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Japanese Parfaits: the Good and the Not So Good

September 17, 2018


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For those of you who listened to this week’s podcast, you have a pretty thorough understanding of what motivated this week’s video. For those of you that haven’t heard it, to summarize, we’ve had a challenging month that really knocked us out of our groove, and made us question ourselves a lot. You know what helps? PARFAITS!

So here we are, back home in Kichijoji, and we’re going to try out two different kinds of parfaits – one classy, and one junky – and we’re going to tell you the major differences between the two. Kind of like our super expensive fruit videos, just profoundly less expensive. Woot!

You know, I’m thrilled when we do videos like this, because we often pick places we want to shoot after doing lots of research online about a particular topic (in this case, food style) and in doing so, we discovered a place that we had our eyes on many times before, but never took the opportunity to try. And now that we did try it, we found a place that’s just stunningly amazing. Woodberries has amazing fruit with tremendous yoghurt, and these parfaits are a great, delicious experience of Japanese seasonal fruits. The other shop (which we won’t name) has parfaits as well, and they’re fine and fun and all, but they’re questionable in some places. Both make for a fun story to tell. I hope you can try them out and have your own stories when you come to Japan.

For us, we’re back to work! We’ve got another video already finished which will go up next week, and we’re starting to film another one this week. We’re going to do our best to keep this momentum going while we still have it. Huzzah!

If you’re interested in checking out the first parfait shop we went to, it’s called Woodberry’s, and the address is: 1-4-1 Kichijoji Minamicho.  It’s right behind the big Yodobashi in Kichijoji, which is hard to miss.  Right by where everyone parks their bikes.  Booya!

Check out our bonus videos linked to at the end of this video, and check out the bloopers if you’re looking for some more laughs. See you next time, you lovely people who we’ve missed so much!



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Food Adventure


Japanese Parfaits: the Good and the Not So Good


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  1. OMG! The website is fixed, I can comment! W00t! Thanks for this video guise, really made out breakfast great! The semi-confused sexy p0rn voice “It looks like a ghost -ah!” LMFAO! We all did a spit-take XD I also liked the way you made such a contrast between the two but admitted that they weren’t *that* different because sometimes, when it comes to food, the subtle differences are what sells it :). Corn? Bleh. But then again, I see Martina eating raw green beans and think “bleh” too XD. Nice tattoo Simon. Missed you guise while you were away and glad that you’re feeling somewhat more genki. Don’t worry guise, once you can get some more sleep under your belts, you will see that your whole perspective will be rosier.

    Martina, I know that chiropractic is usually a no-no for EDS, but if that electro-thingy works for you, you might check out what chiropractors in your area (some physiotherapists too) that have stronger electo-wave therapy machines and ultrasound therapy too that can really help with pain management, especially for herniated discs. Modern sports medicine therapists also have these. If you’re ever back in Ontario, I can refer you to someone. I’m sorry for Spudgy’s kidney stones, that sucks – hopefully he has lots of painkillers and doesn’t feel too much. <3

    1 year ago
    • Yes!! So sorry for the delay fixing it, it seemed some of the plugins were discontinued and it created total chaos throughout the site. AHHH!! We’re still trying to clean things up. Missed seeing your comments :)

      12 months ago
  2. Junky parfaits are great. I’m never really there for the fruit, mostly for the cake and cornflakes. Frozen yogurt is good too. I think most of the frozen yogurt stores here got shut down though…

    1 year ago