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Kpop Music Mondays: TVXQ “Keep Your Head Down”

January 10, 2011


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Oh boy. GDTOP, MBLAQ, and TVXQ all released their videos on Wednesday last week. We had to choose one. We chose the one that got the most requests. So here we present to our our review of TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down.” To those of you disappointed, don’t kill us! There’s still next week! Or the week after!

Anyhow, we know that TVXQ’s comeback is quite big, especially considering the huge controversy and the split in the band. We reviewed JYJ’s “Ayy Girl” a while ago, and really liked their song, even if we didn’t like the video. Now, how does TVXQ fare, having only two members rather than three? Not bad at all. In fact, this song is really quite good. Simon’s a sucker for big trumpet sounds, and the chorus totally rocks. And, thankfully, they don’t have terrible CGI in their video, even though the fire explosion at the end was really cheesy. Like, whoa, a bit too cheesy. Otherwise, the video was quite good. So we’re asking you for the showdown this week which video/song you preferred: JYJ’s “Ayyy Girl” or TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down.”

Oh, that’s so cruel of us to ask for you TVXQ die hards, right? So we’re gonna try to exonerate ourselves with a giveaway. Usually, though, we’d buy our own CDs and ship them out ourselves, but we’re lucky enough to have the kind people at YesAsia.com and YesStyle.com volunteer to give the CDs away instead. And this time, we’re not talking about any small CDs here. We’re talking about the TVXQ Special First Press Limited Edition Album which comes with the CD, a photobook, photocards, and a poster. Shazam! And they’re giving away two of them! Double Shazam! So, you have two chances to win. First, for our YouTube subscribers, tell us what you think Max’s superpower should be (hopefully, one that isn’t lame, and one that better compliments U-Know time!). For our Twitter followers, simply press the “Share on Twitter” button above. That’s all. We’ll pick one subscriber and one follower next week and get in contact with you to get the CD super package shipped your way. Triple Shazam!

On a side note, we’re not sure where to include this, so we’ll say it here: whenever we review a Kpop video, we watch it lots of times. Lots and lots of times. Whenever we think of something to say about it, we pause the video and write down notes. This time, though, we happened to pause the video at a really odd moment, and couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing:

U Know Time!

Seems kinda funny, not so much because Yun Ho is having so much fun, but because of the expression of the two guys in the back. But then we got to doodling on the picture, and could barely contain ourselves. Hopefully no one will get offended by this and think that we’re being sacrilegious, because we know that the TVXQ fan group is very devoted. Anyhow, here’s what we came up with:

TVXQ Keep Your Head Down Fairy
TVXQ Leprechaun
TVXQ Swingset
TVXQ Bunny
U-Know Time 2

P.S. This one is our favorite :D If the fancy hits you to doodle something else on the original pic, please show us! We’re really amused by this kind of stuff :D

And, lest we forget, as always big thank yous go out to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for so kindly translating all of our videos into Korean. They’ve been translating all our videos for months now, and we’re really thankful. Lastly, if you don’t happen to be one of the two lucky winners, you can still support TVXQ and order a copy by clicking on the banner below :D



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Kpop Music Mondays


Kpop Music Mondays: TVXQ “Keep Your Head Down”


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  1. Soooooooo happy you guys made a review video. I was waiting for it since TVXQ released the digital single lol. As far as an awesome power for Max…..he should remain as the light but instead of a light bulb in his hand why not a lightning bolt? eh? eh? I think that would be cool!!

    The owl suits were……ok I could have done without them but Max and U-Know look so cute in them so I can let it slide…I guess.

    The line thats hard to figure out sounds like Max is saying "Now im just chillin, feel like im healin" , plus this line fits the context better

    As far as choosing between JYJ and HoMin………IDK………I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! But from an unbiased point of view……and only considering the MVs "Ayy Girl" and "Keep Your Head Down"……..HoMin wins. Honestly, the graphics in "Ayy Girl" were a little too much for the song. Its almost distracting. I know they are capable of so much better.

    <3TVXQ <3JYJ AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST <3 Eat Your Kimchi!!!!!!

    10 years ago
  2. Superpower for Max- water or something maybe… He could destroy Yunho and easily take his place, and the video would be dramatic LOL
    Of course DBSK!!!! TVXQ!!!! Whatever, but I died right after hearing it!!!

    10 years ago
  3. ale

    I prefer jyj's song ayy girl!

    10 years ago
  4. Changminnie should so have the power of Ice, because he's Ice cool ahha see what I did thar, No okies I'll stop with the lame jokes :)
    Martina love the 'I guess, We shall not pass' and being a LOTR fan is not nerdy it's awesome :DD
    Also I vote for TVXQ :DDD

    10 years ago
  5. Hahaha the last pic is soooo funny ^^ I liked your review and I am a cassie. Thnx :)

    10 years ago