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2NE1 – I Love You: Kpop Music Mondays

July 17, 2012


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This almost got reviewed last week, because so many people voted for it almost instantly, but it just narrowly didn’t make it to first place. This week, though, it was head and shoulders above everyone else’s video. Assah! We get to review 2NE1’s “I Love You”. Check it out here if you haven’t already:

So, we talked about a bunch of stuff in the video, but there were a few things we cut out of our script for fear of making the video too long. Let’s talk about them here:

The outfits in this video. Remember when I ripped into f(x)’s wardrobe stylist for their horrible mismatched tacky designer clothing? This 2NE1 video is an example of how to do funky clothing correctly. They’re making use of interesting clothing, that – yes – you may not necessarily wear yourself (I’m looking at you CL with your leather hight waist underpants and fishnet stocking in the snow and on a train) but STILL they look really fabulous, and their clothing and accessories match! It’s like funky meets couture clothing, without looking cluttered. I know some people won’t like their outfits, and hey, we all have different opinions, but if I had to chose someone to dress me, i’d pick 2NE1’s stylist any day.

Also, Park Bom loves her knee. She hugs it a lot.

Another thing: is it just us or do 2NE1 have really simple song titles? I Love You, Hate You, It Hurts, Go Away. We could be reaching here, but there seems to be a pattern of simplicity here, like they’re interested in just hitting on those basic emotionally charged themes. We didn’t flesh this idea out much, but we had made a song for the jerky part just in case we did (because we like making cheesy covers of Kpop songs). Check it out here!

Lastly, if you’re digging the song as much as we are, pick it up over on iTunes. Oh! And if you’re here to see who won the ZE:A Limited Edition CDs from when we did our Interview with ZE:A, we announce them in the bloopers below! They’re right at the end of the bloopers, and we took screenshots of the winning answers for once, so…yeah! Check out if you won, or just watch it to see Simon be nastier than usual, YOU NASTY PEOPLE YOU!



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Kpop Music Mondays


2NE1 – I Love You: Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. 2NE1 IS COMING BACK!!!!
    *fangirl explosion

    7 years ago
  2. I was disturbed with the dubbing too, glad you mentioned it. And the tarantallegra part was just awesome. My sis laughed really hard when I showed the part where Simon was in the shower, but I think she was just enjoying seeing someone almost drowning in a shower(she is a creep >.>).

    P.S.I think the entertainer companies are staring to make attempts to win you guys over. First, it was the that big “Simon” sign by SMEnt (I think it was SM, sorry if I’m wrong).
    And now YG is trying to get Martina by luring her with ‘Bull-O-Jerky’.
    Personally I think YG is winning in this one. Sorry Simon, but free food every day beats out a giant sign, even if it has your name on it.

    8 years ago
  3. 2NE1)

    8 years ago
  4. LOL, you know when Simon and Martina are secretly supporting PSY to win when you see the obvious vote of support in the background: “Vote for PSY.”

    I agree. PSY’s mv is such a delight to watch – would really love to hear your thoughts on it.

    8 years ago
  5. Kay

    SO voting for PSY! xDDD
    thanks guys!

    8 years ago

    8 years ago