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Big Bang “Tonight” – Kpop Music Mondays

March 8, 2011


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Don’t act like you didn’t see it coming! This week we review Big Bang’s “Tonight” and try to figure out if TOP murdered Daesung.

So we tried to do our own Secret Garden version for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. If you haven’t seen it by now, Big Bang did their own parody of Secret Garden, which was hilarious. And we gotta say, pretending to be each other was a lot more difficult than we expected. In fact, this video took us a lot longer to film than our other Music Mondays, because we were trying to get down each other’s isms. We’ll put up the blooper footage on our Bonus Page tomorrow, and – let me tell you – there’s a lot of stuff that went wrong! Ah! We’ve got a lot more respect for Secret Garden now as a result.

Back to Big Bang’s “Tonight,” it’s a cool video shot in what looks like Las Vegas, and the song is really awesome and we’ve been singing it all week…but does anyone know what the story’s actually about? What’s the girl doing with both TOP and Daesung? Who is she with? Why’s Taeyang driving around in his car all the time? When will GD find the elevator? Who knows!

If you do know, or if you have any ideas about the video, you’re in luck, because we have a great giveaway for you this time. Shazam! We’re giving away TWO BIG BANG CDs!!!! Here’s what you can do to win:

CD #1) For our YouTube Subscribers: We’ll give away one CD to a YouTube subscriber who tells us what they think the story line was actually about. Leave your answers either in the video to our YouTube page, or here (but please leave your YouTube user name as well, just in case you win :D)

CD #2) For our Tumblr Followers: Quite simply, the easiest way for you to win. Got a Tumblr account? Reblog our post over at our Tumblr page! Don’t make your own post for the video. We can’t track and pick the winner that way.

BAM! So, there you go! 26 episodes in, half a year of Music Mondays complete! We can’t believe we’ve been doing this for this long now! Huzzah! As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos, ALL OF THEM, into Korean. Also, if you’re not one of the winners for the contest, you can still get yourself a copy of the Big Bang Tonight CD by clicking on the banner below!

Big Bang Mini Album Vol. 4



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Kpop Music Mondays


Big Bang “Tonight” – Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. Love this video for this week! It's fun-ne!! xD

    But what I think happens in this video is that that one girl dated all of the Big Bang members. Then she just wither leaves them or got dumped.

    I want to say that TOP was the first one that dated her. Which might explains why he is so emotionless because he finds out that their loves is moving away, which explains his verse. "Like losing the cola fizz." She only dates him for his money, I mean look at his hotel room and limo. Then the girl moves on to Daesung for his looks. *wink wink* She would then leaves him and Daesung stays in the desert because that's where his memory with her lies.

    GD is the beginning is playing as a player. That's why he has all those bling and walking out of a hotel room. Even what he says means it, " Can't be satisfied with one girl." x.x Obviously, he's not sad about it. He got too many girls to count.

    As for TaeYang, he could be an agent out to find her. The girl could be some con-artist or criminal of some sort. O.o But has dated her in the past, however, there's no love in that relationship. He's like a loveless FBI agent. :D sounds hot. "don't understand love at all…" he says. so he's all looking cool and calm in his nice car, trying to find her.

    As for Seungri, well, he's just hiding from her because he doesn't want to get hurt. He loves her, but he's afraid to hurt her or get hurt by her. That can explains why he's hiding behind a broken and desert building. Maybe, he's some superhero. xD Sounds like it. But it explains why he's not in a scene with her and he sings "Bad when it comes to pain like that, I try to avoid it
    But you know that I love you girl girl girl"

    Then at the beach and desert, where the guys are all together and the girl disappears, they are all bonded together because they each have some sort of relationship with the girl and with a reason to why they left her or was dumped by her.

    9 years ago
  2. In a meeting with his friends, top came last and under a limousine with a beautiful girl they turned around all to see it
    Daesung got jealous and decided to steal from top the girl in the reunion got distracted and Daesung took out his cell phone and keep his number in his the next day he invite her to lunch and Daesung started to say that it looked beautiful last night she said she was in love with top but their lunches casual followed but they did not know was that the evil wizard Taeyang took pictures until one day he decided to invite her to a walk
    in the desert and then she followed suit get carried away and went to a motel.
    Daesung the next day met with gd and Seungiri and showed them photos and told them to take revenge on top Seungiri without what to do run to the beach while gd said he would tell everything to top but he did not though that Daesung closed all the exits in the hotel.
    Daesung went to top office and put on the table the photos that Taeyang took, Daesung came out laughing of the office,top smiled
    and after that night nobody see Daesung again.
    top call the girl that was his girlfriend, and told them to look at the usual hotel the girl came without knowing that wise top knew about his affair with Daesung, on early morning top fits his shirt in front of the window ,smiled and then left, when the girl woke up, realized she had been left alone in the room and the table beside the bed had the account of the room along with a note that said I hope Daesung afford the room.
    The end :D

    9 years ago
  3. This is what happened in Vegas. Daesung has this girlfriend who he introduces to TOP. BAD IDEA because now TOP wants Daesung's girl. However, Daesung forgot that TOP has awesome transporting super powers which he will later use to woo and get Daesung's girl. So, Daesung and his girl are out in the desert having a good time until TOP uses his powers to transport her from her date with Daesung into his car/limo where he is waiting with champagne. Daesung is left alone in the desert sad and lonely sitting by his car. To get away from TOP, Daesung tries to hide his girl in a motel. TOP can't use his transporting powers if he doesn't know where the girl is. TOP gets Taeyang to stalk Daesung and find out where he hid the girl. Once she's found, TOP uses his powers again to transport the girl from her sexy time with Daesung into his very own bed. The girl can't resist TOP Time. Daesung is left sad and lonely again in the motel room. Meanwhile, G-dragon is wandering around a hotel because he can't remember which room the stripper downstairs to him to meet her in. As for Seungri, he's outside chilling on the beach trying to pick up girls while waiting for his fake I.D. to be finished so that he can go hang out with the other members in the casinos. The End :D

    My Youtube account: NightDreamer4
    I decided to leave a comment here because I had more space to write. :p Hope you enjoyed!

    9 years ago
  4. Youtube name: xJesusxWasxAxNinjax
    What really happened in the video was:
    The girl is actually Seungri's girl, but doesn't love him and first went to mess with Daesung. But Seungri, who's a total bad-ass mafia boss, found out and sent his mafia member Taeyang to kill him. Terrified, Daesung flees to a motel only to notice Taeyang slipped poison into his morning coffee and soon after; he dies. So the girl goes to TOP instead! But once again, Seungri finds out. This time he sends the dangerous G-Dragon to kill. What they don't know is that it was all set up by TOP, who has been trying to catch G-Dragon for a very long time, and while the girl is asleep he gets up and gets ready to meet GD when he gets to the hotel room.
    The End!

    This was a hilaaaaarious idea for a video, btw! I laughed so hard at the part where Simon's body was fan-girling over Daesung and TOP! xD

    9 years ago
  5. lol.. i knew the moment you said the drink tasted weird you were gonna pull out the secret garden parody

    9 years ago
  6. SUJU M! The transitions were awesome, and Suju has Henry! You have to show some patriotic love for Henry, right? You're all Canadian! (And Henry's existence alone makes up for Justin Bieber. *nods*)

    9 years ago
  7. TOP took the girl out earlier and they accidentally switched bodies when they drank the champagne in the car. Daesung is depressed, remembering the past memories he had with that girl and how he wanted to get back together with her. He drives off into the desert and disappears to a cheap motel where he passes out from heat stroke. Taeyang was going to look for him, but blew his gas money on his incredible new haircut. Girl in TOP's body wakes up the morning after and decides to take over TOP's identity. Unfortunately they're stuck that way forever because Daesung ran away with the car so they're lost in the desert where it never rains. GD is forced to curb-stomp prairie dogs to eat and wears their hides around his neck like a mane. 'Cause you know, Spudgy brought fur back in style.

    9 years ago
  8. So GD was out of outfit ideas in korea and had used up all possible fashion resources, thus big bang had to go to LA where GD called an emergency fashion meeting to approve GD's new glorious outfit(s)! GD is running around their hotel trying to find everyone, but they've all disapeared in various random directions of LA.

    Meanwhile Daesung is supposed to be meeting up with Taeyang who offered him a ride. Unfortunately Daesung was running unfathomably late, which made Taeyang angry. While Daesung drives he tries to think up excuses to tell Taeyang when he comes across a hitchhiking lady who likes his car (and him!). He decides to pick her up and use her as a distraction so Taeyang won't notice how rediculously late he is.


    9 years ago
    • On some random beach Seungri is all alone waiting for his sister to come so she can give him a ride to meet GD, ironically she's the same hitch hiker girl! dun dun dun!!! Oh and that girl has fallen for Daesung too because he's so dashing and suave when he's got road rage.

      All while GD is waiting so the rest of Big band can approve his new outfit, but none of the guys have showed up yet! By this point Taeyang has gotten pissed and left in a sexy car to go find Daesung. Daesung is alone in his car and regretting not driving faster 'cuz now he's going to be in trouble with Taeyang AND GD. The reason he was late was because he stopped to buy a sammich and then got lost in the desert. But the girl stole his sammich which made Daesung regret picking her up, and so he left her with TOP to deal with so he could go apologize to Taeyang. Top was all like "HECK YEAH" at first cuz the girl was sexy, but then he found out it was seungri's sister and he was like "Aw dang!" because even he can't do that to a bro! (morals..TOP has them…occasionally)

      9 years ago
      • So everyone ends up meeting and they all love GD's outfit, except TOP who is jealous of how stylish GD is and later is in his room pondering over what he can do to his hair next to out-do GD so fangirls will love him best. He is discouraged though when he can't come up with ideas, so he gives himself a pep talk in the mirror and heads off to go swoon the ladies of LA (and then the world). THE END.

        Youtube username is "BwainxCwash"

        9 years ago
  9. Suju m please!! Lol I think Henry's thighs were the star of the mv! XD

    9 years ago
  10. Big bang in Las Vegad :)

    9 years ago
  11. YOUTUBE NAME: PaintNoIllusions08

    9 years ago
  12. the story:
    It's the life of the same person. Start of with Seungri, decades ago when Las Vegas was still small. He's at the ocean in California and decides he wants to go for a drive. He drives through the California/ Nevada desert in his pickup truck and decides to rest at a motel in what was Las Vegas. This part is Daesung. He meets the girl and the relationship lasts only one day because he signed up to run a marathon. When he gets back from the marathon (hence all the sweat), the girl has disappeared. He's sad so decides to make enough money to find her. He creates what Las Vegas is now, and can afford to drive Lamborghinis (this part is Taeyang). He finally thinks, "OK, I think I have enough money to find the girl now." So he finds her, but he's old now (TOP's part) and has white hair. He thought she would be happy to see him, but she just sat in his limo, drank his wine, slept the the rest of the time. (now GD's part) Disappointed when he thinks that the love is not mutual, he storms out of the hotel, giving up everything to become a hermit with a furry hat in the Nevada desert.

    It's like a hero's journey! kinda….

    youtube ID: chickennuggetsandbis

    9 years ago
  13. I forgot to add my youtube username: Siousie26

    9 years ago
  14. Daesung is high, He is in love with TOP'S girl, hence why he's seeing her, Taeyang follows him to make sure he doesn't drive off a cliff thinking it was full of marshmallows. But all daesung sees is a dinosour chasing him, hes sweating and paranoid and hides out in a motel away from this 'dinosaur'.

    However TOP is annoyed and in despair that his girl left out his cola and it's lost it's fizz, the reason why he's disinterested in this video.

    Throughout the song, it shows flashbacks of TOP and his girl, he's not in the mood to talk to her while taking her to a hotel room, he paid GD a day before to drug the water in this room while they are on the way there, hence why we see GD is in the same hotel leaving minutes before they arrive. She lays passed out on the bed, TOP says goodnight for the last time, buttons his shirt and leaves, ready for the kill.
    Once daesung returns to earth, all five drown and bury this girl in the desert. They get into a religious circle around her and start singing this cult song. While acting out this religious ceremony, GD is seen feeling regretful, putting his hands to his head and also screams. Seungri however throughout the video is there fort the thrill of it all. Tonight is such a wonderful night! (because they got rid of this £$%&* who left out TOP's cola).

    P.S. Martina, do not leave TOP's cola out when you marry this man.

    9 years ago
  15. lmao at you guys switching bodies haha xD

    Okay, here's what i think:

    As you can see, first they are all on the rooftop, singing and dancing to celebrate their comeback. Then after a while, when the celebrations are over, TOP sneaks out and goes into a car alone, probably sneaking away from his bandmates, yelling GO GO GO! to the driver. Meanwhile GD has probably got high, cause it seems he thinks he's a hitman, walking down that corridor. Then, when he got out of the hotel too, alone, he ended up in a desert, still high, cause we can see him wearing that furry.. thing. Now he thinks he's an indian chief instead of a hitman.
    During the time GD became an indian in the desert, TOP has found himself a girl, let's call her Miss H. But he clearly doesn't seem to be interested in this girl, at least anymore, actually he seems saaaaad~. Cause the girl told him she's a Daesung's fan. And they're driving back to the hotel to meet Daesung.
    Next morning, appears Taeyang, who has also gone to the desert to look for GD the Indian Chief, now called Furry-Singing-Hood. And the main character of the video, Daseung, is now escaping with his car and he has Miss H with him. Miss H is absolutely happy, but that can't be said about Daesung, he is worried about stealing his hyung's girl. While Seungri has also ended up somewhere that looks like a beach. He obviously got high with GD last night and doesn't remember anything.
    Now, GD has found his way back to the city, not knowing that Taeyang went to look for him, he is at the same beach as Seungri. Taeyang is also back in the town, furious about not being able to find GD, he is driving around, this time to look for Daesung, because TOP ordered him to find that girl stealer. Daesung, terrified, is also in the town now, because he discovered that the endless lonely road would go nowhere and he and Miss H need a place to sleep. He pulls at the first motel he sees. They go in and Daesungs checks through the curtains if anyone followed him. And while having fun with the girl he keeps having flashbacks of him and his bandmates being in lost in the desert last year (maybe that's why GD went there subconsciously).
    When the video ends, there's TOP in a room, with a girl sleeping on a bed. We can't be sure but let's assume that it's the famous Miss H everyone's after. Probably Taeyang caught Daesung and the girl and told TOP about their hiding place. Also, TOP looks sad, again, that's because he had to choose between a girl he loves, at least i think he does, and his long-time friend. And no one has heard of Daesung ever since. THE END ^^
    Now let's wait for next MV to see Daesung's comeback hehe~

    9 years ago
  16. Youtube account name: Jusstgifty
    So i think Big Bang's story line goes like this:

    Daesung was with the girl, but since they broke up he missed her and she is now with TOP who is a pimp and is now leaving her at the MGM GRAND hotel and that is TOP's way of saying "It's A Beautiful Night" .

    …while Taeyang is driving in a hot car saying how he too understands. As for GD is TOP's wing man is going to see him at the room. As for Seungri? Well he decided to say back in LA is flirt with girls at the beach.

    9 years ago
  17. You're always funny. xD
    I vote for Super Junior M. I'm their really big fan. So…. SuJu!

    9 years ago
  18. For the showdown,having both sung songs in a language i don't know and traveled to different countries, I have to say foreign counties are WAY more fun, so BIg Bang wins! Plus they have TaeYang….so WIN
    To be honest, i watched this video several times yesterday, and i didn't realize it was only one girl :S oops! But i'm still going to go with my original theory, we'll just say Big bang fell for identical sisters: We begin with several couples who's just sorta there, they've lost theirs spark and the various guys want to reclaim the exciting part of their relationship or else it will end soon (but then they shouldn't be saying they love her..but that's a different rant..). However instead of going the mature route and working on the relationship, they go off and try to find somthing else exciting like driving fast and going on a desert adventure(…idk, my husband thinks driving is fun and exciting, especially if he can go fast and it's a sexy car.). Surprise surprise this didn't fix the relationship, so Top feel it's run its course and take the easy way out, leaving after the girl has fallen asleep :( Of course , after the video, the guys realize they were immature to take off, and take their girls on a wonderful romantic weekend, going all those places they found, they fall in love again and live happily ever after…the end :) (ok,yes i like sappy endings)
    youtube handle: cloiebuggeater

    9 years ago
  19. Haha your giraffe sounds were the most hilarious thing in a while XD Newborn giraffe: "HAAAA", no it's "OAR OAR"

    Gotta say BIGBANG wins for me… Better video and better song too…

    9 years ago
  20. Did you even have to ask that question? Super Junior M all the way!!! Ryeowook was amazingly Classy. Siwon looked pretty good with the eyeliner. How could you possibly not fall in love with Eunhyuk in that ADORABLE russian hat of his? Bonus points Henry is Canadian <3 XD Enough said. Super Junior M wins <3

    9 years ago
  21. Oops, sorry. Computer cut out most of the story. Aw well. It's on facebook

    9 years ago
  22. I vote for Big Bang :)

    9 years ago
  23. TY jumps into his car and drives up and down every street in Vegas, trying to find her car, or chance upon her walking down the sidewalk, anything! And as fate would have it, despite wearing sunglasses at night, he finds her. Instead of confronting her directly, however, TY calls the best seducer in their group, TOP.
    TOP decides to turn the tables on the woman who had openly favored him during the job. He takes her out, clinks glasses of champaign with her, holds her close, all the while strategizing and considering his next step. When he is well and truly confident that her defences are down, he takes her back to the hotel and seduces the manipulator where he finds out that she's already spent all the money she'd stolen from them. She'd bought the hotel.
    Sometime later, TOP gets up alone and looks out of the window, admiring the view from his new Las Vegas suite. Bigbang is now one of the big fish in Vegas.
    Don't really know what my youtube username is. Serafilia_lover maybe? Is it important?

    9 years ago

  24. Top immediately enters a private car, on his way to somewhere. Turns out he’s been here before! He came to Earth shortly after Deasung left the first time, and hooked up with the same girl. While driving he recalls the time they spent together, but knowing that he is betraying his friend, he hits out angrily at a random hidden camera in the car. He meets the girl again and afterward stares out into the night solemnly. He then sighs after buttoning his shirt, thinking “I’m going to miss these threads…”
    In the morning, Seungri is the first to arrive at the beach and their departure place. He seems troubled because he spent the night trying to pick up girls instead of helping his friend.
    Meanwhile, Daesung spends his time by going everywhere he previously visited with his girl, but can’t find her since she’s with TOP. He eventually gives up after crying tears of grief, which looks like sweat to us mere humans. He joins the others on the beach where they discuss their night’s findings through dance and song again and are then zapped back to their home planet.
    It makes sense, doesn’t it? Lol.
    Youtube name: Taiven

    9 years ago
  25. Isn't it obvious?
    The Big Bang members are really a superior race of extraterrestrials that live many light years away on a planet called ‘YG’. One day, Daesung decided to venture to Earth just to check it out but fell in love with a human girl. He eventually had to go back to his planet, but he later returns with his 4 friends who help him search for his lost love.
    They teleport themselves onto the roof of a building, where they communicate by dancing and singing, as well as randomly howling (this is the way of the YG) and split up to look for the girl. They only have the night to search, and have to leave in the morning by going to the beach where they will be teleported back to their planet.
    GD begins seriously searching every hotel he comes across, but is later distracted by a thing called fashion. Throughout the night he visits several places, including Costco, and steals their badges so he can attempt to make his own clothes.
    Taeyang is a dutiful friend and spends the entire night searching for Daesung’s lost love in his slick looking car, which he… didn't steal?

    9 years ago
  26. My youtube user name is: XxdementedDOLLxX

    For the story, I thought that the guys went to Vegas for a good time. GD showed up first and was like "I'm ready to party, I have my party necklace on." and then TOP was like "Okay I'll meet you at your hotel." and then he gets in a car and coincidentally Daesung's girlfriend is getting a ride from him because she wanted to hang with Daesung with him. In the car she starts to get all chummy and it pisses TOP off (bros before ho's mang).

    Now Taeyang is really conflicted between telling Daesung that his girlfriend is putting the moves on TOP because he knows that Daesung is really in love with her. Daesung even took her to his secret hide out in the desert, which the other guys don't even know where it is.

    Seungri is complaining that he's lost, because he couldn't go to the casinos, so he doesn't know where everyone is.

    G-Dragon is waiting for everyone on the side of the road, and it's really pissing him off, but he doesn't know that there was a lot of traffic in Vegas that night and TOP and them are all being held up.

    Meanwhile though, Daesung somehow saw TOP and his gf, and he's super angry because he knows TOP can sometimes be too much for the ladies, so he's blaming him for his gf cheating on him. He rides away in his jeep all upset.

    Taeyang takes his black lambo and tries to follow Daesung to explain everything but Daesung is so upset he has to pull off the road and cry, it's all to emotional for him. Coincidentally (again) he happens to pull over at the same motel that he shared a steamy night with his gf. He goes in and flashbacks to all the good memories he had with her. Taeyang is still looking for him, but because he doesn't know that Daesung pulled off the road, he keeps going straight and passes the motel.

    Daesung is really sad but in the end he decides to forget the cheating bitch. He gathers his bros in the jeep and the lambo and they all ride to his secret hideout in the desert where they sing poor Daesung's heartbreak away.

    But before that, TOP decides to do Daesung and the world a favor by getting rid of the bad girlfriend. While she thinks that she's going to get a hot night from TOP, he quietly assinates her and leaves her on the bed. (neckbreak IRIS style)

    And the moral of the story is, don't cheat on Daesung (why would you he's super fit) because TOP will kill you.

    The end. :D

    9 years ago
  27. for the Showdown vote: Big Bang in Vegas!

    9 years ago
  28. Ok, this is what happened:__BigBang stole 1.2 billion dollars from the casinos in Vegas through various scams and fraud with the help of a beautiful girl who played DS's girlfriend during the job. The only problem was that DS actually fell in love with her. The woman seduced him in a motel room one night, and DS told her where all the money was hidden. __DS woke up alone the next morning and realized what had happened. He ran to his band mates who were assembled on the hotel roof to avoid cameras and/or listening devices to confess his stupidity. The five immediately split up to search for their stolen, ill-gotten wealth. __GD first checks their back-stabbing, ex-partner's room in the hotel, then all the boys' rooms just in case she had been counting on them being the last place they'd look and hidden there. Not finding her, GD went to look in the ruins of a carnival, one of the places that she had mentioned having loved as a child.__See Next post for more

    9 years ago
    • SG, who was too young to be able to help search much of Vegas, went instead to the beach because the woman had talked about her love for water many times during their partnership.
      DS, who still harbored a grain of hope that the woman loved him back somewhere deep in her heart, returned to the desert where she had seduced him, praying that she was there waiting for him to catch her. After searching for hours and reliving every conversation they'd had, trying to glean clues about where she would have gone, he gives up and checks into the same motel room where he'd messed up so badly. Partly to punish himself, DS refuses to make himself more comfortable by turning on the air conditioner as he sweats away the stress and fear that his band will be turned in for the theft or that they'll all hate him for losing the money.
      See next post for conclusion

      9 years ago
  29. LOL~~~ :D Big Bang Tonight~ winsss >O
    Question Simon~ Did you get your shirt for Shirt.woot? :O LOL I swore I saw that shirt design somewhereee :OOO LOL

    9 years ago
  30. I enjoyed this a lot lol. Very amusing seeing Simon go all fan girly for Big Bang lol. As for the story line I'm really confused as well. When I first saw the video I thought maybe all the guys had been with her yet Daesung was the one who truly fell in love with her and Top got her at the end and the cycle continued. So maybe she's a female pimp or something lol.

    My theory though for the contest? Top knew about Daesung's love with this girl. She broke his heart and so he got his revenge. He introduced himself to her and they partied all night in Vegas and ended up at his hotel. Taeyang's job was to keep an eye on Daesung and make sure he didn't go back to the hotel which was easy enough since he went to his former love's and his secret love making spot. So, Top was upset that Daesung got hurt by this girl so he decided to do the same thing to her. As for GD I have no clue what he's supposed to be doing except looking hot and Seungri I agree with Martina (or Simon lol) that he's just underage in the U.S. so he couldn't do anything but sing on the beach lol. Maybe he liked this girl too. But in the end Top got his revenge for hurting his Daesung and ToDae love is forever!

    9 years ago
  31. DAE and TOP both loved the same girl and are both wishing she was with them – that's why it goes to faded colors when she's in the picture. TOP and DAE are trying to recreate and retrace their steps back when she was with them. While TOP is buttoning his shirt – she's not there when it flips back to color.

    They all seem upset that a girl took their soul and their heart and they all want it back.

    I think TONIGHT is all about them regretting a lost love and opening themselves up to have a fling to erase the memories. 'Let Me Blow Your Mind' refers to the new direction they are embarking on and it's a beautiful night to go out and do just that.

    9 years ago
  32. Hurrr, I vote for SJM's badass Chinese, LOL.

    9 years ago
  33. my youtube username is: bermudez2805
    Well, I was supposed to comment on youtube, but the message was too long. Here it is:

    I think it's a lot like the movie hangover.
    You know, they don't remember anything of the past day. So first they all are gathered on the rooftop and they want to find out what happend the past day. So, GD starts to tell that he was supposed to go out, but because of his useless sense of direction , he couldn't find the way out. Daesung starts to remember something, about this girl he was with, TOP starts to remember something about a girl as well, and they actually finds out that they've been with the same girl. Daesung gets emotional and wants to go look for her and ask her if it's true, that she was with both of them. Taeyang on the other hand gets really mad at this chick, and drives around in his car to find her and teach her a lesson. Seungri is so tired of the talk about this girl and especially of Daesungs emotions, and he decides to leave them and go to the beach instead. Well, Daesung does not find the girl (he looked everywhere, at a motel too), neither does Taeyang, so they end up in the desert, tired of looking after her and both are out of gas, so GD, TOP and Seungri went to the desert and find them. End of story.

    9 years ago
  34. In my opinion the star of the video is Daesung.

    GD just tell what TOP think (and that just makes the rap) and Seungri Taeyan also have a secondary role in the video.

    So the story is this:

    TOP is the first that was with the girl, but he don't want to fall in love.
    She seeks refuge in Daesung who fall in love with her.

    But the girl can not forget TOP and she always go when TOP need she.
    Dae searches the beach and the hotel are the places where he has been with her.
    TOP only use the girl and then leave the room.He only have fun and Dae is who have the pain.

    The video show that TOP have a kind of power to atract the girl. I think that TOP role is a bad boy that can do everithing that he wants with the girl.

    I do not think that is a betrayal among friends, ie the characters they play are not within the group Bigbang is just a story.

    9 years ago
  35. The girl is a playgirl. She played with Daesung(DS), TOP and GD. She left the average person DS because she met TOP who is a billionaire and who owns a hotel. During her relationship with TOP, she met GD who is full of charms yet a bad boy. The two players met and "play" with each other. But in the end, GD left her because he found out that the girl fooled him (being with him and TOP at the same time)

    Note: Gray or gloomy or desaturated scenes are memories.

    0:30 -GD went out from somewhere after having a s*x with the girl. Noticed that he is fastening his button.
    0:45- brokenhearted TOP reminisces the days when he was still with his gf.
    1:01-brokenhearted DS went back to places where he spent time with his gf.
    1:14-DS's memories
    1:30-Seungri's finding his friend DS. He's trying to go to some places (beach, desert)
    1:51-(maybe in the past) GD found out that his gf is a player. He was angry about himself. A playboy fooled by a playgirl.
    1:59-Taeyang searching for his friend DS.
    2:58-DS remembering his night with his gf.
    3:11-everyone was irritated/mad because the girl fooled them.
    3:26-TOP is in the room where GD and his gf f*ck each other. (He owns the hotel, he has access to every room). I don't know if TOP also had a sex with her, maybe a goodbye sex, I dunno. Whether they had sex or not, it is clear that TOP will leave her forever.
    3:30-TOP had teary eyes after seeing what just had happened.

    The scene where GD is on the hallway and the last scene (TOP in the room) are connected. GD left the girl, then TOP came in. He saw the girl just right after having a sex with some other guy(GD).

    The evil girl dumped DS to be with rich guy TOP. Then she finds GD. She two timed GD&TOP. TOP found out this and broke with her. In the end playboy GD dumped her too because he found out that she's a bad girl. GD ended their relationship with a goodbye sex.

    **Sigh* it's so hard to explain.. Pls. Choose me as the winner for their album. I really analyzed every detail in the music video. It is just hard for me to express it fluently.

    leemarymaui22bb – my youtube user name

    9 years ago
  36. T.O.P. stole Daesung's girlfriend. End. And I too was pleasantly surprised at Daesung's transformation. I've always loved him and he was honestly the first one I noticed in BB. But he's always been in the "puppy" category…until now. Now, Erica is very confused. :-/

    And BB has my vote for the comeback. But I've also been having a hard time getting into SJM since Han Geng left. :(

    9 years ago
  37. Okay, so here's what's going down:

    TOP is the son of an infamous mob boss who has been torn out of his youthful age and thrown into a world of crime, terror, and death (hence his cold expression). The girl is his first love from when he was a teenager, but he forced himself to break up with her because he didn't want her to get hurt. He has been keeping tabs on her to make sure she's alright, and finds out that she's dating Daesung, his best friend. TOP gets jealous and tells her that he wants her back, but he knows she's in love with DS and is just using him for his money. He's angry with DS and the girl for betraying him, so he decides he wants to get revenge. Meanwhile, Taeyang is the undercover cop who has been trying to bust TOP's less than moral business transactions for years. He knows TOP is in Vegas somewhere, but he doesn't know where exactly, so he drives around hoping for a glimpse of him. Daesung and the girl have happy times driving around in the desert and later go to a hotel for more, ahem, happy times. After the girl falls asleep, Daesung leaves to go grab some coffee and breakfast for when she wakes up. Using GD as a lookout, TOP sneaks into the room with the intent of killing the girl, but when he sees her sleeping his cold heart melts a little and he decides to kidnap her instead. In his mind, he knows that if the girl is with him long enough she will start to love him again. GD calls Seungri, who is also in TOP's mob, and tells him to meet them at the beach with TOP's private yacht so that they can get away to a small island out in the Pacific. GD helps TOP drug the girl and takes her to their car while TOP takes one last look around the room and decides to leave a note for Daesung. "Tonight…such a beautiful night. Goodnight." Daesung is confused at first, but then it dawns on him that the note is in TOP's writing. He realizes TOP has done something with his girl and gets so scared he becomes sick and feverish, but he doesn't know what to do. Daesung collapses in the hotel, Taeyang is still out searching, and TOP, GD, the girl, and Seungri are long gone. Ze end. :)

    YouTube: FearTheFlowers

    9 years ago
  38. I commented earlier but I don't see it so I am going to post again, sorry if it double posts!

    Tonight- The Big Bang Gang

    Big Bang has come to America to partake in the lucrative business of drug running. They have Suengri working on the Mexican gulf coast, where he procures the drugs, Daesung is the drug runner, TOP and Taeyang are the drug lords centered in Las Vegas, and G Dragon runs a hotel as a front business. Little do they know that the operation has been compromised. The DEA has busted TOP, and he agreed to bring in an undercover agent in exchange for immunity. The agent immediately falls in love with TOP, and she decides to go in on a deal with the other members of the Las Vegas side to keep the drug money, and pin the whole operation on the Southern half of the gang. She seduces Daesung to get enough evidence to frame him, and then goes back to TOP. But TOP is wracked with regret, and seeing her only reminds him of what he has done to Daesung. On the night of the bust, as Daesung is hiding in the desert from the cops, Taeyang is cruising their territory, and G Dragon is taking care of the hotel, TOP is wondering where it all went wrong. He says to himself "tonight, such a beautiful night", in an attempt to remind himself of the positive side of it all. He then makes a split second decision, says "goodbye" and decides to abscond with the money on his own, and start anew.

    9 years ago
  39. Super Junior M… no comments needed <3<3<3

    9 years ago
  40. my vote goes for BIG BANG <3
    I totally love their mv!! Tonight rulezzzz ;)

    as for the story…basically the storyline is as follows:
    Big Bang members go to Vegas to have some fun and to play a prank on YG ;)
    they go their seperate ways and do whatever they want to do;
    -GD stays in this fancy hotel, wanders through its hallways, plays hide and seek with Gaho all the time ;D
    -TOP like a boss, picks up a girl, sings her "jibe kajima=don't go home" and when she stays with him, just like GD taught him (in "Baby Goodnight" …he reads to her until she falls asleep ;D
    -Daesung gets lost while driving, loses his wallet and has to stay in this cheap motel without AC ;) heat makes him imagine things that he could do if he had money ;)
    -Seungri like a creeper observes his hyungs and plans on telling everything to papa YG ;)
    -Taeyang ( because of "I need a girl thing" he feels pressure) wants to finally pick up a girl too, so he rents this badass car, drives around the city…but he's driving too fast and none of the girls can notice him. He miserably fails…and joins Seungri in his spy mission ;P

    they end up meeting in the desert and they all decide that Korea is like heaven on earth and that they will never leave YG again ;D
    In the end they return to Korea, and comeback with their awesome album to the joy of all the VIPs around the world…and Martina of course too ;P

    my youtube account is :agata219

    guys you totally rock…I'm always looking forward to your new videos! :D keep it up guys! :)

    PS. By the way, Simon is your surname of Polish origin? :) because I'm Polish and it kinda seems to me like it is :D

    9 years ago