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Super Junior – Mr. Simple: Kpop Music Mondays

August 8, 2011


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Yes, yes you were SM. Shame on you for giving us the high expectations of a fresh and crazy upcoming Super Junior music video with Siwon in his green underpants. Do you realize how many hearts have been broken? How many daydreams have been shattered? What was the point of those terribly misleading teaser photos? We were sure this was going to be the Super Junior epic movie answer to TVXQ’s “Before You Go” but NO! NOTHING NEW! Were we the only ones disappointed? GIVE ME THE UNDERPANTS DANCE!–> screams Martina

Plus, right off the bat, we were like “OH NOES!!! when we first heard the song” Come on! It’s not easy for English speakers to overlook lines like this. It’s the first thing you hear in the song, bad Engrish. Come on, SM! You’re doing a lot to promote Kpop internationally, and we respect that, but for those people who aren’t diehard ELFs, and not into Kpop, and are trying to get their way into it, lines like this are a bit alienating. People will laugh right away, and you don’t want that. Not everyone will laugh, of course. Like we said, your fan base will support you no matter what, but newbies might not be as forgiving. Know what we’re saying? Just, really, hire an English speaker, for like, 20 bucks, to look over the lyrics. Some people will even do it for free! Hell, we would! BECAUSE WE NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!

But enough about that. It might have an Engrish verse to it, but it’s still a funky song. It was a bit abrasive for us at first. It seemed like the bridge came out of nowhere, rather than growing out of the song. Know what we’re saying? The singing’s fine for it and all, but it’s just the beat seemed to change frequently before you could grasp the song. But, now that we’ve listened to the song a bunch of times, it’s settled with us a lot more, and we’ve been singing the whole “BEE NEE NEE NEE NEE NEE NEENEE NEENEE” part a lot.

Also, we mentioned in the video how some people complained that there isn’t really much in this video, how it’s just a bunch of well-dressed guys dancing in a oddly-lit room, which is exactly what we said about the Super Junior M “Perfection” video a while ago. But, now that we think about it, these are really the only kind of Super Junior videos we’ve ever really seen from them. Weren’t Bonamana and Sorry Sorry the same? We know that Super Junior has other videos out, for sure, but we weren’t into Kpop enough back then to know of these videos. Seems like the best Super Junior videos, then, are just the “hey let’s dance in a room” videos, and if that’s their thing then, well, that’s their thing. It might not be a lot for us to talk about, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

To enter for your chance to win the new Super Junior “Mr. Simple” album, all you have to do is tell us which was your favourite of the teaser pictures for Mr. Simple. If you haven’t seen them up close, prepare thyself. Here it is:


Super Junior is really...colorful

Let us know which of these you liked the most and why. We’ll pick one winner from the answer that we like the most, either for its profundity or humour. Best of luck!

Also, we’ve been hearing people complain about how difficult it is to find Kpop CDs especially if you’re overseas, so we decided that we’re going to try to help in what little way we can by having more CD giveaways. You can always buy the album from YesAsia if you have a credit card – they’re good for shipping CDs internationally – but if you don’t do online shopping then you’re in a bit of a fix.

We buy the CDs ourselves and ship them out ourselves as well, so we can’t really be giving out hundreds of CDs at once, but we still want to thank you all for sticking with us and supporting us. Thanks guise!

And so, if you want to enter the contest, you can do so here as well. The contest is for people who have subscribed to our YouTube channel, so if you’re a subscriber make sure you leave your YouTube name with your comment here. Woot woot!



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Kpop Music Mondays


Super Junior – Mr. Simple: Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. im trying to think back to super junior videos and i have to say all of their videos really are basically them all dancing, the only one i can think of that even remotely tells a story would be super junior m’s “supergirl” xD anyways mr simples getting really catchy now and i have to say this to people that don’t like it: “listen to the rest of the songs on their album!” i think its rather good :D

    9 years ago
  2. Teaser radar activated…. beep beep beep….Target: Captain Choi Siwon (target locked)Reason: K-version of David Beckham in Armani’s underwear alert! (gaaaaaaaah!!) Mission status: Pending……….ola Simon & Martina~ rubbishbullshit here! :)

    9 years ago
  3. I love Shindong’s pic….seeing as the SM hair-stylists still hasn’t spared him the horrible “toilet-pot” hairstyle…at least the people dressing him had more mercy.  His outfit is the most realistic and he actually looks hot!!! Oh….and I just can’t resist a man with a gun ;D (youtube ~ sagirl24)

    9 years ago
  4. As always, I really enjoyed your Music Mondays ^^ 

    Gotta give Leeteuk some love now, I choose him because his looks in the teaser are just……. a lost cause. His picture is the weirdest of them all lol! Why are there RAINBOWY BONDAGE ROPES on his chest? xD And was he that cold he needed to wear two layers of expensive coats… Was he planning on playing a football match that he had to wear 3 (?) layers of underwear to protect his jewels? >< And don't get me started on the tights hahaha and that lulzy haircut (thank god, it's just a wig). I just can't look at the photo without having a good laugh :D He just make me want to give him a pat on the back for sacrificing himself for the better good XD
    Maybe he wore the outfit to test ELF's sight….. As for me, I became colorblind for the few days afterwards…… Couldn't distinguish the colors properly on msn when I talked with my friends -_-

    Youtube username: ipikou

    9 years ago
  5. Martina´s part with funny sounds was totally AWESOME (mainly fridge opening and afterwards).

    Oh Simon, “white friend” – you are so racist :) Just kidding.

    BTW. lyrics on the web say “Because you naughty, naughty”.

    9 years ago
  6. Thanks for doing Mr simple :D

     I like siwons teaser most because of his underpants and shoes :D 
    imagine their concerts with hime walking around in those and the lights go off and it glows d:
    youtube name ronang0217

    9 years ago
  7. looking at them all together they look straight out of a trippy circus rave…. and i wanna GO!!! so im voting for heechul!!

    he looks like the ring leader of this band of quirky men…. and something has to be said for a man who can pull of a pink shirt..floral tie.. and BONDAGE GEAR!!!!!

    my youtube name is missnicki88

    9 years ago
  8. Hello there ^^ I hope I’m doing this the right way.

    My youtube account name is: baela22906

    To Simon & Martina.

    My favourite teaser picture is Shindong’s one. I mean who wouldn’t like this picture. He’s giving of this gangster feel, which I think really suite him. And did you see that look in his eyes…. *beeeam* It seems to me he’ll say something like: “Drop dead if you do anything bad! Because I will shoot you with my bling-bling… water pistol! ->>> *shoot’s with THE water pistol [pshiiiit – pshiiit]*” **Yeahhhhh…**

    That’s also why I like this picture, first you get that bling bling gangster impression of him, but when you look closely then you notice that THE pistol is actually a WATER GUN!!!…. And when you look at all the SJ teaser pictures you’ll wonder if the holster of the pistol is Sungmin’s PANTS…. Yes you saw that right girl 0_O” I mean how come Shindong’s bad-ass bling bling water pistol ends up in Sungmin’s PANTS!???

    I laughed till I had tears coming up when I discovered that. Once you know those FACTS you can not look at Sungmin’s & Shindong’s teaser pictures the same way… *uhn uhn, no way that’s possible*
    Okay we know the guys are close, but what do you have to conclude after finding this out!? That Shindong’s the mafia boss of THE bling-bling water pistol and that Shindong’s his personal secretary & living holster!? We all know mafia bosses sleep with a hand on their guns… so the conclusion of this would be, by A + B = C that Shindong since then sleeps with his hand on his gun…. while it’s in Sungmin’s pyjamas!???? *yeahhhhhh, imagination is running wild on this one*


    9 years ago
  9. First of all: thanks for doing Music Mondays about ‘Mr.Simple’!! ^^ 

    Well, gonna say who’s the best teaser pic: Donghae. Why? Let’s look at the teaser carrefully. First of all: why the f*ck a guy is wearing that kind of coat? and even more important: we’re in summer!!! Donghae, darling, aren’t you melting with that coat on????? 
    Let’s go with his facial expression: that killer-what the hell is this smell?-sexy stare! Really really liked it! He expresses too many things all together xD
    Oh! The necklaces!! He’s like the korean mini version of Mr. T!! But!! to be different from him, he also wears a rope! Awesome!

    That’s all. 
    Well…no, wait. I think it’s the best teaser because… I just had to pick one to give my opinion and be able to enter the poll to win the CD xD I really like every teaser because they’re different from we’ve seen before and have no connection with the MV  LOL. 

    Thanks again Simon & Martina, you’re totally awesome guys and you always make me laugh with your vids! ^^ 


    9 years ago

    I’m one of those TOTAL DIE-HARD ELFs xDD
    But i’m so pleased you did raise a lot of points that i personally had concerns with too~^^
    fair point i think that 90% of ELFs were disappointed with the MV…
    but HEY!

    9 years ago
  11. ROFL! Sound effects of Martina in the kitchen.

    9 years ago
  12. even though i am a HUGE ELF, but this time, the album is kind of disappointing as it is the last album before heechul and leeteuk go into army and i thought there will be something more than sorry sorry and bonamana, but it turns out to be just a combination of both songs. From the teaser, many thought it will be like a circus theme for the MV but i guess many of us were wrong. They should use SUPERMAN ! AWESOME SONG!

    For the teaser pictures, i vote EUNHYUK! The Damsel of the Circus ^^He changed the most for this album with the change in his hair colour, not to mention his ONE HAND STAND IN THE MV XD. and of course, in his teaser pictures, his nails has “E” “L” “F” on it ! Crown = DEFINITE WIN! ^^ (and also because he is my BIAS =X)Youtube name : doggiesglory

    9 years ago
  13. Cairis, I know how you feel hehe cause it happened to me too but I think Simon and Martina might have just skipped ours accidentally or that’s what I’d like to think hehe. On the otherhand I thought about it being possible that maybe I didn’t really send in a request on it and it was all a dream haha. But I’m happy Music Monday ended up being Super Junior’s Mr. Simple this time!

    9 years ago
  14. Honestly, have any of their videos told a story?  There are thirteen of them so I doubt they can really do anything with that.  x)

    And I’m one of those super fans but the ‘naughty naughty’ line cracked me up.  As did most of the english in their songs.

    As for my favorite concept photos, I really liked Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Heechul. 8D

    9 years ago
  15. I like Leeteuk’s photo the most. It’s not possible to look at it for a long time because you get second-hand embarrassed but I go back to it often. It brightens up my day! The rainbow ropes, the layers of underwear, two coats and two hideous gold necklaces. It shows he’s a good leader. He probably took everything that his younger members didn’t like so the stylist wouldn’t be upset! See? That’s the best leader, who helps and sacrifices his own image.
    And don’t get me start on his fringe.

    9 years ago
  16. I’m quite sad I wasn’t one of those listed as voting when I did. (@shippaikyuhyun:disqus)

    Um, my favourite is Heechul’s, because he looks like Willy Wonka. And I think it’s done really well. His hair suits him, the braces suit him (also braces are cool), the colour scheme suits him. I even like the different font (and it adds to the Willy Wonka effect with all the curlicues). And I’d definitely like to win a golden ticket to be led around by him! I think they saved the best until last, definitely! Very stylish!

    Though I completely agree with your statement about it not being ubersexual and no, I definitely do not go searching for guys dressed like this…it’s too…odd.

    (Youtube user: sapphirexclaws)

    9 years ago
  17. Yay Super Junior! lol pouring the milk.

    9 years ago
  18. Anneyong!!! Oggy06 here (Youtube name)
    I think, initially the photo that appealed to me was neon balls…I mean Siwon, only because it was a startling contrast to the other members ‘concept’ that were variations of a look I like to call ‘Charity shop paint explosion chic’ and he didn’t comply mainly because he wasn’t wearing ANY clothes.
    But as the initial shock wore off. I realised that maybe this wasn’t a album cover I would necessarily be able to flaunt to friends and family (in fears of being labelled a byuntae…which is true but I won’t delve into that now) so when I looked at the other members’s I realised my favourite picture belonged to KyuHyun.
    Usually I don’t pay much attention to the Maknae-on-top, he is usually quite sombre in dress (as that probably reflects his so called ‘evil’ persona the best) and this look actually suits him. If you are familar with Rihanna’s rude boy video, you may find the colours and patterns to be similar to his look. The Caribbean colours- red, yellow, greens and the leopard print ‘ginghamy’ pants doesn’t actually wash him out in my opinion and now everytime I see this picture Rude boy starts playing in my head and I am not mad at all. So what I am trying to get at is : KyuHyun’s teaser surprised me in this concept and he is my favourite :D 

    9 years ago
  19. The sound effects part with Martina was very very good, specially her burp :P 

    As for the showdown, I would have to vote for Mr. Simple. IT looks like someone starched their pants. 
    Hmmmm …… I wonder if SM has been seeing Loony Tunes

    Edit – Honestly, I dont know why you guys were so excited about the teaser photos .. my brain would have shut down from sensory overload had Super Junior actually been wearing those dreadful outfits

    9 years ago
  20. KIM HEECHUL bcause I only can stares on his teaser photos out of other 9. Hahhahaa, that’s for underage. Idk but Heechul’s photo is flawless but still it’s ACCEPTABLE for me! Others is too ubersexual(?) Lol X)

    9 years ago
  21. Engrish FIESTA FTW!!! LOL… slightly disappointed with Mr.Simple. I expected something mind-blowing

    9 years ago
  22. I love Ryeowook’s teaser the most. HAHAHA THE FEATHERS SPEAK FOR ITSELF :)

    youtubeusername: MUSICLOVER0394

    9 years ago
  23. Hellooo!!
    my YouTube name is : hannaky

    The best Picture ever was Siwon’s teaser!!! I CAN’T STOP WATCHING HIS…HIS…HIS…. yeah… that big thing in green trouser~~~

    Hope i can win!!! :D Best Regards from PERU !!!

    9 years ago
  24. piespedant (youtube username)
    [sorry for my english, i’m from Poland]

    Well….I’m more like Yesung fan, but you know….It’s obvious that I like Siwons photo the most. Och, c’mon! Don’t you just fall for this freaking awesome chocolate ABS? Didn’t any E.L.F girl in the world drools everyhing around when she looked at this smeared in bronzer face, which Apollo made himself? 
    And oh yeah! I love this like-really-hurt-made-in-Paint-background, it’s so green….When I see this I just wanna sing, dance, jump and be so fucking LALALALALA~! I find the socks are cute and it’s just making me JSDMJSHAHGDBSAYHDGZ inside, you know? Just look at him.
    Freaking atracctive guy in freaking sexy pose with his freaking slim finger in his freaking hot mouth looking with this freaking seductive eyes and with all of these he’s wearing FREAKING CUTE LIME SOCKS. It sucks, really…. I’m a 16 years old girl with hormones going like crazy!!! I bet when I saw Mr. Un-Simple Choi’s photo my brain just dance Bonamana. I don’t remember right, I faint at that moment…. Besides, I like the contrast between a dark jacket and a light bottom. This forces people to pay attention at something that many-fangirls-just-spazz-out. 
    And I think that poor Yesung’s turtle is really uncomfortable in Siwon’s pants. When Jongwoon finds out, he’s not gonna be amused.
    Let’s fly Captain Lime Panties! 

    9 years ago
    Its sales dont count to Hanteo Charts!

    Please buy in http://www.dvdheaven.com or in http://www.kpoptown.com

    I bought from these 2 places and, especially the 1st, its 100% guaranteed ;D ANd their sales count for sj!!!!

    9 years ago
  26. i don’t know why.. but the first thing that came out of my mind when I saw their teaser photos…

    is “G-DRAGON”! hahaha! GD is the only person i know who like this kind of fashion… (but i like it too) SO COLORFUL… then when I saw them in their Comebacks.. none of this outfits were used!! hahaha!!

    by the way.. for the best teaser photo for me.. is…… HEECHUL’s photo.. haha! killer one-eye! scary! but love it! haha!
    youtube – effer015

    9 years ago
  27. I reckon Ryeowook could clean everything around him when he walks with all those feathers on his legs. Efficient! :D

    Youtube: DarkSilentNight101

    9 years ago
  28. ezy

    too bad many people choose this MV over Ugly. i’m dying to know what you guise think about Ugly!!! GRRR!!!! people, please!! vote for Ugly, please please please please!!!!

    9 years ago
  29. Youtube name- Icyookami

    Eunhyuk’s teaser photo wins easily. He’s wearing a crown isn’t he? He’s the queen– i mean king of this whole operation. He’s even wearing his bright red evening coat for when he goes out to greet the commoners and it’s a bit chilly.

    Don’t let his fanciness distract you, no. Eunhyuk may look fancy on the outside, but he’s a bit naughty as well, which is shown through the freestyle doodles on his neck. The letters “N.U.M.I.P” appear, which is obviously an acronym for “Naughtiness Under My Impressive Parka.” Which should just be downright censored… Let’s not forget the diamond and dollar sign as well, which emphasize his bling bling since it’s hidden beneath his saucy parka.

    Finally, Eunhyuk is a man, and like a man, he must show off his manliness. That is why he has drawn on knuckle hair. However, even though he is a man, he can’t be too manly, because he’s an idol, so instead of drawn on chest hair, he has drawn on vines to symbolize the chest hair. They both grow from deep dark places and sprout forth into the world to explore and feel a nice breeze….

    9 years ago
  30. My favourite cover would be Eun Hyuk’s. (:
    He kind of stood out to me due to his new (and cool!) hairstyle, a big change as I have never imagined him as a blonde. And I really dont know, (MAYBE IT’S MY WEIRD PERCEPTION OR SOMETHING) but if you just look at his face…He kinda looks like the Monkey King! (aka Sun Wu Kong or the “Asian Mickey Mouse”) – this chinese monkey superhero who travels with a pig and a monk.Because this monkey guy has blonde hair (sort of) and a little crown thing on top of his head, so Eun Hyuk’s hair reminded me of this character. (:
    (but I don’t think drawing stuff on your neck will make it seem longer) HAHA.

    Abby. (Youtube ID – weebusiness)

    9 years ago
  31. Favorite Photo: Siwon
    Overall I was dissappointed in the teaser however the photos gave did not live up the song title Mr. Simple.
    Siwon’d rippling legs are drool worthy, but however one can not but notice the bulge in his awfully neon green shorts. I can’t help but be reminded of David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth. How awkward it was for me to watch that movie without giggling hysterically with my friends. (And yes I DID make a LABYRINTH/ DAVID BOWIE connection, beacuse he is awesome!) Labyrinth is still one of my favorite movies.

    my twitter is @FreesiaSong

    9 years ago
    • that movie is epic!!! and those skin tight grey pants are legendary lol

      9 years ago
      • XD everytime Bowie walked into a screen I couldn’t pay attention to his face unless if he was messing with that Fushigi Ball, the pants were way too distracting. And I loved singing along to the songs.

        9 years ago
      • XD everytime Bowie walked into a screen I couldn’t pay attention to his face unless if he was messing with that Fushigi Ball, the pants were way too distracting. And I loved singing along to the songs.

        9 years ago
  32. Simon & martina, i need to see the review of 2NE1’s UGLY! Omg! T___T

    9 years ago
  33. i don’t know why.. but the first thing that came out of my mind when I saw their teaser photos…

    is “G-DRAGON”! hahaha! GD is the only person i know who like this kind of fashion… (but i like it too) SO COLORFUL… then when I saw them in their Comebacks.. none of this outfits were used!! hahaha!!

    by the way.. for the best teaser photo for me.. is…… HEECHUL’s photo.. haha! killer one-eye! scary! haha!

    9 years ago
  34. Spasztikunited – youtube.

    My favoureite teaser photo would have to be Siwon’s photo…
    I mean honestly when the photo got released.
    I questioned my sexuality for the whole day, and the day after as well..
    And I’m not lying.
    Because I Naughty Naughty~

    9 years ago
  35. I know you guys are English teachers before so Engrish isn’t your thing but for me, I love it. I find it charming that they use Engrish. Of course SM could afford to hire English proofreader but takes out the special essence of the songs. What parts are you singing most of the time? The Engrish part because it’s so bad..you remember the words. By having proofreader destroys creativity. As the saying goes, too many cooks, spoils the broth. 

    9 years ago
  36. This may be the best Kpop Music Monday to date. Seriously, I laughed so hard! 

    9 years ago
  37. my favorite? what’s better than a muscle guy in neon green underpants? need nothing else to say ;D

    youtube – kimpruu

    9 years ago
  38. MeeLeep (YouTube Username) 

    I’d say Yesung had the best teaser photo. He’s not my favorite in Super Junior, but he just looks like he’s got it all figured out… :p Love his ‘i-shall-not-look-at-the-camera’ gaze under his dark hat -^^- 
    Simon and Martina, Hwaiting ! :D ♥

    9 years ago
  39. i like Heechul because he is funny and looks like a girl which is cute. (my opinion)

    9 years ago
  40.  Hi! I’ve only know about you guys about a week ago and you’re totally awesome! My friends and I laugh so hard, especially for MBLAQ’s Cry.
    I have to agree about the simplicity for this MV. And I was like, ‘What? Hm.. I don’t see enthusiasm here..’ But I guess Eunhyuk’s dance save the MV, for me.
    As for the teaser, My favorite is.. actually Yesung. He is so hot in the picture, and I have to admit the pink shirt is.. *sigh* suits him. LOL But my friends and I agree that Siwon is totally.. ‘the best’. I mean, When I first saw this picture I was like O__O and we’re laughing at it.^^” We agree that if we have Siwon as our album’s cover, everyone that look at it will think that that’s a *cough* porn movie. XD

    9 years ago