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Big Bang “Tonight” – Kpop Music Mondays

March 8, 2011


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Don’t act like you didn’t see it coming! This week we review Big Bang’s “Tonight” and try to figure out if TOP murdered Daesung.

So we tried to do our own Secret Garden version for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. If you haven’t seen it by now, Big Bang did their own parody of Secret Garden, which was hilarious. And we gotta say, pretending to be each other was a lot more difficult than we expected. In fact, this video took us a lot longer to film than our other Music Mondays, because we were trying to get down each other’s isms. We’ll put up the blooper footage on our Bonus Page tomorrow, and – let me tell you – there’s a lot of stuff that went wrong! Ah! We’ve got a lot more respect for Secret Garden now as a result.

Back to Big Bang’s “Tonight,” it’s a cool video shot in what looks like Las Vegas, and the song is really awesome and we’ve been singing it all week…but does anyone know what the story’s actually about? What’s the girl doing with both TOP and Daesung? Who is she with? Why’s Taeyang driving around in his car all the time? When will GD find the elevator? Who knows!

If you do know, or if you have any ideas about the video, you’re in luck, because we have a great giveaway for you this time. Shazam! We’re giving away TWO BIG BANG CDs!!!! Here’s what you can do to win:

CD #1) For our YouTube Subscribers: We’ll give away one CD to a YouTube subscriber who tells us what they think the story line was actually about. Leave your answers either in the video to our YouTube page, or here (but please leave your YouTube user name as well, just in case you win :D)

CD #2) For our Tumblr Followers: Quite simply, the easiest way for you to win. Got a Tumblr account? Reblog our post over at our Tumblr page! Don’t make your own post for the video. We can’t track and pick the winner that way.

BAM! So, there you go! 26 episodes in, half a year of Music Mondays complete! We can’t believe we’ve been doing this for this long now! Huzzah! As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos, ALL OF THEM, into Korean. Also, if you’re not one of the winners for the contest, you can still get yourself a copy of the Big Bang Tonight CD by clicking on the banner below!

Big Bang Mini Album Vol. 4



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Kpop Music Mondays


Big Bang “Tonight” – Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. Here's what actually happened. The 5 of Big Bang are friends and Dae is mad about this girl. But what happens is she falls for TOP. Why, cause TOP is rich(he wears golden suits and rides limos). What about Dae? Well people,he's broke! All the memories he recalls with the girl are from the beach and from a motel. He doesn't even have money for a proper hotel. All he owns is a broke down jee. And what does TOP ride-a limo, Tae Yang- a lamborgini. Dae actually lives in his jeep, so the girl runs off to TOP.TOP accepts her but he feels guilt. That's why he's so dreamy and most of the time with his back to the camera. When Dae finds out about the betryal he's heartbroken and rides to all the places he's been with her absorbed in the bittersweet memmory. GD, Tae Yang and Sungri start searching for him cause they're afraid he could do something crazy.Meanwhile TOP spends the night with the girl. Although he likes her, TOP decide he could no longer stab Dae in the back. He decides to leave. That's why he has this complex expression in the last scene. TOP chooses friendship, but it's too late. Dae has gone to a buddhist monastery in Tibeth to forget about his unfaithful girlfriend:D;)

    9 years ago
  2. Daesung meets a girl that he falls in love with and takes her on a romantic trip through the desert. Along the way she realizes that she could do better than some random guy with a crappy jeep that can only afford seedy motel rooms in the middle of nowhere. Therefore she returns to Vegas and falls for TOP. She doesn't care that he's cold and aloof because he buys here limo rides and luxury hotel rooms. Daesung is left moping in the desert, Meanwhile, GD is angry because all his friends have abandoned him at the hotel. So he tries searching for them to no avail. This makes him even angrier, so he decides to protest dressed as an Eskimo Boy Scout. Teayang, who has also abandoned GD, goes on a crazy Vegas trip in which he steals a car and torments Deasung in his time of depression. While all this is happening Seungri is making sand castles at the beach trying not to get involved with the craziness his Hyungs have created. THE END!

    9 years ago
  3. i think the girl is really in love with TOP but when she meets deasung she has mixed feelings but then after she sleeps with him she realizes that TOP is WAY better then him. so the girl goes and tells deasung that TOP is better so he goes in denial and commtis sucide in the desert. gd, teayang and seungri try to go look for him but teayang finds him in the desert when its too late so TOP being the awsome person he is say tonight as a refreal as good bye :)
    youtube xxkoikixx

    9 years ago
  4. Here is how I think things happened:
    Daesung is sadly driving on the desert remembering when he was there with "the girl" so he cries and feel terrible (also because of the heat D: )
    SeungRi is singing in the beach waiting for his partners to go find him cause he got lost there XD
    When Daesung goes back to the city Taeyang tries to reach him and goes after him, to prevent him from doing something uncool (but he doesn't succeed :( )
    While being in the motel room, Daesung remembers the times he spent with "the girl" in that same room and starts sweating and crying again
    Meanwhile GD is still lost in the hotel hall while TOP drove "the girl" to his room, had fun and now "the girl" is sleeping and he leaves the room as if nothing ever happened D:!

    Oh and my youtube user is msreichelsan :)!

    9 years ago
  5. I think this is what actually happened:
    The night before the five of them went drinking together and Daesung talked about how he loved his girlfriend and he wanted to test her faith. So they had the idea to drink a potion that would switch their bodies. Daesung and TOP did. Daesung (in TOP's body) seduced his girlfriend and went to a hotel. He was surprised that the girlfriend isn't faithful to him (Daesung), so in the end he just left the girl in the hotel. In the other hand, TOP (in Daesung's body) was supposed to go far away so the girl wouldn't see him. He went to a motel and as he's such a bad guy, he kinda regretted that he didn't bring a girl himself. So he imagined his own scene with the girl in the motel, but then he realized he probably looks insane, he makes sure that nobody sees him through the window. He was also worried about himself having such imaginations, thus he was sweating and terrified. GD, observing the two in the hotel, tells about the happenings to Taeyang, who's actually the girl's older brother, then he hurries to the hotel to warn his sister. Seungri? He's too excited to be in Vegas and doesn't care about his hyung's love life.

    9 years ago
  6. I love Big Bang, but Suju's video was better this time.

    9 years ago
  7. He then wakes up only to find that it was all a dream and stalker chick has broken into his room, after having yet another night of drunk, drugged up sex with TOP the night before. TOP decided to just hit it and quit it, and she got angry, so she seduces Daesung out of revenge, and the bros before hos rule is forever broken for Big Bang, when the others are all left out in the desert, just so Daesung could get lucky.
    P.S! My youtube username is the name I used for all my comments, IluvKirito :]

    9 years ago
    • Oops, I forgot that I had changed the "it was all a dream" part xD Just take that out and that's the finalized version xD

      9 years ago
  8. BUT THEN! Taeyang has managed to build a super sexy car out of the ruins of the circus thing out in the desert and is now on his way! Daesung, who has just finished a romp with the crazy chick, is now on his way back, filled with chagrin that he never picked up SeungRi. He’s trying to think about what he’s done and fully accept responsibility, but he just can’t get the hot chick out of his head. He passes out. SUDDENLY! He hears a familiar voice…it seems the boys have once again gotten lost in the desert, after meeting GD the night before to apologize for ruining his party, and they all decided to drink the guilt away. Now, they’re lost all over again, so TaeYang sings his heart out in the hopes that DS will hear him again.

    9 years ago
  9. I vote for Big Bang's Tonight. I like the song more and it has a story to it, although I do really like Suju-m's Perfection too. But Big Bang is definitely the winner!

    As for the story I think this is what happened…..

    Daesung was with that girl and they were all happy as a couple until one day TOP came in the picture and his gorgeous good looks caught the eyes of Daesung's gf. She became interested in him because of his extreme sex appeal and his rich/bad boy image. She eventually left Daesung and went to TOP since he knew how to show her a good time. Upon his gf leaving him Daesung became depressed and spent all day wallowing in self pity remembering all the good times he and his gf had, and how much he loved her. He drove around the desert to clear his head and to escape reality and not have to face it. With TOP and Daesung's gf, TOP is a rich man who lives life without a care and does whatever he wants. TOP probably knew that knew Daesung's girl was with him and decided to have a brief fling with her because to him she was just something for to pass the time with. TOP chased after the girl for a little fun and ended up making her fall for him, which is something he wasn't interested in but played along just for his own benefit out of the relationship. Distressed over losing his gf Daesung finally stops driving all around the desert and arrives at a hotel where he decides to take lots of prescriptions (or alcohol?) to ease his pain and maybe tries to end his life because he can't imagine his life without his gf and he misses her too much. As he lays down on the bed, all sweaty, he thinks he's finally going to end it and wakes up a few moments later to realize that he's still alive and goes to the window to see if anyone's there watching him. Back with mr. TOP, he has GD searching the hotel to see if Daesung is there to make sure he can have a little fun time with his gf without worrying, but just in case GD doesn't do his job correctly (like maybe getting lost in the hotel for hours on end, or trying to find the elevator/stairs XD) sends Taeyang out to follow Daesung to see what he's doing. When Daesung looks out his window at the hotel he could be looking for Taeyang because he has a feeling he's been followed for some time. At the end of the video when TOP is looking out the window he's thinking to himself that he's won and that he's satisfied with how things turned out while saying "Tonight is a beautiful night" because he got what he came for. He leaves the girl in the bed while she's sleeping showing how little he thought of her and that she was nothing to him, and walks out the room continuing to live his rich and successful life without a care in the world. At the end when Daesung looked down at the window he probably thought that he'll never be with his gf again and they all go their separate ways.

    As for Seungri's part during the whole video, he was there for eye candy and to say "even though I'm the youngest and can't do pretty much anything I'm here to show my awesomeness!" He really had no special part in the mv, but he's still super amazing and has such a great voice, like all of them~!

    I really liked this mv and it definitely leaves a lot to the imagination, it's great how there's so many ways to perceive it. Big Bang is always amazing with whatever they do and always gives 110% ^^

    and my youtube name is GacktCamui73 ^^

    9 years ago
  10. I have to split this into multiple comments, so I'm sorry for all the posting >.<
    So, GD is waiting for Big Bang to show up for an awesome party he's planned on the roof. He keeps planning it out in his head all throughout the video how awesome the party is gonna be! However, the boys are ALL late, so GD sets out to check the hotel and see if they’re there. But, the truth of the matter is, all the other boys went out doing some heavy drinking the night before and have all gotten lost. TOP has been drugged and kidnapped by this rich stalker chick, hence the limo and why he looks so miserable. He’s trying to pretend to enjoy himself so she doesn’t go batshit crazy, but he’s failing horribly.

    9 years ago
  11. BIG BANG ♥

    9 years ago
  12. Great Music Monday – the giraffe thing at the end was hysterical!

    As for the showdown – I vote for Super Junior M. I think someone already said that learning a new language is way cooler than flying out to Vegas – and they're right! Besides, I really like the video for Suju and the Big Bang video was cool but kind of average.

    9 years ago
  13. SUPER JUNIOR M!!!!

    9 years ago
  14. lol, you guys switched bodies.. (note to self: don't trust street ajumas and their drinks… -_-;;)
    once again big bang!! yeah!! *dance's*
    i knew u guys would do their new song~~ just knew it~~~ :DDD
    TOP and dancing… just don't mix…. ><;, (still looks hot though, right Martina? ;D)
    TOP is the number 1 rich guy in seoul and Daesung is the modern guy (sorry daesung ><)
    TOP girlfriend is in love with Daesung and is secretly dating him behind TOP's back.
    When TOP finds out hes angry, because someone tried to take whats his..
    He hire's Taeyang to chase Daesung out of the country (would've had him kill him.. but u guys did that already ;^;)
    while he drags his girlfriend back to his apartment and forces her to stay with him (cause possessive TOP is love~<3)
    Daesung hides in a motel in the middle of no where, while having panic attack, and looking out of the window every minute…
    Taeyang finally finds him and makes him 'disappear'… insert evil laugh here—>(MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA *choke**cough*cough*… HA!)
    G-dragon, the almighty fashion diva, walks around cooly through the hallways of TOP's apartment, ready to attack anyone with his prada hand bag, and gucci umbrella. Seungri, being underage and unallowed to take part, walks around the beach, daydreaming about girl groups.. cause that's only thing he can and wants to do. Daesung disappears 'suddenly' with out people 'knowing', and his girlfriend never see's him again, but she doesn't really care, cause TOP gives her his credit card~~<3 (SHOPPING~~!!! XDD)

    The End

    That really sucked, huh? >_<;;;

    And the band that i think had the better foreigner comeback is…. * drum roll*

    SUPER JUNIOR M~~~~~~~!!! :DD i waited so long for their comeback ><;;
    but i found it funny how so many people were asking you guys to review it… it's Chinese… and you guys do 'kpop' Mondays.. -_-''
    (but it would be cool if you guys did XD)

    and before i end this comment just one more thing,


    p.s: Martina, your hair is so cute… or should i say Simon ><;
    can't wait for your next video!! FIGHTING!!!!

    9 years ago
  15. Tonight video – Big Bang Drug Running Gang
    Ok Big Bang is actually a lucrative drug running gang on the American west coast. TOP and Taeyang set up the base of operations in Las Vegas, while their partner G Dragon runs a hotel business as a front. On the other side of the border Suengri and Daesung do the actual deliveries. Little do they know that the operation has been compromised and that TOP broke a deal with the DEA. They bring in an undercover agent, but she falls in love with TOP, and decides to go in on a deal with the Las Vegas side of the gang to abscond with the drug money. She then seduces Daeyang, and stays with him long enough to get incriminating evidence to frame him for the whole thing. On the night of the bust TOP is wrought with regret. He tries to fight it, and reminds himself bittersweetly that that he is getting away with it. In a trainspotting moment he says to himself "tonight, such a beautiful night" and decides to run away on his own, with the amassed fortune

    P.S a friend pointed out that G-Dragon is wearing a patch from my tribe's casino in this video! It is the very top center one, for Akimel Oodham Gila River Casino Security. I wonder where they got those patches? There are a bunch of really random ones on there.

    9 years ago
  16. SUJU M definitely! I was so disappointed with tonight mv not having some awesome dancing in it.

    9 years ago

    The real main character is GD. The truth is, he dresses up as a girl because he was bored at the hotel. The first victim is Seungri. He (she) took him to the beach and left him there, in Las Vegas beach, lost and speaking not a word of English.

    Then, it's Daesung 's turn. He goes in love with her. They go to the desert in an excursion, but Dae is too sweaty and she tells him to go to a motel and shower. But there isn't hot water and Daesung doesn't want to shower with cold water, so she gets tired and leaves.

    After that, she goes finding TOP. Deep inside, he knows the girl is GD, but, as we could see in Secret Garden, he doesn't care. That's why he has the 'mysterious-funny' look in his eyes. He makes GD get drunk with champaigne and takes him to bed.

    While everything is happening, Taeyang knows the truth and tryes to find his friends, but he can't see anything with sun glasses in the night.

    Finally, they go find little Seungri, who is still on the beach.

    youtube id -> kowowu

    9 years ago
  18. btw, why is the volume so low? I barely can hear what Martina said? The other videos were okay…

    9 years ago
  19. The "chase" isn't actually directed for Daesung's assasination, they're all seeking for GD – the hobo Dragon. (See in the beginning of the video where GD staples lots of things on his hood just to keep him warm in the deserted carnaval.) Then the story flows with TOP being very concerned in the limo, even women can't satisfy him since one of his b-boy members disappeared. Daesung is all mellow cause his ex-gf is with TOP so they decided to do the chase separately.

    Seungri got lost in the beach and never came back for a long time, so Tae seeked for him instead. After the chase finishes, they celebrate it in Vegas. Wooohoo, GD's not a Hobo anymoar!

    my youtube name is nadyasabran btw!! :)

    9 years ago
  20. My youtube username is MTCDiana
    My theory:
    In the "Wild Wild West" there's a girl that wants money and fame, her first victim is Daesung, but TOP is cooler and richer. He buys her a 3 million mansion in Las Vegas, but Daesung only has money to go to motels.
    Daesung is in the middle of the desert in a motel that doesn't have air conditioner and wishes to have "dirty cash" to get that girl.
    TOP and the girl spend the night in a comfortable bed while G-Dragon is looking for the elevator or stairs. G-Dragon already knows how bad is to have a "heartbreak" so he doesn't "need a girl".
    Meanwhile Seungri runs away to the beach because he is underage and his parents won't let him go to Vegas. Taeyang is looking for him.

    9 years ago
  21. Actually, I like both BigBang and SJM, but I have to say that the MV of BigBang 'Tonight' is much better than that of SJM ‘Perfection'.
    The 'YG' is willing to spend money and time to produce good MV while the 'SM' just want to earn as much money as it can by presenting a 'classic' MV ( a group of people dancing in front of 2 or 3 different backgrounds and wearing two or three different sets of clothing). The practice of the ‘SM’ just can’t compare with the ‘YG’.
    On the other hand, The MV of ‘Tonight’ is just like telling a story and it has feeling. However, the MV of ‘Perfection’ is only presenting the outlook of the SJM members.
    Moreover, the MV of ‘Tonight’ match with the song so much and it is so awesome (both the Vegas’ view and the members). Although, SJM look really good in their MV, their MV seems meaningless( at least to me), and it really disappointed me.


    9 years ago
  22. SG rules!! x°D
    Here's my opinion about the story: Daesung, in the past, went to Vegas with his girlfriend, who loves so so so much; he thought that she loved him too. He does not know T.O.P., but she met him while they were in this trip in Vegas, and she totally fell for him (How a human being cannot fall for him?! I mean, Daesung is becoming hotter and hotter, but T.O.P. is T.O.P. guys xD), and because T.O.P. is such a pimp and thinks that yes, she's sexy and all, why does he have not to use her? So while Daesung and this girl were still together in Vegas, he seduced her and slept with her. She left Daesung and went with T.O.P. . Daesung wants to die, he feels miserable, and like a perfect emo starts to visit all the places where he has been with her during the trip. SeungRi and Taeyang, Daesung's bestfriends, find out about what happened and go searching for him in Vegas, but they can't find him anywhere, 'cause he went to a Motel in the middle of nothing, where he and his ex-girlfriend made love for the first time. There he stays, thinking about her, while his friends are searching for him. Meanwhile, in Vegas, T.O.P. is going away leaving the girl alone. It was just fun for him, he doesn't care about her. Probably when she'll wake up she'll understand how stupid she was and she'll run to Daesung. Will he forgive her?
    GD's a friend of T.O.P.'s, he's just the owner of a casinò in Vegas.

    I think it went like this :D my YT nickname is SunadokeiMV ;D and I vote for BigBang's Tonight MV, filming in Vegas was a great idea! And all the scenes are beautiful, the color is amazing and the way the video was made is really awesome O.O I like SuJu M Perfection MV, really, I'm obsessed with it and with tha song, but Tonight is way better than it ;D

    9 years ago
  23. i guess this girl is a real bitch lol so TOP doesnt want her to be with dae (wants to make her his own Q.Q lol just joking~). He doesnt want her to be with dae and wants to show her real face. He is helping i mean. Friends are for these days~

    Dae is dissapointed because his lover chose TOP but he will learn the truth sometime~ and the others are looking for him. this was what i thought when i first watched the video~

    and i vote for BIGBANG


    9 years ago
  24. Haha! I enjoyed this review a lot! you know TOP can't dance! just watch that secret garden parody! he looks super awkward and funny dancing! :/
    still love him though! huhu!
    so anyway, my take on the story line for the mv:

    All the members were looking for the girl as they were once with the girl.. that explains why GD was looking for her in a hotel probably thats the same hotel shes in with TOP. and Taeyang driving around looking for her. SeungRi's looking for her too.. at a beach. Then, Daesung is like having flashback of him with the girl cos he just can't seem to forget how she just left him for TOP. So Dae, got all stressed out and pissed, which explains why he break out in sweat! Then the girl actually left Daesung for TOP. 'Cos he seem all rich and cool. but in denial TOP is actually a PIMP and so he decided to leave the girl in the end… :)

    haha! i got my imagination! :P
    youtube user: aink06

    9 years ago
  25. And about the story line… hm that girl is fool if she goes away super hot Daesung… ^^ so I think she was in love with Daesung, they were have fun and love each other, but then TOP stole her from Daesung! Dae don't know what to do, he has a paranoia, he's sweating! But TOP is only playing with girl! In short he is the bad guy..! and I think that Taeyang and GD are narrators… and Seungri is cute boy on beach against the background ^^

    9 years ago
  26. I VOTE FOR BIGBANG!!! (I can't yell that enough, haha)

    My theory: Girl was originally with the rich , official pimp T.O.P (:p), got bored with him and went cheating with the not so rich but hot Daesung, got her senses back and went crawling back to T.O.P As for the other three, Tae is driving a Lamborghini because he's hot like that, GD is the only guy who could make being lost in a hotel cool like that, and Seungri is in the beach because..well, he's just as hot as his hyungs! :D

    9 years ago
  27. of course bigbang have the best video.

    9 years ago
  28. not enough space in youtubeXD I'm xCrazyxChantix

    so hereis what really happened:
    GD the Indian has to proof himself and find a way out of this huge hotel by path reading
    while GD is despretly trying to get out
    TOP is really worried not about GD just that his plan won't work out (more details later on)
    while he's worried why care for this girl !?! there is so much mor going on the girl is just for him to look good and manly LIKE A MAN !!!

    we then see Taeyang danceing
    he is feeling so gulty because he had to tell daesung some bad news (later…)
    and because of his guilty feelings he has to dance them out of his body !!! XD

    so daesung is depresly driving through the desert trying to cool down
    after hearing the news he's just sooo upset he doesn't know what to do
    he probably will never see his girlfriend again so he recalls all the memories

    while all this is happening Seungri has to play nannie and has to wait for GD to return
    until GD returns he's not allowed to leave
    and because seungri knows GD will never make it out
    he despratly looks at the water wich symbolic freedom for him (why ? don't ask it's his brain XD)
    oh and all the clips of daesung and his GF are because he knows he's going to die with GD not returning
    but he at least wanted to have a girl by his side when he dies (well bad luck. he wouldn't get one)

    then we finally know the bad news taeyang told daesung

    daesung is going to the army !!
    but not just any army noooo THE GERMAN ONE
    (see the German flag on his pullover / it makes me sooo proud to be german seeeing him wearing our flag XD)
    why the german army well in germany you're not forced anymore to go to the army (that's actually true =) )and because the goverment knows noone will come they thought about getting a star hows big enough to get attention but not to big to cause a scandele so they bought daesung in hope more girls will join the army (they also bought some other stars from all over the world)

    neverthe less
    bevor GD went to do the task he danced as Indian boy aroung to show off ho good such a costume would look at him
    and just to get attention and to seem more manly LIKE A MAN he kicks the poor camera

    then daesung is supposed to drive to the airpot to fly to germany and taeyang is supposed to take care that he does so
    but not with daesung both of them are racing for their lives (oh yeah don't you see the sweat on their faces)
    after a really exiting "action" scene of them racing
    daesung drives to his motel where he first meet his GF all
    and crys to seem manly because he's not afraid to hide his feelings LIKE A MAN !!!
    but taeyang follows him
    then we find out that taesang is actually the KDT (Korean Dance Terminator)
    he kills daesung because he didn't followed the rules
    and because his mission is completted he distroys himself

    GD couldn't get off that stupid roof and in his depression he jumped
    now he can't go to seungri who is waiting for him
    so seungris was right and he dies alone in the desert

    so in the end TOPs evil plan succide all BigBang members are dead
    Now he can take over the world all by himself
    and his biggest wish came true :
    because he's know the only member he's also the member with the best dance skills
    and NO ONE can say something against that !!!

    ah yeah the scenes of all of them in the desert
    that's just a imagination of his Conscience
    so everybody gets a goodbye seen to be remembered well (that's why TOP actually didn't get a scene alone in the desert)

    of course him beeing the gentel man he says properly goodbye and goodnight to his dead friends
    just befor he is going to daesungs GF to…………….******……… to read her a good night story =)

    XD don't even ask what's gotten into me when I stardet I just couldn't stop writing more and more shit XD
    I hope you at least had something to laugh because of how stupid it's written XD

    sorry for all the mistakes didn't read through again to check no time ^^
    love you simon and martina you're amazing <3

    9 years ago
  29. I think the fact that I have watched way too many asian dramas has influenced my answer. In the beginning, we see TOP leaving a hotel and heading into the car. While there, he starts to think about the girl he was just with – he has "flashbacks" of the them both holding drinks. We then learn that the girl was truly Daesung's old girlfriend as we can see evidenced by all the fun times they had. Unlike TOP, Daesung doesn't have too much money, but he tries to make up for everything in the amount of love he shows. One night, the couple decides to take their relationship to a new level in the motel. But even after this, the girl decides she would rather be rich which leads her to TOP. TOP, however, can sense she's already attached (to Daesung) and therefore decides to leave her in the hotel room circling back to the very first scene.

    As for GD, Taeyang, and Seungri, I think that they are the guardian angels narrating the event for us but each with distinct personality. GD's a pimp, Taeyang's the city guy, and Seungri is that adorable romantic on the beach.

    Username is the same as on YT

    9 years ago
  30. Here's how the story goes! T.O.P. is a pimp,with money,and a limo,and a hotel room with a great view,but he wasn't always like that…NOOO!!!He used to have a heart,but his ex broke it(and that is why he d-dedicated "To Act Like Nothing is Wrong" to her),but after that he decided to be a bad boy and he started singing songs like "Turn it up".
    Meanwhile Daesung has always been this cute baby-like boy,but after that he became hot and he got a gf,who eventually left him for T.O.P. Taeyang's an angel driving a cool car(because he can afford it…like a man:D) and G-Dragon is the devil("I'm a bad boy" or "Don't thing too much it's simple"). Seungri…well yeah, he's just underage and he misses all the fun:D
    So what's the moral of this story kids? Don't trust your freinds, the devil always wins, the foreign girl is a lucky b*tch, and what happens to Big Bang in Vegas DOESN'T stay in Vegas:D:D:D

    9 years ago
  31. I think that T.O.P has had a earlier relationship with this girl. They broke up a long time ago. Then after that Daesung finds this girl and dates her for some time and introduces her to his friends (among them T.O.P). Daesung had no idea they had a relationship. T.O.P dosen't really care at all since he thinks it's over, but this girl suddenly finds T.O.P interesting again and tries to get closer to him. As in the car scene with T.O.P and the girl she approaches him. Normally, T.O.P would've told a girl that acts like that so "BACK THE HELL OFF!", but since they had a relationship he has a hard time to tell her to not come close at all. So he more or less allows it. Daesung sees them in the back of the car and gets really upset, driving out into a familiar desert where he had brought the girl earlier. Memories start's to pop up in his head. Taeyang gets really worried and chases after Daesung since he knew about the desert. Daesung goes to all the places where he experienced good memories with the girl and ends up in a familiar hotel: upset, confused and slighty scared. He remembers what a time they had in that room. While Daesung is sitting there all alone, T.O.P got seduced by the girl and got together with her (you can see the girl in T.O.P's bed in the last part) and they when he looks into the mirror, he regrets his move really badly. And that is the end of the night.

    9 years ago
  32. I think TOP is so HOT!! thats what i think about the music video!!! LOVE TOP!!! :*

    9 years ago
  33. After a rather hard night of partying in Las Vegas, GD gets lost in the hotel then blacks out and ends up in the desert at an abandoned theme park, wearing one of the Village People's old costumes. T.O.P., plastered, runs off with Daesungs girlfriend to look for GD. Daesung, the designated driver, freaks out and starts searching for them in the desert. Worried they will all get stranded, Taeyang tries to follow him but, disorientated by the bright lights, ends up thinking he's at a concert and starts singing for the other cars. Seungri gets lost and ends up at the ocean, in New Mexico. Daesung gets tired and goes to take a nap at a motel, dreaming of his girlfriend. Finally, the next day the guys find each other, but T.O.P. has a secret; the night before, he and Daesungs girlfriend spent the night together. None of them quite remember what happened yesterday, but they can all agreed, it was such a beautiful night.

    My youtube username is kpopshawol

    9 years ago
  34. that girl is daesang's past lover buy she dumped him away and go ahead to las vegas with play around the guys. First, u see GD left the hotel room and button up his suit, then top go to the hotel and end up with the girls on the bed , he also button pu his suit and left her in the room then taeyang drive his car to do next. Daesang go to the motel where he did something hot with his girl but he sad cuz he already lost her.
    for seungri , he has not much role in this mature storyline cuz he's underage , lol

    seriously, I think the storylines are like this , the girl is like a 4timer.
    Adult MV!

    9 years ago
  35. Big Bang! is my vote. =D

    9 years ago
  36. I think TOP is the one who was cheated on so he found out the girl was with Daesung too (who is feeling really guilty) and that's why he doesn't pay her attention and he spent a last night with her before to say goodbye forever. Taeyang was on his way to comfort TOP. G Dragon & Seungri are having their own love affair but they can't be together because that will break fan's hearts.

    This makes no sense AT ALL. LOL.


    Mi username is xkissaphobic btw!

    9 years ago
  37. SuJu M without even thinking twice!

    9 years ago
  38. That is a really, really, really evil showdown! I love both BIGBANG, Super Junior & Super Junior M, so actually, I doesn't know who I'm going to vote for … Can I vote for both of them? Pleeeaaase~? *trying to look cute.*

    9 years ago
  39. Jay

    Super Junior M singing i chinese is waaaay~ better then Big Bang!

    9 years ago
  40. Super Junior M!! (youtube won't let me post on there for some reason~~ hope my vote counts still!!)

    9 years ago