away, read thousands of answers and pick a few for the giveaway, such and such.

The above paragraph is getting too beefy for me to want to carry on writing, both for fear of boring you and boring ourselves. Let’s just say we put A LOT of work into making these videos and maintaining this website beyond what just shows up in the final video.

The point of it all is this: some people might call us entrepreneurs for our work habits. Really, though, we’re just doing what we’re passionate about, which is why we’re so hesitant to call our work a career or ourselves entrepreneurs. We started out doing something just for fun, and by applying the work habits of people who take their jobs very seriously, we turned our hobby into an awesome paying job! Basically, you can say we’re just seriously having fun and are really happy doing what we’re doing! :D

We’re lucky enough that some of you like our site and our videos, which we’re extremely happy for, and we’re lucky enough to be making enough money to live off of our site, which we’re extremely happy for as well. We’ve been hesitant to answer this question for so long, because we’re worried that we’re jinxing it by saying anything about it. We’re still in a state of awe and extreme gratitude.

So, thank you, every one, for your support in watching our videos and visiting our site. We put in a lot of hours, days, and sleepless nights in getting these videos and posts up, but if it weren’t for you spending the minutes to watch our videos and leave us feedback and lovely comments, we’d definitely have stopped by now. We hope to be able to do more in the future, to get more segments and to start new shows, to get some people in on the videos with us, and to keep on adding fun stuff to the site. We have so many ideas, just not enough time or people-power to do it!

Thank you, ALL YOU NASTIES!!!!!!!!!!!

**edit: For those of you asking about why Simon stopped teaching, the answer is in the comments below**



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How We Started Blogging Full-Time


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  1. Wait, I know this is old but I still can’t find the comment where Simon spoke of why he stopped teaching?

    4 years ago
  2. Hello, my name is AMF11235, and I…use ad block. But I turn it off for your domain because now I know. I’ve loved your videos and blog posts for a while now, but just saw this one. Personally, I don’t think you two ever stopped being teachers. As I’m sure you’re aware, not all classrooms have walls and students staring back at you. Beyond that, not all learning happens in classrooms. I think you’ve just changed how you deliver information and where you teach, but you truly do teach us more than you realize. :)

    6 years ago
  3. I really wanna just thank you guise for your hard work and dedication!! :’) I have come to love your videos and posts so much and it has helped me a lot when it comes to understanding the Korean culture!

    Will support you guise till the end of time! Hwaiting!! Sending lots of love, hugs and kisses to the EYK crew (Spudgy and Meemers included) <3

    6 years ago
  4. I only just started using AdBlock, as I couldn’t stand the amount of stuff I was getting on other pages. It was actually effecting the download speed of pages I loaded.
    However, as soon as you mentioned that it was part of your revenue, I went and changed my settings just for your page. Even before I had AdBlock, I always found that the EYK page had subtler ads than a lot of others webpages that I have come across. The ease of the newer looking website on the eyes makes it a great experience, to go along with the brilliant videos

    7 years ago
  5. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/korean-elections/
    I believe it was this one or the one linked to in the blog post of that video.

    8 years ago
    • Hi! Sorry, I know this post is old. Is this link where we’re supposed to read/hear about Simon’s teaching problems? I still can’t find that part…

      5 years ago
  6. Hey, my TL;DR question is how does Korean food accommodate vegetarians, vegans, etc.. ? Because I’m a vegetarian (well, technically it is called “peskatarian” but I really, really, can’t stand the sound of that word) and when my family takes me out to some Asian restaurants there is little to no choice on the menu that is accommodating to me. I’m not as picky as some and I don’t really care if Ramen is made with a sort of broth, meat just upsets my stomach so I tend to pick it out; but I was just wondering do they not accommodate people with these needs/specifications and how do people response when “veg heads,” like myself, tell them that they are vegetarians?

    8 years ago
  7. well that totally makes sense why a bunch of people would hate you for that, LOL XDDD

    8 years ago
  8. You know what’s funny? A lot of people think they can keep voting for [Kpop Music Mondays] until Monday, when the video is relased, because….it only takes 10 minutes to make the video right?
    WRONG. =_=

    8 years ago
  9. Keep going you two!!! You are the most inspiring  people i ever saw (well… kinda met by the videos too xD) Yay for Martina’s school who supported you Simon! I hope that you both will overcome all the obstacles on the road to eatyourkimchi’s happiness! Thinking about buying myself a t-shirt now =) I’m one of your most loyal fans! Lot’s of love and support!!!

    8 years ago
  10. Are you guys thinking of ever partnering with other couples/people in Japan and/or China? Helping create a sister site of Eat Your Nori, or something like that, since it’s so evident that you’ve fallen in love with Korea, and probably aren’t going to be leaving any time soon? And thank you for all of your hard work. I just wish there were some people creating such informative, silly and pop culture oriented videos and blogs about other East Asian countries.

    8 years ago
  11. Oh dear i’m one of those who uses ad blocks hahaha. I shall disable the ad blocks for your site ^^

    8 years ago
  12.  As a fledgling blogger myself, I was wondering if you had any tips for how to get a blog going?
    how did it begin to become a source of income for you? Was it through ads, donations, both, or something different entirely?I’m a huge fan of you guys, you’re my heroes!

    8 years ago
  13. From a comment I saw on Youtube, you guys should set up a Paypal account and add a button somewhere on your site so we can donate to you guys. 

    8 years ago