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Super Junior – Spy: Kpop Music Mondays

August 21, 2012


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Super Junior is back on the top of our KpopCharts, but just baaaaarely, with “Spy.” Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here:

So, a few things we didn’t mention in our review: for starters, congrats to Nu’est, not for getting second place, but for beating Super Junior up until the last minute when a final push got them ahead. Seriously: Super Junior’s video has millions of views; Nu’est’s video has less views than an Eat Your Kimchi video (at the moment). It’s not as popular a video as Super Junior’s, but it has a really strong fan base.

Another thing this can suggest, though, is not that Super Junior fans are struggling against the strength of Nu’est fans, but that Super Junior fans just didn’t want to vote this video in as much as usual. Seriously: Super Junior nearly crashes our server most of the time. This time: barely a blip. Every other video usually burns in flames and cowers in terror. This time: Super Junior’s video almost got beat out. Fans have the potential to vote as strongly as usual, but this time they just didn’t want to.

Sure, it could be that we’ve deeply offended a lot of ELFs, and so they’re steering away from our site (which, I wouldn’t get: Sexy, Free, and Single was one of our favorite Music Mondays EVER!), or it could mean that ELFs just don’t like this video as much. I think the latter’s the case. We’ve read lots of comments from annoyed fans. This video is just like every other Super Junior video ever:

Super Junior Rooms

SM: GTFO of these rooms

I found the rooms especially ridiculous in this case. Hey! Super Junior: correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the song about finding and catching a girl? You know what might help you out: getting the hell out of those flashy boxes of yours. I guarantee you, she’s not there, because nobody of the opposite sex is ever in your flashy boxes with you EVER. Stop dancing around with each other. Synchronized dancing with your bros won’t find her either.

And, as always, SMs obnoxious unblockable ads keep on popping up just to piss you off. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: EverySing on THE iTunes. EverySing on THE Google Play? Seriously, SM? THE ITUNES? The Google Play? For THE 100th time, stop being THE Cheap and THE LAZY and get yourself THE English speaker to check over your THE ads next time. That’s just sloppy.

But, apart from our typical gripes against SM for their redundant Super Junior videos, this song is quite awesome! The beat of the chorus is SOOO GOOD! We like it so much and have been singing it so much that we went out and bought an extra copy of the CD to give away to you guise, because we want to share the love. YEAH! Want to win the CD? Here’s what you gotta do:

1) Make sure you’re subscribed to us. Not sure if you are? Click here!
2) Let us know in the comments what you think Super Junior’s secret mission is.
**if you’re leaving your answer here, rather than in the comments on our YouTube video, leave your username in the comment as well, so we can make sure you’re subscribed!**

If you’re not hopeful of winning, and just want the CD right away, you can pick it up on either iTunes or YesAsia. And, as always, we got bloopers. Since our skit was so long, we had lots of things go wrong in the filming process :D



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Kpop Music Mondays


Super Junior – Spy: Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. I never know the lyrics were “I’ll get you little runaway” I missheard it as “I’ll get you never runaway” which makes sense too
    ……. oops

    7 years ago
  2. If you think this website is totally stupid, why are you here?
    And by the way, I don’t think the ELFs here are stupid, they just have common sense. I really respect fans that don’t just blindly raise their biases to 7th heaven when what they’re coming out with is clearly sub-par. In this case, I would say that ELFs who admit this song/video isn’t the greates, is doing Suju a massive favour, by raising the bar so that SM might give them something better next time. Something they actually deserve.

    7 years ago
  3. omglmfao~ xD the part where that friend of yours appear almost made me choke on my cookies XD LOL!  my vote goes to the Wonder Girls’ 2DT of course ^^

    7 years ago
  4. Super Junior’s secret spy mission is …to get their dignity back. It was stolen in 2011 along with Siwon’s pants in Mr. Simple version A. 

    7 years ago
  5. tsk this is probably one of the 3 super junior songs i like…but the vid was pretty poop

    7 years ago
  6. Secret Mission:

    Well, seeing as we don’t actually see them getting anywhere in this mission, the only conclusion I can draw is that one of them is operating as an X-man (you know that old Korean variety show, right?) and their secret mission is to discover the X-man, but they’ve failed.  And since they’re also super-power mutants (if they can fire their guns without pulling the trigger), that must make them X-men, and since the X-men ended up with a mission to search for the X-man among them while the X-man is trying to jeopardise the mission, it’s obvious they’re stuck in some kind of time warp.  That also explains the rooms: it’s the same room going through the decades with its different “decorations” over and over again because of the time warp.  SuJu will be free of the room when they discover who the X-man is.

    (My guess is the X-man is Kyuhyun.  He’s on a par with Lord Voldemin.)

    Youtube name: soullessgingerninja

    7 years ago
  7. whoa whoa calm down lol. Just keep voting for it. If GD’s MV doesn’t come out this week, you guys might actually make it. :)

    7 years ago
  8. SM has sent out super Junior on a super secret mission to steal your style and spread it throughout the KPOP world. You better watch your back!
    Youtube: puppichu

    7 years ago
  9. Even computer generated artists go walk around the great outside!!! lol check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmYU2ikxjpA

    7 years ago
  10. i thought your spoof today was pretty funny guise ^_-

    actually, i feel similarly as you about the song… i LOVE the old spy music bit, it’s soooo cool… but why, WHY?????? did they have to ruin it with the weird little “happy happy” bit at the beginning, and then again in the middle of the song?!? it just ruins the whole vibe!!!

    as for the video though, i kinda like it. they kinda look good as james bond-ish spies… (even though i still think that there are no attractive members in that band… like, they’re like 20, how is that even possible??? oh well…)

    7 years ago
  11. Did anyone notice how washed out the boys look? That lighting wasn’t wise, SM…

    Maybe SJ are vampire spies. ;P

    7 years ago
  12. Voting for Super Junior’s Spy. Already got this album on iTunes. SPY is different musically from other SuJu songs but it is an incredible song. It’s on mental replay.

    7 years ago
  13. Super Juniors secret mission is to showcase their magical abilities to fire guns w/o pressing the  trigger. Obvs.

    7 years ago
  14. I didn’t know they say any english words until they pointed out lmfao

    7 years ago
  15.  Their mission was simple: escape. Long trapped in empty room purgatory, Super Junior finally had enough. They scraped together a couple of guns and tuxes and busted out in a blaze of glory only to be stopped by the mastermind behind all of SM’s music videos, the woman silhouette. Only after shooting off their guns magically without pulling the trigger did they make a clean getaway.

    7 years ago
  16. Err…someone may want to gently suggest a depilitory cream or two to your Super Junior fangirl.  Girlfriend has a beard!  Other suggestions include: waxing, tweezing or carnival employment.  

    7 years ago
  17. “And, as always, SMs obnoxious unblockable ads keep on popping up just to piss you off. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: EverySing on THE iTunes. EverySing on THE Google Play? Seriously, SM? THE ITUNES? The Google Play? For THE 100th time, stop being THE Cheap and THE LAZY and get yourself THE English speaker to check over your THE ads next time. That’s just sloppy.” HAHHAAHHAAAHAHH I laughed so hard.

    7 years ago
  18. Waking up in the oddly-lit room of Mr. Simple, SJ discovered
    that they were not in merely a white room, but also inside a glass box with
    regenerative abilities, as no scratches were visible even after Eunhyuk
    practically shattered the ceiling of it with a kick. It was indestructible. They were back. They were trapped. After trying to get out of that box for so long, after thinking that No Other was their ticket to freedom…they’ve
    gone mad.

    In A-Cha, SJ imagined the white room was black, and the onset
    of persecutory delusions began. In SFS, SJ hallucinated again, forming a
    street from the remnants of their memories of the great outdoors, along with imaginary
    clothes inspired by SM’s fashion lessons embellished with spikes to act as armor. In SPY, deprivation from the outside
    world caused SJ to see female shadows and hear random fragmented sentences from
    English lessons SM had forced on them eons ago. They have no guns, but merely
    fantasize that they do, thus why there’s no need to pull any triggers. It’s all
    in their head.

    They want to find the cameraman. Or rather, the camera.  Because cameras can’t film through solid
    walls, even in SM. Where there is a camera, there is an opening. And that
    opening can take them out of that room into freedom. (But them believing their
    guns work is the fatal flaw…)

    Their real mission? To find the SM runaway that pushed them
    into this room and locked them up. To find them before such a fate happens to
    any other group. To bring justice to MVs and punish directors with agoraphobia once and for all. But they have to get out first…/and that’s why they’re practicing spyesque tactics, to one day make a grand escape

    YT Username: Silneki

    Yep…it might as well have been one box throughout their
    entire careers. People are already getting the Bonamana box and one of the SFS boxes
    confused just because they’re the same color. OTL

    I don’t know if the above made any sense at all to you, but that’s what came to mind XD

    7 years ago
    •  I don’t know why I can’t edit my comment or fix the spaces o-o It just posted like that…weird. Sorry for the eye-pain OTL

      7 years ago
  19. YT username: effer015

    Answer: Their secret mission is how to GTFO of those flashy boxes..

    7 years ago
  20. Wonder Girls was a lot better. Sorry suju but your music video was waaaaaaaayyyyyy too boring :(

    7 years ago
  21. youtube user name: DipDyedGirl6894
    SuJu’s mission
    Top Secret: SuJu has been instructed to break into the lab where the cure for terrible Engrish is being kept. They might be incredible spies but they didn’t count on an alarm that can only be passed by or disabled by perfect synchronization. Clearly this triggered the miniturizing lasers that turned them into Super Tiny Junior. When the lovely ‘scientists’ started chasing down itty bitty SuJu, they had no choice but to whip out their secret weapon: Blow-Your-Mind-Guns. The Mind-Guns also shrank but were still able to do some damage. The ‘scientists’ continued to advance and SuJu, desperate to protect each other, cried out the one thing they needed their friends to know, if worst came to worst. Will they be sneaky sneaky ninjas, escape the ‘scientists’, find the cure, de-miniturize, and get out alive? Who knows, but the Super Secret Junior Spy Team 3000 has survived worse (*cough* fangirls *cough*)…and there is a desperate need for the Engrish cure. I believe Suju will complete their mission and be known as the best spies of all time, if a little out of synch. Do you?

    7 years ago
  22. I’m definitely an ELF, but this video was just sub-par for Super Junior with the even lazier than usual backdrops. I didn’t like the song too much either. I felt like the trumpets combined with the melody of the beginning made it sound like a sing a long song you play in the car for kids. On top of that, I was seriously scared when I heard how monotone Wookie’s voice was. Now, even though I just trashed the song/video, I really liked Yesung’s sexy hayyyy part,and, after listening to it a couple of times, I started to like the monotone parts at the beginning. I think you guys did a great job reviewing it, especially on the secret agent parody:)))

    7 years ago
  23. I think Super Junior’s Mission is to give us sex education to all K-pop fans. I mean isn’t it obvious: “DON’T take it in the but!”. Come on guys Subliminal messaging!

    7 years ago
  24.  As much as I like Super Junior this song disappointed a little..it was somewhat boring and I couldn’t get over how the part where they spelled ” S-P-Y” and sang in a much higher octave then the rest of the song..it felt like a clash of 2 different songs. I was so excited to see NU’EST in 1st but they lost again :c Next week, for SURE! <3

    Suju's mission? : to make another smash hit song using the same left over oddly lit rooms, while looking swag with their guns

    honestly, Bonamona, mr. simple, and a- cha were just much better. Regardless, suju isnt capable of making a bad song.

    7 years ago
  25. Gd’s voice is that high lol :P

    7 years ago
  26. I’ve been an ELF maybe since I had seen their older songs “For you”, “Sorry,sorry” ,”Rokkugo”, and I’ve got to say that while I LOVED this song….nNANANANANAN S-P-Y….Dodododoo do do do! I also have to say this, SMENT PLEASE STOP WITH THE ONE DAMNED ROOMS! Maybe if they create a kickass story lined like 007 it’d capture more. 

    Now for my Super junior MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! -EXPLODES- 
     Super junior is a part of the head Central Intelligence for Asia (Haha..C.I.A) and they had just heard back from their superior that there was a murder of a certain official. They look into the case and try to figure out the “who” and the “why” all the while running into dangerous villains sparking more interest into the crime. Eunhyuk, a top notch detective, gets a clue  from a close encounter through a female assassin  ,who tried to kill him and part of his crew, that the reason why the elective official was killed because a Mob boss was a political competitor and wanted control over the masses to make a profit by selling illegal substances. Thus, increasing his wealth. The C.I.A didn’t want that to happen…so guess who they called?

    Siwon- The bodygaurd; with his black belt in Tae Kwon Do, his strong heart for justice is maybe the reason he alone would do anything for his country. The number one back up man to save you in the pits of gun fire.

    Donghae: Stage Destroyer. Why is he called this? He’s the master of disguise, equipped with enough observational skills to even make Sherlock (soy un dorito) Holmes jealous that with just a certain tools he could decipher anyone’s body language to just come up behind you,mame you, and take OVER your life.

    Eunhyuk- Mr. Nash, as a former cop has had the remarkable ability to solve even the most difficult of cases. Being the korean form of the top anime series “Death Note’s”  “L” and “Near” his high record of solved cases being far more compelling than anyone in history. He is the leader of this case so far,but he can always put team work first ,right?

    Kangin- Raccoon. Note that his name is not for the sneaky animal ,but more of his chararistics. He is more of a person who would become ‘friends’ with you,but when your back is turned you can probably count on the amount of damage he is doing all the while smiling at you. 

    Kyuhyun- The  Specialist. This computer engineer graduated from the top notch Seoul University scoring above average . He then had been hired as an analyst for the government, catching hackers. Though with his ability he can ,if granted, clean out your bank account with a blink of an eye. He was so great that the C.I.A put him on the team to catch the most dangerous of people and handling the technology he gives to the rest of the members.

    Leetuk- Rough Neck. Fresh out of the military this is one gutsy S.O.B . His knowledge of military arts make his life of the C.I.A better than before. Trained to kill and hooked with connections of generals, what else could you want? A marksman? He’s one too.

    Kim Ryeowook: Snake. An undercover agent of the C.I.A, a mysterious unknown man,but as most would know it a silent ticking time bomb wanting to go off. His work is messy,but it’s how he likes it. 

    Shindong: Doctor S. His doctoral in biochemistry is what the group needs. The “toxicologist” if you will. Creating new weapons out of things you wouldn’t even breathe in, this guy could give you something that could just make you die. Though don’t make him seem cold hearted…he’s just the cynical scientist of the group.

    Sungmin: Two-face. Now don’t get the villain mixed with Sungmin. He’s not deformed in anyways, he’s got that “car salesman” touch that gives him the opportunity to  make you wealthy with his “connections”. He’s a gentleman,with a serious bite. Maybe that’s why the C.I.A wanted this fellow? For his attitude resembles a man with struggling emotions,but when duty calls, he gets the job done. 

    Yesung: Jet. He’s the guy you would reckon as the “Constantine” of the group doesn’t give a crap about most of the world, a very skilled agent himself. One not to mess with,but it doesn’t mean he can’t be sarcastic as they come,but he’s not all talk. He’s a proficient boxer with graces of Judo. GET SOME!

    Did I mention that this mission is just part one of two?…..


    My youtube name is “Pogosmistress”…..


    7 years ago
  27. Lol, when Brendon came in with the wig, it took me a good 10 seconds to realise who it was – at first I was like ‘Wow they used split screen to clone Martina?! It looks so real!! I didn’t know they were so good at editing!!”
    And then I saw it was a dude. =_=;

    7 years ago
  28. lol Super Junior in Spy, simply because I found that Wonder Girl’s video to be ridiculous.

    7 years ago
  29. I think that super juniors mission is to find the person who is writing the english in the SM songs and terminate him but first they need to find their way out of a shiny white box and in order to open the secret door to get out of the box and to the location of that writer they must danceeeeeee and look good . Unfortunately all that was behind the secret door were guns so they decided to take those and decide to find the  writer later

    username- zacefronissohot20

    7 years ago
  30. username: leminay123456

    their mission is to not take it up the butt obviously :P

    7 years ago
  31. Definitely Wonder Girls. By far.

    7 years ago