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Boyfriend – Janus: Kpop Music Monday

November 20, 2012


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You’re not a batgirl! You’re not a catgirl! You’re not a fatgirl! You’re not a…good rhymer. Umm. Ok, so we’ve been singing Boyfriend’s “Janus” – just the chorus, really – and mangling it all week to suit our conversation’s needs. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here:

Woohoo! Our first time talking about Boyfriend for a Kpop Music Monday! See: we talk about other bands, too: not just the most popular ones! To be honest, we were surprised that Boyfriend won this week. It was a close battle with B1A4, who usually destroy everyone on the KpopCharts, but I think Boyfriend posting our KpopChart update on their Facebook page helped a lot. Woot! I think B1A4 will definitely win next week. No? I’ve got no clue. All I know is that we’ve been dying to wear the BILASA Shirts for a Kpop Music Monday and haven’t had the chance to do so yet!

Well, now let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the nastiness of the lyrics. Like, whoa

Your small, trembling shoulders, your small lips
I’m sorry – you collapse before me
You swallow me up hotly

OOOOOH I put that in italic text to make it look sexiers! Anyhow, that’s the English translation. Here’s the Korean:

떨리던 작은 어깨가 그 작은 입술이
미안해 내 앞에서 주저 앉는 너
뜨겁던 나를 삼키고 니 눈물 훔치며

Now, our Korean isn’t good enough to detect the nuances, so we ask those of you who speak Korean: is this as nasty in Korean as it is in English? Please let us know! Also, if you’re not sure why the English is nasty, we refuse to explain it to you, SO DON’T ASK.

Otherwise, we weren’t fond of the video. It’s supposed to be symbolic and all, and to represent something something something which we talked about in our video, but we don’t like it when a movie or any work of art relies on symbolism alone. We like videos to be able to stand up on their own as interesting, and have symbolism supplement the meaning. If a video’s only symbolic, then it kinda fails, in our opinion. This video was all symbolism, and ignores the fact that Boyfriend SUCK AT BEING BOYFRIENDS. Whenever Martina’s cold, I offer her my jacket or sweater or anything. The girl in this video has exposed shoulders and it starts to snow, and Boyfriend doesn’t do anything to help her. Yeah. Not the most gentlemanly behaviour, if you ask me!

Last thing we wanted to mention that we didn’t talk about in the video: we Boyfriend’s fan group name: Bestfriends. It would have seemed sensible to call them Girlfriends, but what if Boyfriend has fans that are boys? That wouldn’t be very representative of those fans, right? So, I’m not sure if Boyfriend’s management considered this or not, but I think that it’s a great name for their fan group. So…yeah!

Anyhow, we’ll stop our rambling here now. We’re giving away a Boyfriend CD to celebrate a couple of things: 1) This is the first time we ever talked about Boyfriend for Music Monday, and 2) We just passed 250,000 subscribers on YouTube. Sweet! We’re dedicating this giveaway to you, YouTube subscribers! (P.S. Click this link if you aren’t subscribed to us on YouTube yet!)

So! To win this giveaway doesn’t require a creative answer at all! It just requires diligence. We put a whole bunch of Batgirls in our Music Monday. First YouTube subscriber to give us the right answer wins! And, no, you can’t leave a million comments with a million different numbers, you potential spamming cheaters, you! You can answer either here or on YouTube. If you answer here, please leave your YouTube name so we can make sure you’ve subscribed, of course!

Lastly, we’re announcing the winners of our Block B Interview Contest in the bloopers, here. So check em out!



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Boyfriend – Janus: Kpop Music Monday


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  1. There are 20 batgirls!!yt username: Beyah06

    8 years ago
  2. I counted 19 batgirls.
    Youtube username: Blondesaxplayer.

    8 years ago
  3. I just want to say that I had so much fun doing this, and that I never want to scrutinize your videos again cause now I’m bugged by the fact that something red randomly shows up in your sink around 5:19…. Also, I did this for fun, and I do not want to be included in the contest cause I just…don’t…like….their music……..*cough*

    1: In Music Monday logo 0:05

    2: On Laptop in various scenes

    3: Randomly shows up for breakfast at 0:39

    4: Maegeo Batgirl in the last O at 0:48

    5: Stalker Batgirl through doorway at 0:54

    6: Lucky Batgirl in Simon’s hand at 1:22

    7: Bat-Batgirl in the shot at 1:31

    8: Bani-shed!! Batgirl at 2:15

    9: Flasher Batgirl (oh my) at 3:32

    10: Rocking the Frame at 3:38

    11: I’m watchin you cry at 4:16

    12: Creepy-ass museum Batgirl at 4:51

    13: Love thy Engrish at 5:59

    14: Love thy Boyfriend at 6:15, 6:18,

    15: Yay I’m a Batgirl! At 6:20

    16: Giveaway Batgirl in the first O at 7:08

    17: Explain the contest Batgirl at 7:30

    18: Revenge of the Batgirl at 8:13

    8 years ago
  4. I counted 20 bat girls! :D
    youtube: rukia1335isaw3som3

    8 years ago
  5. i prefer MBLAQ’s Cry

    8 years ago
    • And actually they blinked quite a lot there… and we couldn’t even see G.O’s eyes because of his hair. :D

      8 years ago
  6. I vote for MBLAQ, and I think there were 18 batgirls….maybe? :D

    8 years ago
  7. 22 batgirls ^^

    Youtube name: TheOokamiGirl

    8 years ago
  8. i believe there was 16, that’s including the one on your computer screen, the one that popped up at the end, and the one you used as an example, ps i loved you 50 shades of Kpop skit, that was GENIUS!

    8 years ago
  9. 18 batgirls? Lol Youtube: Lifesimplified41

    8 years ago
  10. 17 batgirls :)

    Youtube name: Himeko1313

    8 years ago
  11. Omg Maegyeo XD…whoa those English lyrics…wow ….yep that’s all I can say about that….Martina I love your hat!!!….and sadly I did not count the batgirls….this was a great KMM…and finally Boyfriend debuted on it…cheers!!

    8 years ago
  12. There was either 19 or 20 of the batgirls

    8 years ago
  13. Oh my, those Korean lyrics are making me blush to say the least. I’m really curious whether those lines really mean in Korean what we think it means in English. Because if they do, then…WOW…umm….are they old enough to be singing this? o__o

    8 years ago
  14. 0:05

    0:09 (on computer screen being repeated in throughout the video)















    6:20 (2 of them!)




    *at 6:23 the main girl has a batgirl mask but I won’t count it

    *interesting side note, at 0:36 the red cup in the sink it gone but then reappears when simon is talking. :D

    So, in total, there is 21 Batgirls. I really want that CD! lol

    8 years ago
  15. I’m not a fan of Boyfriend but it was definitely one your best Kpop Music Mondays! But you didn’t review the dance… :

    8 years ago
  16. YouTube name: veronica mejia
    I saw 12 Batgirls!

    8 years ago
  17. Loved your new term Maegyeo! Hahahahahah

    8 years ago
  18. I am going to say 17 Batgirls.

    8 years ago
  19. Though B1A4’s video was one I was really excited to have you guys review, I’m super happy that Boyfriend finally won on Music Monday in the end! (i also choose them for being the ultimate sissy baby)
    As for the bat girls, I spotted 20, 21 if the bat girl at 7:30 counts ^^
    (my account name on youtube is thatsmytoqueeh ~)

    8 years ago
  20. I’m sure someone else probably already got the right answer but i found 15 lol probably total fail ^_^ user name azure shade

    8 years ago
  21. *cough* *cough* *cough* . . .Note to self: never eat while watching Simon and Martina’s shows . . . too much laughing . . . *cough* *cough* Ahem… any who i shall pick MBLAQ ^^

    8 years ago
  22. MBLAQ

    8 years ago
  23. thank you again for this video ! I really like the batgirl things

    You didn’t actually talk about the dancing part, Where you too focus on the
    beautiful sad story that was happening to our dear little boy ?

    ps :I really like your blue dress martina ! Where did you buy it ?
    by the way I would say there is 20 batgirls and i think the MBLAQ MV was much better
    yt : yiayiane

    8 years ago
  24. username: lazypea93
    19 batgirls

    8 years ago
  25. I know ! it freak me out ! Plus it’s seem like there is no emotion in them.

    8 years ago
  26. I saw 21 batgirls~ (I hope that’s right >w<) yt: pierrotinlovee

    8 years ago

    8 years ago
  28. this music monday made me laugh so hard XD

    there are 18 batgirls, YT name: alternativeked

    8 years ago
  29. I was listening to this song last night and I suddenly realised it sounded like they were saying “You’re not a Batgirl” XD I imagined the New 52 saying that to Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown…and it was very sad and funny.

    8 years ago
  30. I love the little batgirl thingy that pops up.

    8 years ago
  31. i was so sure it’s 18 batgirls but after goin through the comments i’m confused bc so many different answers.
    my vote goes to mblaq

    8 years ago
  32. so BAP became Boyfriend and now Boyfriend has become BAP.

    8 years ago
  33. Lmao, durinf your intro when you show the video, I had to burst out laughing, it DOES sound like ‘You are not a Batgirl’ hahahahahahaha ohmygawd, gotta love engrish! btw, I found some enghrish in the US!! on this wheat flour snack it says, Low Calory!!! XD I couldnt stop laughing and im regretting not taking a pic to show you all, I will soon when I have to go grocery shopping again XD

    8 years ago
  34. youtube username: xochitlBTK
    I got 16 (if you count the one in the laptop too) (15 if not)
    *(loled at the 50 grades of k-pop)

    8 years ago
  35. I counted 18 and didn’t include the girl in the video who you put a mask over cause she isn’t the right batgirl. It had to be the batgirl that you pointed an arrow to and said “this batgirl”.

    8 years ago
  36. One of my favourite KMMs so far! Seriously funny guise :D

    8 years ago
  37. Found 17 batgirls(:
    Must say, one of the most awkward sounding title I’ve encounter xDD

    8 years ago
  38. I’m totally voting Boyfriend for the MV Crying! Theirs was on theme – Janus (said Yanus btw) being the god of transition; it was showing how that small moment when one had support from his friends and the other was ridiculed was enough to change the future for that person. Basically they were both possible doorways for Janus to open as the character’s future. One possible future had him get back on his feet and the other had him spiral into depression; even though both of them lost the girl. It’s Janus’s job as a God to make those decisions; open gates and doors to new things, change the ending for something/someone, etc. That’s all Janus! Just thought that might be interesting to you since you said you didn’t get what was happening too well haha!! BUT YES ANYWAY that’s my vote! :D

    8 years ago
  39. MBLAQ ;)

    8 years ago
  40. I vote MBLAQ…..:)

    8 years ago