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Exo “Overdose”

May 14, 2014


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EXO’s back and we’re talking about their latest song “Overdose.” Check out the awesome dance for the video (and don’t pay too much attention to the WTF intro):

Now, we mentioned how we checked out their album as well, and how we actually like the rest of the album more than Overdose itself. We do know, though, that those songs wouldn’t be fit for a music video. There’s music for eyes and music for ears, and Overdose is definitely one that’s made for visuals. Does that make sense? I don’t think Moonlight and Thunder are as easy to dance to. They’re not as marketable, and can’t emphasize EXO’s talents as much as Overdose can. I think it’s kinda like how, still, “What is Love” is our favourite EXO song of all time, and definitely in our top three Kpop songs of all time altogether, but that didn’t really have its own video or dance.

We were motivated to get EXO’s album after last week’s Music Monday, thanks to the comment section here. Unicornsgalaxy said “Unfortunately, a lot of hidden gems get missed that way though and unless you know someone who is a huge fan and can persuade you to listen to the B side songs or you happen to stumble over them you will never know what you’re missing.” And so we figured we’d give EXO’s album a shot and see if this is the case.

We were pleasantly surprised! And now I’m actually intrigued: we like the rest of the album more than the title track; does that happen with you often? Have we been missing out on a lot of great songs, or is this the exception and are title tracks usually the best tracks on an album? Should we be talking about the albums more in our Kpop Music Mondays? We’re thinking about doing a Music Monday talking about some of the best hidden gems on Kpop albums, so if you’ve got any suggestions for awesome un-marketed songs, we’d love to hear em!

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We’ve also got some bloopers, including a lot of bucket talk. Not bucket hats, but…MMMBUCKET. It’s an inside joke we have with each other. I even made Martina a MMMBUCKET shirt for her birthday. Hard to explain what it is. Just…MMMBUCKET!

Also, if you like the EXO anthem, we put the Extended Version in our store. Get it if you like it!

And, lastly, don’t forget to click on this fancy pants button below. It’ll subscribe you for more videos, and we’ve got some really cool ones coming up this week. Another announcement video on Thursday! It’s worth the click, so do it!



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Exo “Overdose”


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  1. So glad you’re mentioning songs without MVs! In my kpop experience, I usually like the title track second best (or least, in the case of Why So Serious and Wolf), so there are tons of other songs that I love that I feel don’t get the recognition they deserve! Some of my all-time favorites are:

    Te Amo by U-KISS
    Beautiful Stranger by f(x)
    Boom Boom by Super Junior
    Dressing Room by After School
    Light Up The Darkness (어둠 속을 밝혀줘) by VIXX
    Ready Set Go by LC9
    The Rise Of Bangtan (진격의 방탄) by BTS
    Shake The World by GD
    Take Me Away by U-KISS (basically the only ballad that I love)
    Wanna B by Block B
    What Should I Do (어떡하지) by VIXX

    Some albums where literally every song (except for one or
    two) is great are:

    SHINee’s Misconceptions Of You
    SHINee’s Misconceptions Of Me
    EXO’s XOXO (try saying that 5 times fast)
    Big Bang’s Alive
    Royal Pirates’ Drawing The Line
    Lim Kim’s Goodbye 20
    Big Bang’s 2nd Mini Album
    AKMU’s Play
    Phantom’s Phantom City
    B.A.P’s One Shot Mini Album
    Cranfield’s Vol. 1
    Even if Simon and Martina don’t listen to all/any of these, I hope that some Nasties can pick up a few new songs they like. ^^

    6 years ago
  2. Heeeeey beautiful boy! Let me love you…

    6 years ago
  3. Personally, I tend to like the other songs on an album more than the title track. For example, I really love listening to “Peter Pan”, “Don’t Go”, and “Lucky” on EXO’s first album. On their new mini album, I am currently trying to learn the dance to “Overdose”, but I can’t stop replaying “Moonlight” and “Thunder”.

    As for some other songs that I prefer over title tracks check out the list below:) (this is off the top of my head)

    2NE1- CL’s Solo “MTBD”

    SHINee- “Symptoms”, “One”, “A-Yo”, “One For Me”, “Graze”, “Best Place”

    BTS- “Tomorrow”, “If I Ruled the World”, “Cypher Part 1”, “Cypher Part 2: Triptych”

    K.Will- “Come To My Crib”, “Hey You”, “Marry Me”, “Fade Out”

    6 years ago
  4. THE EXO SONG IS EPIC! I think it’s officially my fav besides taeman xD

    6 years ago
  5. You should definitely talk about the albums in your Kpop Music Mondays. My favorite songs on an album is almost always non-title tracks. You said you were disappointed with kpop last year, and yes maybe 2013 lacked amazing title tracks, but there were sooo many great full albums and non-title tracks released last year. If I was going to post all my favorites my list would go on forever. You have definitely been missing out!

    6 years ago
  6. Personally, I loved this song! Definitely more than wolf, and almost as much as growl (almost…).
    When I went threw the album, I FREAKING LOVED THUNDER LIKE WOO. It has a 2000’s r&b style that reminds me of the good old days before I got into Kpop, and just yes… I love it.
    I also love moonlight, but I wasn’t really feeling run or love, love, love. Although, I have a feeling that those songs will grow on me the more I listen to them.

    About the album thing: I have found that the title track does not represent an entire album. A ballad title doesn’t mean the entire album is mellow, and a hard-core rock title doesn’t mean the entire album is hard-core. Just because the title doesn’t suit my taste doesn’t mean I’ll dislike the rest of the album. That’s why I’ve made it a habit to look at entire albums to at least give groups a chance.

    I’ve actually noticed that your Music Mondays are very much based on the title track, and you seem to make judgements on the entire album or group based on the song (I might be wrong, its just a hunch) (No shade by the way… I don’t really mind. Just making an observation). So I definitely recommend you review the album, rather than just a song :) (and you get to find gems and know a group more so it’s a win-win really).

    Some suggestions:

    – BTS have some amazing songs on their albums (especially Skool Luv Affair), as well as pre-debut tracks. They write all their lyrics (and write/produce most of their songs), so you tend to find a lot more meaningful, relatable lyrics as compared to the common manufactured pop song
    (Eg. Tomorrow, School of Tears, Adult Child, Spine Breaker etc..) <—– Look at the Lyrics!! :D
    (Ps. If you haven't already, N.O. and No More Dream are two title tracks that have great lyrics that actually aim to HELP teenagers and question aspects of Korean culture and society, which is surprising for a rookie Kpop Group).

    – BAP's latest album isn't actually as ballad-y as one might think judging from '1004'
    (Eg. Band X2)

    -EXO's previous albums are actually really really good too. Especially XOXO Repackaged version. Black Pearl and Heart Attack are personal favourites

    -Bigbang's 'Ego' is a special gem I've discovered recently

    -2NE1's Crush have plenty off songs that I've loved more than the title track actually, including MTDB (kudos to Martina for mentioning that) and an acoustic version of Come Back Home if the beats don't tickle your fancy

    -AKMU's album is also really sweet with a mellow sound. If the bright bubbly 200% percent or sad 'Melted' aren't your thing, there is always an array of mellow in-betweens that may suit you instead
    (Eg. Don't Hate Me, Subway etc.)

    So… that's all I can think of off-the-cuff. As you can tell, I'm a bit of a YG and HipHop biased fangirl. So other bands don't come to mind immediately… :/

    6 years ago
    • WOW. Almost forgot:
      SHINee: Symptoms, One Minute back
      GD: Black, Shake the World, Window, I like It
      Got7: Like Oh

      6 years ago
  7. This KMM was awesome! Martina, your song was amazing! Well worth the wait ;D

    Ok, so to the non-title tracks I love:

    SHINee – Orgel
    2NE1 – I’m Busy/I Don’t Care (Reggae Ver.) (seriously, this version is waaay better than the original IMO…I do’t actually like the original but this one is just awesome!)
    EXO – Heart Attack
    MBLAQ – Sexy Beat
    Ladies’ Code – Supergirl
    TVXQ – Love In The Ice (ok, this one is extra ballady, so maybe you won’t like it…but I fell in love with it when I saw it live on Youtube, so many feels!)
    XIA – No Reason/Turn It Up
    BTS – We On/Tomorrow/Like
    GOT7 – I Like You/Like Oh
    BAP – Punch/Check On
    Big Bang – Hands Up
    GD&TOP – Intro
    GD – Niliria/Shake The World/The Leaders
    SNSD – You a-holic (it’s in japanese, but hey…)

    Ok, I think this is enough for now haha

    Love you guise! =3

    6 years ago
  8. i like this song a lot and the songs on the album EXCEPT for one of them……i don’t know it’s name cos i listened to it halfway only once….
    and oh god those hats are soooooooooooooooo gross!!!

    6 years ago
  9. Have you guys heard the rest of the songs on EXO’s XOXO album? I LOVE literally every single song on that album.

    6 years ago
  10. Ahahahaha I love the EXO Anthem! I appreciate that you took the time to research our fandom’s inside jokes, like Xiumin being a baozi and Tao a panda…

    I agree that this EP is absolutely awesome. And yes, oh yes, there are so many hidden gems in kpop. I could go on and on listing 100 songs and I wouldn’t even be half done. But I’ll try to be brief…

    Black Pearl
    Don’t Go
    My Turn to Cry

    How to Love
    Thanks To
    Let It Snow

    Girl’s Day:

    Baby Maybe




    A Girl in Love

    Frozen in Time
    If That Was You

    Falling U
    Bye Bye
    Goodbye, OK
    I Really Really Like You


    Light Up the Darkness

    Wonder Girls:
    Sweet Dreams

    If I Were You

    Even If You Leave Me
    Call My Name

    And I swear, every single song by Bilasa. If there’s one group whose unpromoted tracks you should check out, it’s them.

    Okay so I went a bit overboard with this. Sorry ahahaha I understand if you give up after just looking at this list. And this is just a random selection btw, there are a lot more I wanted to include. Ehem. Well. Enjoy! :3

    6 years ago
    • Totally agree with your choices! EXO’s Don’t Go is my favourite song of theirs hands down and Black Pearl is pretty amazing too. XOXO was actually a pretty good album as a whole :)

      You missed Heart Attack! Its a great rnb track ;)

      6 years ago
      • XOXO is definitely an exceptionally good album, it seems to one of the most mentioned albums in this comments section! :)

        6 years ago
    • Weird. You listed a lot of my favorite B-side songs. And YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS to every single song by Bilasa. Seriously, if you look beyond Bilasa’s sometimes-weird-sometimes-serious concepts, you will discover a TON of amazing songs. Real talk.

      6 years ago
      • Cool! Are there any other songs that you would have mentioned? There were so many that I left out that I like just as much, maybe we match even better lol… Oh and which are you fave B1A4 songs? Mine are Super Sonic, You Are My Girl, In the Air, Amazing, and the whole 1 album, especially Wake Me Up. Damn that’s one genius album.

        6 years ago
        • I actually just commented my favorite B-side songs of 2014 in this blog post, but since it wold probably take you forever to find it, I’m just gonna post it here. It’s only 2014 songs tho because the list would be endless if I include songs from the past years.

          B1A4/Bilasa ‘Who I Am’ album:
          – Too Much
          – Road
          – Seoul

          B.A.P ‘First Sensibility’ album:
          – Body & Soul
          – B.A.B.Y
          – With You

          BTS ‘Skool Luv Affair’ mini album:
          – Tomorrow
          – BTS Cypher PT. 2: Triptych

          2NE1 ‘Crush’ album:
          – If I Were You
          – Good To You

          Sunmi ‘Full Moon’ mini album:
          – Who Am I (feat. Yubin)
          – Frozen in Time

          Michelle Lee ‘Without You’ single album:
          – That’s OK (feat. Oh Taeseok of O Broject)

          MBLAQ ‘Broken’ mini album:
          – Our Relationship
          – 12 Months

          Akdong Musician ‘PLAY’ album:
          – EVERYTHING TBH

          EXO ‘Overdose’ mini album:
          – Moonlight
          – Thunder (aka BEST EXO SONG EVER! lmao)

          As for my favorite B1A4/Bilasa songs… why you gotta this? This is freaking hard. Is it okay if I choose five? I’ll exclude title tracks. Here’s my list:
          1. In The Air (from the In The Wind mini album which is my favorite B1A4 album yet)
          2. Good Love (from What’s Going On mini album)
          3. Because of You (from Ignition album special edition)
          4. This Time is Over (from Ignition album)
          5. Starlight Song (from What’s Going On mini album)

          – I didn’t include any song from the latest album, Who Am I, because I need to listen to that album more. Although that album is underrated and awesome.
          – I also loved the first two mini albums but I think B1A4 truly established themselves musically from Ignition album. So that’s why there is no mention of songs from those first two minis. :D

          6 years ago
        • Ahahahahahha sorry didn’t mean to pressure you… Seems like we both have great taste in music :)

          6 years ago
        • I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but yeah, our taste in music is off the charts. lmao

          6 years ago
    • I love Exo’s Black Pearl and Sistar’s A Girl in Love.

      6 years ago
    • 90% of Block B’s B-sides are just as good as their singles. Especially “Nice Day”, “When Where How” and “Halo”.

      6 years ago
  11. Oh my God, I am speechless! This is so fantastic, you must have put so much work into it! I wish it existed when I was trying to learn their names. I had Xiumin, Kai and Kris right away, then Lay, Chen, D.O and Tao because they have specific looks, Chanyeol was easy to remember, so was Baekhyun, but then I confused Luhan, Sehun and Suho for a long time before I got them right.

    I’m glad you mentioned the album, because it is really good. Thunder is hands down my favourite, but I also love Run!
    You should really do that B side review you’ve been thinking about. I am definitely rooting for this.
    Thanks for a very entertaining KMM guys!

    6 years ago
  12. You should totally make a music Monday about the hidden gems, I personally find most of the album songs are better then the title song but those songs are hard to make a choreography for ,but the song is way better , the albums that I think you should check out are : shinee (misconceptions of me), Exo (xoxo),f(x) (pink tape), block b (blockbuster) , shinee (everybody), only to name a few . And their are alot hidden gem , so I recommend you listen to the album as a hole because the title song is not always the best song ( well most of the times it’s not).

    6 years ago
  13. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with basically everything EXO has done so far. I kind of figured that with the huge promotional buildup they were bound to be a letdown musically, which isn’t really fair to them, but there you have it. I’ve really enjoyed their music so far, though. Let Out the Beast, Peter Pan, and 3.6.5 are three of my favorites from the first album.

    Also, in the not-quite-K-pop realm, Cho Yong Pil’s When I Am With You. I love that entire album (Hello), but that’s the song that introduced me to him, and it’s still my fav.

    6 years ago
  14. I totally agree think so many great kpop songs are missed because they’re not easy to dance to. some hidden gems from kpop albums (imo!)are SHINee’s “spoiler” and “symptoms”, exo’s “machine”, “heart attack” and “my lady”, b.a.p’s “save me”, got7’s “I like you” and “follow me”, and bts’ skool luv affair has so many awesome songs, “spinebreaker”,”tomorrow” and “cypher pt 2” is a damn good rap song!

    6 years ago
  15. Thunder Cats?

    6 years ago
  16. Thank you for acknowledging those terrible clothes. I haven’t laughed in weeks because of Uni work and stress; Simon’s hats were hilarious! I think you do miss out on really good songs when you don’t listen to an album, for example one of my favourite songs is G.NA’s Green Light. I hope you carry on talking about albums :)

    6 years ago
  17. exo’s xoxo, block b’s blockbuster (honestly all of their albums??), b1a4’s who am i, mfbty’s the cure, infinite h’s fly high, shinee’s sherlock, miscons of me, cnblue’s re:blue, bluetory are some of the albums that imo, are just ((((gold)))
    suju’s sorry sorry + shinee’s shinee world albums are def oldies but goodies (y)
    altho rly the perfect example of ‘hidden gem’ would be Symptoms ;u;

    6 years ago
  18. Tony Testa is the choreographer for Exo’s Overdose and Wolf and SHINee’s Sherlock, Dream Girl and Everybody. He is awesome.

    best hidden gems on Kpop albums:
    SHINee Why So Serious Album:
    *Excuse me miss
    SHINee Everybody album:
    *One Minute Back
    I’m maybe SHINee bias, but I want to share my fav songs from their two last albums x)

    6 years ago
  19. I have always been pleasantly surprised with EXO’s music. I really liked their first releases of “What is Love” and “History” and “Mama” was good but not my favorite. Then on that mini album I LOVE “Machine” it’s really a great track. On XOXO I really love “Black Pearl,” “Let out the Beast,” “Baby Don’t Cry,” “Heart Atack,” and “My Lady”. Probably “My Lady” is my favorite it has really smooth feeling, with snapping, a really nice guitar sound in the background, and a smooth jazzy, r&b overall feel (not sure that makes sense). That song always makes me feel really happy. EXO has always surprised me about that. Then I always love SHINee’s stuff like “Stranger,” “Up&Down,” “Dangerous,” and everything from Dream Girl; The Misconceptions of You. Random thoughts lead me to say miss a’s “Lips” off their “Touch” cd. Also I really love “Thunder” too!

    6 years ago
  20. FT Island’s Can’t Have You from The Mood. OMG that’s such a friggin good song, and yet they had to promote anotheeeer rock ballad. ****argh*****

    6 years ago
  21. SuJu hats were definitely the sillier of the 2. I didn’t hate the ones in EXO.

    6 years ago
  22. Life = made.

    6 years ago
  23. Great review! If you guys are still considering doing an album segment for KMM, here are some suggestions:
    – U-Kiss’ Collage
    – AKMU’s debut album
    – f(x)’s Pink Tape
    – Rain’s Rain Effect
    – TVXQ’s Tense
    – Lee Hyori’s Monochrome
    – Ga In’s Truth or Dare
    – Lunafly’s Ain’t No Normal Guy

    And others I forgot. ^^; Hope they’ll keep you guys busy!

    6 years ago
    • Totally agree about Collage! It is the album that made me truly notice U-Kiss. It is such a shame that “Amazing” from Doradora mini album does not have a music video. Seems like a great party track.

      6 years ago
      • Collage is one of my favorite U-Kiss albums! I agree with you on “Amazing”. I can picture the guys cruising around the city night and have an outdoor party on the rooftop– New York Style! :D

        6 years ago
  24. Martina!!!! I love your randomness when coming up with songs! Love the lip color/pattern. Yall make me laugh. Also, I like EXO’s Thunder as well :)

    6 years ago
  25. Thunder?

    6 years ago
    • wait lol i haven’t heard the song do they actually sing “thunder” as in Cheondung because that would be hilarious if they’re just singing his name xD

      6 years ago
      • ahh I see they’re calling out for Thunder hahaha xD Chanyeol really wants to get on his good side eh? haha I think i spelled his name right?? lol

        6 years ago
  26. Bwhaha, when I was first learning EXO’s names I kept mistakenly calling Luhan, Liu Kang also. XD That said, I always refer Luhan as Bambi.

    6 years ago
  27. I definitely think there are some hidden gems on Kpop CDs and that’s honestly what kept me in engaged in Kpop this past year when I wasn’t a fan of many of the singles/MVs released. There are a lot of great examples of this, but the main one that comes to mind for me is f(x)’s Pink Tape album. Personally, I hated “Rum Pum Pum,” but ended up loving most of the songs on the album. Shinee’s past few albums had some great non-title track songs as well. Even with SNSD’s “I Got A Boy” album, there were some great songs like “Talk Talk,” “Express 999” and “Lost in Love” (and I usually hate ballads) that weren’t given much attention because they weren’t exactly the type of songs that make for showy MVs. So I would definitely recommend listening through an album even if you dislike the title track, and I’d love to hear you talk about either the albums themselves or hidden gems in kpop at some point! :)

    6 years ago
  28. *runs in circles excitedly* ヽ(´∇´)ノ (∇´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´∇) ヽ(´∇`)ノ
    GAHH!!!!!!!! I WAS FEATURED IN THE BLOG POST!!! I’m not even sure why I’m so excited about that!

    I need time to process…I’ll come back later and leave some of my favorite ‘B’ side songs.

    6 years ago
  29. Shinees symptoms is also one of my favorites c:

    6 years ago
  30. Baby don’t cry is another good one from exo :) it has the urban rnb~soul vibe, hope you check it out!! It has a really nice piano + beat to it ~~

    6 years ago
  31. KARA – Mister is probably the biggest example of a b-side with no official video that became bigger than the main track. For me, Girls Day – I Don’t Mind, and Sistar19 – Girl In Love hit the sweet spot.
    Was about to hit post, then thought of BEG – Recipe. Also good

    6 years ago
  32. eheheh…I’m a normal fan but I remember all their names after watching their showtime…but I’m sure people will find Martina’s song an even more enjoyable way to learn… :-D… I laughed so much at the Kris part (your name is English and it’s easy to remember…XD)

    6 years ago
  33. OMG I just watched this here at the library but I had to stop this video because I couldn’t hold my laughter! The self-composed song is just hilarious, you guys are geniuses! And liked the hat-swop! The music video is typical Exo in my eyes quiet boring expect from the dance of course which is awesome, the song isn’t my favourite of all Exo songs as well, but I did like it especially the chorus!! Go EXO! P.S.: the wall banging reminded me of theri sunbaes DBSK-Mirotic^^

    6 years ago
  34. I feel bad leaving SHINee out of the silly hats poll, guys.


    6 years ago
  35. Where did you unearth all of those hats?? And are the knitted hats with eyk written on them for sale???

    6 years ago
    • We actually got a lot of them in packages people sent us. And we kept em :D That’s what our closet’s for!

      6 years ago
  36. It´s an amazing song. I think the lyrics are talking about their fans (stalkers, oh)…
    Moonlight is great. Also I loved “Black Pearl” and “Let out the beast” from Growl album.

    6 years ago
  37. Martina!!! How can a song be both hilarious and sexy sounding? That was amazing! That bit should be in it’s own video, too!

    6 years ago
  38. I think Overdose is a great mini album, but imo XOXO was a notch up – enjoyed every single song on it. MYNAME’s albums (or rather single albums), especially their latest one, and C-Clown’s albums have pretty quality songs too :)

    Also, good work on the song lol got a few laughs outta me.

    6 years ago
  39. is avril levine their makeup artist?

    6 years ago
  40. Ara


    6 years ago