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Kpop Music Monday: the 100th Episode Special!

September 4, 2012


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Hello all you Nasties!

This here, today, is our 100th Kpop Music Monday! Thanks to a all of you for sticking with us for so long, and for not booing us off stage (or the internet). For our special, we’ve got some things we want to do, which we’ll mention at the end of this post. For now, though, let’s start with our review G Dragon’s “One of a Kind.” If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

So, as for the video itself, let’s begin with a disclaimer: there’s far too much for us to talk about in this video. There are tons of different approaches to take, tons of different talking points. We could have talked about the symbolism the entire time, but our video’s already 10 minutes long, and we kinda want to keep these videos no ridiculously long. Then we could have talked about G Dragon’s weird hair, which – it seems – a lot of people don’t like, from the comments we’ve read at least.

One of the things we don’t really get to talk about for Kpop Music Mondays, though, is how much we disagree about songs sometimes. We really disagreed about this song and video, but talking about it thoroughly in video would take too long. That’s what this site’s for, yay! Unadulterated rambling!

OK, so here’s the deal: the imagery of G Dragon hanging with his crew and looking hard – we’re not sure how we feel about that. Well, Martina feels no way about it, but I get the hibbly jibblies watching it. I don’t know why. I can’t fully put my finger on it. I think it’s because, to me, to look hard with your crew is something that suggests street cred, which – yes I know I myself don’t have any – but I don’t think GD has any, either. Am I wrong here? Maybe he’s a lot more gangsta than he lets on. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he is gangsta or hood in any way, and so this screams of insincerity to me, and it makes me feel icky. Sure: maybe GD is just acting here, like he is when he’s playing tennis. I don’t think he’s sincerely trying to say he’s a tennis player, so why should I think he’s sincerely trying to be gangsta? I don’t know guise; I don’t know. Help me through this! Am I misunderstanding something here? Martina sure thinks so, but we can’t put the words to it properly.

Anyhow, if you like the song more than Simon does (it’s alright, not not GD’s best stuff), you can pick it up via iTunes, though, that’s only a music video link. Can’t find the link to the song itself. Hrrm.

OK! That’s it for now. I feel like we can’t have all too serious a talk here about the video (sorry for people looking for a more protracted discussion) because we’re just happy to have reached what is, to us, a pretty big milestone!

So, for starters, here’s our special Music Monday video. It’s pretty much a compilation of our favourite Music Monday jokes ever, the jokes we keep on using over and over again. If you’re new to Kpop Music Monday, then this will serve as a primer to our lame humour. If you’ve been around for a while, hopefully this will give you a few chuckles.

BE WARNED, THOUGH: this is over 18 minutes long! So, you’re gonna need to have some free time on your hands to get through it all:

Ha! We couldn’t help but squeak out a few awkward laughs out loud in the coffee shop as we were editing this. Seriously, guise: our skits are so incredibly lame, and we can’t help but laugh, not because they’re funny, BUT BECAUSE THEY’RE SO LAME.

Anyhow, we want to thank you for watching our videos and for letting us continue to do this. So, we’d like to give away some Eat Your Kimchi shirts to you awesome people. Yes, it’s not a Kpop CD, but we didn’t know what CDs to pick. GD? That’s just this episode: what about the 99 others? Know what I mean? We’ll do other Kpop CD giveaways later, for sure, as we always do.

So, we’re giving away an Eat Your Kimchi shirt, a Bilasa shirt, a Batoost shirt, and a Spudgy shirt. If you want any one of these, here’s what you gotta do to win!

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3) If you chose to leave your answer in the comments here, leave your YouTube username in the comment as well, so we can make sure you’re subscribed :D

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We’ll pick four winners and announce them in the bloopers to next week’s Kpop Music Monday!

And, lastly, we’ve got bloopers from today’s video as well, in case you’re in the mood for more silliness. HELLO!



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Kpop Music Mondays


Kpop Music Monday: the 100th Episode Special!


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  1. nah

    GD’s own version of rose colored glasses i think. i mean fan girls are crazy and think there idols are one thing but need to take of the blinders and see who they are with out a bias- ness(?) and i think my Favorite Kpop music Mondays would be Simon smashing the SM ads as i want to do the same every time and took a lot of pleasure from that part of the video.

    7 years ago
  2. I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome you are! I feel bad when I hear how some people hate on you. You do so much to help make kpop and Korean culture more accessible to English speakers in a hunorous and fun to watch way. And whenever I’m feeling down I just have to rewatch your vids to start laughing again. Thank you so much for that!

    7 years ago
  3. My favourite kpop music monday??…aish so hard..but the phrase i say the most lol is “Rub My banana’s” lmaoooooo I say that in real life and have my friends saying it along with me lol so basically I love most music mondays because most have that phrase in it lolllll

    Youtube User Name: Speckleddots

    7 years ago
  4. it maybe a bit weird, but my favorite Kpop Music Monday momnet is when Simon is ruining every sexy dance out there. It’s freaking hilarious, Uuuu, you so nastyyyy! Actually i don’t know anybody who would be brave enough to do it in public, and sober.
    Youtube user: biralachana

    7 years ago
  5. My favourite KMM moment was when you did your own parody of PSY’s Gangnam
    Style. I mean, Eat Your Kimchi + Gangnam Style. Could it get any
    more awesome?
    (YouTube account: Chochanie)

    7 years ago
  6. That Samsung thing reminded me of glados from portal xD

    7 years ago
  7. my favorit scene was Big Bang – Fantastic baby. I loved it and played it already so many times :D

    7 years ago
  8. i love the shinee lucifer moment when you guys said: “grasshopper!! yes sensei!!” xDD funny shit!!

    7 years ago
  9. My favorite moment <3 when Simon was wearing the wig and yelled (?) "SOY UN DORITO" while holding the Dorito haha I loved it. <3 ever since then, every time I hear "Shinee's Sherlock" its just not the same, I start laughing like crazy!!! My mom even asked me if I was okay xD haha she watched it with me after I told her how Funny it was =)
    Now she understands haha

    7 years ago
  10. Nothing, nothing can compare to Shower song from B.A.P ‘Power’ review (I have that on my mp3 player, it was my ringtone for a while :D)
    (Youtube: Chemilija)

    7 years ago
  11. http://hallyuguru.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/g-dragon-is-one-of-a-kind-in-k-pop-indeed/ << I found this review on GD's one of a kind and thought that you might find it an interesting read :)

    anyways~ I am so proud of how far you guys have come! started watching your videos about 2 years ago now and I've enjoyed watching all of them since x) hope you guys keep making these videos for us and I hope I get to meet you guys one day too xD wish you all the best for the future and hope you get to interview more korean artists as well!! Happy 100th K-pop music monday episode!! EatYourKimchi forever!!! <3 x)

    7 years ago
  12. My favourite scene was literally Hyuna’s bubble pop music monday when Martina warned us at how Simon was really gonna ruin our image of Bubble pop and then I ACTUALLY did start shivering and flinching at every single thrust and burst of movement and grunts that Simon was doing while gasping at horror while watching it ;_; IT WAS JUST TOO MUCH SIMON!!! And ofcourse, also it was the birth of our fanclub name NASTIES!!!!! :D WE OWE HYUNA ALOT FOR THIS Hahaha!

    Youtube: Bagal92
    Facebook: Yazan Al-Sanad

    7 years ago
  13. I’m so surprised that you guys didn’t talk about the drug reference at :52, especially since you talked about it in High High! But that’s okay.
    Thanks for making 100 MMs for us!
    Also, my favorite moment in Music Mondays was the scene from SUJU’s Spy MM where all the idols (meeting at TOP’s headquarters) were afraid you were going to expose the fact that kpop idol have powers! (hopefully that description made sense…) That was hilarious! Maxtime, Junsu, and GD’s A-yo were just so good there! My username on youtube is tuesbakadesu.

    7 years ago
  14. YT user: erianiita

    Congrats guise! Congrats spudgy for dancing at the end of the KMM :D!!
    well..;A; there are many KMM Moments that i loved! but if i had to pick one…is JYJ – Ayy Girl sexy window EVER!! x’D

    7 years ago
  15. :3 Congrats on reaching your 100th KMM video!
    I haven’t been a fan of you guys for a very long time (prolly like 2 months at max?) but since I discovered you guys, I’ve watched almost all of your videos. Proud of what you two have accomplished! Keep it up! ^_^
    Anyway, my favorite KMM moment? Has to be the very first video I watched of yours, your review on 2NE1’s I Love You MV. “Bull-O-Jerky Everyday!” <—-Had an insane giggle fest because of this. That part also showed me that I'm not the only one who hears these crazy lyrics in KPop songs. (Super Junior's "Sorry, Sorry" is forever ruined because of that!) So keep up the great work! I'm always looking forward to your next video! (^_^)/ Fighting!
    Oh, and YouTube user name is TaebinSe7en (Cuz I'm a dork…with no shame though!) U_U
    *Oh! And I always fangirl (which I don't do often, I swear!) when Simon calls himself a Dothraki man warrior. Forever a Game of Thrones fan! It is known! XD*

    7 years ago
  16. I feel like the Dr. Meemersworth shirt should be her being held in a ball like you guys do. Or doing doctor things.

    7 years ago
  17. My fav moment: Hyuna’s Bubble pop and Martina saying “If I wasn’t married to Simon I would be deeply disturbed by now” I think this sentence captures your essence and your awesomeness.

    Tat said, Martina you look Gorgeous in this video, and the make up is amazing!

    7 years ago
  18. Youtube user: livelifewell10
    I loved the KMM Psy ‘Gangnam Style’ parody! XD

    7 years ago
  19. Hah! forever a Nasty!

    7 years ago
  20. Honestly, guys, picking ONE favorite moment would be like asking someone to choose between their children!! However, if I have to pick one, I am going to go with the very first episode because it kicked off something that has been amazingly epic!

    7 years ago
  21. YouTube account: luluamu
    My favorite KMM have always been my first meeting with Mordney when he uses the scarf, and says: “dees ees geeft!” (this is gift), and “magically” turn the scarf into the manbra. I totally did not see it coming! I laughed out loud, something I barely do because I don’t like to gain attention. But I totally didn’t care that moment.

    7 years ago
  22. one of my favorite KMM moments (other than the ones mentioned..and well…ALL of KMM moments) is actually not mentioned in the video. i really like the part where simon is imitating TOP running out of the collapsing building in MONSTER! that part was HILARIOUS! i could not stop laughing for days…(TOP…i think you should get some tips from simon)

    7 years ago
  23. My favorite KMM moment was during Big Bang’s Monster Review. When we find out that Martina hates turtleneck shirts and proceeds to get rid of Simon’s turtleneck and run over it with her car and her neighbor in the back is like “oh look its our neighbors and what in the world are they doing?” O.o Also Simon as TOP doing the slow motion run and the cologne ad XD that whole video was just so hilarious.

    7 years ago
  24. youtube user: adaliz3
    My favorite part was “A Man’s Guide: How to Kiss in K-Videos” in Bang Yong Gook’s “I remember” Kpop Music Monday. It was soooooo accurate. (Also works for K-Dramas)

    7 years ago
  25. I voet for TVXQ! I love your video’s

    7 years ago
  26. YT handle: cloiebuggeater (same as here)
    Congrats on 100 KMM! and I have watched every single one. I think my favorite moment is the “Bunnies are Puffy.” rap (My 5 yo randomly shouts this on a regular basis). It’s closely followed by EYK Style and “Top in a cup” (Matina’s glee at top in a cup is epic).

    7 years ago
  27. youtube user: imnotgonnatakeapill

    Watching this video I was trying to think of my favorite moment ever. That’s like asking which kpop song is my favorite ever.
    Anyway, I think I have to pick Simon’s “Power” parody because I downloaded it from your SoundCloud months ago and STILL listen to it all the time. My mom has walked in on my countless times as I sing and re-enact your re-enactment. It makes me laugh every time!

    7 years ago
  28. Simon and Martina Stawski, YOU guys are One Of A Kind.

    Thank you for 100 episodes of Music Monday, and two years of amazingness.

    Honestly, I think I can say with certainty that no matter how famous EYK gets, you guys will never change and will always be the same fun-loving, quirky, laid-back, hyperactive family that you are. (Meemers and Spudgy of course, included.)

    Therefore, my favorite Music Monday moment is how, regardless of the song or artist, two years have passed and you are still as genuine as the very first episode. :)

    (And because of that, I’m actually going to support you guys and buy an EYK shirt.)
    Oh yeah, I’m so NASTY. ;P

    May you continue to enjoy success doing what you love. I will forever be a faithful Nasty, creating my own small group of Nasty followers for you guys !

    Love always,

    7 years ago
  29. youtube = hahahatessa

    I like that in the very first KMM you (Simon) are wearing the exact same shirt as in this one. Simons shirts are all my favourite moments. <3

    7 years ago
  30. ……I take a shower!!! WHOA!! For half and hour!!! WHOA!! :D :D lol

    7 years ago
  31. i vote for GD’s One of a Kind ’cause he’s so weird that even the bear seems “Dafuq did i just see ?”, but GD’s still cute and funny XD

    7 years ago
  32. Intoxication was the very best inside joke. Why? Well it just happened to be the birthplace of THE NASTIES! Junsu is a kindred spirit for all the creepy dorks out lurking on the internet and most heavily on eatyourkimchi.com :D

    7 years ago
  33. Simon/Martina, I know you think that GD’s ghetto-nest is fake or he’s not sincere, but the first time I saw him after heartbreaker, i can’t remember which video it was, but I felt like he would come out with a video like this someday because my first thought was that he is so ghetto and would fit in perfectly with my brother’s crew. Trust me there is no insincerity with him and his ghetto looking crew in this video and the corn rows suit him perfectly in those scenes. GD IS GHETTO IN HIS BONES DEEP IN HIS SOUL!!!

    7 years ago
  34. All the things you do in your videos are absolutely hilarious, but my favorite is definitely Simon’s “I LOST MY PAANTS RIPITO FLIPITO SIPPI SLOW MOTION” hahah…
    I actually walked around singing that for weeks after I first heard it ^^”
    (youtube username: thunggyuuu)
    Love you and your videos, keep up the amazing work ♥ ^^

    7 years ago
  35. the 100th anniversary special was so touching

    7 years ago
  36. YouTube username: BeEnvious (I’m embarrassed of my username too)

    Saying this partially because I’m a bit YG-biased too but all of your Big Bang and 2NE1 reviews. Seeing Martina so happy and doing her celebratory happy dances always makes me happy too :) and that time when Martina hurt her ankle (that wasn’t my favourite part, but I digress) and made Simon do her dance in her place lol and how Simon pretended (?) to be unhappy to do it

    I love how sincerely you two make these videos every week along with your other videos, thank you! ♥♥

    7 years ago
  37. congrats for 100th episodee <3 ^-^

    7 years ago
  38. Youtube username: jaershk27

    my all time favorite Kpop Music Monday moment was when Martina was ordering a sandwich from Simon on Super Junior’s A-cha! My sister and I were literally rolling on our bed while watching! My sister even watched it for like 3 times just to memorize that part so that she could re-enact the scene with me! It was so hilarious!

    7 years ago
  39. J.J

    seriously i think the funniest moment (of course for me) is Cosine the Infinity of my love :
    give me two sides of the opposite angle from the star that equals half AB sin C…into the depths of my heart give me a right angle, what have you hot to lose? Baby i whip out the length of my hypotenuse…i literally peed my pants
    also my favorite part …What master mind could be some kind of a puppet master to this people? BUAHAHA ! Do you know me ? this is Mordney present….. and of course Max time. On second thought that whole episode was my favorite

    7 years ago
  40. My favorite part of KMM was the reenactment of the girl trying to protect Thunder in MBLAQ’s “This is War.” I couldn’t stop laughing for 3 minutes straight!
    My youtube username is latias412

    7 years ago