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K Crunch Indie: Silly Drive Control

October 28, 2012


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We didn’t get the chance to put up an Indie playlist in what feels like FORRREEEVERRRRRR wait I mean…FOOORRREEEEVVVAAAARRR!!! On the plus side, that means we have lots of new music to look through and make choices from. I feel like today’s playlist is one of the most odd we put together, since it has ambient shoegazey rock, a female rapper with a whimsical music video and synth background beat, and a easy listening coffee shopesque group that channel their inner doowop.

This is exciting for us because when it comes to finding Korean indie music, we usually go through A LOT of easy listening coffee shop music. That seems to be the big thing to do in the indie scene in Korea, while it seems like including synths in your song is the trendy thing in indie North America. “I play synths. DA DA DADADA. We all play synths! DA DA DADADA!” My cat plays synths! Well…Meemers is being trained currently at S&M Entertainment to do so.

Anyhoo, these three groups/singers today, No Control, Nam Soorim, and Daybreak are actually totally new names to us. I know that Nam Soorim has been around under a different name Rimi and supposedly her past rap was a lot harsher and angrier sounding, so this is a big change for her. As for No Control 노컨트롤, I know they’ve been around since 2008 but we haven’t run across their name until this week. However, we like them A LOT A LOT so we’ll have to figure out how to get their music since they’re not available on iTunes. GRRRR. NOTE: Also! We totally messed up the name of their song, the name is actually Shigan 시간, but we read the name of the club this was performed at as their title, ahhh I’m so sorry! Daybreak is the most viewed band on this playlist since they are under the record label Happy Robot Records 해피로봇 레코드 and they represent lots of bands we’ve reviewed on this segment such as The Koxx, Soran, and The Solutions. I’m thinking Happy Robot Records and Fluxus Music put out some of our favourite music. Okay, before I talk any longer, check out these three very different bands, and let us know if you’ve known them at all before we have and what they were like.

Nam Soorim “Drive Me to the Moon”

No Control “시간”

Daybreak “Silly”



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Korean Indie Playlist


K Crunch Indie: Silly Drive Control


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  1. Good luck with the hurricane! Let us know how you come out… prayers & wishes to you all.

    8 years ago
  2. Thank you so much for putting up another Indie playlist. I’ve been waiting impatiently for it. =P <3 I'm thinking about making a video request but I don't know if my laptop camera will cut it. xD; That and I'm a Nervous Nelly.


    Drive Me to the Moon is beautiful and relaxing. And what ever it means, the video is beautifully done and makes me smile.

    Shigan was a little much for me but I can totally appreciate the song and the vocals blended into the instrumentals SO WELL. =O It was AWESOME to hear.

    Silly was so unbearably cute. xD I wanted to reach into the video and give them hugs…though I know that would probably terrify them on more than one level. Hahahaha!

    8 years ago
  3. Oh my goodness a real-life K-Indie artist…?!?!!! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

    C-can I touch you? *poke poke* :O

    8 years ago
  4. I am really liking the video and song for ‘Drive Me to the moon’. It has such a sweet but brash sound and I like the mix of synth, rap and guitar. I also think Martina is right about it being two girls portrayed as I heard one of the lines mention ‘make love’ and also the general tone, especially at the end was very evocative of a fun but passionate night with someone you love.

    Have to go watch the rest of the update now, but I really liked that song so I had to stop and comment before my rain got overwhelmed with what came next.

    8 years ago

    8 years ago
  6. Great list guys!

    8 years ago
  7. I was wondering where I’d heard that last one – I’ve actually seen that request before :O I remember her earrings!
    Yes, while you guys were on hiatus, I went hunting on youtube for all the K-Crunch Indie requests, to satisfy my k-indie cravings :p

    I love, love the first song, because:
    – I’m a hip-hop junkie
    – I love hearing girls rap
    – I’m a massive fan of anything animated, especially so artistically
    – Shoujo-ai ftw :p

    As for the second song, sorry but it’s not my style ~ *sings Rania’s Style*

    8 years ago
    • YESSS :D

      I’m guessing you mean Electric Sea Spider, cos he’s the electronic one, and he’s by far my most successful musician friend. He’s performed with Flying Lotus and had his music bought by TV stations to play during…..the weather broadcast…….okay that doesn’t sound very cool, but HEY his song was on TV???!! xD

      I liked most of the stuff on your playlist, even though Phoenix was the only group I’d ever heard of. Emilie Simon was nice too :D

      Oh and glad you were listening to my hip hop playlists too btw :p Epik High yea?

      You should do a video request anyway!! I managed to make an animated video using Paint and Windows Movie Maker, that solved my camera phobia problem :p

      8 years ago
  8. I’m glad you don’t have to wear those glasses Martina!

    1:47 it would really cool if it wasn’t Martina

    I love the first song (I haven’t checked if the song has any English subs online but I really hope it’s not about shoujo ai! > . < I love the idea of friends forever too much)

    I see Simon hasn't got rid of his sunglasses yet T__T poor Simon…

    The second song's instrumental is amazingly good although I can't hear the singer's voice that well – . – (I could totally picture your story Simon!)

    third song…. wow O.o I could imagine myself running through the clouds! Brilliant! (the band members aren't so good at acting though – . – )

    This weeks indie playlist was perfect for me! I love all the songs! Thank you for the upload (and for the awesome request!)!

    8 years ago