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G-Dragon “Crooked” – Kpop Music Mondays

September 24, 2013


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AYO FINALLY! G-Dragon released “Coup d’Etat” and “Crooked” while we were out of the country, and they held up onto the KpopCharts for so long, so now we’re going to talk about “Crooked,” our favourite of the two GD tracks. Check it out here if you haven’t seen it already.

It also seems to be a lot of other people’s favourites, as it has more views that Coup d’Etat. I mean, Coup d’Etat is a pretty video and all, but the song is kinda…meh. We find Crooked a lot more accessible.

Speaking of accessibility, something that really excited us is Pitchfork’s review of Coup d’Etat. If you’re not familiar with Pitchfork media, it’s pretty much a music website powerhouse that defines the musical tastes for a vast amount of people of this generation. We personally use Pitchfork a lot as well. While we don’t agree with all of its reviews, some of which we TREMENDOUSLY disagree with, Pitchfork has definitely introduced us to LOADS of music that we wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise.

The fact that they didn’t give Coup d’Etat a glowing review doesn’t bother us. We have GD’s album. We listened to it a few times. It’s…alright, but it’s not groundbreaking stuff. In the context of all the music that gets produced around the world, a 6.1 out of 10 seems about right. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible.

So why are we excited about it? Because Kpop is rarely talked about seriously. Most of the conversations we have about Kpop with music buffs result in Kpop being pooh-poohed away. It’s not music made with heart and soul, it’s not artistically innovative. It’s very well packaged and exceptionally marketed to its audience, but it’s not music for music’s sake, you know? A vast majority of it is fluff. It’s fun fluff, though! And just because you like serious music doesn’t mean you can’t like fluff, and vice versa. We’re just happy that GD’s album isn’t spoken about as fluff. It’s being discussed seriously, by serious art snob Pitchfork, you know? That’s a conversation that we rarely see happening. Sure, it happens in the Kpop community, but it’s not a conversation that happens from people not steeped in Kpop culture. For all of Gangnam Style’s success around the world, it was only taken as a joke and a novelty. For GD’s album to be seriously discussed fascinates us tremendously. You know what I mean?

Still, though, thinking about GD and his music, I’m wondering what the next step will be. I remember having a discussion with someone high up in the music industry, and he said that the thing that bothers him about Korean Music is that there isn’t a voice for a generation. Who is the voice of Korea? Who sings about their lives? GD could be that person, I think, but from what I’m seeing most of his music is really ultra-personal, more about him and his life. And, let’s face it, majority of us aren’t ultra successful ultra rich pop stars, so it’s not really something a lot of people can relate to, you know? Who are the Lady Gagas of Kpop advocating diversity? Does Korea have a Nirvana speaking to its generation? A Kanye West? Sure, those examples might evince an “ewe, that person’s gross and has ____ amount of flaws,” which I’m not arguing against. I just want to know if Korea has popular artists that speak for the plights that their generations are going through. Who is the conscience of Korea’s music industry? More than just idol-worshipping, I hope.

Part of me wants to see GD pull a Bon Iver: lock yourself up in your cabin for 6 months without any outside contact and emerge with a beautiful album that wows the world. Would that be good for his market and audience? Would that be good for the Korean music industry as a whole? I don’t know. All I can say is that if had to put my money down on someone being able to speak for its generation, I think GD could do it.

Yeah man. That was, umm, deep. We’re happy for GD and what he’s doing, so we’re giving out a few GD CDs as well. If you’re interested in winning one, here’s what you gotta do!


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Lastly, if you feel like some more lola, here are this week’s Bloopers!



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Kpop Music Mondays


G-Dragon “Crooked” – Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. isa

    My favorite part of the video was the whole last part. You see him with his friends, partying, dancing and causing a general chaos, all with an ‘i dont care’ look and just pissed but not really fragile or hurt. but it its not until the 3:07 mark that you see everything finally catching up. You see sadness, dread, and general exhaustion reach him. You see him crying in stalls, small clips of him running but now his face is tear strained and eyeliner runs down his cheeks. Now you see Kwon Ji Yong, vulnerable and breaking. and thats what really made an impact on me. I just love GD a lot and im worried that this song is how he really feels, like his ultra successful rich life isnt as perfect as before. idk man.

    youtube user: Isa Joffre

    7 years ago
  2. i won’t pick only one part of the mv, but all the moments that GD looks up to the sky (he did this a lot in the mv)
    i don’t know about you guys, but when i’m sad, i have this tendency of looking up, trying to hold back my tears, and also kind of looking for help. i’m not religious or anything, but i just have this habbit, as if looking to the sky may calm me down…
    GD did that a lot in the MV (0:05 ; 0:24 ; 0:31 ; 0:39 ; 1:05 ; 1:13 ; 1:28 ; 1:34 ; 1:42 ; 1:50 ; 2:12 ;2:52 ; 2:56 ; 3:08 ; 3:11 ; 3:25; 3:36) – i may have left some off
    the point is, sometimes, like 0:24 , 1:50 , 2:12 (especially) , 2:52 , 2:56 – those are moments when he’s clearly revolted, 2:12 especially, when the lyrics says “i’ll spit towards the sky” , and he actually spits (^^), those are moments when you can see the fellings that he’s been talking about the entire song. he’s angry, revolted, alone, and in those moments, he’s putting averything out, to whoever is up there, or whoever listeng to him.
    on the other moments, he just seem tired, like giving up, and that’s another feeling that he talks about in the song. i particular like the 3:25 because hes almost falling, so “crooked” he’s that time.
    i love this song, from the first time i’ve heard it, and i always stay emotional because of that ( my hands are shaking right now) because it’s a really deep song, with so many strongs scenes in there. i think GD is saying things that everybody already feels, the pain of being alone, of being left behind, but he manages to take that to another level, much more deep.
    i’m sorry i’ve talked to much, but i don’t think there’s nothing i don’t like about this song and MV. what i’ve said up there was just one point that called my attetion and that i have indentified with.
    sorry for any english mistakes also ^^

    7 years ago
  3. So my answer didn’t fit on YT, so… Here it is. XP My username is ReaKinata.

    For me, my favorite scene was very very brief, and in the very beginning. It set the tone for the whole video, IMO. At :13/:14, he’s running (when is he not? lol). But for a brief second and a half, the look on his face has one of pure pain and depression before it cuts to a more rebellious GD running. Just that one brief glimpse of his pain in the beginning, though, it told me immediately that everything isn’t quite as it seems, as we were shown later on with his crying scenes, which also got me. But that was my favorite, because it told us right in the very beginning, so the later scenes didn’t seem abrupt or out of place.

    7 years ago
    • I agree! The quick shots of him looking so still, down and depressed were really powerful in the midst of all the running and hollering.

      7 years ago
  4. Look at GD going all punk rock. I wonder if he watched Sid and Nancy or 24 Hour Party People.
    I completely enjoyed that little running ditty, and the Spudgy/Meemers version at the end as well. You can’t go wrong with a banjo.
    Your blog comments on Pitchfork reminded me of the Portlandia Pitchfork sketch.


    7 years ago
  5. That “Runs” song…I don’t have words. Funniest shit (punny!) I have seen in a Music Monday in quite some time (besides the glorious Fangurilla of course). This is my favorite track on GD’s album and I loved the feeling of alienation and desperation in the video combined with the manic running, all around, an ace combo, so I’m ecstatic that you reviewed it and liked it. Two side notes, 1- GD is not crushing, but GODZILLA STOMPING 2 AM in the poll, 2- Please tell me that Drunken Tiger’s “The Cure” wallpaper on the laptop is yet another sign of the MFBTY that I am PRAYING is coming?

    7 years ago
  6. Did anyone else notice that Soo Zee has a JYP Crystal headphones? Just saying. . .
    Anyway, I really think that G-Dragon blends well with foreign countries because of his clothes and stuff.
    Funny coincidence, but G-Dragon WAS on Running Man with Seungri and Daesung. Just reminded me since Martina made the Running Man Joke.

    7 years ago
  7. SMS is the new JYJ

    7 years ago
  8. Yay I got to see SImon point to JYJ! well…sorta… good enough!
    Now all I need is for him to run tho the left and point! or dance to Hyuna’s solo song whenever that is…

    7 years ago
  9. Kim

    my favorite part was when he was crying/sad in the bathroom stall cuz he looked so cute!! And it shows that even though he is a badass he still as a soft spot. youtube name Yoona Inna

    7 years ago
  10. Poor Fangurilla …

    7 years ago
  11. This is my favorite album from him, personally I think his vocal suits pop-rock too, beside hiphop/rap. I love Crooked and Runaway very much. Coup D’etat and You Do are really unique and they keep growing on me, but I can understand why people doesn’t get into it. “R.O.D” is the most beloved for his fans though, as I see.

    Thank you for the MV review :D

    7 years ago
  12. My daughter and I laughed our backsides off at “Oh my god, I killed a child!” and a few other places in the video. Awesome job guise! I’m so glad you picked this over GD’s other video. :)

    7 years ago
  13. pffffhahahahaha just when i thought this would be a serious discussion over GD’s video…… “OH MY GOD, I killed a child!” happened…. and then “He’s Got the Runs”……. so funnyyyy! this totally made up for the recent lack of KMMs~ keep spreading the joy of laughter to all the children of the world…. and GD. you guys totally make my day!

    and JYJ’s song……. my sentiments exactly -______-;

    7 years ago
  14. Can I say that I like this part when he is checking his gum… Like 1:04 “Hi gum, how you doin?” :D but for real I like this moment when he is sitting on this car-sofa whith his bike next to it. Like lost child who doesn’t know what to do next. But later you can see that he is still riding. So for me it’s kind of like : he was lost and tired but he get ovet it and startrd again :D my ytb acc : Czoko Muffin.

    7 years ago
  15. BTW, I like the scene where he peeing in that child look baby blue suit. It seems like he loved to act peeing nowadays. This time in public tho. I found it’s odd, when he choose to pee in side-street but he had to cry in toilet stall. While he seemingly had ability to run fast, then how difficult it be to find nearest public toilet?? LOL and he even had a suit!

    7 years ago
  16. My favourite part, hands down, would be the scene where he kicks all the peoples food off the tables. Well not so much that part, but the part after where he goes and LIES DOWN ON THE TABLE WITH MUSHED UP FOOD ON IT. At least he wasn’t wearing that sick ass fur coat of his!

    7 years ago
  17. Kim

    my favorite part was when he was crying/sad in the bathroom stall cuz he looked so cute!! And it shows that even though he is a badass he still as a soft spot.

    7 years ago
  18. Kim

    my favorite part was when he was crying/sad in the bathroom stall cuz he looked so cute!! And it shows that even though he is a badass he still as a soft spot..

    7 years ago
  19. I like the parts where he’s in some kind of park and he is all by himself. It’s because he’s in the park with no one to play with so it makes me sad because he is super rich but he has no true friends to play with. So he has to play by himself, with himself a bike and a basketball as his only company. And he seems so lonely on such a big couch at the scene 1:20. Because he’s not even singing or anything he is just sitting by himself. The scene is shown from far away. So he really is the only one in the park. So to me it seems depressing, and it seems real.
    Like a kid is an outcast in school because no one wants to play with you because they think your weird.
    Anyways Fighting GD!
    Youtube: Jessica Carrasco

    7 years ago
  20. Hey guise! :D I would like very much to win that GD album so here it goes:
    My favourite part is the one from 1:57 to 2:28. I think it fits perfectly the lyrics (here’s the english translation):

    I’ll put on thick eyeliner, use a whole can of hairspray
    Leather pants, leather jacket with a frown
    I want to hide my pain and become even more crooked
    So you can feel sorry, I’ll spit toward the sky
    You’re scared of my crude words and my rough eyes
    But actually, I’m afraid, I want to go back but I have nowhere to go
    I want to love but no one to love, what am I supposed to do?
    I can’t turn it back

    So, it shows GD masking his pain with superficial matters. The beauty saloon, the cars, fashion itself, and clubs. It’s like he’s trying to “change” to forget, but ends up drowning further as he acts in a reckless way. The places he visits are set in “dark” tones, almost like the city where it was filmed, what is pretended is a gloomy visual, much like the phase he’s going through. The epitome of this part it is, I think, the one where he’s at that outdoor eating place where he just kicks everyone’s food and drinks and no one seems to care. “But actually, I’m afraid, I want to go back but I have nowhere to go, I want to love but no one to love, what am I supposed to do?”. He’s hopeless.

    It think it is indeed a very relatable video and it is beautifully shot. Sharp and quick cuts give the rhythm the song needs. Even though he’s acting he made it believable and genuine. I think its great (:

    Sooo, that’s it for this Attempt to Make a Mini K-Pop Music Monday, I will leave you to your choice now xD
    Greetings from a portuguese nasty! Wish you guys all the best!

    (my youtube account is name is Maria Inês Rodrigues, or tkjm94)

    7 years ago
  21. I really liked Martina’s running song and Spudgy/Meemers version as well. :D

    And tiny GD vs FanGURILLA.

    7 years ago
  22. bwahahahaha that country song!!!

    i loved this song!!

    7 years ago