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Big Bang – Monster: Kpop Music Mondays

June 5, 2012


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Whoa! That was fast! Big Bang’s video was out for only a day or so before it took top place on our KpopCharts. And understandably so. This is a pretty badass video. If you haven’t seen it in it’s badassiness, check it out here:

So, some of you might be shocked that we’ve, aka Simon, has got a bunch of complaints about this video. It’s still a really high quality video, with some awesome special effects, and we give it an A for originality and coolness, but it’s not as good as most Big Bang videos. Broken up into individual parts, it’s pretty cool. Put together as a whole, though, it just doesn’t work. It’s too, all over the place, with no clear idea to it. They’re at a place that’s exploding, and they’re “monsters” and they break out of/escape the exploding place, but too many things are left unclear due to an overuse of costumes and special effects.

*Martina takes over* But wait! What’s our actual theory about what this video is about? Our theory, which was just pieced together using our experience of movie and TV show plots, it that Big Bang, aka the monsters, are a pet project by a government or some organization, and the monsters are either being held captive or were raised in this training facility, hence the obvious video taping and the fighting with the mannequins. At some point, the monsters, although they have powers, don’t feel like monsters to themselves and want to rebel and break free of this confining term placed on them, but in order to keep them under control the facility decides to abort the project and tries to kill all the monsters. BUT they do not succeed in killing them and the monsters all escape and see civilization in the distance.

Now we didn’t really see clear proof of this plot in the video, we just filled in the gaps, but it’s the gaps that create a major problem. For example, in our opinion, all the monsters should be existing in the same time line, but TOP and Seungri have a costume change only twice, which suggests two separate occasions which allowed them to actually change their clothing, or have their clothing changed for them, aka being held captive and having your clothing chosen for you. But GD and Taeyang have multiple distinct clothing changes, which is weird, especially since the clothing change occurs during the war scenes. Either the war is going on for a couple days/weeks and only three members of Big Bang decided to take the time to shower and re-apply makeup and new clothing, or they are a part of a different time line that involves clothing change, for example, GD as a devil being bombed is during a past weapon testing that Seungri wasn’t a part of, but it wasn’t made clear. In order to keep all five members on the same time line and plot, they should have had consistent costumes changes that matched the action being shown.

At the end of the video, we see all five members escaping using the same pathway, and the final scene of GD seeing the city occurs with his white mushroom hairstyle, but what was up with the other three or four costumes he had on? Frankly, I think it was just for the sake of coolness, and GD can look good in anything so of course, I think it looked pretty damn cool. However, you just can’t mix in cool things when you’re trying to do an artsy video, which is why I totally disliked Taeyang’s dancing in the video. Normally, I like his enthusiastic and random body rolling, but when he’s twirling across a dirt field being bombed or doing body waves against the wall while GD is falling to the ground dramatically, I feel like it takes away from the seriousness of a war scene. Then it turns into a “cool” dancing scene, but not an artsy one AT ALL. I think Big Bang’s “Blue” music video was wonderfully artsy, but just artsy. Now remember Sunny Hill’s “The Grasshopper Song”? That music video was able to balance an artsy music video with cool and interesting stuff. I think Big Bang’s director was just a wee bit off with the over use of “turn to camera and pose like a model” shots and also the overuse of costumes changes.

For some people, this video is so much more than that. It’s so rich in meaning, Simon and Martina! You have to compare the lyrics to what’s been happening in Big Bang’s life, and the symbolic capturing and labelling, and so on and so forth…and although we love to analyze, we need to first have a music video that can stand on its own, so that people without a knowledge of Big Bang’s history can still appreciate it. The meaning of symbols should be open to those who are totally new to the artists and their work. So…yeah. We don’t like that kind of interpretation because it’s too narrow. I guess, make a clear story first, and enrich it with symbolism afterwards.

Ok that’s enough of a rant about symbolism. We didn’t talk about the song much. Sorry! We were so focused on the intense video that we only talked about the song a bit. It’s a really pretty song that’s both slow and fast at the same time, and we were especially smitten by Seungri in this song.

If you’re digging the song, make sure you support Big Bang and pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia. Speaking of CDs, we said in our Sistar interview that we’d be announcing the winner of the WonderGirls signed CD giveaway from our WonderGirls interview. And so…the winner is: ZacharyLing!. His question:

I would ask them: Was it hard to come to America rather than Japan for your international expansion? Because all the other idols normally first expand to Japan and then move on. Did you want to go to Japan first or the USA?

My other question would be: When speaking with your CEO about your music, who normally thinks of the concepts for your music and how do they bring it all together, i.e the fashion, sound, style, and other aspects that make your music complete?

Yay! Zachary (if that’s your real name) send us a message over at our YouTube account and we’ll send out your CD ASAP! Yay! And, lastly, here are this week’s bloopers. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to cut a turtleneck.



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Kpop Music Mondays


Big Bang – Monster: Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. oh my Simon & Martina are they not feeding you in Canada?? =0 you both looks so much thinner in this video!!

    8 years ago
  2. am i the only one who really wanted to see a jj project bounce review because they were new & i really wanted to know what simon & martina thought of the video?

    8 years ago
  3. He had two, both black and white though and 2NE1’s song is more of a commercial song, they don’t include those

    8 years ago
  4. Martina, you crazy! i think turtlenecks are soooooo sexy on  men!

    oh and the skit with TOP being emotionless running out of the building was just SO funny, hahaha… 

    as for the video, i’ll have to agree with Simon that it’s definitely not their best… too much stuff going on… and that little talky-wimpy intro… wtf was that??? but otherwise good. i’m also a fan of the sexy goth-looking Big Bang ^_-

    keep up the good work, guise ^_-

    8 years ago
  5. I think you guys got it all wrong.  You should view “Monster” as a prequel to “Fantastic Baby”.  They were locked up and experimented on and made into monsters.  Some of them retained some of their humanity, but it’s obviously that Daesung was still animalistic, which is why he’s chained up in FB.  

    GD led the rebellion because he had the most control.  They escape, after the attempts on their lives and gather up the other surviving rebels.  They lead the rebellion. 

    Watch it again.  I’m sure you’ll agree.

    8 years ago
  6. I am sad. bad review for bigbang? :'(. JKJKJKJK. Scared u didn’t I? Anyways, i am a bit biased for bigbang, but i guess i can agree with Simon. I mean i didn’t get the mash up, but if u relate it with the lyrics then it makes sense, a bit. My friend almost said the same thing seeing the video! She was like: Oh. Its so busy and it doesn’t make sense at all. Who in the heck changes their hair in ONE video? Haha, great review, thx! Funny and entertaining as always. :)

    8 years ago
  7. Oh my gosh I hated that video so much. The song wasn’t that great either, and they did something really STUPID with Taeyangs hair. Bun Hair. Man i wish Infinite or B1A4 would have won that one and gotten reviewed, but this video just was not good. 

    8 years ago
  8. I vote Monster.  I agree with Simon, it’s not my favorite BigBang video. However,WTH is up with the death metal growl interlude in Triangle. it didn’t fit and ruined the song for me.  Monster has some epic images, even if the video isn’t cohesive, and the song is cool.

    8 years ago
  9.  I just wanna know what the neighbors thought of her running over Simon’s turtlenecks with her car! LMAO.
    (or the people who were in the background! lol)

    8 years ago
  10. I actually liked the way TOP destroyed the mannequin the best! But I also did LOL so hard at TOP running out of the building! (u can watch my reaction video [kimmicci] for proof!)

    And there IS a story! It’s VERY VERY VERYYYYY deep, and you won’t notice it right away but it’s there. Plus there’s also SOOO much symbolism in the video! I’m surprised ya’ll didn’t catch on it actually! I was really looking forward to ya’ll talking about it like you did with Sunny Hill!  but oh well.

    (read this post on tumblr i found! It explains it SOOO well!)

    I really don’t like the whole youtube views taking into account, b/c it seems like it makes us voting for it pointless (especially for the newer rookie groups- there’s no way they have a chance to be reviewed if youtube views are being taken into account… :/) but thats just my thought.
    I know Big Bang would’ve been able to be reviewed either way.
    Anyway! I loved ur review as always! Thanks for ur hardwork!
    I loled at Martina ripping apart the turtleneck!! LOL.
    and Simon’s crossword question lol. “Soy Un Dorito….” LOL.

    8 years ago
  11. What I’m wondering is whether the imagery in this video is inspired at all by Tarsem Singh’s The Fall: 


    I’ve never seen this film all the way through, but the bits I saw are way familiar!  Supposedly this is a really good movie, so props to whoever came up with the MV concept if that’s the case.  

    8 years ago
  12.  Another interpretation I thought of regards the music industry in general (and BB’s past year) and how these groups are trained and “brought up” to be idols (“monster project”). The prison is the confines of the studios–dance studio, music studio, etc. The bombing is the media “taking shots” at the groups, the scandals. The different costume changes represents the different sides of the group members, with the “dark side” being what the media feeds upon and pushes on us, creating a negative image. TOP looks like a model because, essentially, he’s out there as a model (Fubu, Calvin Klein…). The REAL BigBang are the versions running through the hallways trying to escape, whereas in the “yard,” that’s the media portrayal. Later though, a few of the members are consumed by the darkness, and that’s the image they feel they need to portray or as portrayed as (TOP as aloof; Daesung will forever be known as a murderer by some people out there). The girl between TOP’s legs, I believe, represents VIPs and how we look at BigBang (which is why TOP is so large…teehee… representing idolization). At the end, GD is the only one who survived because he puts his heart and soul in the lyrics and doesn’t hide how he feels, so he emerges as his “true self” without fear of repercussion. He looks out at the city and runs toward it: Big Bang’s “Alive” world tour.

    8 years ago
  13. It is never a waste in my eyes. Maybe the video we each want never gets reviewed, but the more votes the higher on the chart it will be and more people are more inclined to check out that video. Personally, I’m not an Infinite fan, but it was so high on the chart from the beginning I checked it out and loved it. I’m sure many others do the same thing. It helps gain more fans for a band in my opinion and next time it will lead to even more votes for a band. The video I’ve voted on for weeks started of so far down the chart and now it is at #8. Voting is never a waste.

    8 years ago
  14.  I’ve been voting for a song at number – hold on – No.76, for the last 8 months. As Kim says, I know it will never win, but I just want people to know that it’s loved. :)
    Especially if Tablo ever does stumble across the charts like TigerJK did, and see his video, and be like oooh it has so-and-so votes, that’s pretty cool :D

    8 years ago
  15.  Please Please don’t spam :/
    The subs are usually done by fans. So if you find some fangroup – Kpop Chile for example – who are willing to sub it, then they can contact EYK and S&M will send them the English subs :)

    8 years ago
  16. Voting has closed about 10 hours later than usual for the last two weeks.
    Also, all video uploads have also been about 20 hours later than usual, for the last two weeks.
    I wonder why?
    C’mon, it’s not that hard.

    8 years ago
    •  sweet :) glad you know about the timezone thing – too many people don’t, and think S&M delayed it on purpose so that Big Bang would win. Btw just so you know, I’m more of a EYK fan than a VIP – but it’s good to know you’re not biased anyway lol :p

      8 years ago
  17.  hahahaha I like how you just centred the entire video around the tiny lady between TOP’s legs. Props to you xD

    8 years ago
  18.  *sigh*………………..seriously? You won’t even let them get away with ONE criticism? And you’re just going to ignore their entire blog post, and also all the GOOD things they said about the MV? I thought VIPs were more mature that this.

    8 years ago
  19. My dad had his own hypothesis for this video:

    BigBang members were having a fight with each of their girlfriends. Eg:
    Taeyang: Why did you put on so much make up? I really don’t like super fashionable girls. You should know that.
    Girlfriend: How dare you say that??!! I spent 3 hours doing this X-Men eye make up!!! Ugh!! You’re such a MONSTER!!!
    Taeyang: What??! Do you seriously think I’m a monster?! Hold on. *calls Hyundai Card* Brb.
    *Makes MONSTER video*
    *shows to Girlfriend*
    Taeyang: Look at that guy in the video. Now back at me. Now back at the video. Do you still think I’m a monster???
    Girlfriend: EWWW That guy is so ugly!! And scary!!!
    Taeyang: My point exactly. If I really was a monster, I would look like that, and I wouldn’t be here with you – rather, I’d probably be locked up in some confinement facility under supervision with a whole bunch of other fashionable monsters. I love you. Baby, I’m NOT a monster.
    Girlfriend: You’re right…you’re not like that at all. *cuddles*


    Credits: My dad :)

    8 years ago
  20. Aw, bummer!  I was looking forward to a review on The Chaser… oh, well.  Next week?

    TVXQ wins hands down.  I mean, Big Bang’s costumes were cool, but when I first watched Tri-Angle, there were a couple of seconds where I wondered if they had stepped out of an anime.  Yunho in a little inhuman at the beginning.  (Plus Tri-Angle was the MV that got me well and truly addicted to K-pop.  That doesn’t bias my preference at all… .)

    8 years ago
  21.  I was seriously confused about that too. I was a tad disappointed, not because I’m an Inspirit, (I’m not), but because I saw how hard Inspirits worked to put Infinite at the top. I realize that Infinite lost to Big Bang because Big Bang’s video was newer, but shouldn’t that also mean that the Wonder Girl’s are further up on the charts, since their video came out the same day as Big Bang’s? I mean, they’re in sixth place…
    But, idk, I’ll vote for Infinite this week, because they def deserve a review. Which is totally ironic, considering I’m a BANA. I’ll vote for B1A4 the week after, lol. :)

    8 years ago
  22. lol soy un dorito.  

    8 years ago
  23. Kim

    I just thought they were saying they weren’t Gaga fans.

    8 years ago
  24. i can’t believe i’m saying this but i did not like Big Bang’s monster at all!!!
    the song i didn’t actually like that much, the video was weird, and i don’t even wanna get started on their style in it!!!
    and that part with TOP and the mountains looked wat too terrible for me!! THAT was like the worst part!! looked terrible!!!

    hahahahaha 11 letter word for Taemin in Spanish!!!! hahah so funny!!!
    and Simon as TOP!!!! freakin’ hilarious!!

    crash your site????………..challenge accepted!!!

    8 years ago
  25. If there’ any type of monster in this video, it’s name would be Vanity, hehe.

    8 years ago
  26. Monster actually overtook the Chaser right after S&M tweeted that they would be scripting KMM after a break. It was seriously unfair, and it seems like VIPs were kinda more motivated to vote after that. After S&M missed KMM us INSPIRITs didn’t lose hope, and were motivated to hold out for over two weeks after that and had no problem with tarantallegra going first, and we sustained the votes until the day of Big Bang’s release. I mean, Monster would get reviewed no matter what since its a Big 3 release, so would it have mattered if VIPS had waited just one more week? Us INSPIRITs waited for multiple weeks, and it kinda sucks that at the last minute, we lost out. 
    I guess we should just try to last another week.

    8 years ago
    • Unfair unfair unfair…..why do have to hear this every week? It doesn’t matter who gets reviewed, there’s always gonna be dissatisfied fans. Just so you know, BEFORE S&M tweeted about scripting KMM, BigBangUpdates tweeted to encourage fans to vote for BigBang. EYK has about 60 000 followers, around 5% of which are VIPs, and BBU has ~80 000 followers, 100% of which are VIPs. Do the maths.

      8 years ago
  27.  Here is link to Simon & Martina’s explanation about the charts awhile back. http://tr.eatyourkimchi.com/post/16280990005/if-youre-confused-about-how-the-kpop-charts-get-ranked

    8 years ago
  28. Never noticed the imagine of the woman between T.O.P.’s legs. Probably because T.O.P. was modeling in just about every scene & I stopped paying attention. No that’s not true, I would start laughing at those scenes, esp the “GUCCI” scene. I love the song, and while the video is wonderfully shot, yeah it wasn’t my favorite either. Daesung though very hot in the video, and reason to watch it multiple times.

    8 years ago
  29. The KpopCharts used to break when they first came out.  We patched the error so that they don’t break anymore :D  And, yes, Brenda is right.  We count votes per day, as well as factor in a declining factor for older videos.

    8 years ago
    • The Facebook issue is a new one that we found.  Facebook sometimes pushes new code that breaks functionality on other sites.  Our developers are looking into it!

      8 years ago
    • Oh all right.  Grumpy migraine morning me is grumpier than I thought.  And less resourceful.

      8 years ago
  30. To be filed under random: Turtleneck hatred.

    Martina is not allowed anywhere near my winter closet.  I have a ton of turtlenecks.
    What did those poor turtlenecks ever do to deserve being de-necked and run over by a car?!?!  Someone call CPS (clothing protective services)!  

    8 years ago
  31. Loved the review! Thank you guys!
    I agree turtleneck shirts are horrible! But what was with TOP’s hat!?! Was he trying to be Carmen Sandiego? gah!

    8 years ago
  32. Love the Spudgy monster, even if his horns keep falling..LOL

    8 years ago
  33.  Are you seriousssss =.=

    8 years ago
  34.  I have a habit of listening to the song without watching the mv first – and then watch it a second time WITH the mv later. That way I can listen to the song for what it is first, without being influenced by the video in any way, and then get to experience it twice, kinda. If you watch it with the video first, you’ll always associate it to the video whenever you hear the song from then on, and you just can’t NOT associate it…y’know? Anyhow I’m liking this system and I think I’ll continue doing it.

    8 years ago
  35. I LOVED this video and the song is amazing.  My amazingly talented daughter that does make-up & hair for a living was not impressed with the hair.  Not because she didn’t like the styles, she does “outrageous!”  But because the styles were “too messy and not put together well.”  Hmmm…still liked!!!  I’ve already made a ring-tone for my iphone and I’ve been rocking this song on my regular listening…DAILY.

    8 years ago
  36. Big Bang’s costumes are all cool *.* maybe too much but still awesome so my vote goes for them (sorry tvxq, i still love u)
    next time Big Bang release a music video, i swear we’ll crush the server, WE’LL CRRRRUSH IT >:D

    8 years ago
  37.  art (like music) is above all a way to express yourself and your feelings, and if they want to express waht they feel because they suffered a lot, i think they have to
    personally i prefer those kind of music ^^ but i understand that maybe you prefer fun music ? or less personal music ? but don’t say that they “play the victim” it’s pretty rude

    8 years ago
  38. AAAAAH Simon and Martina!!! I love your review this week!!! I’m so glad you pointed out how nonsensical and hodge-podgy the MV was – was getting tired of people forcing meanings into everything :S Especially those who try to relate it to BB’s real life. Maybe they just like cosplaying? Bombs are cool? Prisons are badass? You never know.
    Also, I think it’s a good idea if one of you point out the pros and the other point out the cons – this way the fans will only be hating on one of you and not both of you hahahahaha sorry Simon!! xD

    My mom, who was getting kinda bored of KMMs lately, actually laughed at this one – well all of us did – especially when Simon dressed up as TOP :p ROFL at the model escape out of a burning building!! Hahaha the more the skits the better.

    Oh, and I can see Martina really enjoyed cutting off all those turtlenecks. I LOOOVED the part when you ran over them with the car – EPIC, my friend. EPIC. ^^b

    8 years ago
  39. They pick Bigbang because they’re on top of the chart!!

    Not like they want to, readers decide it!!

    8 years ago