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Big Bang “Tonight” – Kpop Music Mondays

March 8, 2011


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Don’t act like you didn’t see it coming! This week we review Big Bang’s “Tonight” and try to figure out if TOP murdered Daesung.

So we tried to do our own Secret Garden version for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. If you haven’t seen it by now, Big Bang did their own parody of Secret Garden, which was hilarious. And we gotta say, pretending to be each other was a lot more difficult than we expected. In fact, this video took us a lot longer to film than our other Music Mondays, because we were trying to get down each other’s isms. We’ll put up the blooper footage on our Bonus Page tomorrow, and – let me tell you – there’s a lot of stuff that went wrong! Ah! We’ve got a lot more respect for Secret Garden now as a result.

Back to Big Bang’s “Tonight,” it’s a cool video shot in what looks like Las Vegas, and the song is really awesome and we’ve been singing it all week…but does anyone know what the story’s actually about? What’s the girl doing with both TOP and Daesung? Who is she with? Why’s Taeyang driving around in his car all the time? When will GD find the elevator? Who knows!

If you do know, or if you have any ideas about the video, you’re in luck, because we have a great giveaway for you this time. Shazam! We’re giving away TWO BIG BANG CDs!!!! Here’s what you can do to win:

CD #1) For our YouTube Subscribers: We’ll give away one CD to a YouTube subscriber who tells us what they think the story line was actually about. Leave your answers either in the video to our YouTube page, or here (but please leave your YouTube user name as well, just in case you win :D)

CD #2) For our Tumblr Followers: Quite simply, the easiest way for you to win. Got a Tumblr account? Reblog our post over at our Tumblr page! Don’t make your own post for the video. We can’t track and pick the winner that way.

BAM! So, there you go! 26 episodes in, half a year of Music Mondays complete! We can’t believe we’ve been doing this for this long now! Huzzah! As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos, ALL OF THEM, into Korean. Also, if you’re not one of the winners for the contest, you can still get yourself a copy of the Big Bang Tonight CD by clicking on the banner below!

Big Bang Mini Album Vol. 4



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Kpop Music Mondays


Big Bang “Tonight” – Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. Ok, so here is what I think.
    TOP is the godfather of a mafia.
    He is the boss obviously, GD is his best hitman, his right hand. And seungri is his newest hitman: a young boy who wants to learn from the best.
    Taeyang and Daesung are the closest friends of TOP. They "don't know" about TOP's double life. They think he's just a lucky man with a lot of money who owns a lot of casinos. However, Taeyang is a secret detective, but because he really likes TOP he doesn't say anything. TOP doesn't know one of his friends is a detective who knows everything he does and follows his movements.
    At the beginning of the video, they all are dancing and celebrating, and GD says: "We're back", cause' They all hadn't seen each other a long time ago. So they are celebrating their come back.
    Before their come back, TOP felt in love with a girl. And now he seems to really like her. In the other hand, Daesung says he just met a girl and he love her too.
    In the old times, TOP asked Daesung to take care of one documents that were really important, this documents had a lot of information about other mafia and because TOP wanted to take good care of them. He gave them to his friend. The girl TOP felt in love with belongs to the other mafia and thats why she seduce TOP, but she discovered that the papers were with daseung so she started to dating him too, because she's not sure of being right.
    While they're having fun, GD finds out that the two of them (TOP and Daesung) are dating the same girl. So he tells to TOP. TOP doesn't know what to do, he needs to make a decision, so he thinks about it in the limo (that's why he doesn't pay atention to the girl). Finally he made a decision, he need to kill Daesung in order to get the girl. Because he's the boss he can't do it by himself, so he ask Seungri to kill daesung. Seungri is really nervous cause' this will be his first murder (so he start to sing on the desert LOL).
    Taeyang finds out of all, so he drive his car to tell Daesung what is happening. Daesung needs to hide, so he go to a seedy motel. Why is he sweating? Well, because is the cheapest motel in Las Vegas and doesn't have Air conditioning!! besides TOP will never put a feet in such a cheap place (XD) he has class.
    While he's on the motel he call the girl to go with him, so he constantly looks trough the windows. And when she finally get there…well.. you know what happens. The girl leaves Daesung because "she had things to do" and she go to meet with TOP.
    Taeyang arrives first with TOP and he tell him the truth about that girl and how she lie to him. In that point TOP realizes what he need to do in such a beautiful nigh like that. And while the girl is sleeping…He kills her!! The last thing he says to her is: Good night.

    *Sorry if it has bad grammar. My english is not that good…*
    I wish I could have the album!! (http://www.youtube.com/BreeGTv)

    9 years ago
  2. Hey! Hey!
    This is what I think happened in the mv:
    Since G.D. didn’t have a girl to spend his time and everyone else left, he decided to walk around the hotel to kill time. Seungri went to the beach to chill and also forget that he didn’t have a girlfriend to spend time with. Taeyang was enjoying his time in Vegas by taking a drive around the city and might hit a club.
    While G.D., Taeyang and Seungri were doing their own thing, trying to not think of women. T.O.P and Daesung were unfortunately in a love triangle.
    Daesung met this girl and they fell in love. Well, he thought they were in love. Later on, the girl somehow hooked up with T.O.P (maybe because of his super hotness). She was all over him and then T.O.P realizes that he was bored since he got the girl too easy. Or, he could be feeling guilty for taking Daesung’s girl and couldn’t enjoy himself. During T.O.P’s boredom, Daesung was depressed, reminiscing about the good times with his ex, eventually going back to a motel room where they had hot times together to further torture himself with remembering how it used to be.

    my youtube user name: RavingNy

    9 years ago
  3. Here's what actually happened. The 5 of Big Bang are friends and Dae is mad about this girl. But what happens is she falls for TOP. Why, cause TOP is rich(he wears golden suits and rides limos). What about Dae? Well people,he's broke! All the memories he recalls with the girl are from the beach and from a motel. He doesn't even have money for a proper hotel. All he owns is a broke down jee. And what does TOP ride-a limo, Tae Yang- a lamborgini. Dae actually lives in his jeep, so the girl runs off to TOP.TOP accepts her but he feels guilt. That's why he's so dreamy and most of the time with his back to the camera. When Dae finds out about the betryal he's heartbroken and rides to all the places he's been with her absorbed in the bittersweet memmory. GD, Tae Yang and Sungri start searching for him cause they're afraid he could do something crazy.Meanwhile TOP spends the night with the girl. Although he likes her, TOP decide he could no longer stab Dae in the back. He decides to leave. That's why he has this complex expression in the last scene. TOP chooses friendship, but it's too late. Dae has gone to a buddhist monastery in Tibeth to forget about his unfaithful girlfriend:D;)

    9 years ago

    9 years ago
  5. Obviously, its an advertisement for the Big Bang boys as hosts. Gd is a Native American thanking the spirits of the world for his casino in Vegas. He’s showing off his hotel and its “Services” by walking casually through the halls before casually Turing to its transportation methods in which fan girls can enjoy a nice limo trip with TOP, and a bottle of champagne. Where they can do whatever they please to TOP. Then his other hosts are “advertised” (Taeyang and Daesung) in multiple angles so that fans may see what they may do with their “hosts”. Then VI is shown on the beach as to say “you can have him even though he’s under aged, but you got to pay extra cause it is illegal” Gd starts his tribal dance before the boys are advertised in the night life, saying you can have them for “Tonight” and you may have your way with them at GD’s hotel. Gd cries out to his ancestors and the boys are finally displayed together at a desert side to side, back to back, so one may get a full view before deciding on whom to choose. It leaves you with a tease of TOP slightly fixing a button on his shirt.


    9 years ago
  6. BIGBANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! IN LAS VEGAS!!!!! I think you know who I vote for…

    9 years ago
  7. So here is my story :) :) I recommend you watch the music video and read this at the same time, :)

    So here is GD in fresh clothes is about to hang out with Top, But Top ditches GD for a girl. But he feel very guilty so he ignore the girl, Daesung found out that Top was on date with his ex so he wants to tell GD but he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. So instead he rides his car into the beach hoping to forget, but instead he remember the memories when they were together. Seungri (a good friend) goes to the beach to look for Daesung but could not find him. Then GD found out that Top has ditch for a girl, he is furious and takes of his wilderness hood and KICK THE CAMERA!!!…. Daesung went to an abandon hotel that did not have ac and so he was sweating and very hot, but Taeyang when following him see him in a hotel and decide to ignore him, he is just glad that Daesung didn’t think of anything bad. Of course, at the end Top feel so guilty that he say goodbye to girl. :) :) THE END
    p.s. it’s long but it matches the scene in the song, I hope you pick me :) :)

    9 years ago
  8. SUPER JUNIOR M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9 years ago
  9. I think TOP was saying 'Big Bang' with a really warped accent. The boys have done it before–'Bang' has sounded like 'Bam' many times.

    9 years ago
  10. The two of you never fail to make every single video hilarious and interesting. The switching bodies was fantastic! And the giraffe sounds were awesome XD
    My vote goes to suju-m this time
    And for my sanity and that of my friend's as well….could you pleeeeeeease please please tell us whats the name of the happy music you played in the music monday and in previous ones before. It gets stuck in your head so easily *-* its been driving us crazy trying to figure out what it is.
    Also for next week's video could you do secret's song ji eun's going crazy mv?

    9 years ago
  11. Daesung is in love with this girl and they have wonderful memories of frolicking about in the Las Vegas desert together. Daesung one day decides to introduce his love to TOP, (who at the time was trying to figure out ways to keep himself from having to dance to the songs on the new mini album). Daesung says he has to leave to see if he can help G.D. find a way to an elevator or stairway to get out of the hotel. Now TOP and the girl are alone. TOP at first seems very disinterested in Daesung's girlfriend; however the girl has magical powers to alter the minds of everyone around her (and to stop time too because she decided that would a cool super to have as well). She stops time and alters Daesung's mind so it's like she and him were never together. She then alters TOP's mind to be in love with her (because like Martina she thinks TOP is dreamy).

    She starts time again and TOP is awestruck to see this beautiful girl in front of him. He decides they must go to his hotel room and jump on upon his big bed with puffy sheets. At this time as well, Daesung cannot find G.D in the hotel anywhere (G.D. more than likely got distracted by his big shiny necklace he had on). Through out all of this Seungri is oblivious to what is going on because he just wants to spend time by himself at the beach building sandcastles for the annual sandcastle building competition. Taeyang finally shows up and sees Daesung and asks how thing are going with him and his girlfriend. Daesung has no idea to what he is talking about; Taeyang then shows him a picture of Daesung and his girlfriend (don't ask why he randomly has a picture of them with him, he just coincidentally decided to bring that picture along with him).

    After seeing this picture, all the memories of him and his girlfriend come rushing back into his head.He remembers that she had the ability to alter minds. He cannot believe that she would use her powers on him, because he trusted her with all his heart. In shock, Daesung drives out to the desert because he cannot stand what he has just realized. Taeyang follows him to make sure he does not do anything rash. To hide from Taeyang, Daesung checks into a motel in the desert. Still devastated by what his girlfriend has done to him he goes insane.

    As Daesung is going insane in the desert, G.D looking at his shiny necklace, Seungri building sandcastles and Taeyang trying to look for Daesung. TOP has gotten bored with the girl because she started talking about how she likes deserts (hence the reason why her and Daesung went to the desert). Since TOP is bored with this girl he gives her a shot to make her go to sleep; he still hasn't figured out his dilemma of not dancing to songs. He looks deeply out into the Las Vegas skyline and tries to think some more about this.


    9 years ago
  12. Like I've told my friends before "TOP dances when TOP feels like it" >> http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lh6731gYAz1qcpy

    9 years ago
  13. So I goes like this:
    GD begins to tell the story of what happened in Vegas with them. Daesung brought along his girlfriend. TOP, being the pimp he is, stole the girls heart causing her to break up with Daesung. Daesung is hurt and he drives around the desert trying to forget her. And that's when taeyang starts to tell the story. Then daesung keeps having flashback of being with the girl. And then Seungri starts on the story. Then Taeyang takes place in the story driving around town to find daesung so nothing bad happens to him. Daesung goes to a motel still having flashbacks of her and it's killing him because he remembers when they were at that motel. TOP is then seen at a hotel with the girl and he doesn't care about her anymore leaving her in the hotel room as he leaves.

    9 years ago
  14. Okay So HERE'S THE STORY…

    That Morning, the girl told T.O.P that she wanted to be with him and T.O.P knows that Daesung is in love with the same girl. He remembers Daesung telling him something about the girl pretending to love him and breaking his heart. So, T.O.P told the rest of the members that he was going to kill (he's buttering her up before he does so) her TONIGHT to keep her from breaking the group apart. The other members are, like, freaking out and are like "OMG, T.O.P NO! WE CAN SOLVE THIS." But T.O.P has made up his mind. So then THE SEARCH BEGINS. The other members only know that T.O.P went to a hotel but, JUST HOW MANY HOTELS ARE IN VEGAS?!?! He leaves little traces in a few hotels (before he goes in he goes to get the girl) to throw everyone off. G-Dragon is convinced that T.O.P can be NOWHERE else than in that (the one he's wondering in) hotel; so he's going to check every room to try and stop him. Daesung, the whole time, is in the Nevada desert wondering just WHY the girl would want T.O.P when he treated her so nicely. Once the realization hits that T.O.P might actually kill the girl (because he's seen him 'acting' and killing the girl in 'IRIS'), he is so distraught, he can only check that one motel that T.O.P is most likely NOT going to be in, yet, is the same hotel that he and the girl spent a night in. He sits there, slowly, yet SURELY, losing his mind, reminiscing, and praying that T.O.P will not do something so drastic. Meanwhile, G-Dragon has checked ALL of the doors and when he leaves the hotel, it's already sunset; 'TONIGHT' is approaching. In a small scene they show how G-Dragon looks to the sky and throws a mini tantrum asking himself how he could be that dumb and spend all of that time in one hotel. This WHOLE time Seungri, who had been drinking with T.O.P the night before, knows where T.O.P might go but there's two problems with this. He's debating with himself if the conversation REALLY happen or if he imagined it and where exactly that hotel is. Taeyang, who doesn't trust Seungri with his car and REFUSES to let him drive, tries to squeeze as much information as possible out of Seungri. Once, Seungri's image clears a bit, he is able to give Taeyang a vivid enough description to point him in the direction of the RIGHT hotel. takes the same route that Daesung took to HIS Motel to make sure HE didn't do anything drastic. Once, he sees his car he texts him and tells him to look out the window in order to promise him that he won't go insane or kill himself. Daesung peers through the blinds and Taeyang nods and drives away at top speed to get to T.O.P.

    It is already deep in the night.

    And as he promised, T.O.P had already done his deed. You can see in the last scene the girl in the background looking 'sleep' in the bed but she's… gone. T.O.P is buttoning up his changed shirt after putting on new clothes so that he wouldn't be questioned about the struggle of the girl. He takes a look out the window, seemingly teary eyed, and says 'Tonight… Such a Beautiful Night…' because he believes this to be the night that he saved bigbang's brotherhood…

    Okay now… I wrote this off the top of my head and going back to watch the video makes me PROUD for once…

    Youtube name: OfficialMalicious1


    9 years ago
  15. So basically there's this really famous pimp named Top who steals other guy's girlfriends for one-night stands and his past victims were GD, who has been wandering the same hotel for many nights just looking for Top to exact revenge, and Seungri, who decided to become a beach bum because he was too shocked that a girl would ever leave him. So in this video, Top steals Daesung's girl from the dessert and so Daesung drives his sorrows away, imagining his girlfriend is still next to him. And Taeyang? He had nothing to do with the story, he's just showing off his awesome car.

    How's that? Anyway, awesome video =D

    I like both Suju M and Big Bang MVs but I guess if I had to choose I'd say Big Bang because Las Vegas looks really cool and it had a story(even though its confusing) but Suju was just them dancing and I don't know. I'm guessing Big Bang's video was more expensive to make than Suju being inside a set only.

    P.s. Martina, since you live in Korea, have you ever been to a Big Bang concert?

    youtube ID: Dramafan9

    9 years ago
  16. super juniorm ~perfection


    9 years ago
  17. super junior m should definately win….
    this is their comback and its really impressive becaus ethey just lost their leader

    9 years ago
    a dance a song
    and its so catchyy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish you uys couldve done a k pop monday for this song :(

    9 years ago
  19. I AM E.L.F.!!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3

    9 years ago
  20. The Storyline
    Part 3:
    Daesung passes in and out of consciousness (2:47) and remembers the night he spent at the hotel with the girl while adding in delusions of all the Big Bang members singing in the desert, which is why he is soaking wet despite the air conditioner visible at 2:32 and 2:37. We then see T.O.P in a nice hotel room with the girl. T.O.P ended up deciding not to do anything to the girl and is letting her sleep off the drugs. We assume that T.O.P was sleeping upstairs (stairs are visible in the window reflection at 3:36) when Taeyang called to say that he had lost Daesung. T.O.P says it will be such a beautiful night for everyone else who gets to sleep until morning and he sighs (3:34) when he thinks about how he now has to go find Daesung.
    My username on Youtube is CrookedMouthCampbell, but I'm not sure you will be able to find it. Thanks for reading!

    9 years ago
  21. The Storyline
    Part 2:
    Seungri is on the beach because he likes clubs better than casinos but he couldn’t get into any because all of his VVIP passes were in Korean. G-Dragon is tired after singing with the big fur hood on and he’s so angry at the cameraman for not thinking about it that he kicks the camera, consequently breaking it. It was lucky that they had several spares. G-Dragon finally gets to take the hood off at sunset (1:53). Taeyang makes sure that Daesung won’t find out where T.O.P and the girl have gone by following Daesung, presumably because T.O.P ordered him to. Taeyang gets bored and sings along with “Tonight.” Daesung checks into a cheap motel. Taeyang keeps driving around partly because by this point he has forgotten why he was driving in the first place, and partly because he is so involved in singing. Daesung sees a shaky video of the girl on the same beach Seungri was on earlier, which means that Seungri took a video of her and sent it to Daesung via cellphone. The relationship between Seungri and the girl is left unclear.

    9 years ago
  22. The Storyline
    Part 1:
    When G-Dragon says "Big Bang" everyone appears and starts singing about the confusing but beautiful night they just experienced. T.O.P gets into the car with the girl after leaving Sky Lofts hotel. G-Dragon is in the same hotel and gets lost walking down from the top of the building (he’s wearing the same clothes in the scenes on the rooftop as the scene inside) blindly going past the numerous exit signs (0:31). T.O.P and the girl hold champagne glasses, but T.O.P doesn’t drink it (0:46) because he knows there is something wrong with it. After that he stares out of the window wondering what to do. Since we switch to Taeyang, it’s safe to assume that he’s the one behind the drugged glasses. He probably gave the drug to G-Dragon, who secretly gave it to T.O.P before T.O.P and the girl left. Daesung recently broke up with the girl and he takes a drive into the desert, but everything he sees reminds him of when he had been there with her.

    9 years ago
  23. The Truth Behind Big Bangs Tonight MV:
    Papa YG paid for an all expense paid trip to Vegas for the BB boys. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID? the TRUTH? That is the mystery. Lets take a look at Mr. Heartbreaker (GD GD Baby Baby), we see him lurking the halls, creeping in the hotel rooms wearing a tux. You see we all know what he REALLY is going after, not the apples, not the blankets, certainly not the hair dye (♥), but hes actually tryna pick up some dirt on the Official Pimp (TOP). We all know that he's got a mohawk ninja (Taeyang) on his side and we all know he has the hots for Daesungs girl. Daesung who was still in his Beautiful Hangover couldn't take it any longer so he went off to a motel. The owner of the motel is Mr V.I (Seungri) who just loves to sing about his motel cuz he has big bang. Later we see Daesung getting all friendly with his lady friend but at the same time we see the ninja mohawk driving late at night to bury something. Later on that night at the Official Pimp's suite, we find out that he also was getting friendly with the lady friend but the shocking truth is that……they're twins. The next night, all 5 members confront each other and Mr. Heartbreaker suddenly stated, "Tonight such a beautiful night sing with me now they are twins"

    9 years ago
  24. " Big Bang does lots of fun things like standing on a roof, and standing on the beach in a circle." <– HAHAHA I just died at that :D

    9 years ago
  25. the translated lyrics of the songs can really help things out and find what the REAL story is. it talks about a guy wondering why the spark is gone between them so he tries to find out what is the reason. But as he thinks about it, he reminisces about the good times, making him realize that he still loves her so he tries to find her back TONIGHT.

    in the MV, it opened with GD singing. I think he's like narrating, saying "Let me tell you the feeling of a man who's brokenhearted that ensued in this place I'm walking.." then it switched up to TOP. TOP, a wealthy man, is in the car without the girl and started to remember the time he had with the her. He's like thinking what the hell happened to them and why the feeling is gone. This is reference to the lyrics he sang, "When did we start, start losing the spark between us." Taeyang started to sing the chorus afterwards with no relevance to the plotting of the story. Then Seungri's scene is shown. He's like now saying the feelings of being lonely and afraid of what might happen on behalf of Daesung's, quoting the lyrics, "Bad when it comes to pain like that, I try to avoid it. But you know that I love you girl girl girl." Daesung is now shown, enlightening the story more. Oblivious to TOP, Daesung and the girl has an affair. He (Daesung) thought back when he and the girl are bonding, doing all the things they can do for at the end of the day, he knows he can't have her for he's like an ordinary man and he can't do anything to officially make her his. So arriving at the motel, it was known that something happened to the two of them by the flashbacks. Taeyang is now seen on his car speeding up and following Daesung for he's worried about him that he might do something bad. Then everything ended by the two, Daesung and TOP looking at the window with common difference. TOP has the girl with him now and Daesung looking out the window, wondering if she's safe and when will the day come that they'll live happily. TOP buttoning his shirt, is like stating, he's going somewhere to confront someone. Daesung is sweating for he's afraid of what might happen.

    hope i clear things up. my username in Youtube is ultimatum20. or i have another theory, the girl loved by TOP has a twin and that is the girl loved by Daesung and conflicts started to transpire. LOL!

    9 years ago
  26. BIG BANG IN LAS VEGAS BBY! They're so hot, especially in this music video, they got even hotter. I love love love Taeyang, but DAMN BABY! Daesung even got sexy. Lol.

    9 years ago
  27. SUPER JUNIOR M!!!!!!!!!
    e.l.f. forever :)

    9 years ago
  28. youtube account: MrSpazicFreak

    Big Bang is visiting a broken down amusement park in the middle of the desert because that’s the coolest thing to do. There, Daesung meets a girl and he takes her around on his car, away from the other group members cause he likes her. The rest of the group stays at the amusement park, exploring it cause it looks cool. After this, the group goes to the hotel in LA. GD stays in the hotel cause he exhausted from learning the rain dance at the broken down amusement park and Seungri goes to the beach near the hotel cause he wants to see all the pretty girls and be a VVIP. Daesung is depressed cause he had to leave the girl he likes and so he drives back to the place where he saw her. He gets to the amusement park and finds out that she isn’t there and is emo near the car. However, he gets a tip that she is staying at a motel not too far away from there. So he goes to the motel, asks for her room, and goes into it. Then he falls asleep, gets a wet dream, and wakes up wondering how he’s going to get back to the hotel with the sticky blotch in his pants. Taeyang drives around the city, trying to find somebody to love because he’s lonely in his awesome black car. TOP goes to a party, finds the girl that Daesung took a liking to, and decides to leave the party with her. Since they’re both drunk, they have a good time, until after the escapade. TOP realizes what he has done, looks out the window, and composes himself before running to meet his companions.

    9 years ago
  29. the story:
    seungri has loved this girl for a while even though she has been cheating on him but he just couldn't help himself not to go back to her.while GD thought he was like playing this girl but one night he tried to go to her hotel room to find her and he couldn't so now he's wondering if she was the one cheating.Daesung had been convinced by this girl that he was the one she really loved but now that she ran away from him he's hallucinating that she really was just lying the whole time and playing him just like all his past girlfriends did. Taeyung has always been there to find the girl at night and make sure she was safe but now he is worrying she's hurt because she dissapeared he actually loves her but never told her. T.O.P has been on and off with this girl for awhile and he was the last one to see her but isn't telling anyone now he just wants one more chance to win her over. top is actually hiding from the group that he just left her in the hotel.
    bombom899 is my youtube username.

    9 years ago
  30. heres what i think happened:
    Daesung dated the girl but took her so daesung goes and drives to a desert and finds a motel, and sweats because he just got so mad that he turned into the hulk. GD was walking around the hotel because he couldn’t find anyone because they didn’t like that fur hat he was wearing because it made him want to howl too much, so they all just ditched him, Even seungri. But in the end TOP decides he doesn’t want the girl anyway because he is really in love with… SPUDGY
    ( youtube username = sakurakittynyan )

    9 years ago
  31. (1/4) this is what i think happened…… well it started out that they all went to vegas to have an awsome time, so they gathered in the roof top to take a view of the city. from all the way up there, TOP could see a woman passing by the hotel they were staying at. so he hurried everyone to go downstairs but all the members were moving to fast for GD to keep up so he got left behind.

    9 years ago
  32. (2/4) TOP makes it downstairs first and gets in the Limo with the chick, but then after a couple minutes of driving, he realized that the chick is SUPER ANNOYING. but before they drive off Daesung takes a glance at her and in his head he's all like "HOLY SHIZZZ!!! SHE'S FREAKING HOT!!!!!" but once TOP and the chick drive off he gets angry. he gets into his SEXYY red jeep and starts driving into the desert to clear his mind from the girl. SUDDENLY, he finds the same girl out in the desert and stops. she explains that TOP got so annoyed that he kicked her out of her Limo. Daesung, being a nice guy , lets her ride in the back of his jeep and they drive off into the desert.

    9 years ago
  33. (3/4 )Daesung looks around for a place to stop but finds none. He sees Taeyang waving for a ride but when he looks at the back of his jeep he's all like "Crap! i don't got room for him in the back. oh well. i'm sure he can manage." and then drives right pass him. Taeyang knows that Daesung saw him waving for a ride, so now he's pissed because he's stuck in the desert. Seungri feeling left out decided "What the hell, i'll just go to the beach since we're not gonna do anything". As Daesung is driving through out the desert , he realizes that he is all out of gas and he gets stuck in the desert with his hot chick and they start doing naughty things. then Taeyang magically gets out of the desert and starts following Daesun who magically got gasoline to get himselve out of the desert. Taeyang is right at Daesun's tail planning out his revenge for not helping him out back in the desert.

    9 years ago
  34. (4/4) Daesun, finally realizing that there's a mystyrious black car following him, checks into a motel and looks out the window to see if he still being followed, but at that moment his hot chick walks out the bathroom and they do some more naughty things. But then, after Daesung falls asleep she quietly leaves and makes her way over to the hotel that TOP is staying in and finds TOP's room. she sneaks in and falls asleep on his bed. TOP walks out of the bathroom, wondering how this chick got inside of the room. he looks at the mirror and then he leaves her hoping never to see her annoying face again.!!! …………………………………………………………………………….. MY youtube name stellaristic799. hope you liked my theory!!! <SPAN class=idc-smiley><SPAN style="BACKGROUND-POSITION: -12px 0pt"><SPAN>:D</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

    9 years ago
  35. GD and the girl always met in that hotel. And TOP and the girl also met at the same hotel. So GD is wandering through the hotel, high from the little fling they had. While GD is wandering through the hotel, the girl gets picked up by TOP and they go out for a drive. And while those two are going on, TaeYang is chasing down DaeSung because the girl told him to. She found out HE was cheating on her so she wanted revenge by getting TaeYang to chase him down. So Dae goes to a motel [not knowing he was being followed] and has a fling with the girl he was cheating with. Tis why Dae is all sweaty afterwards. Before going in, Dae already starts to feel some regret on cheating. After Dae's fling, he finally realizes that what he did was completely wrong (even though he's done this before). He all of a sudden had an epiphany and now, he regrets ever cheating on the girl with taht other girl. So he starts reminiscing about the other girl and being all frustrated and stuff.


    9 years ago
  36. Ana

    SUPER JUNIOR M!!!! cuz the video is betta & they actually sing in chinese

    9 years ago
  37. Ana

    So lets give this a try : T.O.P. is jealous of Daesung because of his new look . So he seduces her & gets her. But he doesn't really like her, he just wants to make Daesung jealous. Which puts Daesung in depression, driving to a motel on a hot night that makes him sweat. Meanwhile Seungri didn't know what was going on, so he decided to go sight seeing in L.V. at the beach. Taeyang & GD were going to hang out on a wonderful night. While Taeyang was waiting for him outside in his car, GD got lost in the hotel not knowing where the front door was due to the huge, tall building (that T.O.P. was looking out of). So while GD was looking for a way out to meet Taeyang up, Taeyang was driving around thinking GD was somewhere in L.V. In the end, T.O.P. was looking out the window thinking, "Did I go too far? Where is Daesung now?" THE END

    youtube username : lilapluto

    & i vote for Super Junior M !

    LOVE your KPOP Music Mondays Simon, Martina & SPUDGY ! <3

    9 years ago
  38. This Kpop monday was awesome, thank you !

    As for my "theory", i think the main characters here are TOP and Daesung (and the girl obviously), the three others are not part of the storyline.
    It seems that Daesung is helplessly in love with Chloé (the girl's name) but she has it with TOP. Daesung, desperate, rides his car to a motel, far away from the city to forget about her, but as he sits on his bed he can't take his mind away from her and when he sees car headlights by the window, his distorted mind (we will not assume WHY he has hallucinations…) starts to daydream about having it with her. But then the headlights go away and he comes back to reality, all alone in his motel room, staring by the window while Chloé is sleeping on TOP's hotel's bed. The last scene where TOP buttons up his shirt shows he had what he wanted from her and now, he leaves the place, like the pimp he is.

    PS: Sorry for the typos or grammatical mistakes, english is not my first language.

    9 years ago
  39. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah :D first I watched the video on my phone from university :D but seeing it again I can not handle my laugh
    Great as usual! And I really loved the part with switching bodies :D hahaha soo hilarious
    As for the story in the MV I didn`t understood it either but the song it`s sooooooooooooo awsome! <3

    My vote goes for Big Bang because I really like their concept and they are indeed the only band in Korean with a great oportunity to win the western public. :D

    I like Super Junior M song as well. It`s very catchy and the choreography is outstanding as always but you asked who I like most: BB filming in Las Vegas or SJM singing in chinese, a tricky question :D so MY VOTE GOES FOR BIG BANG filming in Las Vegas.


    9 years ago
  40. Youtube username: senoritashan

    Hangover style:

    The boys of Big Bang are having a bachelor party in Vegas because Seungri is getting married to me 8D

    In his drunken stupor, TOP meets a girl and they take a ride in a vehicle together. TOP then decides to kidnap her, holding her captive in the car with him. He drives her around aimlessly so that no one can find her.

    In HIS drunken stupor, GD wanders around for hours. He was supposed to rescue the girl for Daesung but ended up getting lost in the hotel, unable to find the room number.

    In HIS drunken and melancholic stupor, Daesung accidentally drives into the desert prompting Taeyang to come after him. Daesung is devastated over the loss of the girl whom he met before TOP stole her in his drunken stupor.

    The girl momentarily goes back to Daesung because she finally escapes TOP’s clutches and wants to apologize. However, she has Stockholm syndrome so she ends up going back to TOP. Daesung follows her into the city and Taeyang follows him, worried about his friend whose frontal lobe (in his brain) is still impaired by the drunken stupor.

    TOP gets the police on his side. The police chase Daesung down on the grounds that he was speeding. They shine an annoyingly bright search light into the motel room. Daesung and the girl agree to meet at this super sketch motel where they “get it on.” The girl again recovers her Stockholm Syndrome and returns to TOP who leaves her once he recovers from his drunken stupor.

    Seungri decides that his friends are totally fouling up his bachelor party and that the combination of drunken stupors is too much for him to handle, so he goes off on his own and has a party all alone at the beach.

    GD realizes that he totally failed to find the girl for Daesung and decides to go to the beach to hang out with Seungri.

    9 years ago