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Korean BB Cream Review Showdown

June 29, 2014


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THE BB CREAM SHOOOOWWWDOOWWNN! I’ve wanted to do this review for soooooooo long! I’m so happy to finally be presenting you with a more complete comparison of BB Creams then in my last much older video. I picked six different BB Creams ranging from cheap to expensive and I pitted them against each other. Also, to make this even better, there’s a Gmarket Promo going on with a whole heap of BB Creams! If you’ve been unsure about spending the money on a BB Cream maybe sale time is your chance to get them.

So to begin with, BB Cream is NOT the same as using foundation, so for those of you ladies/gentleman that don’t enjoy thick makeup up on your face, BB Cream is for you! And yes, lots of Korean dudes use BB Cream as part of their daily routine and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

BB Cream actually means Blemish Balm and was originally created by a doctor for people with skin issues including scarring or bad acne. The formula that it is made of is baffling to me because it applies one colour and changes to another in oxygen, it doesn’t clog my pores, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing makeup, and it still manages to cover up my red face and under eye circles. What is this sorcery!!?? Whatever it’s made of, I use it daily like I would a face cream since all BB Creams come equipped with SPF protection from the sun. It’s very easy to apply and creates a nice no fuss routine at the beginning of the day. Even non-make up wearers could easily use this! Can you apply face cream? Then you can use BB Cream! HUURRAAHH!!!

The only problem with BB Cream is that there is a HUGE variety to choose from. For this test I stuck with popular Korean brand names and yes, Asian BB Cream brands are different than American BB Creams. I actually tested some popular American brands and they felt super thick and gooey. It reminded me of foundation mixed with glue. GROSS. So I’ll be sticking to the original source…KOREAN BB BRANDS! You can buy BB Creams for oily skin, whitening (which means evening out your skin tone, not bleaching your skin), heavy coverage, acne prone skin, waterproof, wrinkles/aging, and I’m sure I’ve missed some. Almost ALL of them come with UV or SPF protection.

For today’s review I picked BB Creams:
-for dry skin
-for light to medium coverage
-in the lightest shade available
-in matte finish (as opposed to dewy/shiny)

The dewy finish is, to me, that sweaty/oily look you sometimes see on Kpop Idols and Korean drama actors/actresses. I personally don’t like it, but Korean people think “dewy” means young and fresh looking. To each their own, right? Also regarding the skin tone, I have light/pink toned skin so not all BB Creams are okay for me. Some of them are on the brownish tanned side and others have a yellow tint to them so I had to avoid brands that were in those shades. Let’s begin!

Etude House BB Cream

Etude House

Get it here!

Price: cheap – mid
Coverage: light
Scent: no
Weight on face: very light
Amount needed for coverage: very little (less than one suggested pump)

I am an Etude House girl, I admit. For those of you that follow me on Instagram you’ll know I post pics of my hauls and sometimes I even do haul videos. I normally use BB Cream from Etude House to begin with but this one was a new type for me. I liked it! It was on the lighter side of coverage and applied really easily. Out of all the brands I tried this one required the least amount of BB Cream to spread onto my whole face. I think this was probably made for normal skin rather than oily/dry because of the way it applied, but it was still good for me since I’m not too dry. This remains in my Top 3 Picks.

Dr Jart BB Cream

Dr Jart

Get it here!

Price: expensive
Coverage: full
Scent: no
Weight on face: medium – heavy
Amount needed for coverage: two squeezes (absorbed quickly)

This was the most expensive brand on the list so I was hesitant to buy it…but I DID IT FOR SCIENCE!!! Thank goodness I like it! I was very happily surprised that this had no scent, was very moisturizing (but not greasy), and had awesome coverage and really made my skin look perfect! Depending on how dry your skin is you might run out of this faster than a cheaper brand that spreads more easily but it really does have awesome coverage. It is in my Top 3 Picks and I would buy it again!

Missha BB Cream


Get it here!

Price: mid range
Coverage: light – medium
Scent: perfume
Weight on face: light – medium
Amount needed for coverage: brand new bottle and the pump was broken so I can’t tell

I was unhappy from the get-go considering the brand new bottle wouldn’t pump at all. It could be a total fluke but that didn’t impress me. After that I got the amount of BB Cream all wrong and ended up using a cotton pad to scrape the extra stuff off my hands. What I really disliked was the scent since I’m NOT a perfume in my creams kindof girl. The coverage wasn’t great either, it still left me a bit blotchy. This one is a no for me.

Tony Moly BB Cream

Tony Moly

Get it here!

Price: cheap
Coverage: light
Scent: no
Weight on face: light
Amount needed for coverage: one – two squeezes

It was exactly what I expected from the cheapest BB Cream on the list! Very sheer coverage and I had to apply two squeezes to fully apply. I really have nothing else to say since I didn’t dislike it, but I wouldn’t buy it again because I personally need more coverage for my face. If you’re looking for very light and sheer coverage this is for you!

Clio BB Cream


Get it here!

Price: cheap – mid range
Coverage: medium
Scent: No
Weight on face: light
Amount needed for coverage: one squeeze or less

This one really surprised me! It had a totally unique feeling when it was being applied. It started as a cream but started to turn into almost a powder finish under my fingers. It was very silky. Perhaps that’s the shea butter in it? Whatever it is I was happily surprised considering I had never thought of buying this before. The coverage was nice as well but a bit more tan than my skin. I will buy this again! It’s in my Top 3 Pick.

Skin79 BB Cream

Skin 79

Get it here!

Price: expensive
Coverage: light – medium
Scent: perfume
Weight on face: medium – heavy
Amount needed for coverage: one pump and a half

Nope nope nope. The bottle was nice looking but a hard bottle means you can’t squeeze every last drop out of it. HAHAH! So cheap of me! Also, so much perfume. I guess I can’t really get past that. Also, it had a glossy finish so I really didn’t like anything about it. Considering how expensive it was I expected something better. I’d rather go for Dr.Jart if I’m going to pay for premium Bb Cream.

Altogether, here’s my handy chart, because pictures are pretty!

BB Cream Review Showdown

So that’s it for my BB Cream review. What I’d really like is to hear from you guise is what kindof BB Cream you use. Which ones do you love and which ones do you hate? Be sure to include your skin tone and preferences (example: oily skin, acne prone, etc) so we can share from each other’s experiences! If this was helpful let me know, it took a really long time to film this so if I have to do it again with different BB Creams I’d like to get it right and make it as helpful as possible!



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Korean BB Cream Review Showdown


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  1. I hope you guys see this lol I’m sure you get a million comments a day.
    Martina, I was just wondering if you’re having trouble finding BB creams now? It seems like everyone’s stopped making them anymore and for the past year or so it’s been a crap shoot for me to find decent makeup.

    What are you using these days?
    Everything I find from my favorite brands (EH, holikaholika, skinfood, peripera, etc) now is all about skincare and no foundation or bb/base makeup coverage/foundation type products. My absolute favorite was the anti aging Skin79 Gold BB and the oriental gold, but that disappeared like 5+ years ago now even tonymoly is going with new lines and cancelling all of my tried and true skincare too.

    Please help!

    1 month ago
  2. I’m currently going down the Asian BB cream rabbit hole and it’s quite overwhelming.. I can’t seem to find anything that works best for me. I have oily, acne prone skin and I hate having heavy makeup on my face but still want something that has decent coverage. :/

    1 year ago
  3. I’m new to the whole BB cream thing, but ever since I turned 30, my mom was all, “You need face cream!” I never thought I needed it because I have oily skin. I don’t need any more moisturizing, thank you. But then I realized it wasn’t for moisturizing, it was for sun protection.

    I love my skin and I want to protect it. It’s not like I don’t care about how I look, I’m just very low maintenance, so I didn’t want to use face cream and then powder. If I was going to do it, I’d use BB cream, two products instead of one. My mom’s only request was that whatever kind I use had to have SPF 30 in it. Makes sense: if the stuff I use is for sun protection, it has to have some spfs in it.

    The kind I’m using now is Neutrogena Healthy Skin CC Cream Fair to Light. I like it. When I’m done with that, there’s an Aveeno BB Cream I’d like to try. That’s the only SPF 30 one I could find. Well, there’s another one, but the ad “I’m not airbrushed, I just want to look like I am” turned me off of the company. I get what they’re trying to do, but airbrushed implies artificial. I don’t want to look artificial.

    4 years ago