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Korean Animal Sounds

November 7, 2010


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Animals in Korean don’t sound the same as animals in English. They supposedly speak a different language. Here’s a list of different Korean Animal Sounds

Take Spudgy for example. Spudgy is a mong-mong. That’s another word for dog in Korean. Mong-mong, supposedly, is the sound dogs make in Korea. No “arf arf” or “bow wow.” They go “mong mong.” For the life of us, we’ve never heard any dog make those sounds, no matter how many times we’ve listened to Spudgy. Anyhow, this got us thinking about other animal sounds in Korean, and got us thinking about animal sounds in other languages altogether. So Martina asked her students to describe the sounds animals make. Here’s the list we came up with:

Animal English Korean
Cats Meow! 야옹 Yaong!
Ducks Quack Quack! 꽥꽥 Guack Guack!
Cows MoooOOOOooOO! 음메 uhMeeehhhh!
Sheep Bahhhhh 으매 uhMeeeeh-eh-eh-eh
Horse Neigghhghghghghh 이희잉 eeHeeheeheeeheeing
Dogs Arf Arf! or Bow Wow! 멍멍 Mong Mong! or While While!
Frogs Ribbit Ribbit 개골개골 Gaykul gaykul!
Pigs Oink Oink! 꿀꿀 Gul gul!
Owls Hoot. Hoot. 부엉부엉 Buweong! Buweong!
Bees BzzzZZZZzzzzZZ! 윙 Wiiiiiiiing!
Lions ROAR! 어흥 Eoh hung! Eoh hung!
Bears and Dinosaurs ROOOOOAAAARRRR! 으르랑 Uh reuh wrong!
Chickens Coka! Coka co! 꼬끼오 Ko ki oh! Ko ki oh!

We couldn’t think of any more to ask Martina’s students. If there’s any that we missed, please tell us! Oh, and if you haven’t seen this lovely button on the right here by now, check it out! Also, thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations! This one must have been terrible to translate.



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Korean Animal Sounds


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  1. I agree. The frog is my favorite, too :) it’s such an adorable sound hahahaha

    6 years ago
  2. Ha! Glad you like it. And, yes, we are living in Korea :D

    10 years ago
  3. Oh! How could we have forgotten monkeys! We'll look into that one :D

    10 years ago
  4. Yeji: we understand you perfectly! Thank you for telling us about the sounds mice make :D

    10 years ago
  5. Ah so cool! We were just out with Liz now over in Incheon. Maybe we'll see you there next time :D

    10 years ago
  6. To be honest, Tigers and Lions sound kinda the same to me. Guess that makes me a wild feline racist as well!

    10 years ago
  7. Ha! No, chickens sound the same in Canada as well. I was just doing a reference to a TV show :p

    10 years ago
  8. We've been thinking about redoing the apartment video. It's on our list of videos to do. As for advice on what to bring to Korea, we did a video for that already: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/what-you-should-pack… Check it out :D

    10 years ago
  9. Ha! I thought the same thing when writing the captions…

    10 years ago
  10. We didn't do birds in the video, but they go 짹짹 or jjaek jjaek. As for squirrels, we really haven't seen them around here. Too bad. We loved Toronto squirrels!

    10 years ago
  11. Ha! That was pretty much the founding idea for this entire video. We were like "how can we justify doing the chicken dance?" and BAM came up with this video idea :D

    10 years ago