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Kogi BBQ Taco Truck

July 11, 2014


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So, this is another one of our food videos, but our blog post isn’t really gonna be that related to food as much as two interesting and important thoughts and stories we had around the food. Starting with:


So, you might have seen from our California Food and Party video last week that we spent some time with Alice Shin, who’s one of the founders of the KogiBBQ empire. She tweeted at us when we said we were going to LA and suggested we eat their food. We agreed. We spoke with her some more afterwards and she invited us to one of their other places, Chego, where she fed us to the point of exploding, and sat and talked with us for a while.

Guise: let’s just say this – she’s exceptionally cool, and makes me like the Kogi BBQ empire so much more. It’s not just food there: it’s good people. We oftentimes get coldly contacted by different companies who are like “Hey! Come to our place and make a video for us so your audience will buy our stuff!” and we constantly turn them down. Companies often try to just use us for promotion. We thought at first that Kogi BBQ maybe wanted to do the same thing. We had our guards up after all of our previous experiences. But, hell, Alice was so freaking kind and helpful. She didn’t ask for any videos. She just offered us great food. No requests, no deal offering. Just good company and good food.

And the food wasn’t even the biggest part of the night. We spent a lot of time talking about opening restaurants. We’re about to open our coffee shop, and it’s something that we’re pouring a lot of our energy into, and Alice listened to what we were saying, shared her story with her restaurants, and inspired the hell out of us. Though we can’t do all of the awesome stuff they do in LA, because LA is a very different culture than Korea, we still were very amazed at what they do there in the Kogi BBQ franchise, and we’re gonna try to incorporate as much of what she said as we can. They’re not just a business: they’re extremely passionate people that love what they do, and that’s something that resonates with us a lot. If Alice didn’t live on the other side of the world we’d be her best friend. Or we’d probably be the people that text her all the time to hang out because we want to be her best friend. Either way.

So, even though this is a FAPFAP and we usually just drool over the deliciousness of the food, this video’s a bit more special to us, because this isn’t just food, but a message. KogiBBQ have great food, and even better people, and that’s something I’ll support wholeheartedly.

Story Time!

We had a very special moment with some police officers. We saw a few of them waiting in line behind us. Now, I’m not sure exactly where this came from, but we both feel uncomfortable with American police. It’s silly. I know it’s silly. But it always seems like every month there’s some new video about abusive police officers in America. Hell: our first afternoon in downtown LA and we were at a bar where a fight broke out. The police were called, and they peppersprayed one of the guys, and we heard people saying how it was unnecessary.

Anyhow, we were just waiting in line, doing our best not to break any laws, and we pulled out our camera to shoot some footage for the FAPFAP. The police officers soon into our filming started talking to us. The first few words were a blur. Is this it, I thought to myself: is this how I’m going to end up in jail? I quickly snapped out of it. They said that one of the officers wanted to be on camera. But that’s against the law, I thought! Recording police officers will get you life in prison or something else the internet told me. We asked them if they were sure if they wanted to be on camera, if there’s not something wrong with filming police officers. It’s free speech, they said, so we…pointed the camera at them, and started recording.

And…hell: these guys were so nice! Quickly my fears of a life behind bars faded away. They talked about the food, how often they’ve been there. We said it was our first time, and how we’re from Korea and we’re trying to compare Korean food here, and then they started talking about the Jeju Sex Theme Park (which we’ll totally WANK at for one of our videos on of these days!) and then we started talking about sex ed in Korea, and about the lack of porn, and it was great! A good, wholesome chat with a few police officers, and we didn’t get arrested!

Afterwards we went to Ralph’s, which is a grocery store, and bought some ice cream bars. We just wanted one each, two total, but the smallest box offered eight, so we bought it, because we had already lost all self-respect with how much food we were going to eat here in America. Well, after walking out of the supermarket, we saw the police officers again. We offered them our extra ice cream bars, and they accepted them. Is that bribing a police officer? I don’t know. They just gave me a get out of jail free card and that was the last of it.

Moral of the story: Kogi BBQ not only served me delicious food, but it helped me, in part, get over my fear of the American police.


So that’s it for our two long stories for this week’s FAPFAP. We’ve got some extra scenes and bloopers that didn’t make the final cut, just in case you wanted a bit more. Check em out!

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Kogi BBQ Taco Truck


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  1. Omg, for the entire video I was like, wow Simon is dressed so nice today and I couldn’t get over how much I liked his sweater only to look into my closet and see the exact same sweater…

    6 years ago
  2. It is very nice of them to name their taco truck after your toy pig. :D

    6 years ago
  3. #salivating

    6 years ago
  4. Obviously edited by Leigh! :D
    The kimchi and cheese combination reminds me of food I had in Japan, that the restaurant cleverly called kimcheese. I started making it at home using udon, kimchi and squared cheese …(the one in burgers? Is it cheddar?). You can also add chicken. That’s fusion right here!

    6 years ago