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B2ST – Fiction: Kpop Music Mondays

May 23, 2011


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Yes, our words are quite strong here. We don’t go out right and say stuff like this usually, but we’ll say it now: this is quite possibly the best kpop song of 2011. Sure, everyone has their different opinions, and many people will argue for different songs and videos. Our opinion is just an opinion, and this one may well be argued against. That’s fine, but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re so immensely impressed by this song that we’re willing to call it the best Kpop song of 2011 thus far.

We mentioned on Twitter that it sounds like Enrique Inglesias’ “Heartbeat”, but we didn’t say that as a plagiarism charge. The piano does sound similar, but B2ST’s piano chords instantly struck us. When we first heard it we thought “man, this is gonna be an awesome song.” And we were right. Really, such a great improvement from B2ST’s “Beautiful”, which – we think – really strayed from their image. Cutie boys being cutey and lovey dovey…nah. That didn’t seem right. Here, they’re not bombastic, and they’re not ninnies either. They find a comfortable balance between both sides with an awesome song. Well done.

That doesn’t make this our favorite video of the year, though. That honor still goes to Big Bang’s “Love Song”. We got really annoyed by the pen at the beginning. Sure, we know that they’re trying to show that he’s writing in a diary, but couldn’t they have done so with a quieter pen? God! That thing was LOUD! And we kinda get the whole disappearing into dust thingy at the end. He’s trying to rewrite his story with her, but then he realizes that she’s really gone or something, and it’s supposed to be sad. Sure. That didn’t stop us from thinking about vampires, and if there’s one thing about us that’s consistent thus far, is that we’ll make videos about the weirdest stuff that pops into our minds.

B2ST Fiction Video Still

Dear Kpop Video Girls: Plz cry more than one tear from now on

On a side note: what’s the deal with single-tear crying? We saw it in Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry”, and I’m sure we saw it elsewhere before. Why don’t we see some genuine, breakdown sobbing? This single-tear crying business is just getting odd now. Lip quivering, people! You need to quiver your lips when you cry! We get that they’re trying to show how they’re holding back emotion, but can’t stop their tears from squeaking out, but now it just seems like they’re being lazy. More tears! More passion!

Anyhow, good chance is that you’re here because of our giveaway contest. Here’s what you need to know:


We’re giving away 2 copies of the B2ST Fact or Fiction CD. We’d like to know what you think the name of B2ST’s dance in “Fiction” should be. You have three different ways to submit your answer:

1) For our YouTube Subscribers: Leave a comment either in this thread, or on our YouTube page telling us what you think the name of B2ST’s dance should be. Easy peasy!

2) For our Facebook fans: Leave your answer in the Contest Thread. Don’t post it on the wall. Just on the contest thread. The link to the thread is here.

3) For our Twitter followers: Leave your answer in a tweet linking back to this page and mentioning us. Sound too complicated? Just click this link, fill in the blanks, and submit!

B2ST Fiction and Fact Album

B2ST Fiction and Fact Album

If you don’t win the CD, you can still buy B2ST’s new album here. It’s definitely awesome and worth it. And you don’t have to worry about your location: they’ll ship internationally. Great success!

One last note as well: this is the last Kpop Music Monday you’ll see in this setting. We moved the camera over for this episode to hide all of the boxes in our apartment. We’re starting our move on Wednesday! Huzzah! We found a new place, right here in Bucheon, right beside our current place, except it’s a lot bigger. With a full size kitchen! Wow! No oven, though. Pooh. Anyhow, we’ll be filming our WTF segment in this apartment tomorrow night, and then our TL;DR video for this week will actually be in our new apartment. Yay! We’ll post a video of our new place soon. We’ve got some other videos that we have to put out first :D



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Kpop Music Mondays


B2ST – Fiction: Kpop Music Mondays


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