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It’s Time for HongdaeFest!

March 9, 2014


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Guise, we’re really excited about this project here. As some of you know, we’re really passionate about the Korean Indie scene here. They’re good people that make good music, and we try to share that in the Indie segments that we do. We figured this was a great chance for us to do so some more.

And so, drumroll please: It’s Hongdaefest all month long! What does that even mean!!?? A whole buttload of Indie bands are performing all around Hongdae. Hongdae is also the area that the Eatyourkimchi NASSSTY Studio is set up in! Hongdae is the area that is the most crucial to the Korean indie scene: it has the clubs and venues, the street busking, and the free spirited artsy vibes flowing through ever door and wall and just through the fibre of the entire area.

So now’s your chance to see many many of our favourite Indie bands in this big month long event. We read a lot of comments online from foreigners who don’t know where to go for good live music. Okay: we’re telling you now. This is where to go. This is who to see. No more complaints about Korea only making kpop. That’s a filthy lie! If you don’t like kpop, Korea has lots of awesome music to be discovered. Funk! Rock! Metal! Punk! Pop! Electronic! Is it marketed like kpop? No. So when a festival like this comes along, you grab a unicorn by the horn and say, “fly me to magic Indieland unicorn friend, let’s see some awesome live acts in a tiny dark club!” You say those words only, mind you. Any mixing up of the order might land you on Europa’s Icicles. Just a fair warning.

We’re going to be following these Sunday Indie videos up with an awesome WANK video that’ll take you to all our favourite Indie venues with very (hopefully very) detailed explanations of how to get there, so that even if you can’t make it to Hongdaefest this month, you’ll at least know where to go to catch a live show if you’re visiting Korea at another time. We’re even making maps! Poorly drawn maps by Martina!

But but but wait, there’s more! It’s not just us telling you about our favourite videos and introducing our favourite bands. We had lots of the bands playing at this festival come into our studio to introduce themselves to you guys! What’s especially cool about this is that these bands that came in did so to specifically introduce themselves to you guys, the Nasties, the international audience. These bands have their own means of communicating with their Korean fans, their own websites and portals for advertising their gigs. But those means of communication don’t really translate well, from our experiences, so we asked them to swing by the studio to introduce themselves to their international audience, their audience that many not be able to read Korean or browse Korean blogs sites like Daum and Naver for information.

In this playlist, and in the next two Indie Playlists to come in the following weeks, loads of different bands and artists are telling you about when they’re performing and where they’re performing. For those of you not in Korea (97% of the people here are outside of Korea, by the way), we know that this might not be useful info for you, so we had the bands talk about their music videos as well. You’ll hear some of the funny stories about what happened behind the scenes, how different videos were shot, so on and so forth, so you can watch their videos with a little nugget of info that other people don’t have. These videos are also in the playlist, so it’ll all make your viewing experience that much easier!

These bands took the time out of their practice schedules and daily lives to do this and we’re super grateful that they did. Since these bands are not part of the Kpop scene, they are not necessarily professionally media trained, so a lot of them were very nervous to be on camera. But they were all so genuine and excited to hear that they have the chance to speak with you guise here, so give em a chance :D

Anyhow, enough of that. For those of you in Korea, here is the schedule for bands performing this week. There are more bands playing this week that we couldn’t fit into this Indie Update, so check the full poster for all the bands:

Sweden Laundry (스웨덴 세탁소)

March 14th @Soundholic City, 8PM

Kang Ah Sol (강아솔)

March 14th Soundholic City, 8PM

Yes, I know Kang Ah Sol and Sweden Laundry are performing at the same time, but they’re not. That just means when the concert starts. The order of performances is TBD.

Post Panic

March 15th @Soundholic City, 8PM

Common Ground

March 16th @Soundholic City, 9PM

For the full schedule, check out the poster below. Click on the picture and it’ll take you to a bigger, prettier file. It’s a 15MB file, so it’s pretty big, so you might have to be patient :D

Hongdaefest Poster

Also, I know we missed the opening week of Hongdaefest and that’s because the opening bands were rushing to leave Korea to head to the USA for SXSW! AMAZING!!! We’ve talked about almost every one of them in past Indie Playlist. Catch them there if you can: YB, Crying Nut, No Brain, Jang Kiha & The Faces, Nell, Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio, Glen Check, Idiotape, Jambinai, Hollow Jan, Big Phoney, Smacksoft, and Love X Stereo.

Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe for more Korean Indie Playlists with awesome indie bands. Woot!




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It’s Time for HongdaeFest!


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  1. Loved this!

    They are all available on spotify aswell! That’s not even the case with most mainstream kpop artists. Can’t wait for the next video’s!

    (For you fellow spotify users: Kang Ah Sol is listed as Kang Asol)

    6 years ago
  2. Whoo!

    I love Common Ground and especially their song Shake It! It really brings up my mood whenever I play it. It was nice to notice how awesome the guys are, they’re hilarious haha. :D Too bad I’m not in Korea to go to the live shows, but maybe in the future!

    6 years ago