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K Crunch Cocktail: Me Don’t DJ DOC Right Now

March 1, 2012


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K Crunch Coconut Cocktail

FYI: Coconuts are not nuts

Today’s KCrunch Cocktail can be best described with the following photo of a delicious coconut cocktail. Despite Simon and the scientific community’s opinion, I believe my nutty + coconut comparison makes sense and anyone who dares disagree will feel the wrath of SPUDGY!!! GO MY DIREWOLF! GO!!! MAUL! MAUL AND LICK!!! Wait…why are you licking? You should be mauling and biting, sending ripples of fear into their fragile hearts…and now you’re getting tummy touches. At least sneeze on them the way you sneeze on me in the morning! You can at least do that for me can’t you? Spudgy! Spudgy?! Come on! SON OF A—

1) Psy: “Right Now”

So we’re starting off today with PSY: one of our all time favourite entertainers. I really want to emphasize the entertainment aspect of PSY because he has so much stage presence. And the engery! WHOAAAAAAAAAA WHERE DOES HE GET IT ALL FROM!!! We mentioned before that we saw him live at the YG family concert, and when he came on stage he got everyone up and dancing with him. If he was in Harry Potter he would be the first male Veela. Any HP fans out there? OOOOOooh that reminds me, I’m reading a new magical detective book series right now by Ben Aaronovitch. I finished his first book “Rivers of London” and now I’m onto “Moon Over Soho” and it’s a cool twist on the world of magic. FOCUS MARTINA FOCUS! Sorry, PSY. The video for “Right Now” is also an awesome video as I think it shows something we would all love to do when bored or stuck in traffic…break out into synchronized dance with hot backup dancers (keep your eyes peeled for the distracting blonde guy). If you haven’t heard or seen this video you are REALLY missing out.

2) 4 Minute: “I My Me Mine”

Next up is Simon’s former favourite girl group, 4Minute. Their first few songs, including “Muzik”, “Hot Issue” and “I My Me Mine” were totally awesome, and we often ran around the house dancing and singing, but after that they didn’t release any songs that we found catchy. Not like their other songs at least. “I My Me Mine” is such an awesome grimy robotic sounding song that keeps our attention non-stop. It even changes sounds several times going from a quick grimy loud beat, to a softer sound, then loud beat, back to a quick powerful grimy sound with shouting vocals. Not to mention how catchy the click click click click part is but good googely goo the English pronunciation is the worst we’ve ever heard.

WARNING! INCOMING RANT ABOUT BAD ENGLISH IN KOREA!!! Skip it if you don’t have time!!!

Now some people have criticized us for rating the English in kpop songs, and have suggested that it hurts the singers’ feelings, and it’s rude, and so on. But when we hear things like that, we think that people are really looking down on Korea. But that’s not the case. What we are looking down upon are these huge multi-million dollar kpop companies who include English for the sake of…what?

South Korea is a country where people predominantly speak Korean, so who is the English in a song or on a billboard? Is it for the tourists? Well it can’t be, because the English is often so nonsensical that English speakers can’t understand it. Maybe they have a lack of Korean English speakers so they’re just trying their best to translate? Well that’s not true either, because there are TONS and I mean TONS of fantastic Korean English speakers that are never consulted for their English. And why is it that kpop groups that have fluent English speakers born and raised in English speaking countries are forced to speak garbled English even though they KNOW it’s wrong?

We believe that there are two reasons. The first is that English is seen as trendy, and Korea wasn’t originally making music for the rest of the world to listen to. The Hallyu wave is a new trend but before that English sounded cool and it didn’t matter if it was correct or not because no one really cared. Just like non-Asian speakers that don’t research their Chinese or Japanese tattoo and end up with LAZY instead of STRENGTH.

The second reason has to do with the Confucius ideals engraved in the Korean workforce. Majority of fluent English speaking Koreans are a part of the younger generation and the older CEOs of many companies don’t speak English as well as their younger employees. The problem arises in that a younger employee cannot correct an older, more powerful CEO without risk of being disrespectful to their elders. So, if the CEO of a huge well known Korean company approves the most terrible English on a huge billboard, the younger employees are helpless to the decision. Of course not all members of Korean society are like this, but we and our friends witnessed small instances of this Younger/Elder stance when we were teaching, as many of our English speaking Korean co-teachers wouldn’t speak English in front of the non-English speaking Principal so as to not insult him. Or worst, they wouldn’t consult us when putting up a huge English banner on the side of the school with terrible English.

The point we’re trying to make, is that someone handed these lyrics to a kpop group, and our springboard for this discussion today is 4minute. Even though the members of 4minute are clearly not strong English speakers, they were forced to sing English lyrics without the guidance or help from the many English speakers in Korea. Our concern is that with the rising popularity of Korean music, those who love Korea won’t care about the terrible English, but the new listeners will be unable to focus on the music itself and only mock the English and put that song/group into the stereotype of Bad English Speaking Asians. Considering the amount of money and resources these huge companies have, we think they should be more considerate about what they are making their artists do.

And finally, we would never meet someone on the street in Korea and mock or laugh at their mispronunciation of an English word. Learning to speak another language is super difficult, especially training your tongue to move in a new way for a foreign sound. We specifically point our English rating towards those companies that are using English irresponsibly for the sake of being trendy, but are not thinking about the people who have to be the face of it.


3) DJ DOC: “나이런사람이야”

Well that was an unexpected rant that just poured out of my fingertips. To the DJ DOCmobile! NANANANANANAAA! DJ DOC are actually three guys and they are HI-larious. They have tons of songs out since they’ve been around since the 1990’s. I heard them a lot when my students would make a slideshow or a funny movie, it seems DJ DOC always ended up in the background as music. Probably because it works nicely with a timeline. The name of this song is my personal translation so I’m not sure if it’s right (help me) but I think it’s something like This Is a Music Video or His Old School Music Video or something….help me!!!!! The video is hilarious and the song is deeply catchy. NAAAAAAAA EEEERAN SARAM EEE EYAAAAAAA!!!!!! Also, can someone tell me if that’s UV making a guest appearance?

4) Super Junior: “Don’t Don”

Super Junior Old Picture

Super Junior Old Picture

Our last video is a video request for an old school Super Junior song “Don’t Don” which was before our kpop time. We left this video feeling a little traumatized. I guess it’s the same thing when people watch an old school Vanilla Ice video…you kind of had to be there to understand it. So besides the style of clothing and hair being way wayyyyyyyy different then what we’re used to, the song wasn’t terrible, but we’re not really into the rock guitar + pop vocals combo. But it seems Japan really really loves this combo and hasn’t outgrown it. The whole kind of shaggy mullet hairdo is also still popular in the Japanese jpop and jrock world, but even though I love Japan, I just can’t like that hairstyle.

I’m really happy Korea tends to flow with new trends and try to re-invent their kpop artists. Speaking of re-invented, we really like the current Super Junior look and sound, much more then their old stuff, but I guess the die hard fans who were there from the start will like everything. Die hard fans, we need to know: who are all these other guys? When did the group change members? And why does it look like they haven’t aged…are they vampires!!!!!??? OMG!

That’s it for now! If you’ve got any thoughts about the English in Kpop issue, let us know in the comments. Or, if you’d like us to talk about a song in one of our playlists, send us a video response via YouTube! Woot!



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K Crunch Cocktail: Me Don’t DJ DOC Right Now


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  1. in the second to last paragraph, line 3, *than*

    7 years ago
  2. Wow Super Junior. If you see guys who look like that in Japan, They’re probably male Hosts.

    8 years ago
  3. now when I listen to DJ DOC’ s 나 이런 사람이야, the beats are quite similar to gangnam style. well both of the songs are composed by Psy so no plagiarism here.

    8 years ago
  4. If Don’t Don surprised you, you should see Super Junior’s Twins/Knock Out

    8 years ago
  5. I love you for spotlighting Psy. I love you for spotlighting Psy. I can say this a million times and it will not convey how much I love you for spotlighting Psy.

    8 years ago
  6. Can you please do review of some of the old DBSK songs like Jung ban hap or Rising Sun for example? Even if it’s just in k crunch pleease. It is really sad that new kpop fans only know DBSK for mirotic..or kyhd. It would be great if you could introduce them to old dbsk songs. Thank you ^^

    8 years ago
  7. I love all these songs..

    Oh, about Don’t Don x) I don’t like the video, but I like the song:P And I like the violin solo… And the hip thrust thingy… They do that in other music videos too:P

    Buuut…. about missing members. Yes, the number of members have lessened.
    Left, back: Kibum, started to focus on acting career, or something.
    Besite him: Kangin, he left for the army. He is coming back this year.
    Right, back: Yesung. Oh, he is still in Super Junior:P
    That blonde guy in the middle that doesn’t have a red circle around him: Hankyung/Han Geng. He missed China, and is now a solo artist there.
    Front, right: Donghae. He is still in Super Junior:P He’s the guy with the rope in Mr. Simple. He’s acting one guy in the Taiwanese filming of Skip Beat!:D (Martina should know about that manga)
    All of the guys isn’t in the photo D: Heechul left for the army late last year..

    There are a lot of songs I love.. does it need to have a music video?

    Se7en – Digital Bounce (ft. TOP)

    Mc Mong – Circus

    Not kPOP, but still accurate (perhaps for indie? or something….)
    Seo Taiji (He is a legend in Kpop. The YG guy was in a boy band with him in the 90s called Seo Taiji & Boys – Internet War (from 2000)
    I like both of the performances, but it also has a music video (I’m not a fan of that, though:P)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yexJ848BUwI (Live in Russia, crazy audience. I like his jacket)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIad3hoS-V4 (I love the intro! He doesn’t look very “rockish”:P Definitely a better haircut than in the video)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e884QeiLsbs (MV)

    2ne1 – Follow Me

    After School – Bang! (No, I didn’t think of it because of DJ Doc:P)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAkaRpmXncY (Hurrah! Good quality!)

    (I have a feeling that I’m linking to songs that you’ve already used..

    Co-Ed School – Too Late

    okay, last one..
    T-ara – I go crazy because of you

    8 years ago
  8. Hey~please review  M.I.B’s G.D.M ! This song is really awesome and they’re underrated!!

    8 years ago
  9. Don’t Don was the song that got me into Super Junior~ what a surprise to see you post it!! ^___^

    To answer your question about members:
    Super Junior had 13 members after their full group debut (following Kyuhyun’s addition) in 2006.  Following that time, several of the members have moved on to other activities (acting, military service, or solo promotions).  Now that Heechiul is also in the army, 9 members are left in current promotions (though none of the missing members – with the possible exception of Hangeng, whose case results remain ambiguous – have “dropped” group membership.)
    Kangin will be done with the military soon~ O/ …. but I digress. :P

    Regarding the members that your circled in pink:
    Starting with the top row, from left to fright, we have –> Kibum, Kangin, and Yesung.  Kibum is acting (& has been cast in movies/dramas).  Kangin left for military service in 2010.  Yesung is still a VERY active member of SJ~ in fact, he’s one of the main vocals!  The one you circled on the bottom is Donghae.  He, like Yesung, is also still in Super Junior.  My guess is the hair-styles threw you off. ^^”

    No, they don’t age. *___*
    Esp Sunmin. ^^” —> Pre-debut: http://superstreet.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/predebut263bv7.jpg [vs] This Winter:
    http://cdn2.mixrmedia.com/wp-uploads/ningin/blog/2011/12/sungmin-ryeowook-ktr.jpg & http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/6829/icepluscoffee543514.jpg [credits to the original posters, of course].

    Lol ~ of course they’re not vampires, but they did do a Thai CF in which they played them. XD
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WbszaAHb64 Lol. ^^

    Sorry for the long comment, and thank you for the laughs, as always!!! ^_____^
    Have a nice weekend!!

    8 years ago

    8 years ago
  11. Yes is a very old song,video and photo of Super Junior. First circle is Kibum, he is gone for be a actor drama. Circle 2: Kangin is in army now. Circle 3: You don’t recognize Yesung. Circle 4: again you don’t recognize Donghae. The blond in the middel is chines member: Hangeng, he gone too for solo career in china. In the picture Shindong and Heechul are not. And now Heechul is gone too for army.  Super Junior are 9 now. Before 13. And i’m so so sorry for my bad english, because I don’t speak english very well. I don’t speak and write english that it.

    8 years ago
  12. Oh
    hey, another huge monologue about language!

    me, consideration of a language goes hand-in-hand with respect.
    Please note I’m not claiming the less-than-stellar English in k-pop
    is offensive to Western culture, or demanding that anglophone
    cultures be treated more respectfully via better English in k-pop;
    that is not at all my intention, and to anyone who is offended I
    sincerely apologize. I’m not a linguist, and this is all my personal

    I think how any
    language is approached in any
    venue demonstrates two things: the speaker’s respect for his
    audience, and the speaker’s respect for himself. I’m a language
    lover, of foreign tongues and my native one, and whatever language
    I’m speaking/am attempting to speak, I try to use with care and
    esteem. That’s not to say I don’t use slang or make up words or
    speak with a regional accent or write huge long run-on sentences
    because sometimes I’m too lazy to hit the comma key. I think playing
    with a language can be enormously respectful, kind of like joking
    around and messing with close friends: you love them and want to
    treat them well, but sometimes you’ve got to steal all their
    underwear and mail it back to them, one pair at a time, through
    intra-campus mail. Just to show them just
    how much you care. Where the line is crossed is with intention. Are
    you spelling Dracula as “Drakula” because you’re purposefully
    pissing off your sister in Scrabble, or have you really not bothered
    to learn standardized spelling? And even within that, do you not
    know standardized spelling because you lack the resources, or because
    you feel it’s not worth the time?

    text break so your eyes have a chance to unglaze. Go massage those
    optical organs, dear reader. Ew, no, over the eyelid. Don’t be

    the resources are readily available I don’t understand why they
    wouldn’t be taken advantage of. Whether it’s using the interwebs to
    make extra super careful sure your tattoo actually
    says “grace” or asking someone if they can give a crash course in
    pronunciation, that extra step says “hey, I care about these words
    I’m taking ownership of, and I think my audience deserves my added

    learning another language is hard. It’s also frequently humiliating.
    Your competency level tanks. You are utterly, totally at the mercy
    of others to teach you, like a child, how to say your name, your age,
    and where you live. What the colors are. The days of the week.
    Forget casual conversations, those won’t happen for years. Isn’t it
    easier to just, you know, make things up? Learn enough to scrape by?
    Kinda half-ass it and hope no one cares? Well, yes, it is. But
    when you humble yourself, language stops being cold words on a page
    and it starts breathing. We created these languages and languages
    reflect us. Our thoughts, our fears, our rage and despair and
    indignation and jubilation and love.

    for sticking with me if you made it the whole way through, and know I
    love every last fantastic elastic bit of you. Let’s all be one,
    huge, crazy language class together. 

    8 years ago
  13. I find it a little odd that you criticize Korea’s nonsensical English. Not because you don’t have very valid points, but because I always thought Kpop had more coherent English than Jpop. Yes Kpop songs do have some errors in their English, but it feel like when I started to listen to Kpop ten years ago, there has been improvement.

    Now with Japan, it seems that there is hardly or no improvement. You could argue that Japan has a most artist freedom from the bands and singers themselves, and therefore if the artist chooses to write lyrics with incorrect English, then no one will change that. But pop groups that probably have no creative freedom, like Johnny’s Entertainment, seem to be a major source of problems.

    For example, I love Nakata Yasutaka. I love the groups he produces. Perfume being one. But they are constantly misspronouncing English words. So much, it took me a few listens to find out the word they repeat over and over again in the chorus, is the title of the song
    Polyrhythm. I have yet to find out what a “Chocolate Disco” is or what a “One Room Disco” would actually be. Is it a private disco room? Is it a really small disco club?

    And heck, maybe I don’t know what I am talking about. My English is terrible, and I probably made many grammatical error in this post alone.

    8 years ago
  14. The guy on the far left is Kibum. He hasn’t promoted with Super Junior in years but he’s still around. The official word is that he’s acting but until Tree with Deep Roots he hadn’t been on tv in 2 years.  Heechul recently posted a photo with him on Kibum’s birthday.

    The next guy is Kangin. He was on We Got Married and did tons of variety shows with Heechul. After a drunken bar fight ( which he was proven to be defending himself) and a car accident (cough*hitandrun*cough) he went to do his two year military service as a way to redeem himself. He’ll be back this year

    Third guy is Yesung. He’s still there. He is one of the three primary singers (along with Ryewook and Kyu). He was also on Immortal Song 2 when it started.

    The last on the bottom is Donghae. Still there. Currently acting with SiWon in the Taiwanese version of Skip Beat with Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai.  

    More importantly the blonde in the center is Han Geng (formerly Han Kyung) who sued SM to break his contract and won. He is the former leader of Super Junior-M and is currently promoting in China.  He is also acting in films include My Kingdom with Da S and Wu Chun and a new movie about the founding of Mao’s China. 

    I also like Psy, kind of like 4 Minute (Heart to Heart), and like DJ Doc though I find them to be mean at times on variety shows

    But Don’t Don is one of my favorite SuJu songs…I started with anime though so…but the lives are awesome with Henry. Also the SM Town version with Heechul, Jay, Changmin, and Jungmo doing a rock break is epic

    8 years ago
  15. Right Now sort of reminds me of Party Rock Anthem…

    8 years ago

    8 years ago

    8 years ago
  18. I LOOOOOOOVE DJ DOC!! my first encounter was Run to You, I heard it from my brother and thought it was too hilarious to not like. I think this song is called “I’m that kind of person”

    I agree with your english rant, so I must admit I have a double standard when it comes to Korea. I giggle my face off at Japanese songs, because they are REALLY gigglesome sometimes, but with the Korean ones I usually don’t notice. OKAY, I IGNORE! but only when its bigbang (…top……..) hehe ok I giggle at that too. uhm… I dunno, I .. I … I….. *TOP/VIP* does not compute. does not compute. *explodedbrain*

    ok, so whenever they make a freshness It makes me cry inside, because it loses something, maybe a little respect, or.. dignity… or… serious points? its ok in a silly song, but when they are singing “I Lobe you” its like  “…..”  But Like you say, as a fangirl VIP I let it slide because I think their voices and faces are much more noteworthy than their pronunciation, but I think its also because I’m a bit bilingual, so I appreciate how hard it is to speak a different language T_T But I also know people are not so forgiving. especially when they think everyone should speak their language.. 


    8 years ago
  19. the haven’t aged part about super junior is true XD it’s true for a lot of male korean idols! sungmin and leeteuk are great examples, they still look really young faced, but they dress maturely (real maturity level though XD they’re kids at heart). leeteuk is close to 30 (korean age) now! and sungmin is 27 i think.

    8 years ago
  20. Really liked this one. Especially Psy’s Right now and DJ DOC

    8 years ago
  21. YUSSSSS! PSY’s Right now is SO my jam! I have that song on my i-Pod and the video saved to my i-Tunes on my laptop for long trips and/or the between-college class streaks of boredom (I sadly have no fancy-shmancy i-Pod to watch it on, or else I’d be watching it ALL the time) I even made up a dance to it (yes I know there’s already a dance for it, but mine’s so much better. Well, not really but, whatever…).

    And I know a whole mess of ELFs have probably already explained the missing/added members of Suju to you, but just in case you guys are still confused, I’ll add my ten cents (and I know my shiz, so don’t worry).

    So, in the picture, two of the guys circled HAVE indeed left, while the other two are still in the group so…fail (of course they’re ALWAYS changing styles, so its really hard to place them if you don’t know their faces).

    -The two guys circled on the left-hand side are Kibum and Kangin (from left to right). Kibum left to pursue an acting career long ago, while Kangin joined the army in 2010, and he’s set to be finished by summer of this year.

    -The guy with the BRIGHT blonde hair to the lower right of Kangin who isn’t circled is Hangeng. He left as well, after a not-so-nice lawsuit (think JYJ), and he WAS the only foreign member of the group (he’s Chinese and they’ve since created Super Junior M with foreign members).

    -The other two circled are Yesung and Donghae, who are still active members.

    -The dude on the violin in the video is Henry (he’s Taiwanese-Canadian), the one who’s a native English speaker (he’s from Toronto ^^). He’s only in Super Junior M, though. They just put him in this video for fun, I guess.

    -One other member they’ve added is Zhou Mi (who’s Chinese), but he’s only in Super Junior M as well.

    -Last but not least, Kyuhyun and Heechul aren’t included in the picture, but Kyuhyun is also an active member of Super Junior, while Heechul just joined the army last August. I have no idea why they aren’t in the picture, though…

    Sorry my post was SO LONG and FILLED with CAPS (and parenthesis), but I at least hope my explanation was able to help in some way. :)

    8 years ago
  22. now im wondering how about hangeng?? shouldnt u circle him too. and kim heechul. you probably didnt recognize the guys on the right.

    8 years ago
  23. For the Super Junior Old Picture (From left to right)
    The first circle is Kibum. He went to work his solo activities as an actor but will be coming back soon in the predicted time of November 2012. The second circle is Kangin is currently in the army after an accident that happen but he will be returning soon in the predicted time of April 2012. Third circle is Yesung and he’s still in the group. He’s hair just looks different from what it currently is. Last or fourth circle is Donghae. He’s still in the group same thing. His hair looks really different from what it is now. I hope that clears up everything. And I think you guys should see TVXQ’s Tri-Angle… Yeah but the song is amazing from my point of view. Also Super Junior’s debut song Twins (Knockout) like I said… Yeah… Again the song is amazing from my point of view. Also… as everyone mentioned before. That violinist player. Was Henry. The boy is from Hong Kong (Father’s side) and Taiwan (Mother’s side) but was raised in Toronto, Canda. Not sure how this is going to make you like him but yeah… Lastly. From my opinion. I loved the violin solo.

    8 years ago
  24. i like JYP as much as some people hate him i really like him 

    8 years ago
  25. well done! i haven’t watched the videos yet (cuz i’m at work, eheheh….) but i just wanted to pop-in and say that i approve of your English rant! i hope that with your growing notoriety in Korea, this will maybe come to the attention of said companies and maybe provoke a change! (one can only hope). 

    The situation in Japan is really similar (except with WAAAAAAAAAY worse English pronunciation….) and i could really relate to the older/younger thing you were talking about… i’m an English teacher here, and just yesterday i had to cheer up one of my Japanese coworkers because apparently the older teachers keep getting on her case (about dumb random shit) when she is a much better English teacher than they are. (her pronunciation is better, her way of teaching is more fun and much more prone to induce learning). it made me sad cuz that happens way too often, that they put age/experience before any actual talent… *sigh*

    oh well, anyways, keep on fighting!!

    8 years ago
  26. I agree on the English rant for the most part. They add nonsense lyrics to sound cool and it comes out sounding worse than it would have in plain Korean, but I must defend them a little bit. As you probably know, being teachers, they don’t have all the sounds that we have so they have to guestimate  when they put into the Hangul, which is probably what most of the members get. Which would explain T.O.P.’s mess up on trauma (ex: trauma vs. tra-eoma). There’s also the difference in where they emphasize the sounds. I get into all sorts of trouble cause I don’t emphasize the correct part of the word. That’s the only defending I can really do because you do make a good point. The senior/junior thing is extremely prevalent and it even spills into the friendships I have with Koreans studying at my college here in America. A few of my friends know that I try to show the proper respect when I know it and so they make sure I know it even if it would be considered embarrassing by Western standards. Enough of my rant~

    8 years ago
  27. Ooh you like DJ DOC! I always pronounced that as doc, as in doctor… My bad. I can totally see Simon raising the roof up in here to Run To You, if you haven’t already you should totally check that out… Bounce with me, BOUNCE!!

    Totally agree about the mullets – Macgyver hair was never a good idea on anyone. Ever. But aside from that I actually love Don’t Don – including the violin. And yes, even the hip thrusts :-)

    8 years ago
  28. u know those ppls on the right is yesung top right circle and donghae bottom right circle and the guy next to the other left circle went to the army and coming back dis year some time soon and the guy top left circle left super junior to pursue his acting career

    8 years ago