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Big Bang – Blue: Kpop Music Mondays

February 28, 2012


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Yep. Big Bang’s “Blue”. No surprise here. Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here:

As with any of the big names in Korean pop, a comeback song is going to be an immediate jump to first place on our kpop charts, but even though this song was voted in due to a large fan base, it’s actually a totally awesome song. How awesome? So awesome that our friends who normally hate kpop, admitted to liking this song. BREAAAAKTHROUGH!

Why? It’s a very likeable song. Gentle vocals, strange rewind/reverse sound effects in the background, a simple guitar and piano melody, a beat that knows just when to pick up, and a great hook that will have you humming it before you know it. One of the things we’ve always liked about Big Bang is how you can clearly tell each members’ voice apart. They each have a very distinct sound and vocal range, yet they seem to finish each other’s sandwiches…I mean… sentences. There is a smooth overlap of one singer to the next and you can still very clearly tell them apart, but not in a harsh way. With Big Bang there is usually a kind of abrupt voice change, and not in a bad way, but it can’t be helped when you put Daesung’s smooth and powerful vocals next to an “A-yo-ing” quick GD and a deep reggae sounding TOP but in this song…I didn’t feel that abrupt switch of character. I don’t mean to say that this is a bad thing, it’s just different for Big Bang. Considering this past year, I think this song was very emotional for them and it shows. Okay, enough mushy artsy talk. Forward ho!

The first time we heard this song, we were surprised to find that Seungri’s vocals stole both our hearts, I mean…FOOTBALL, BEER, AND MANLY STUFF! He comes in at the 30 second mark and he almost whispers out the words yet it still manages to sound very emotional. Simon didn’t like TOP being in this song, but I thought he was incorporated in a great way considering that the sound and feel of this song would not support a strong cocky rap sequence. Whenever I think of a rapper singing, I think of Kanye West murdering my ears in JYJ’s “Ayyy Girl”… I KNOW THE TYYYPE, I KNOW THE LIIIIFE, I KNOW YO LIVING YOU LIFE FOR THE NIIIIIIGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHTTT…UGH STOP! JUST STOP KAYNE! STOP IT!! *falls to the floor sobbing* So yes, when TOP doesn’t murder my ears and has a decent rap/singing voice, I’m really happy.

Onto the video! The first time we watched it we thought maybe this song was about the girl committing suicide via jumping off the rooftop…but the more we watched it the harder it was to find evidence to support that theory. I mean, yeah, she looks pretty sulky and sad, and she’s wondering around doing nothing, and all the guys are remembering moments they had with her, but there is really no point where the video suggest that she isn’t alive. Plus, we can’t justify the idea that she literally dated every member of Big Bang or had special moments with each of them and then broke up with them, and now they’re sad. That idea never flies with me, but I think the plot in Big Bang’s “Tonight” with Daesung and TOP pitted against each was brilliant and felt very real.

So we’re thinking she represents painful memories (but not as a literal memory of them with the girl). She is a representation of haunting memories in general, which is why she is not in full vivid colour, but is instead faded and neutral in emotion. She is like the mould in which any obsessive memory can fit into, and when we obsess over a sad memory, we feel hella’ crappy and blue.

So, there are two moments in the video which help push us towards this theory. While majority of the memories are moments where the girl is staring off into space and then Big Bang stares off thoughtfully in the same location, there are two memories that stand out. The first is GD running on the rooftop and the second is at the end when Taeyang drives off.

GD starts off the video by furiously running, but it seems like he’s not really getting anywhere in particular since he’s on a rooftop. The video keeps flipping between clips of him running and the girl running in the same location and speed. This gesture of him running seems very futile since he’s not going anywhere (nor is he escaping or outrunning the girl’s speed). While he’s running he looks behind him and it’s a clip of the girl staring at him. It seems like GD is trying really hard to not think about something or to get over a memory, but he is unsuccessful since the memory runs stride by stride with him no matter how hard he runs. After this memory we see all the Big Bang members struggle with sad memories as well, and there are even moments where they run, but the girl is still running stride by stride.

It’s only until the end of the video that we see someone separate from the memory aka the girl. We see Taeyang get in a car, look into his rearview mirror and successful drive off without the girl, which is a symbolic gesture of leaving that memory behind and moving on…that or Taeyang is A) a mega jerk who wants his girlfriend to get mugged or B) a car thief. We’d like to believe this song and video is a bit deeper then car thievery.

So, finally conclusion: the girl = sad memories we obsess over which make us feel like crap, and don’t we all have sad memories? Like any bad moment, time helps the memory fade and learning to move on and not obsess can help you leave that memory in the dust. The dust of your super hot classic Corvette convertible Stingray…which just happens to be my most favourite classic car EVA. *Martina tears up at the thought of Big Bang + her favourite car*

Yeah! There you go. We couldn’t mention all of that in our video because it would have taken FOREVER, and we already talked for a bit too long. Ah well. That’s what blog posts are for :D

Now, some of you might also want to know more details about the contest. As you know, we’re giving away two Big Bang CDs and on Big Bang T-Shirt. You’ve got three ways to win

1) For our YouTube subscribers: let us know in the comments, if any Big Bang member would have a superpower what would it be?
2) For our Facebook Fans: like the contest thread, and leave your answer there as well.
3) For our Twitter Followers: Retweet this post!

And, for you awesome blog readers, you can leave your answer here as well, because we like you guise! You’ll be grouped in the same category as the YouTube subscriber, so leave your YouTube username as well so we can make sure you’ve subscribed (if we pick your answer, that is!)

Woot! We’ll pick our favorite two answers, and one random Twitterer, and announce the winners next week. If you’re not fond of contests, though, and would much rather not leave your Big Bang experience to chance, you can pick up their single on iTunes, or you can get their album delivered to you by clicking on the link here:

Big Bang

And, lastly, here are this week’s bloopers. We couldn’t really get out there and do as much as we wanted to do because of Martina’s busted ankle, but we still got to get in a few giggles, especially as a super-fashionable GD with some pimped out crutches.



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Kpop Music Mondays


Big Bang – Blue: Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. I like the interpretation of the “girl’s existence” in the video. A
    memory you can’t run away from… This is the best BIGBANG song ever!
    The style, the lyrics, the video – especially after the girl’s
    involvement has been explained. Oh and Seungri, he captured me.  I think he’d make the best superhero among them. He’d be a superdetective so instead of preventing crimes, he’d be solving them.

    8 years ago
  2. I like the interpretation of the “girl’s existence” in the video. A memory you can’t run away from… This is the best BIGBANG song ever! The style, the lyrics, the video – especially after the girl’s involvement has been explained. Oh and Seungri, he captured me.

    8 years ago
  3. GD and his power is to touch anything and turn it into candy or ranch for Simon. XD

    8 years ago
  4. GD because his smile is killing and he has a baby face. I think even non kpop fans would fall for him! thts wat happen to me when i first saw him. His super power is his smile! :)))

    8 years ago
  5.  I think Super Hero SeungRi with telekinesis and telepathy super powers
    because in the video he has a sad, dark and mysterious presence and
    this makes a perfect combo with those super powers also he can fly and
    shows himself like the bad boy of the story but not really is only a
    lonely person with good feelings

    8 years ago
  6. EASYYYYYY, TOP would have the power to shoot pregnansy(?) lazers with hes eyes!

    making all the girls pregnant!! :D :D 
    and he would also do mindcontrol!
    That eyes of hes are multi-talented! 

    8 years ago
  7. I also think TOP absorbed some powers off of Hades from the Disney movie Hercules when he decided to go Blue. (subscriber rnataliad) … I really want the cd. *desperation*

    8 years ago
  8. If any Big Bang member had a super power(s) would be Taeyang. His power would be able to see people’s heart that are “blue” and then comfort them with sweet words, as if he was a friend they’ve known all their life. It’s a simple power, but a few comforting words can do wonders to a person, especially when they feel blue and out of place. ^.^v

    Youtube Username : MySuperRainbow

    8 years ago
  9. i vote 4 2NE1 ^^

    8 years ago
  10. Hello! I’m heartwithseoul on YT. (: I voted for Blue, of course hehe. And I totally thought BB was going through their memories of this chick as they were in the same position/locations as she was…xD

    Big Bang would be an epic superhero group! Taeyang’s mohawk can grow into huge spikes and stab people haha. Seungri can banish people to Wonderland a la VVIP and TOP’s low voice can create sonic booms. Daesung as Hades has destructive mind powers that make you go insane and GD can shoot fireballs. Come on, he’s G-dragon lol. He’s also a heartbreaker. u:

    8 years ago
  11. May I choose all of them as super heroes? So they would be super heroes group, like Power Rangers or X-man or The Invincibles? So GD would have elasticity power with his ‘catching-flies’ hand movement, TOP would have electric power with his high voltage eye gaze, Taeyang would have power to hypnotize and brainwash ppl with his smile-eyes, Daesung would have power to make ppl laugh non-stop with his ‘Dumb’ acts and face, and Seung-Ri would have power …to turn to be a Panda. Hahaha!

    But if I should pick one, I pick SeungRi then :)
    YT account: vewindiastri

    8 years ago
  12. i would say G-Dragon, and his power would be (or is it already..) Turning everything he touches GOLD!! seriously…think about it? 
    almost all his songs he has written have become multihypersuperblue POPULAR, like gold!! :O ouh..sorry GD, did I expose you? ^____^~~
    oh + Simon in Finland we say it just like TRAUMA :D

    8 years ago
  13. hehe this music monday was a reeeealy big surprice XDD lol.

    gosh i would like to see martinas’ fangirl dance XD but simon u replaced her very well xDD is it good when i say i lol’ed like crazy when i was watchin this scene…?? no…?? *sees simon with dooming gaze* omg nuuuuuuuuuu…!! i’ll be good~!! promise~!! just don’t hurt meh T^T
    also the new chair-lower perspective of view was kinda interesting xD but to be honest i was wonderin all the time how simon was sittin if he wanted to fit the screen… xD

    oh, the voting. the choice is kinda tough, both the songs are cool… but guess there will be like dazillion votes for big bang, so i’m goin 4 ‘lonely’ P:

    and one more thing. yes, the sceepin & stalking time >XDDD me & ma friend will be visiting seoul in may so i thought…
    wellll… is there any possibility to meet wit u guys? i don’t intend to
    take ur time or disturb u the whole day. just when u’ll be makin for ex
    some wanking in seoul, we’d meet like for 5 min just to tell ya how
    osom u r, make some photos & shake hands >XD oh and bonus for
    simon: we’re polish~!! (:

    & martina hope u’ll get well soon~!! ♥

    8 years ago
  14. ah!!! i like this song but i love love love tonight more i don’t know  little Disappointed with it sorry T.T

    8 years ago
  15. First of all:
    As always great work and I think you’re managing just fine, even with Martina on crutches.

    Then onto the competition:
    If one certain member was a superhero… I’d guess that it would be Seungri, ’cause he’s the least mystical (talks most in variety), and that is one genious move as people wouldn’t expext him to be the superhero.

    Super power: He makes things or people older or younger. By doing either he’s able to destroy evil when it’s in the weakest sort of state.

    8 years ago
  16. GD would make the best superhero and he would be able to look at a girl and she would fall in love with him….wait a second….maybe he already is a superhero…doesnt he already have this power?MIND BLOWN

    8 years ago
  17. Superhero: Daesung

    Power: omg just hearing his voice tells everything! When he’s singing everybody in the world will fall in love with him, I’m absolutely sure!

    8 years ago
  18. I love this song too. Isn’t it a little weird that 2NE1 started off with Lonely last year and now BIGBANG is starting off with Blue this year? Why the sad songs first? But I’m glad BB’s promoting all the songs off their new mini-album. Hopefully all the songs are better than 2NE1’s from last year. And so far so good cause I like Blue a whole lot more than Lonely.

    8 years ago
  19. I like to think of TOP as the best super hero for NY silently keeping to himself using his mind controling abilities with his eyes would be killer plus it would be interesing to see what he would do with his power! ^_^
    YouTube: vannarose314

    8 years ago
  20. Knew It!!

    ~ Knew that you’d bully Simon to do the funny Bigbang-jig for you!! <3

    And Superpower? TOP of course!
    Those smexy SMEXY brows can bore holes into walls~ but in this case, fan-girls hearts!!

    8 years ago
  21. somehow, you guys’ interpretation always makes sense! for this one, its a tough call for me because Lonely is a sad sad song, but I’d go with BLUE because of Seung Ri deep cool voice *tears*

    8 years ago
  22. GD or TOP would have the superpower of making whatever lyrics/videos they wanted to and never ever get banned (again)  =)
    YT: lolenenalinda

    8 years ago
  23. actually I don’t understand you Simon :D my favorite part of this song was actually TOP’s rapping, like …really! and it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s my soon-to-be husband ….I swear…it was just..PERFECT

    8 years ago
  24. youtube name is perky5. I pick TOP and his weapon is that husky deep voice of his <3 It can be very similar to Bolts super bark! Where he yells and it sends off a sound wave powerful enough to destry things!
    Oh, and I don't have a twitter..nor do I want to make one :/ I hope thats okay!

    8 years ago
  25. I’m not VIP but I’m fall in love with this song at the first sight ^^

    8 years ago
  26. come on…big bang ofc!

    8 years ago
  27.  TOP would have like super-evil-eye-stare-power. girls would swoon and boys would run away like a puppy. GD gonna have a fashionista power. the power to make some weird looking fashion become popular. like a nerd into a cool dude. daesung have a power of a voice of an angel. so power yet so enchanting. Seungri with his bad boy power and the power to make ppl laughing constantly. Taeyang is the super-dancing machine. dance all day long but nvr tired or sick of dancing :D

    me like BLUE!!

    8 years ago
  28. My youtube name is Couturekitty1331 and I think the best Big Bang superhero would be Daesung and his powerful man warrior voice :) Suppose you were getting robbed and you call out “OH isn’t there anyone who could save me?” Daesung  would show up in his Hades mask and outfit (to protect his identity, you see) and hit such a powerful note, it would blow the evil do-er away. How’s that for a run on sentence and answer??? :)

    8 years ago
  29. G-Dragon would have the power to shoot fire from his mouth….or better yet, the ability to fart fire….epic

    8 years ago
  30. TOP (no matter how much Simon is biased against him) would be the best super hero in NYC. Swagger King! With the amazing talent of amassing hordes of followers wherever he goes!

    8 years ago
  31. BIGBANG – BLUE for sure!!!! <3

    8 years ago
  32. As for which was more moving, I have to pick Blue.  I find it hard to be moved by a song I don’t like enough to listen to all the way through more than once, which has been the case with every 2NE1 song since Fire.  Yes, I said it: Their debut song was their best and I haven’t liked anything since.  : (  It actually makes me rather sad.

    8 years ago
  33. Is that block b in the back, I LOOOOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

    8 years ago
  34. Love love love love this song!!! Gahh I can recognize two of the scenes they used >.< not that far from where I live, esp the roller coaster~!~!
    Lol and… the more I follow your videos and blog posts, the more teacher-like you guys feel. Getting so much of that symbolism in a video… amazing, guys :D (how about some help in my world humanities class? LOL endless reading, analyzation, and paper writing, booo. jkjk~)

    8 years ago
  35. Yaaay, Big Bang!
    But I have to say, I just stopped the video when I finally managed to see what you’re desktop is and – thank you <3 Very nice shoutout to Block B and BBCs ^^

    8 years ago
  36. YouTube: WilsonLeeee

    If any Big Bang member would have a super power, it would be GD with the power to grow hair because he always has some wacky hairstyle and his hair is always changing! With this super power his hair can be even crazier! He would not have to worry about the health of his hair cause he could just grow more :D

    8 years ago
  37. yay!!!!! its finally up!!!!!

    8 years ago
  38. YEAHHHHHH <3 

    8 years ago
  39. Kisses and hugs from Argentina!!!! I love u Martina!! ♥ BIGBANG IS BACK!!!!

    8 years ago