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Kpop Music Monday: Super Junior M “Swing”

April 29, 2014


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We’re back with Music Monday! Woohoo! It’s from a video that isn’t in the top three! Not woohoo! Let me explain before you murder me, k guise? Well, it’s actually not that long of an explanation: we actually scripted this a while ago, but because of the Sewol Ferry Accident, we didn’t post Music Monday last week. So we filmed it this week. Woohoo!

On to Super Junior! Um…this song wasn’t good. Sorry! We just didn’t like it at all. It’s probably our least favorite Super Junior song of all time. We like Spy, Sexy Free and Single, Mr Simple, A-Cha, Sorry Sorry, and Bonamana, and Perfection, all of them, a lot more than this song. But that’s just us. Let us know what you think: which one of these songs would you rank “Swing” over?

But, even though we didn’t like the song whatsoever, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have fun watching the video. And that’s what I want out of a Super Junior. Kpop’s fun, and this video was loads of fun, from the incredibly daft office workers, to the hilarious amount of lens flares (seriously: way too many lens flares) to Siwon’s terrible moustache. We saw this video, cringed at the song, but kept smiling throughout the whole experience. It was a very confusing experience.

Question: is it just us, or does it seem like Super Junior gets the short end of the music video stick? After watching Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.” and Exo’s videos, it seems like all of the video production budget is going towards them, and Super Junior are left with not that much effort or innovation. Yes, this video is a lot better than their regular flashy box set videos, but it still has lots of box set elements. And those parts of the video where they slap the camera and make it pan somewhere else is very reminiscent of Exo’s “Growl.” It was cool when we saw Exo do it, but this time it just felt like “well, it was cool then, so let’s do it again!” you know? Super Junior deserves better videos, I think. And definitely less moustache.

Also, if you can’t tell, we were joking about KBS banning of Super Junior. They weren’t banned. Well, maybe not yet. We seriously have no idea what the hell KBS bans videos for. It’s so random and loaded with BS reasoning that it’s laughable, and I think it’s time we start poking fun at them until they come a bit more transparent, objective, and accountable. Not that our videos will impact KBS in any way. Either way, we’ll still have material to work with :D

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Eric Nam Signed CD Winners

Remember when we did the Eric Nam Kpop Music Monday? That was epic. What’s more epic is that we’re giving away some signed CDs, to these lucky winners, and they are:

For Facebook: Daria Poczatek
For Twitter: Searingblade
For YouTube: Josie1029
For Eatyourkimchi: LongClawTiger (I couldn’t link your profile, for some reason. Sorry!


We’ve got bloopers, of course, including Spudgy giving some more commentary on KBS banning everything.

And, lastly, don’t forget to click on the button below to subscribe for more videos, and – more importantly – to sign your name against KBS banning videos for random stupid reasons. Your voice counts. Click below!



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Kpop Music Monday: Super Junior M “Swing”


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  1. The song was ok, but liked the video better. More importantly, Yay for Log! Prominently featured in a Music Monday! Good job Log. You make an excellent seat for Siwon’s mustache.

    6 years ago
  2. This has got to be my favourite Super Junior song so far. It was alright until that dubstep breakdown. Ugh that is so last year.
    Laughing all the way through the moustache interview. You shoulda been like “I ‘moustache’ you a question” heheh It was a shock to the system when I first saw the mv xD

    6 years ago
  3. Alex is cute! (I swear to god I’m not a creeper)

    re: Blooper reel @ 2:07 – I laughed so hard my lunch went everywhere. Simon, do you have any idea how hard it is to clean caesar salad from a keyboard?! :P

    6 years ago