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Exo – Mama: Kpop Music Mondays

April 10, 2012


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Mama! Just let me be your lover! Wait…no. That’s a different Mama. This Mama is totally different, and still pretty damned AWESOME!

So EXO-K has finally made their very very long awaited debut! *cougheventhoughweconsideredthemdebutedwithWhatIsLovecough* First off, we are really digging this song. It is seriously epic and the video matches it perfectly. Great production value and great dancing. We totally enjoyed this music video! Hopefully you all had the chance to catch our three teasers leading up to this week’s Music Monday and we want everyone to know that we made those teasers all in good fun to inject some humour into EXO-K. Even though we loved this song and video, we feel like EXO-K is being presented in a very serious light, and by serious I mean not goofy. We’ve got the million teasers, the “prologues” leading up to their “story”, the totally super serious 1:30 mythological introduction which introduces their backstory, the monk like chanting, the serious expressions in the music video, and even the lyrics are serious about unhappy and serious issues…WHY SO SERIOUUUUSSS!!!!

We all know that in reality EXO-K are really just humans acting the part of aliens or mythological beings, and, really, they’re just a group of talented guys chosen by a company to play the role the company wants. Now we fully acknowledge this “deeper reality” part of the kpop world and frankly, we don’t give a crap about it because we still think the kpop members themselves are extremely talented and should be acknowledged as such regardless of their company backing. However, no matter how serious the band’s image is, there is always room to be poked fun of and joked with, because at the end of the day, it’s much nicer to laugh and smile then fight with people about their differing opinions. Our goal for Kpop Music Monday has always been to make people laugh, and we like to sprinkle that laughter with a few opinions about marketing trends and production value. So hopefully you all had a good laugh at our teasers and also enjoy our review of EXO-K’s “MAMA”.

Now onto more serious business. How freaking cute was Spudgy in his little bear ear monk robes? WHOA. Our dog is so patient with us. Now a lot of people wanted to know why the cat Chicken who we are cat-sitting for did not have a teaser video, and that’s really easy to answer. Chicken is evil. If Chicken was larger, she would try to eat all of us. In fact, she has already tried. We fully believe that Chicken does not want to be a house cat and does not enjoy being with humans. She should be set free into the jungle where she can terrorize other animals. Simon has grown up with four cats, all of which we adopted, one which was found feral in the woods, and even that cat was able to be trained into be a loving animal that wants to be pet. We have never met a cat that doesn’t want to play with feathers, eat catnip, be pet when arching, or clean itself obsessively. A cat that doesn’t want to groom itself when in a lovely patch of sunlight is off to me. Scary.

Thanks to our friends who forget to tell us the important detail of their cat being evil. “Oh she’s called Chicken because she’s just shy”. What you meant to say was, “Oh she’s called Chicken because she’ll make you a coward who’s afraid of the little kitty cat hiding under your couch”. Thanks Brian and Whitney. Thanks.

OMG back to EXO-K! A couple of things we wanted to address that we couldn’t fit into the video! The cartoon at the beginning of the video was SO SO SO top notch and well done. Even though the English was difficult to follow, wow, the graphics were just, WOW. Also the special effects were incredible and not cheesy at all. That fire bird was amazing! Regarding the lyrics, we know that people are going to comment on this so we’ve got it say it now before they start flooding in. The word “MAMA” can have a few different meanings, and although we joked about it meaning mommy in our video, in reality it probably means more like Queen Mother. It’s not used normally in everyday Korean conversation, but I’ve heard it in several Korean historical dramas to address the Queen, and considering that EXO are mythological forces of nature, they’re probably talking to mother nature, or some kind of magical mother deity. But if I could choose, I’d prefer it to mean Seungri’s version, of MAMA as a hot mamacita. That would definitely shake up the meaning of the song:

Die, kill, fight, shout – this is it a war
Help us super hot woman, super hot sexy woman, super hot woman, super hot woman, turn back
Help us realize super hot woman sexy hot woman super good looking woman super hot woman, rolling back
Clash, hit, take sides, fight – this is not a game
Help us sexy hot woman super hot woman smexy hot woman foxy hot woman super hot woman, turn back

But I see the English “turn back” and “rolling back” still don’t work…ohh…

Well, enough blathering! If you’re a fan of the song as much as we are, you can pick up the EXO album on either YesAsia or iTunes. Or, if you’re in the mood for something more epic *awkwardcough* you can check out the music we made for the teasers for EXO, for free, here!

Woot! Lastly, it seems like this entire Music Monday was just a ball of bloopers. Here are this week’s bloopers, as well as the two EXO teasers and one Prologue we posted. Ooh! So…tease-ey!

KMM_Teaser_29_MARTINA (1) HD Full (English ver.)

KMM_Teaser_30_SIMON (1) HD Full (English ver.)

KMM_Prologue_1_Spudgy (1) HD Full (English ver.)



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Kpop Music Mondays


Exo – Mama: Kpop Music Mondays


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