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Super Junior – Mr. Simple: Kpop Music Mondays

August 8, 2011


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Yes, yes you were SM. Shame on you for giving us the high expectations of a fresh and crazy upcoming Super Junior music video with Siwon in his green underpants. Do you realize how many hearts have been broken? How many daydreams have been shattered? What was the point of those terribly misleading teaser photos? We were sure this was going to be the Super Junior epic movie answer to TVXQ’s “Before You Go” but NO! NOTHING NEW! Were we the only ones disappointed? GIVE ME THE UNDERPANTS DANCE!–> screams Martina

Plus, right off the bat, we were like “OH NOES!!! when we first heard the song” Come on! It’s not easy for English speakers to overlook lines like this. It’s the first thing you hear in the song, bad Engrish. Come on, SM! You’re doing a lot to promote Kpop internationally, and we respect that, but for those people who aren’t diehard ELFs, and not into Kpop, and are trying to get their way into it, lines like this are a bit alienating. People will laugh right away, and you don’t want that. Not everyone will laugh, of course. Like we said, your fan base will support you no matter what, but newbies might not be as forgiving. Know what we’re saying? Just, really, hire an English speaker, for like, 20 bucks, to look over the lyrics. Some people will even do it for free! Hell, we would! BECAUSE WE NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!

But enough about that. It might have an Engrish verse to it, but it’s still a funky song. It was a bit abrasive for us at first. It seemed like the bridge came out of nowhere, rather than growing out of the song. Know what we’re saying? The singing’s fine for it and all, but it’s just the beat seemed to change frequently before you could grasp the song. But, now that we’ve listened to the song a bunch of times, it’s settled with us a lot more, and we’ve been singing the whole “BEE NEE NEE NEE NEE NEE NEENEE NEENEE” part a lot.

Also, we mentioned in the video how some people complained that there isn’t really much in this video, how it’s just a bunch of well-dressed guys dancing in a oddly-lit room, which is exactly what we said about the Super Junior M “Perfection” video a while ago. But, now that we think about it, these are really the only kind of Super Junior videos we’ve ever really seen from them. Weren’t Bonamana and Sorry Sorry the same? We know that Super Junior has other videos out, for sure, but we weren’t into Kpop enough back then to know of these videos. Seems like the best Super Junior videos, then, are just the “hey let’s dance in a room” videos, and if that’s their thing then, well, that’s their thing. It might not be a lot for us to talk about, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

To enter for your chance to win the new Super Junior “Mr. Simple” album, all you have to do is tell us which was your favourite of the teaser pictures for Mr. Simple. If you haven’t seen them up close, prepare thyself. Here it is:


Super Junior is really...colorful

Let us know which of these you liked the most and why. We’ll pick one winner from the answer that we like the most, either for its profundity or humour. Best of luck!

Also, we’ve been hearing people complain about how difficult it is to find Kpop CDs especially if you’re overseas, so we decided that we’re going to try to help in what little way we can by having more CD giveaways. You can always buy the album from YesAsia if you have a credit card – they’re good for shipping CDs internationally – but if you don’t do online shopping then you’re in a bit of a fix.

We buy the CDs ourselves and ship them out ourselves as well, so we can’t really be giving out hundreds of CDs at once, but we still want to thank you all for sticking with us and supporting us. Thanks guise!

And so, if you want to enter the contest, you can do so here as well. The contest is for people who have subscribed to our YouTube channel, so if you’re a subscriber make sure you leave your YouTube name with your comment here. Woot woot!



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Kpop Music Mondays


Super Junior – Mr. Simple: Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. I really really loved Heechul’s teaser pic…for the oddest reason. It looks like an Old Navy ad, and OMFG I just thought that was so cool. I mean, the font and the background and the crazy colors just screamed Old Navy…well, I’m not, like…an Old Navy obsessed stan or something, I just…thought it was cool that it looked like one. Plus, his teaser pic stands out because they totally used a different font design than the others, and it came out like…an Old Navy ad. Yeah. I got excited over…an Old…Navy ad…lookalike. Now I wanna go shopping >.> youtube user is xxavenged101xx ^^

    9 years ago
  2. Ryeowook’s teaser photo! Because it has a tragic story behind it… 
    He just found his lost love that he has been searching for, for years. She came to him saying goodbye and ran away with tears flying off of her cheek bones. Ryeowook couldn’t stand to lose her again, so he chased after her with all his might. Suddenly, on his chase, he came across a pile of birds, specifically red and yellow ones. So he came up with an idea to shave the birds and give their feathers to his love, hoping that she will come back to him. He caught up with her and presented the feathers with a seriously look on his face. She shook her head and pushed the bloody feathers away softly and said “I’m sorry and I can’t except your love” she then walked away again, only this time Ryeowook didn’t chase after her. You could hear that cracking sound of a heart that’s just been broken and the dripping sound of the tear that has been shed. Ryeowook has been denied and I guess that’s all to be said.

    9 years ago
  3. Rai

    Ok, hello again, This comment would be less happy-sounded then the last time, but imma say what I want to say. But of coz, I’ll try not to hurt anyone. No harm intended.

    Ok, have to say, u might think that I’m conservative, blablabla, but the last thing that I wanted to see in Mr. Simple MV is Siwon with his tight boxer…and even Ryewook with his…..owh God, no. And if I got Siwon’s cover when I buy that album (or you, S&M wanna do me a favor and give me one copy [owh pretty please~~~~~]). My friends said this; “If they have Siwon’c cover, for sure their parents would ban SuJu.”

    Ehem, next point.

    Well, the idea of the next “Before You Go” MV for this song, sure, it would be super super super cool right?!!! Maybe they should do mini drama for their MV, but hey, SuJu had passed the time where they could strike all these cool poses in front of the camera, and chasing over some random girls, don’t you think? I mean, it’s their style, to show of their dance moves and cool formations in the choreo~ That has been SuJu’s trademark, as we know them as the biggest group in the world. How could 10 guys be in a 4 minute mini-drama? Then people would start talking about this member don’t have enough camera time and stuff. Remember last time SuJu acted? And half of the members could only be the extras or cameos? So, as for me, the mini-drama concept is not suitable for SuJu.

    And I love the MV, the simplicity is nice.

    Next, okay. Hey Simon, believe me, not only native speakers find the line “Because I naughty naughty” is funny, or….funny in a not funny way…..Believe me, I wondered as well, is it hard to put “am” between I and naughty. And I got your Knoty joke, coz Leeteuk sang “I’m Mr Simpeul”, which sounded a lot like Malay’s “simpul”, which means….knot. The ropes at the neck….yeah, knoty. Now that they’ve confirmed SME’s popularity in Europe, I seriously think that they should upgrade their English, as SuJu members had shown the effort to use proper English (via Twitter).

    And I actually…appreciate SM’s effort to try something new with SuJu. Though some of the concepts (of the teaser pics) are a bit…extreme, to an extend, but hey, finally, SuJu had more colors, don’t you think? Ever since Don’t Don, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, they’ve been in greyscale tone, it’s actually good to see them in color.

    And I was kinda waiting for anyone, ANYONE to emphasize on how the individual camera shoot for all of the members had been even out FINALLY, this time around. Ya know, last time, Shindong, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Yesung don’t really have THAT much focused shots for themselves.

    I should stop right? Kkkkk~

    * * * * *

    About the pics, ok, I was blown away, BLOWN away with Shindong’s pic, I mean, come on! His bling bling gun could surely rival your “shoot like a watermelon(????)” gun, right, RIGHT? :P

    But ok, aside from the shock I received from Siwon’s & Wook’s tight pants (add the flame-y feathers in Ryeowook’s case), I could never get over KYUHYUN’s picture. People been saying that he had Germany as his concept (for the color and the hat), but for the 1st time, and the next time I looked at that pic, all I see is his ARMPIT HAIR. Sorry bro, I like you, you’re one of my biases, but the Amazon jungle over there is rather disturbing to me~ Sorry Kyu~

    p/s: SORRY FOR THIS FREAKING LONG COMMENT! I <3 YOU S&M. And again, I didn't see my name mentioned in your vids. Oh well~ :)

    And I vote for Beast, coz that Penguin Pee move is cool! And it's hard to follow~ :/

    9 years ago
  4. I love how you guy incorporate all these internet memes now. I’m not so much disappointed that they are not dressed like in their teaser photos so much as the video resembles the teaser VIDEO in NO WAY. smh. Bonerama… I have no words. Cannot be unheard.

    I’m voting for B2ST’s footwork though because they always have awesome dances.

    9 years ago
  5. I vote SUPER JUNIOR!!
    I’m surprised so many people were disappointed. I thought it was a cool dance, an awesome song, and  come on, a sexy Siwon and white-haired Eunhyuk. I don’t think you can get any more awesome-er than that hahaha. Minus Shindong’s horrible horrible mushroom head hair cut….

    9 years ago
  6. B2ST

    9 years ago
  7. I like kyuhyun teaser picture the most. because he looks amazing, nuffsaid. captain cho, you’re more than just welcomed to drive my boat.
    anyway my youtube username is rumraisinism.

    9 years ago
  8. Hey Simon and Martina :D love you reviews!!!
    I think the best teaser photo is Ryeowook why?because the photographer capture him in the middle of his transformation.You though the feather were only to cover his incredibly skinny legs……. no,no……. You see back when he was promoting with Super Junior M in Taiwan he got bit by a strange bird which cause him to become BIRDBOY!!! protecting people  from…………….No,no,not Bad guys that’s Superman’s job…..he’s protecting from…….. BAD FASHION!!!!,giving them,colorful clothing such as leather prints,neon underpants,cheesy magician,fashionable boat captain,sexy fur,rainbow abs-covering ropes,futuristic agent 007,sunshine pants and red riding hood (without the hood) outfits, so that we could all live in a more pretty world.OHHH!!!! one more thing i definitely vote for Super Junior xDYouTube name: sujin0929 :D

    9 years ago
  9. Donghae looks like he was picking his nose and he got caught, Leeteuk’s facial expression is saying, “You really made me wear this blue jacket?” and Siwon looks like he lost a bet and had to wear his underwear staring at people as the walk past him. I can’t choose between the 3. lyoncub3 is my youtube name

    9 years ago
  10. i believe that siwons picture was the best because like Martina said green underpants,green tubesocks,and really bright shoes! thats sooo beautiful!! but i think it would b kinda scary if they wore those as stage outfits because if siwon was naughty naughty his friend would pop out n everyone could see it right?? and his HAIRY legs would probably scare of the production team….yea i shouldnt deserve to get it right COME ON NOW everyones is soo detailed…..huuuuuuuuh im depressed TT_TT

    9 years ago
  11. Of Course Super Junior!! 
    I think that Donghae’s  teaser photo was the most inspiring one , because even trought he has a transparent blouse, a rope around his neck and a fluffy jacket , his looks shows confidence and the back of his jacket had printed flags of the countries all around the world (…… even Romania….WoW) .
    I think this photo wants to show that you can be mr. or mrs.Simple and it doesn’t matter where are you from .
    You don’t have to be colourfull like them, just be youreself !!<3

    Sorry for my english and thank you guys for reviewing Super Junior Mr. Simple!!
    Love you guys and Spudgy!!!! <3
    Hello's from Romania!!!!<3 ;-)

    9 years ago
  12. i liked donghae’s teaser pic the most because of his wonderful face arousal stance. ;)

    9 years ago
  13. Beast vs Super Junior. SUPER JUNIOR OFCOURSE!!! ♥

    9 years ago
  14. SUPER JUNIOR! I would say my favourite teaser would have to be the eternal maknae RYEOWOOK!! Why? Because…you know the singer Mika? In the photo Wookie managed to pull off that funky,british, colourful style that Mika has. What other Korean idol can do that man! Plus doesnt it totally suit the concept of ubersexual..the colours are obviously colourful but they match nicely. The colours and style really reflect Ryeowook’s happy and bright personality. Ryeowook is also known to have one of the most amazing voices, the photo style really also reflects the uniqueness of his voice all together (chirpy, bubbly voice). So yes..all the reasons why i say RYEOWOOK’S TEASER PHOTO totally BLEW MY MIND! 

    youtube account : Serinnah 

    9 years ago
  15. BEAST <3 <3 <3

    9 years ago
  16. Ahh, I’m sort of torn on my favorite teaser photo between Ryeowook and Heechul (Siwon’s yummy, yummy abdomen aside).
    I love Ryeowook’s because I mean, c’mon, it’s a flame-red-feather-boa-thing that looks kind of like flame-red-feather-pants the way that it’s positioned, which for some reason I find awesome. Maybe it’s because this is the only place I would ever see anything like that. And with the full-body shot that they took Ryeowook looks pretty darn tall considering the boy is, well, rather tiny. Plus the background is probably simplest of all, just a light, pale blue with that simple black font, leaving all the focus on his ridiculously… unique attire ^.^
    As for Heechul’s I’m getting a Willy Wonka theme from it and that makes me like it right away. With the top hat and the funky yellow font I’m getting a sort of modern Wonka feel from it. Is it just me or did anyone else feel like that?
    Having said that, and being a big WW fan, I have to say Heechul’s is my favorite photo ^.^
    “Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination…” :D
    Oh, and my youtube name is dbskfreak08

    9 years ago
  17. what is that little yellow thing on the floor between ryeowooks legs?????

    9 years ago
  18. Beast!

    9 years ago
  19. Super Junior!! I like Eunhyuk’s teaser photo. Seriously because it’s like he ruled the entire SJ comeback. I really think that SME put the best effort on Eunhyuk because he’s the most favorite member among Korean Elfs and he will be somehow ‘in-charge’ of SJ when Leeteuk and Heechul enter the military.Youtube name: smilingjean 

    9 years ago
  20. I have to say that Ryeowook takes the gold, with his raccoon buddy on his back (or is it a squirrel?) and his french fried pants- or shall I say chips do to the English flag bow tie hanging around his neck- and his yellow zebra print tank top I must say he surpasses all.

    Youtube name: Nichiwa14

    9 years ago
  21. the best teaser picture is obviously of Siwon: his pensive look represents the thoughts every person involved in the k-pop industry must face: am i attractive enough? are my abs rock hard? do i have weird hair in weird places, like on my toes that i need to rid myself of before I debut? (the answer to the last question is yes)
    his limegreen boxers show the playful side of k-pop and the contrast between the the serious behind the stage and strenuous training with the happy, upbeat side we see. 
    his chiseled, lean body brings to mind Michelangelo’s David, and is a symbol of the century long struggle for physical perfection, while at the same time, the viewer must wonder “is this photoshopped?” (I SAY NO!)
    also, it’s an incredibly attractive k-pop star wearing basically nothing but lime green boxers. yum. 

    9 years ago
  22. I Vot for
    B2ST …..

    9 years ago
  23. Hey Simon & Martina, thanks for the great review as always! Agree with u, the engrish really is funny and the song sounds funny too on the first hear! Props to SM, it was stuck in my head the first time i hear it.

     My favorite concept photo would be Shindong’s, honestly he doesnt even look like Shindong! He dont look like the Shin dong we know (big-sized and all), I like his yellow paint eye mask and blue rain coat and feathered boa and his naughty naughty diamond sequined pistol. 

    9 years ago
  24. Vic

    First for the showdown :SUPER JUNIOR!!! XD hehehe powerful xman walk FTW!!! ^_^

    I love you guys to bits! Honestly you are hilare! But… it would be nice if you learnt there names :S the guy with the ropes is DONGHAE…. I know there are 10 members (in this vid) but it’s not that hard! They are one of the biggest kpop groups! 

    Also WHY DO YOU KEEP MENTIONING 2NE1! Super Junior has a way bigger fanbase then 2ne1! (no offence black jacks) Also there comeback was one the most anticipated but you keep saying sorry to 2ne1 fans? 2ne1 seem to release vids ALL the time SJ? like twice a yr (not counting subgroups).  Give them some credit… they have more international concerts than anyother band :S  Again not meaning to offend blackjacks but you’ll have your time NEXT WEEK! ELFS have a tonne of voting power… and just spend that time talking about sj… not 2ne1!

    Also I felt you may be a lil harshon the vid.  You said you liked it but didn’t really say why… :S C’mon the dance formations for the 10 person unit was good!! Last week you mentioned infinite’s vid that you liked the fact they were clear precise moves and cool sets of members doing different things… It was the same in this vid too!!! Apart from the chorus the overall dance was pretty complicated.

    Ok this is a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay long comment but I had to get that off my chest.  I admit I am biased however, I think you didn’t give this vid the justice it deserved.  :P ok I’m an ELFand I can’t help that… but i think you haven’t really given SJ there credit as one of the biggest kpop stars! :) this album is gonna sell a hell of a lot of copies and top the charts for weeks! Heck the mv has… nearly 4million views now? and you failed to mention this either.

    I love you guys to bits… but plse… give ELFs some credit!  We voted for the vid so you don’t have to keep apologizing to blackjacks… 

    9 years ago
    • Sorry.  We felt icky apologizing as well, but we’ve been receiving angry emails from people.  Allllllso, please note, we made a longer apology at the end of the video, so that more people could have their name on the list (instead of just 100 names, we put up 200) because so many people voted.

      As for the video, I think we were harsher on it just because of the teaser photos.  We were super excited for this video to come out when we saw the teasers.  We were expecting something really groundbreaking.  Instead, we got something normal.  It’s a good video, with good dancing, yes, but we felt like for a comeback, especially with teaser photos like that, AND from Super Junior, we wanted an EPIC EPIC video.  Know what I’m saying?

      If we didn’t see the teasers, we probably would have been a lot happier for the video.  

      9 years ago
    • Geez…take a chill pill girl. It’s their MV review, and be thankful that they did a review to your bias idol. You want a satisfied review? Make your own.

      9 years ago
  25. But this video is probably going to join the pattern they have used twice before. First a simple video where everything is uber simple and then a story video where there is at least some story…

    9 years ago
  26. I’m totally addicted to Mr. Simple but I gotta admit B2ST’s epic penguin dance is way better xD
    Great review as usual!:D still waiting for 2NE1- Ugly Simon -__-

    9 years ago
  27. I like teaser concept the most. I just amazed how he can look alike queen heart from alice and the white queen at once. Not to mention that his pose like someone lookin’ desperate and want to strip his clothes (free me from this costume!).

    and no, i’m not an antis. I do love his regal looks.

    Youtube username: miseal4

    9 years ago
  28. Because you naughty, naughty~
    Haha, I always look forward to Music Mondays! I really enjoy watching your videos :)
    My youtube account – thechubbything

    Now, onto my favourite teaser pic……Need I say more?? :P

    9 years ago
  29. Thank you so much for doing Mr Simple. :) 

    I am a huge Siwon fan but I have to say my favourite teaser photo is Heechul simply because it shows his real identity. All of their albums so far not including this one has been pretty much monotone in terms of colour which if you have realised does not reflect his real personality. In his teaser photo however he looks like a ring master and that really suits him since he is considered the Lady Gaga of KPOP. The colours also reflect his bright, confident nature. 
    youtube name: Raexxx123

    9 years ago
  30. When I was watching the video I thought exactly the same: “Sounds like a mash-up!” But at the end of the day you can’t help singing it..!

    So as for my choice: I would say EunHyuk because when I saw the teaser I thought GD was SuJu’s new member, but my definite choice is Siwon because I can picture him with his neon mini-short/socks/sneakers going to one of his church meetings and praying on them. xD

    9 years ago
  31. I am an ELF and I would have been dissapointed of their MV, if I wasn’t totally horrified of their teaser pics. I literally prayed that they wont be wearing those outfits again and I promised that I would never make fun of them dancing in white rooms.

    So I was VERY glad when I saw that they were dancing in white rooms again with suits on. I also personally liked the song. The song kept changing its beats and that’s what makes it interesting to listen to. The rest of the song in the album are also fun songs to dance to.

    So as you can see, I dont like the teaser pics. Only one: Heechul. The clothes are not crazy looking looking or just plain ulgy. Its looks decent and fasionable. Lets be real here, Heechul is the diva of this group. He is the only one who can pull of crazy looking clothes and still make it work.
    Youtube name lillian23910

    btw, my vote goes to super junior bc I can actually do that dance. B2St dance is hard even though it looks so simple =(

    9 years ago
  32. There was no competition in picking my favorite, I had to pick Ryeo Wook. I mean you have to give it to the poor guy he must of been in such a hurry from his other job as a car cleaner, the new kind that you shake your hips side to side as your amazing attachable boa’s clean the car for you, that he forgot to take of the uniform. Then to make matters worse as punishment  for being late they gave him matching shirt and shorts looking tights, I mean as long as they are similar color then they match right? who cares about them having the same pattern or not, especially when you throw in a bright red jacket to distract people away from this slight oversight. I guess being a super star is hard work!!

    youtube username: sakuradavik

    9 years ago
  33. oh dear this an English fail. please pardon this as i have had very little sleep before writing my previous response

    9 years ago
  34. i have to say beast win the dance for me mostly because i can actually do the dance. i have to say that i think the most epic teaser photo was shindong because he looked so different from how he normally does or donghae being a rainbow colored version of mcgayver. youtube:ladyvampire103

    9 years ago
  35. Oh gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how confused I was when I saw this video. @[email protected]:disqus

    Although Siwon gets automatic favorite teaser photo (because he’s my bias), I think my favorite would have to be Ryeowook’s photo. When I first saw it on allkpop, I was like, “Oh wow, Ryeowook is looking all grown up and handsome, not all cutesy like they normally make him” and got excited, but then I scrolled down and HOLY FRENCH FRIES what happened to his bottom half?! :O Maybe he’s trying to start a new mullet-esque fashion. Business on top, BICYCLISTS’ SAMBA DANCE PARTY on bottom. Ohhh yeahhh. ;D
    YouTube: FearTheFlowers


    9 years ago
  36. I have to give love to the color blind European Taxi driver that Kyuhyun must have robbed to get that outfit!  I’m surprised they didn’t leave the poor driver chained up with that log chain around his neck!  BTW I follow your youtube channel as rebeccamerry!  Thanks guys!   

    9 years ago
  37. Thanks to promote Super Junior – Mr. Simple XD
    My favourite teaser picture is Sungmin.  Teaser after his notice, there is news write that he looks like ‘small fry’, I am particularly pleased because he had been a simple good image, he finally give a little bit naughty is not the same image, and very happy.

    9 years ago
  38. Totally agree with you today! On 100000% I’m with you!
    “Mr.Simple” isn’t my favourite song. For me the best song of the album is “My Love, My Kiss, My Heart” and I really love “Walkin”♥  and MV is really disappointing… T-T But still watching it because they are HOT! ^^

    9 years ago
  39. Shindong was the best teaser for me , he just looked amazing,  even if my bias is Yesung.

    9 years ago
  40. You should watch Super Junior – No Other MV and Super Junior M – Super Girl MV! Then you will see that they don’t only dance!

    9 years ago