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J.Y.Park “Who’s Your Mama?”


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  1. When I saw this MV I thought “OMG Butts everywhere, seriously Kpop!?” but this song is s catchy that I won’t blame them fo that. The rapping part, well.. It doesn’t fit the song .Even though I like her voice, she makes me think of Iggy Azalea!
    Special point to the dancers, the main one especially is sooo charismatic! They were really great in the TVXQ_Spellbound MV!

    5 years ago
  2. Well, its a tune. I just realized the song is called ‘Who’s your mama’. Personally, I’d have gone for ‘Shake that booty’ but hey, different strokes for different folks. Is that last girl wearing butt pads?

    5 years ago