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K Crunch Indie: Bunny Milk Please

July 15, 2012


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Kang Huh Dalrim “꼭 안아 주세요”

Ok, so we rambled a bit in our video about the vibe of the video rather than the song and video themselves. Probably because we were just in Hongdae and it’s still fresh in our minds. I know yesterday we wrote about us possibly moving to Japan and asking if you’d hate us if we did, but after yesterday we’re like “Man, Hongdae is so awesome! We gotta find a way to live here!” Seriously. It’s just so funky and vibrant there, and definitely our dream place to live in Korea. A lot of people talk about living in Gangnam, but we find that area a bit too stooshy for our blood. It’s cool sometimes, you know, but there are lots of times that we see people that give you that look. You know: THAT look. Like “Pffffft you are so below me!” Hongdae never has that pretentiousness. Except for once, when we saw someone who thought they were a celebrity or something giving foofy-I’m-better-than-thou-fart-faces. They did not belong in Hongdae! BLASPHEMERS!

God! We get so distracted sometimes when we write. Long story short: Hongdae’s so young and fun and laid back, and this video really reminds us about why we love it so much. WE MUST FIND A WAY TO LIVE THERE AHHHH!!!

KwonMilk & The Greatest Voyage 권우유와 위대한항해 “오늘도 앵콜”

Martina got a little caught up in trying to figure out this bands genre but I think we’ve decided upon something simple…like SKAROCKFOLKABILLY. Yup. Sounds great, just rolls off the tounge with little to no effort. *shifty eyes* Now for the record, we’re actually not sure if the name of this group is called Greatest Voyage or if it’s KwonMilk, or a combo, because this was our first time to hear of this band. It was nice to see a trombone in this band because brass instruments are not something we often see being used in Korea. Anyhoo, this band is very peppy and their music videos are very much slice of life kind of videos, taking place in a Korean high school, or marketplace, or in the basement of an apartment. If you get dig their sound live, then head over to their official youtube channel, KwonMilk, to watch their actually music videos. Quite a quirky band.

Neon Bunny “Come a Little Closer”

Wow! What a great song! Not so great video, but still a good song! And that’s the great thing about music videos: you can watch the video if you feel like it adds value to your experience, or you can look at something else and listen to the music in the background. Yay for variety!

Not saying that this is a terrible video. It’s just not our kinda thing. Shirtless men working out with paper bags on their heads: that makes us feel a bit icky. There’s something about facelessness that disturbs us. I remember going to a concert in which the band played in horse masks. Sure: it’s a commentary about society, but IDGAF what the commentary is. Horse masks and paper bag masks are unsettling.

HIBBLY JIBBLIES! Ok, now that that’s over with, we still recommend checking out the song. If you can find it on iTunes, do pick it up! The song’s great, and “Neon Bunny” is a wonderful name which gives them bonus points. I just hope the rest of Neon Bunny’s videos aren’t like this one…


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K Crunch Indie: Bunny Milk Please


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