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The Importance of Community

January 7, 2018


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Hi everyone,

We were really inspired to shoot this video today because we were touched by a package we received, and it made us think a lot about how important this community is and how much we should be reminding you all. It’s super sappy, and not much entertaining either, but we said “fuck it” we love this community so we shot this video.

Comments are really important to us. To the point that we try to give out internet comments in real life. We make something and put it online, and we’re just met with such nice responses. Why don’t we do that more often in real life? Why don’t we give compliments more often? When I go to a good restaurant, I think of something really nice to say, and I look the chef in the eyes when I tell them how much I enjoyed the meal. If a friend of mine does something they’ve worked hard on that I like, I make sure to let them know. Hell, we even had a friend this year who went through a lot of personal changes, and really grew to be a much better person, and I really looked them in the eye to let them know how well they’ve done. I’m inspired to do that because of you all.

If you have been following the world of YouTube lately, you might have heard about an absolutely terrible Youtuber named Logan Paul. We didn’t want to address this online because it just spurs more views to his channel and we didn’t want people to know about his existence, but little good did our silence do because everyone now knows that this awful human exists. Please don’t head over to his YouTube page and give him more views. We’ll talk about it in this week’s podcast to greater depth, but briefly, we thought we could at least address it to those of you taking the time to read our blog posts.

Logan Paul is just a vile piece of shit for so many reasons. He has no moral compass and he interacts with people as if they are disposable toys in his life. His actions while in Tokyo were so abhorrent, embarrassing, and totally thoughtless that they are going to have real life consequences for all foreigners living and visiting Japan. A few years ago a tourist licked a tuna in the fish market, and this one person’s actions caused all tours to be banned from that section. What Logan Paul has done ALL OVER TOKYO will create so many consequences that this silly selfish ass cannot comprehend. But we’ll address that more in our podcast.

Apart from that, he’s also making some people lose faith in YouTube, who are starting to malign it as a whole because of the actions of one. He’s big individually, but a small drop in the bucket in YouTube as a whole. He’s not representative of YouTube, nor are the people that watch his videos. There’s so much more out there.

He’s not relevant in YouTube Japan, or India, or many other parts of the world. In his own country he’s not relevant to anyone that’s read a hard book in their lives, anyone who has filed taxes, anyone who doesn’t have to get their report card signed. He’s the worst stereotype of an American tourist come to life. But just because he’s popular on the internet doesn’t mean he represents all of it. There are many great creators out there whose only commonality they have with Logan Paul is that they’re on YouTube. Here are a bunch of decent people we like:

Nerdwriter – The best visual essays I’ve seen on the internet, with a goddamned good voice to listen to. Some visual essays we watch just don’t have good delivery or cadence. But this guy, damn he’s smooth and he’s smart.

Kurzgesagt – Beautiful animations about science with a British narrator, and we like British accents.

Yuka Kinoshita – She’s an amazing competitive eater with a super sweet personality. And watching her eat makes me feel kinda satisfied when I want to binge eat something but know I shouldn’t.

VideoGameDunkey – Just absolutely hilarious gameplay videos and insightful commentary as well. I don’t watch any other gaming channel. I actually can barely stand any other gaming channel. But this guy, goddamn he’s great!

AsapScience – Ok we know these guys in real life and hung out with them a few times, but they’re just such good people with really smart videos about science as well with facts I actually remember afterwards.

Exploring Alternatives – I watch their videos when I think about what we’re going to do if we run away. Build a tiny house, live off the grid, and grow sweet potatoes. It also helps me remember that you don’t need to buy fancy shit in your life to be happy. Just four walls and my ducky.

Wong Fu – Ok we cheated again and these guys are friends as well but they’re just such solid people as well. And they make really gorgeous short videos, that aren’t just gorgeous but thoroughly entertaining as well. Love these guys.

If you like any of their videos, let them know. Leave them a comment. Send them a message. And, you know, you might just have a deep impact on someone else’s life as well :D

We’re off to start our vacation tomorrow, but we have a new video coming out in the morning, so stay tuned! Now, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna have a chat with you in the comments here while I drop a dookie.



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The Importance of Community


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  1. Hello,
    I rarely comment. I mostly feel that because you and other youtubers of your caliber have so many subscribers my comment would just go under. That’s my thought every time I want to leave a comment, or that eh, why would anyone want to read something I wrote… I think I will make more effort to disregard this tiny negative voice in my head in the future.

    I’ve been watching your videos off and on since about 2012 and regularly since 2015. Watching you two interact made me realize that I don’t need to “grow up” and conform to the stereotypical adult way of living and acting. And that if I stay true to myself I will eventually find a partner with whom I can be as weird as I want and be accepted and loved, just like the two of you did.
    I met this person about 3 years ago and married him in May ’17. I often show him your vids, and we get hungry together watching all that yummy food. Or he ends up hugging me while we both cry watching your build a ladder videos.

    I often think about you two.

    Martina, you opening up about your struggles, pain and depression helped me. Less because I am dealing with mild depression myself but because it showed me how I can talk to and help a friend who suffers from an autoimmune diseases that will slowly and surely make her lose all of her teeth and eventually even put her in a wheelchair. Maybe she is not fine, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be happy.
    So thank you for sharing. You made a difference in both of our lives. Your strength, courage and positivity is inspiring.

    Simon, I admire your strength, too. While it is Martina who suffers through the physical and mental pain, you deal with the emotional pain of having to see someone you love suffer so much. It can’t be easy, wanting to take away her pain, but being helpless to do so. Not every person could deal with this.
    I am glad Marina has you as her rock.

    Thank you to both of you for all the smiles you brought to our faces, for being marriage and relationship goals and for making a corner of the internet a beautiful and fun place. :D

    Love from Vienna, Austria
    Lilla <3

    3 years ago
  2. This was a great video to wake up to this morning. Much love from Minnesota <3

    3 years ago
  3. Awww….actually had to stop the video and go have a few heartfelt tears of heartstrings being struck. Both for the general message and well, that you mentioned my name….BIG HUGS!

    I love these impromptu videos (and your podcasts), where you just talk. I don’t know if you’ve morphed over the years or if you’ve always been this great, but you sure know how to pull a person into your conversation/world/story and make them happy to share the time with you. You’re both wonderful, gifted storytellers and sparkling conversationalists, I guess that I miss it when it’s not there (in a video or in my life), but I still really like your other videos, but for other reasons.

    Thank you for encouraging me to comment more in real life. It’s one thing to throw my words out into the internet but harder in real life and I will try to get good at that again. Martina, of course you are so courageous and I hope that you are able to resolve this current medical issue with your spine, if it’s any consolation, I know several chiropractors/acupuncturists/physiotherapists that have been able to remediate this condition without surgery but it takes time. Simon, you are also so courageous. I know that others don’t always see what you’re going through as the supporter but I understand that your struggles/feelz are sometimes even more invisible than Martina’s. If you ever need to talk about it, I’m here for you buddy.

    By the way, it was a great xmas here because, even though I ordered it on a whim way too late, the “Eat Your Sushi Squad” t-shirt arrived in time to give my son for a present and I have to keep washing it because he loves it so much that he wears it almost every day :). He has outgrown his “Viva la Spudgy” t-shirt but he still keeps it. Please know, that if ever Spudgy should ever pass, we shall all wear our shirts in solidarity and his legend shall never die. But let us look forward to a great new year 2018 in the meantime. I hope you guise have a great adventure in Italy, I’m sure it will be delicious and wonderful ^_^v.

    3 years ago
  4. I want to thank you for sharing your lives with us, especially when it was tough both emotionally and physically.
    I know watching your videos personally inspired me to try new foods, start to learn a new language and then finally take that step to teach overseas (all my friends thought I would choose Korea, but I ended up choosing Japan).

    I am so happy that YouTube is making an effort to thank their creators and really highlight positive elements of communities – because sometimes the YouTube comments section can be a terrifying place, I tend to avoid it because of this. But I do want you guys to know how much your content means to me and even to my friends who don’t necessarily comment but do watch your videos.

    To a smaller extent I can relate to Martina’s search for a community she could talk to about Japanese culture, anime, manga etc. A lot of people I grew up with moved on from watching anime super quickly – and I feel like I grew up when it really blew up. I am talking about Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Digimon, Beyblade, YuGiOh etc being serialized in North America when I was growing up. And I watched it with my sister, and sometimes even my cousins. But after like age 10 people stopped watching for some reason. And it’s not like the shows stopped – elementary school I didn’t really have people to talk to about this except for two friends in the grade ahead of me. It got to a point my sister co-created the anime club in our high school to create that community for us. I met so many friends there – friends that I still have and talk to and see when I can. Our only commonality is no longer anime and now it’s not the bulk of our interests but I understand how when you find a community how it feels. And how if you let it, and don’t close yourself off that one community opens up access to other communities and to more people and interests and ideas. So I am happy the Nasty Community can be a place for that and that you guys can do that for people <3

    (PS. I legit started crying when you read the letter, and I don't think I have stopped since…not sure what is wrong with my tear ducts at this point.)

    3 years ago
  5. Dear Simon and Martina, You guys are an inspiration. There are so many people out there who’ve been Blessed by the example that you show as you go thru your lives about finding joy even when you are filled with pain … and even more than merely finding joy – helping other people to have joy when they are facing the some similar suffering that makes them want to just crawl under the covers and wait for the end. You’ve saved countless lives – probably more than you can possibly imagine. The Good Lord loves you for the love you share with the world.

    You’ve given hope, you’ve shown people glorious things about the world – experiences that few of them will ever know … and no small number of those who DO come to know those experiences will have been inspired to go and find them because of you.

    One doesn’t have to have super-powers to do super things in this world – one just has to have hope and courage and the both of you have those qualities in piles the size of mountains … and you’ve done super things in abundance. Never give up … for the Blessings you will receive for the gifts you’ve already shared will be ten thousand times what you’ve already received. You will never be forgotten for what you’ve given to people.

    Guys – one favor I’d like to ask – if your health is up to it as I know that the cold of the North in the winter is going to push the limits. Go to Sapporo and see the Snow Festival. I saw it years ago and it was one of the most amazing experiences of all the things I did in Japan while I was stationed there. Go to the Sapporo Beer Factory and have the Hibachi dinner and drink a whole lot of beer. Drink one for me if you can. I’d love to go with you and I’d certainly love to take my wife to see it, but – I got told a couple weeks back that I’ve got Stage 4 esophageal cancer so my globe voyaging days are probably coming to an end as my new adventures for the foreseeable future are gonna be the kind occupied with hospitals and chemo. I hope to be able to see the videos you do of the trip (and of Simon lifting a pint) and I pray you never stop inspiring people. Thank you so very much for the joy you’ve given me. Your friend, Wayne.

    3 years ago
  6. I am so glad I found your channel 4 or 5? maybe years ago. I remember watching the Wong Fu weekend episode you were on and though these guys are hilarious I think I should go watch them,(but also because I love sailor moon too and how can I not go watch a channel where Sailor Moon gets mentioned :P). Then spent the next week marathoning I think almost all your vids then got into Kpop too. That time period was pretty crap for me in general and watching your vids cheered me up and gave me something to look forward too.While I am more a lurker in comments and live chat shows I do like that if want to leave a comment that the comment section is a nice place and I am not going to get some rando being a dick because I wrote a comment on a video.

    3 years ago
  7. Hello. I rarely if ever comment on people’s videos or blogs, i guess i’m just as shy in real life as online.
    I hope that Spudgy is doing well with his therapy after surgery. And that Meemers is doing ok in general.
    I started watching your videos several years ago when i really got into Korean movies. I didn’t know jack about the country or the culture but I learned a lot from you guys. I didn’t watch much of the kpop stuff, none of it clicked because its not my taste in music. Except until TOP came out with Doom Dada which was interesting and wtf. Then came your analysis of it and i was like holy balls its the history of art! I think that video and your analysis of it should be shown in classes that’s how good it is.
    I really in particular love the disability (like the parking spaces), depression, and build the ladder videos. As someone with a disability and depression its hard to express to people what its like. A lot of people think disabled or ill people are always happy (and its ok to be positive cheery) or always sad (and its ok to be that too) but that’s not my personality, im much more silent, anger soaked curmudgeon like House. But that doesnt mean im not being positive for myself, following a list/building a ladder for myself and when i do those things for myself its better for those around me. I feel so much better when i dont need to fake it, that i can be vocal or quiet when i need to be, and that there is community if i need it. And i can express myself with others and its not so scary or judgemental.
    I sort of live vicariously through your travel and food videos, sort of a goal i aspire to. Not actually making videos but going out and about, eating what i want, doing what i want, and being in a country i want to be in-Hello Japan!
    This rant sounds awfully selfish when its supposed to be about you guys and how awesome you are. You guys are a rung in my ladder or maybe a button in my elevator is more appropriate, in any case. You guys make and have made my life better.
    Thank you.

    3 years ago
  8. I’ve been watching since 2011, but have maybe left 3 comments. This really makes me what to be more involved. My husband will hear your voices and say “You watching your friends again” because I will talk about you all the time. Honestly I’m shy online as I am in real life so saying something always feels so odd to me. Thank you, so much though for all the adventures, all the laughs, and learning about new places. You’ve helped me connect with my sister who is 16 years younger then me, your videos have made me feel less lonely when I spiral downwards, and I can’t count all the amazing things I’ve learned from you. Thank you for being you! all ya’lls ups and even the downs have helped us, and i’ll never be able to express how much that’s meant to me.

    3 years ago
  9. I’ve been meaning to write this comment since I first watched your “How I Deal With Chronic Pain” video. I had been watching your videos for years before that video came out just purely for enjoyment, when I suddenly developed a chronic medical condition that lead to chronic pain. After I developed this condition, I became very angry and bitter with the world, and the depression/anxiety that I had always dealt with worsened to the point where every day, I was secretly just hoping and waiting for the day where it would all be over. I lost all enjoyment in life, and just said to myself, “You win, world. I give up. It’s clear I’m not meant to have a happy life, so I’m ready for it to be done.” I would sob every day, lost all interest in my hobbies, and even worse, last year I had a baby and was left with extra guilt because I knew I should be happy and excited about being a new mom, but I wasn’t. I was drowning, checked out, and in no place to take care of another human. At the height of my depression when I literally could not find a single happy second in my day, I watched that video, and it SAVED MY LIFE! It was revolutionary for me to realize that someone I had thought lived a perfect, problem-free life actually struggled with chronic pain and depression just like I do, and seeing Martina trying her hardest to make the best of her darkest days made me think that I could try that too. After watching that video, I tried to focus on the positive aspects of my life. I started with my basic senses: I had my vision to watch movies and see the beauty all around me, my hearing to appreciate music and engage in conversation, and even if it felt like I was being whacked with a cactus all over my body, I could still walk down the street and maintain a job to support myself. These little, basic gifts I realized were already much more than some people have in life, but if I hadn’t seen that video, I never would have tried to build a ladder, and I honestly don’t even know if I’d still be around. Your videos brought me years of entertainment due to the fact that I am just someone who appreciates learning about different cultures, but most importantly, your videos saved my life when I was at my lowest point. It convinced me to try to keep on going when I wanted most to give up, and for that, I can’t ever thank you enough.

    3 years ago
  10. You guys are seriously just the best. I’ve maybe only commented once or twice, but I go back to the very beginning. In 2008, I’d just moved to a new town with two toddlers and I started watching Kdramas (my husband had been a Korean linguist and we didn’t have cable and Kdramas I could watch easily on the internet). So in my quest to actually understand some of the cultural things, I searched YouTube for some info on Korea. And there you were with your How to Make Ddeokbokki video. It would be years later before I lived near an Asian grocery that sold ddeokbokki to make it. But it was the start of a beautiful (slightly one-sided) friendship. Back in those days I’d skip over the Music Mondays because I didn’t listen to Kpop. But you eventually won me over to that as well. And now I’m happily coming along on your learn all the things about Japan journey. I enjoy being a part of your lives and having you in mine. You really do deserve that award. You are a special rainbow unicorn part of the internet.

    3 years ago
  11. This video is what is encouraging me to stop being a lurker really express my wholehearted gratitude to you and the rest of the Nasty community. I’ve been following your videos throughout all of high school and now university, and watching this community grow and evolve has been extremely inspirational for how I try to nurture my own little irl community around me. While I am fortunate with my health, some of those dear to me teeter on the verge of crumbling under the pressure of university and I find that the techniques you discuss and the #buildaladder really helps me be as supportive as I can in their times of need. It really means a lot to me. Thank you.

    3 years ago
  12. Given that Youtube’s content and direction hasn’t had the best track record in the past while, seeing the thought that was put into their package for you makes me hopeful. And to Martina, I know how isolating it can feel, and I’m genuinely happy that you have a community and a wonderful support system through Youtube. I’ve been watching both of you since Spudgy was plain vanilla white and I’m still hooked! ps. I love that some of the channels you celebrate are some of my favorites as well (suspected it after the You Suck at Cooking reference in the Wagyu vid!) pps. loooove the podcast

    3 years ago
  13. Hey,
    Ok so even though your videos have always brought a smile to my face, I don’t think I even once took the time to somehow show my appreciation. So I shall do that now. Thank you so much for always being there, for being alive. I can’t count the times I’ve had a shitty day and felt like crying, and the times I went onto this amazing platform to just watch some of your videos. I can always count on you to cheer me up, and it means so much to me.
    Your constant efforts to try and keep a positive view on life are truely inspiring, and showing the negative days as well made it seem so much more achievable. As much as I’ve been pitying myself lately, I try to make others feel happy when I’m down. ‘Cause I know myself, how a small “I really like your hair today” or something like that can make an entire day for someone.
    So thank you. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you making me happy when I’m sad. Thank you for always being there for me. Just thank you for existing.
    I don’t think my words can truely caputure my emotions due to missing words in my vocabulary (Damn you German, you’re so fucking useless right now). But I suppose you understand what I mean.
    Ps. Martina, you are such a strong person. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. And Simon, when I’m older (*cough* soon 19 but still very single xD) I hope to find someone with such a pure heart and the same burning passion you have for your wife. An emotional Dothraki man worrior if you will.
    Love you two lots (Is that weird..maybe but I don’t care) <3

    3 years ago
  14. Hey Guys,

    Congratulations, you truly deserve the recognition.
    Thank you for the time, connection, effort, care, and inspiration you’ve shared with everyone.
    I started following you two long ago on YouTube and I’ve enjoyed many laughs along the way. You both are truly amazing and you’ve touched so many people across the internet.
    Thank you for being you! ❤

    3 years ago
    • Additionally, I hope the Spudgy is continuing to recover well and PT is going well!
      My own dog has terminal cancer and is starting to show symptoms, so I know how hard it is to have an animal that’s sick or uncomfortable. Wishing him a speedy recovery!
      (P.S. Any suggestions on how to spread news for a fundraising page for my puppy? I’ve tried the usual FB, IG, and Twitter but with almost no response :/ if you have any suggestions, I’d be very grateful!)

      3 years ago
  15. I cannot begin to tell you guys how much I have loved your videos over the years. I have always thought that you both were the pinnacle of what youtube should be. Of course everyone has different content but your interaction with us Nasties and your affection for us is invaluable.
    I was a huge help for me when Martina spoke out about her depression to us. I actually avoided watching the first video for a while but I thought it would upset me too much. But though I did eventually shed some tears, there were a few things in that video that really hit home and helped me change the was I battle my depression.
    I am so thankful to the both of you and you deserve all the good things that come your way and more! All my love to the two of you and Spudgy and Meemers!

    3 years ago
  16. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    On your video I commented on how much y’all have helped me, and I just came over here to read more. Then I saw you like video essays, which is one of my fave things as well! If you are looking for another channel, you should check out Lindsay Ellis! She has her MA in film studies from USC and she does amazing things such as analyze the Transformers movies using actual film study theory (not sure if links are ok, but if there are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRXI__Wixas&list=PLJGOq3JclTH8J73o2Z4VMaSYZDNG3xeZ7). They are some of the most accessible, intelligent, and damn hilarious videos about media/film I have ever come across.

    3 years ago
  17. Hi Simon and Martina <3 Thank you so much for making this sweet video! I've been watching your channel since 2013 when a friend recommended them, and have followed all your videos since. This is my first comment (same as a lot of other quiet followers probably haha) but your video really inspired me to come out from the "submarine" state and just say a big THANK YOU for being an inspiration and making positive impacts in people lives all these years! I know for sure you've made a positive change in mine! Please keep being yourselves and making these amazing videos whether it be food,travel, or just informative ones like these.And you've probably heard this a million times already but you two are real role models for positivity and perseverance for me. Hope you have a great day ahead!

    3 years ago