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Jet Lag LiveChat!

October 24, 2014


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It’s LiveChat time! It’s been so long! Welcome back, guise.

We did this LiveChat in the studio rather than at our cafe, though we’re going to the cafe right now. We’ve really missed the studio. It felt like we were gone forever. We’ve been bringing the animals in with us as well, because we’ve missed them so much. We usually just bring them in once or twice a week, but we’ve been doing so every day this week, BECAUSE WE CAN!

Also, this week’s LiveChat is earlier than usual! We’re SO JETLAGGED! We flew in Monday morning at 7AM, and our sleep patterns are totally all over the place. We’ve been waking up at, like, normal people hours. We got into the studio at 8AM the past couple of days. 8AM! We usually come in at noon or 1PM. It’s so miracle! Seeing the sun out in the morning is weird. Seeing students go to school is bizarre. So…bizarre.

Special thanks this week to:

Sarah from Australia
Jessica from Australia
Jessica from Michigan
Diana and Krystyne from California

To Sarah and Jessica from Australia, we opened your packages off camera and took pictures, but the pictures got lost, so you’ll have to take our word on it. Eep! Thank you for the postcards, magnets, and letters :D

Otherwise, I think this is the first video in which you’ve seen Rose, right? Say hello to Rose, our web developer! She’s Canadian (woot!), knows Kpop very well, and is going to marry Taemin. She’s also a gamer, but unfortunately she uses a PC in the studio, while we have something like 10 Macs all around the studio. There’s so much judgment. We’re gonna try to convert her, but she uses her PC for gaming, so I kinda understand :D

Anyhow, we’re gonna get back to preparing our videos for the weekend before jet lag kicks our asses. We’ve got a WTF for tomorrow, an Open the Happy video as well, perhaps a DICKS on top of that. Time to get uploading!



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Jet Lag LiveChat!


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  1. So everyone is saying that Rose is in SHINee’s “Your Number”, is that true?

    4 years ago
  2. Yes! We have Tim Hortons in Michigan :P
    and hi rose!
    It’s nice to see more of the Eat Your Kimchi behind-the-scenes people : D

    5 years ago
  3. Wait you guys have a podcast???
    Hi Rose! And Martina, you look amazing in this livechat!

    5 years ago
  4. So random question does anybody else know who Oingo Boingo is or is it just me who knows who they are.

    5 years ago
  5. We have ketchup and dill pickle chips here in Wisconsin.

    5 years ago
  6. btw I’m gonna try my best to get my hands on some weird german pringle flavors, I saw some on the shelf back home in the countryside and I was like “wuuuuuuuut???”

    5 years ago
  7. Don’t let them convert you to become an Apple zombie! Even Windows Vista is better than having an iCloud were every dumbo is able to hack and access ur private data!
    I remember a story where somebody hacked the iCloud of Miley Cyrus and her mom 4 months ago leaked photos from her birthday party, a shit ton of new songs and private messages. He said he barely even knew how to use a smartphone but after some crazy stalker fan made him aware of that security flaw (which is still not fixed as you can tell from all the celebrity nudes being leaked) he said that even a 5 year old would be able to do that :S

    5 years ago
    • Vista was AWFUL.

      I had it for first year of uni and my laptop became a death laptop where whenever you do a system upgrade, the damn thing wouldn’t turn on again. it was also plagued with poor speed, messages just to allow something to work, and often had those error messages.

      I’m a mac user, but even I dont use the ICloud. I have reason not to and use an army of backup usbs to store my files.

      5 years ago
  8. Another name-twin, how nice. *.* roses are everywhere, it’s official now :D

    5 years ago
  9. I am sad but also happy lol. I am sad I didn’t get to see your reactions because I so wanted to, *sigh* oh well. At least you have them. But I hope you like the designs. Also, do you want the digital files? (the Illustrator ones).

    5 years ago
  10. You’ll never convert me to Mac-dom…

    5 years ago
  11. I just came back from my 3 day hike for school and missed your livechat :(
    I’ll still watch it, it’s been quite a while since you guys had one.

    5 years ago