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K Crunch Indie: Enough Exercise Love

September 3, 2012


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Verbal Jint “You Deserve Better/Beautiful Enough”

I wonder if anyone agrees with me about my hesitation in getting into Korean Hip Hop. The kind of Hip Hop I’m into: MF Doom, El-P, Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, even Necro (for the lols). Korean Hip-Hop, though, I’m not sure if there’s anything out there like the stuff I’m into. Silly wordplay, polysyllabic rhyming, battle MCing. Stuff like that. It seems, though, that most of the Korean Hip Hop I’ve been exposed to is about relationships and the difficulties of being in love. That’s not really my thing, you know? So, I’m looking for different kinds of Korean Hip Hop, if you know any. Just nothing pertaining to love or being with other people, or the everyday struggle.

Venus Kim “Exercise”


There has to be a musical-theory hypothesis about why lyrics that aren’t words are so catchy. 2NE1 has this down pat. Other bands do it a lot, too. But…why is it so fun? I’m gonna sing BA BA BA BA BAAA BA BA all day now. Come on: I know one of you is studying music in university. What’s the secret? I must know!

Also, this is one of the most low-budget videos we’ve ever reviewed (besides GoGoStar) and we love it! HA! Maybe because we’re so low budget ourselves that watching this video makes us feel warm in our tummies. We just know a lot of people who want to make videos but are like “I can’t because I don’t have big cameras” so they don’t do anything. Venus Kim: I think you shot this video on your iPhone, and it’s still awesome, and I hope other people can watch this and feel the same. BA BA BA BA BAAA BA BA!

The Black Skirts “International Love Song”/strong>

Okay, we’ve had a couple request for this guy and I’m not fully sure if I should call this a solo artist (who apparently plays all the instruments and does the singing by himself) or an actual band. I read some mixed stories online, so maybe he had a band at one point but now it’s just him or…I don’t know! If anyone knows his back story besides what I already mentioned in the video, let me know! I really love Holiday’s voice. He has that kind of natural feel to his voice that isn’t totally perfectly trained but still really lovely and way better than anything I could ever do. *sigh* Anyways, I didn’t mention anything about the hand drawn chalk animation, but it’s actually pretty hilarious. It might seem normal but as the video continues on it gets kind of…strange…including a pig being painted as a zebra in order to date a zebra. I’m sure that zebra will be happy to find out you’ve been faking your breed. Anyhoo, great song and I’m sorry if any of you are on the breaks with someone because this song might be a real tear jerker for you.



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K Crunch Indie: Enough Exercise Love


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  1. YES!! Another fan of Epik High!!

    Come join us in trying to get them in for this week’s Kpop Music Mondays? :D

    8 years ago
  2. Hey Ann, Epik High is back, and we’re trying to get them to the top for Kpop Music Mondays!! Can you help us? :D

    8 years ago
  3. I love Mic Ceremony! Y’all should also check out the rapper Zico raps with i11evn. His rap is pretty rawsome :D He cures a bit but idrc~
    Martian Virus – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9xkw6qMSRs

    8 years ago
  4. Naaaaawwwww that’s such a sweet comment!!! :’D
    I just want to tell you that I read the whole thing and I’m really touched.

    8 years ago
  5. Together they can form the Epik, dynamic, and high duos. :p

    8 years ago
  6. I, for one, would not mind even if you requested a song every week. After all, I’m tempted to actually research K-indie myself in order to find more videos to recommend – just because there aren’t enough requests. And we need moar K-indie!!! It is essential for life!!! >:O

    8 years ago
    • YEAH!!! *shakes hands*
      Okay then, if noone else comes along, we can take turns requesting indie songs. I got this last one covered, and you handled the one before that, so it looks like it’s your turn next buddy? :D

      8 years ago
  7. I love, love, loved Verbal Jint (btw I have the desire to watch The Usual Suspects now. You have no clue how addicted to that movie I am!) Loved the moment when you find out he is really the dog. So wonderful. The Black Shirts, I’m so glad I’m going through love or a break-up I would have probably started crying. It is such a beautiful song.

    8 years ago
  8. Alright, Simon. *rolls up sleeves*
    To help break you into Korean hip-hop (and by that I mean Epik High), I’ve prepared a playlist just for you: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC5015EA46D4E9003
    It starts off with fully English songs;
    then their Korean songs with English subtitles;
    and then finally, at the end of the playlist, their official MVs, all in Korean, without subtitles. Yeah!!

    Lastly, an example of their lyrics that doesn’t pertain to love or being with other people, or the everyday struggle:
    I tear sh*t up like a firecracker in poo. ~ Tablo

    8 years ago
  9. GYAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! You said my name!?!!!! You even talked about me….!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHH~~~~~!!!
    (」゜ロ゜)」So haaaaaapppppyyyy~~!!!! (….and embarrassed) >_<
    Anyway. Now for my super long K-indie rant :D

    Simon, I totally get what you mean about intentionally avoiding Korean hip-hop. The first time I heard a hip-hop song in a language that I didn't understand was when a friend lent me a GD&TOP's album. To me, it just sounded like 4 minutes of rhythmic chanting. lol. But after a while – mainly thanks to TOP's husky voice that sounds awesome no matter what he's saying – I kinda got used to it – listening to my favourite genre in a language I don't understand. I even started to appreciate being able to listen to hip-hop without the cussing (or at least, cussing that I could understand). The only exception, though, is Epik High. When I listen to their songs, it's absolutely necessary to look up the translation (or watch with English subs). That's why I'm making this playlist of all their Eng-subbed songs: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC5015EA46D4E9003

    I loved Exercise!!! The song was so cute, and yes, that fighting scene really reminded me of your KMM – was it BAP? Or Ukiss? I think it might have been U-kiss Tic Tac. Another video that had a similar fighting sequence was Golden Bomber. Prepare to be mind-blown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9ywhaFargs

    How weird is the video for International Love Song?! At first it was cute and all, with the dog's mixtape, and then….a fish, which the girlfriend chomped on quite brutally….o.O And then a melting diamond, in which case the girlfriend mistook the ribbon as the gift…..lol.
    For all the people wondering how it can be K-Indie if it's entirely in English…this isn't the first time S&M have talked about fully English songs in their K-indie lists, y'know? Although this has one of the clearest accents I've heard so far. He also sings in Korean, this for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loysypSfVN0

    Yah, time to get back to my report. While listening to K-indie. Woot :D

    8 years ago
    • Wow Jessica, thank you so much for taking the time to read my super-long-rant, and even watching all the MVs I linked to ;D
      Also, thank you very much for those French hip-hop songs, I love it (I preferred the first one – Sexion d’Assaut). When it comes to French, I’ve always liked their ballads, but I guess hip-hop works too. You know how each language has different phonetic patterns, and thus fits some genres of music more than others? That’s why Korean rap sounds so sexy (quoting TOP here).

      Regarding swearing in K-hop. It especially amused me with GD’s latest single, That XX, because even if they hadn’t beeped out that one word, I would not have realised that he was swearing anyway. But South Korea is pretty strict with these things, so I think it’s safe to assume that most mainstream hip-hop songs don’t have swearing (?). I’ve noticed the inclusion of English swear words in some underground rap songs, however.

      And glad you liked Golden Bomber!! It’s actually quite an old song, but you know how Japan always takes stuff off the internet, so people keep re-uploading it. Watch it before it gets taken down again :p

      8 years ago
      • I haven’t heard of Soul Connection, but I do like listening to the rest, especially Dynamic Duo and Drunken Tiger. I don’t really listen to Asian American rappers though – for the same reason I don’t listen to American music in general. Doesn’t make any difference to me what their ethnicity is.

        8 years ago
  10. Korean hip-hop?

    Two words: Epik High.

    #I Rest My Case #Your Argument is Invalid #That Is All

    8 years ago