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Jaws Dukbokki: Korean Street Food Guide

December 11, 2015


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Wow, it has been ages since we last made a video on Korean Street Food. Our last video was filmed way back in Bucheon on our little point-and-shoot camera and it’s so grainy! I wonder how many of you remember that…

Not much has changed regarding what you can find at a Korean street food stall, but we have come to realize how much we love that specific one in Bucheon. There were many different street food stalls in Bucheon, but that particular one beside the mall was top notch. As you try different street food all over Korea, you come to realize that duck (the rice noodles) can be overcooked and become soggy. The sauce can be too watered down and be tasteless. The deep fried food can be too deep fried and dry and yes, the broth for the fish cakes vary in complexity.

I think what sets the Bucheon street food stand apart from the others is that the ahjumma in Bucheon used whole crab, seaweed, radishes, and hot peppers which you could see floating in the big soaking broth basket which held the fish cakes. This flavour soaked into the fish cake and she used it to add to the ddukbokki sauce which in turn made the spicy sauce that much richer. But if you don’t try many food stands in Korea, you may never get the chance to try these subtle changes and differences. We feel the same yearning for the Taiwan night market where we need to go back and sample 15 of the exact same dumping at different stalls to see if we can find the best! One day Taiwan…we’ll be back.

When Jaws first came out, we were still living in Bucheon. I remember the first time Simon and I went to one and were very very doubtful of it’s quality. We were blown away by the great flavour of the spicy sauce and the perfectly cooked dduk. Since then, Jaws has really blown up and we started to see them all over Seoul. Now they’re everywhere and I think they are a very decent representation of street food in Korea and at a reasonable price. This whole meal cost us around $13.00 which is pretty darn awesome. Sure, you may not be sitting at a charming plastic wrapped tent in the winter while you huddle over you cup of hot fish broth, but if you have that hankering for street food in the middle of the day, this is the place to go. Oh, most street stands are not open during the day which is why I mentioned that. With that being said, here are some terms that might help those of you new to Korea or visiting Korea to get you more comfortable with ordering street food at either Jaws or at a street stall.

Guide to Korean Street Food

떡볶이 Rice Noodles in Hot Sauce
어묵 Savoury Fish Cake (the Korean version)
오뎅 Technically the Japanese term for 어묵 but it is still used frequently in Korea
유부 주머니 Tofu Pockets filled with Clear Sweet Potato Noodles (never seen these available on the street)
순대 Korean Blood Sausage (you can get both blood sausage and steamed liver served with salt for dipping)
튀김 Deep Fried Stuff (this is the general name for deep fried stuff)

If you want to have a mixture of deep fried stuff, you can ask for 모듬 튀김 which means “mixed deep fried stuff” and the worker will just give you a mixture of all of them. Some 튀김 are more expensive than others, so they usually have a sign explaining “these five for this price” “these three for this price” and so on.

김말이 – Sweet potato noodles wrapped in seaweed
새우 – shrimp
단호박 – sweet pumpkin
오징어 – squid
만두 – mandu (the kind at street stalls are usually veggie with meat and noodles)
고추 – green pepper
고구마 – sweet potato
깻잎 – sesame leaf stuffed with mind meat

I hope this helps you feel more confident with eating magical and wonderful Korean street food! Keep in mind that not all stands will have any signs written in Korea, so you might want to keep this list on your phone or write it down if you want to make sure you know what you’re getting. If all else fails, just point and signal how many you want. Happy eating!



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Jaws Dukbokki: Korean Street Food Guide


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  1. That looks so good.It makes my mouth water. I made Dukbokki the other day, but didn’t come out so well but it wasn’t half bad though.However, that photo is making me want to eat the real deal….

    4 years ago
  2. Martina – It’s definitely a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt5C2tQiTQ4

    4 years ago
  3. DD

    Jaws Dukbokki and Jopok Dukbokki is my favorite Dukbokkishops around Hongdae area. If I need to choose one of them, I probably would pick Jopok Dukbokki since I visited them while they worked at truck. But definitely I agree with Martina. Jaws Dukbokki have introductory level(?) consistency(?) at the broth… …. … Hum, I feel like being a sommelier now. By the way, I wonder why did you skip Sundae and Gan(!) for this video. It’s important to take them with each others even if it is not introductory level… I’m starving now.
    I like the way they preserved old-school street Dukbokki as a standard recipe: flour based Dok, exactly measured minimum ingredient for the Oden, exact ingredients and consistency of the fries. If I suggest Dokbokki dishes to western people I definitely encourage to visit Shindangdong Dukbokki style but agree that it is almost a dish than street food. For the Market place Dokbokki, I always had the harshest critic from western people … usually it is spicier, thicker and has luxurious ingredients in it: real rice cake based Dok with strong, spicier flavor, custom type fries with authentic Oden broth, if you are in right place. … and seems like considered as a chemical weapon for the western people, according to the Korean English man Josh visited Korea session. Hope nobody hearts after this video.

    4 years ago
  4. Best I ever had!? As a fellow Toronto-nian, I’m saddened you forgot about our Drake so quickly :(

    4 years ago
  5. ooh looks so yummy!! Can you show us how to make (warning crap spelling) Ddockbokki?? > < that would be awesome!

    4 years ago
  6. What is mind meat? Ahhhh.

    4 years ago
  7. Jaws should get some ahjummas in for the street stall vibes. And YAS make another star and hearts dukbokki video!

    4 years ago
  8. Don’t know if its the song you were thinking about but I totally now have Gray sky morning (aka, best I ever had.) by vertical horizon stuck in my head. usually fap faps make me so hungry not today though I blame the fact that I made your dukgalbi recipe for dinner today yummm. Its like I just knew there would be a video waiting for me when I got home. :D

    4 years ago
  9. How do I always end up watching your FAPFAP videos at one in the morning when there is literally nothing open and all I have to eat is ramen? Experiencing so much food-envy right now because it looks delicious. T~T

    Also, the beat was a little off, but “Best I Ever Had” is actually a real song, by Drake. :D

    4 years ago
  10. I fell into a Youtube timewarp the other day and ended up watching both your old street food video, and your old ‘how to cook dukbokki’ video. Would love to see an update for that one some day. :)

    4 years ago
  11. Thank you for this update video! Especially for the list of what we can find and ask for! I’ll make sure to try some now that I know more what is what! I also had a street food stand that made hoddeok. They were delicious =3

    4 years ago
  12. was just reading about this place on zenkimchi :) must be karma or something.now i’ll have to try it out on my vacation.

    4 years ago