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U-Kiss – Doradora: Kpop Music Mondays

May 1, 2012


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U-Kiss is finally back with their latest Music Video, Doradora, which got almost 20 freaking thousand votes on our site. You Kissmes are INTENSE. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

So, we didn’t give a glowing review of this song like we did with Tick Tack. Tick Tack was, and still is, our favourite U-Kiss song ever. Doradora is a good song, but I think we’re viewing it through the perspective of people who totally loved Tick Tack. Kind of like the third book in the Hunger Games. It’s a good book, and probably would be enjoyed a lot more if the first book of the Hunger Games wasn’t so freaking awesome. It’s kind of hard living up to that. Like, how’s JK Rowling gonna be able to write anything after Harry Potter?

One thing we do really appreciate about UKISS is that they are willingly to change up their sound and try out new song patterns. If you look at when they started to where they are now, you can’t say, OH that sounds like a UKISS song, and I think that can be risky, but it’s great that they are willing to do that. They could stick with a winning formula, but they’re trying out new things, and we dig that.

Not really digging the video that much, though. It was almost Sistar level boring. Maybe not for you who are drooling over the eye candy, and having your ovaries and brovaries exploding, but in terms of the two of us being able to discuss interesting things in this video, we had really little to work with. The couch was ugly, and a lot of the video was closeups of their face as they sat in front of their ugly couch. The spinning room was interesting, but we found that stool at the bottom of the bed a bit too glaringly obvious. It’s against the wall, we get it, only because of that big hump at the bottom of the bed. Argh! Too distracting. There were much better ways to suspend U-Kiss against the wall. How about a brace of sorts around their waists. Or, if all else fails, mega-wedgies. That’d work, too, and would make for a much funnier video :D

Anyhow, about the U-Kiss CD Giveaway Contest: now, we didn’t mention this in the video, because it’s still up in the air, but here’s the deal: U-Kiss is going to Mnet on Thursday. We’re also going to Mnet on Thursday. There is a chance, a decent chance, that we can get these CDs autographed for the contest. NOT SURE THOUGH! DON’T GET TOO EXCITED! Things always pop up and get in the way of fun stuff. We might have to go somewhere else, do something else. We’re not sure. Anyhow, if we do wind up getting the CDs signed, we’ll make a video about it to let you know. YEAH! So stay tuned, just in case wonderful things happen.

So, if you want to enter the contest, we’ve got two ways for you to join:

1) For our YouTube subscribers: Make sure you’re subscribed to us on YouTube by clicking THIS. Once you’re sure you’ve subscribed, answer this skill testing question: why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? Most creative answer wins! You can answer either in the comments to the video, or in the comments here! If you do choose to comment here, leave us your YOUTUBE USERNAME so we can make sure you’ve subscribed if we pick you :D

2) For our Twitter followers: Make sure you’re following us on Twitter by clicking THIS. Once you’re sure you’re following us, retweet this blog post. That’s it! You can do so by clicking on the Tweet button right below the video above, or by clicking this link. IT’S THAT EASY! We’ll pick one random winner next week!

Lastly, if you’re not fond of testing your luck with contests and want the album right away, you can pick it up on iTunes, or you can get the physical album mailed to you, international, over at YesAsia. Yeah! Also, as always, we’ve got some bloopers. I added the Bubble Pop to my WANKing and FAPFAPing dance repertoire. It didn’t go over all too well.

AND ONE LAST THING: We’re not going to be answering a lot of emails or comments tomorrow, BECAUSE IT’S MARTINA’S BIRTHDAY! RIGHT NOW!!!! Wish her a happy birthday! YAY!



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Kpop Music Mondays


U-Kiss – Doradora: Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. This picture is the real evidence guys: http://ukisspersianclub.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/pops_in_seoul_003.jpg Somebody please adopt U-KISS fast!

    8 years ago
  2. LMBOO “trigonometry for life!!!”

    8 years ago
  3. 8 years ago
  4. [couchxpotoato]
    oh where do i start.
    This week is the rigorous AP testing week in USA. At the moment, I have spent 3 whole freaking hours sitting at the testing center ripping my hair out totally making up imaginary elements to fit the free response questions…Trust me, that’s no fun. If I can adopt a UKISS member, I won’t break down crying every night in fear of spending my Senior year in high school getting rejected from all colleges ):
    Here are some more specific reasons why I am the most ideal candidate to take tender care of our beloved UKISS:
    1. I have so much experience taking care of young ones. I volunteer at church and Girl Scout summer camp, I am the most ideal counselor/babysitter. I can totally take a good care of our babies~ (Also I must mention that my house has a secret stash of girl scout cookies)
    2. I am bilingual…KOREAN AND ENGLISH BOOM YEAH
    3. I live in Southern California- meaning I can take these boys to anywhere they wish. Disneyland aka happiest place on earth? no problemo! Laguna Beach? Hollywood? all accessible by car within an hour. They will have the time of their life~
    4. Here is a short story…a sad one. 2011 Hollywood Bowl Korean Festival…I saw that Ukiss was on the performing list and secured a ticket…a FREE ticket let me tell you. But long story short, I couldn’t go because I didn’t have a ride and had to watch allkpop updates while sitting only an hour away from my boys </3 To forget my pain I studied for my anatomy test fervently and received an A+. 0330 is SUCH a good study music.
    To wrap things up, this is a symbiotic relationship. I NEED THEM (the only thing that will make my AP week better is a tub of Ben&Jerry and Netflix cuddling riiiiiiiiiight next to UKISS <3) and THEY NEED ME (I can provide a nice home in sunny california- three meals a day included)

    8 years ago
  5. I would be ideal because my room is a Swiper  free room.
    No frightened UKISS DORAdora here.
    And we have our daily sessions of VIVA LA SPUDGY rituals.

    8 years ago
  6. U-KISS band members, with their many eccentricities, will
    require lots of care and attention to adopt. That is why I’ll be the perfect
    candidate to make sure that all their special needs are met. For example, I
    will buy Dongho a female mannequin so that, at least, he looks like he’s
    talking to someone. For AJ, I’ll bake him a π so that he can write

     on it. Kiseop will be given a stress ball made
    out diamonds (Let’s see if he can break through that), and Eli will have a
    bunch of warping paper so that Mordney can have more presents. With all these
    needs taken care of, I will guarantee that all the U-KISS members will be happy
    and satisfied in their newly acquired home.

    youtube: kodac768

    8 years ago
  7. I’d make a fantastic candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member because I have a super ridiculous, colorful room that would make a U-Kiss member feel right at home, considering their previous housing situations. It’ll be as if they never had to go through the trauma of moving because they would never know the difference!

    They’d have a super awesome kitty cat named Henry(You’re damn right I named my cat after Henry Lau, super awesome Canadian/dancing/violin-playing extraordinare of Super Junior) to play with while I’m away at work, (Thas right, I got a full time job to make sure my U-Kiss member is always taken care of) and many other trinkets to help them occupy their time. Lots of space for being danced, with a kickass CD player that holds THREE CDs at a time.

    A super rad iMac so they can study up their competition and see how to improve, and also watch their own dancing on the built-in Photo Booth program. With it they can also practice their own aegyo and sexiness, in order to attract more ovaries and brovaries. Ample space in dressers to put all of their interesting clothes in.

    Hair ties and clips to keep their awesome new hairstyles in check, a watch so they’ll always be able to keep track of time for their schedules, and a pen to write new lyrics. I also always have lotion on hand to keep their skin pretty! And a (rad Lollipop) phone in case they ever need to call the police if fangirls break into my home and attack crazily. 

    Letters and postcards so they can write to their U-Kiss brothers and family, and update them on the status of their new home. And plenty of cute tupperware to put their snacks in when they are working.

    And I’ll always have things to help remind him of his U-Kiss family while he and his other brothers are separated at their new homes. :)

    My room would make a super rad place for a U-Kiss member to live! Plus, they’d get me as their super rad roomie to help take care of them. 8D And I cross my heart that I would never take advantage of one of them — I know how to keep my ovaries and brovaries in check. As a sex health educator, I know when no means no. 8]

    I hope you’ll consider my application and allow me to adopt a U-Kiss member! It would certainly be an honor. :D

    My youtube name is LoveJitters. :)

    8 years ago
  8. I wanna try to win the album~ But first of all, Happy Birthday Martina~ Sorry for late wishing >.< and my english is not good :/

    why would you make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? 

    Well, first of all, my bed is not on the wall (woah~ such a nice start xD), and it makes me think that maybe, since their bed is on the wall, their toilet is going to be on the wall too? If that is true, don't worry! My toilet is perfectly sticked on the floor ;3 Unless they wanna be astronauts, if that's the case, I would gladly have my bed sticked on the wall, that would make them more confident to be astronauts! (Or maybe they are imitating spiderman…) Oh! And I don't have ugly couchs, if I ever have a white couch, I would be aware if they use pens or colours to paint on them, they can paint on my neighbor's couch but not in mine! And I noticed they like to put "U-KISS" on the walls O.O I could put them in some kind of "Painting class" to make their imagination explote in papers instead of poor couchs and walls. Oh! And I live near a park so we can go there for a walk if they are tired of my house, and can walk Sherlock's style, while rubbing our hips like in Doradora to make the icecream seller have panic and give us icecream quickly (LIKE A MAN!) Of course we are going to pay! (LIKE A MAN!) And, about the food, I think we can enjoy making food, I wonder if they eat their food on a table sticked on the wall too… Anyways, I know how to cook! Muahaha! And I would gladly solve geometry and ecuations with AJ~ eventhough I don't know much about triangles and circles… and ecuations ._. And I have enough rooms for each one of them, oh yeah! No more creeping on other's room walking through the walls like spiderman, And there is a lot of space for them to dance, and my neighborhood is really peaceful, so they can dance without worrying about any interruption (except of me wanting to sneak to see them dancing~) And about the FJS, I think unless they have Ranch around their mouth, I would gladly make a STYOJ also know as "Stop touching your own Jaw", I need people to sign to it though. Umm… And about their clothes… I need to make them hate tight outfits because I don't really like it either.. (Eli's Highpiched I HATE YOU!) Yeah, maybe Eli said this to tight pants…
    To make it short, I will make them feel confortable and relaxed to finally go to their performance with a big smile on their face that says "I finally got a good house~ Thanks Simon and Martina, you did it again… And I'm finally cured of my FJS."

    Thanks for reading, I would have say more, but I need to sleep so see ya~

    Youtube: XxStrawberryJuicexX
    Twitter: @VanessaGabri314

    8 years ago
  9. oh, You Tube name is Rinkazuki

    8 years ago
  10. I choose U-Kiss, Dora Dora over Mblaq.

    8 years ago
  11. I liked this song, especially the beggining. It kinda reminds me of Janet Jackson’s “Feedback” somehow O_o

    8 years ago
  12. I can house Ukiss because I’ll make sure that the fridge will be stocked full of Red bull for Eli, takoyaki for Dongho, pizza for Kevin and everything else you can think of for the rest of the members. I’ll make sure that there is a selca corner where there is a camera operating 24/7 where they can take pics and record videos for us Kissmes!
    Stacks and stacks of trigonometry and pi books for Aj, a pen full of bunnies for Hoon and a state of the art music studio for Soohyun. Oh, and how can I forget? Man bras for kiseop and table cloths for Kevin to try on!! Martina, wanna help style Ukiss? Im sure Simon will be happy to just talk to eli about girl groups (And kevin) aj about math while testing out kiseop’s super human man strength!! . I’ll make sure that kevin and eli will have a room of their own too ;)
    And obviously, live concerts on every hour for everyone to enjoy!!! =D
    (Btw, martina, dye all their hairs pink for me!! =D ) 

    8 years ago
  13. it’ll be pretty much awesome if ukiss stay in my crib… i’ll give them an
    interior decor of their life.. I will offer then a distinct room for
    each of them.
    Dongho with autocooling..if he misses neverland. Just one
    rub across his face and ice will start to appear.

    Kevin poor angel.. U must suffered a lot in that glued bed. How bout a kingsize bed ofcourse
    firmly attached to the floor with antigravity if he wanted to. Just whisper
    fantasy then the bed will produce an antigravity force that will
    suspend him up about a feet away from the matress.whisper it again and
    he will come back down.

    Hoon don’t need to stick on the wall to have rest coz he will also have his
    own bed a walk in closet with his tiaras.. I mean headband.

    Eli’s voice
    freaked out in that small room… So im giving him a big room… With a
    redbull designed fridge and ofcourse with all things in between.

    Soohyun get tired of sharing bed? Well also got one for u with soundproof room. (no more
    shouting ‘shut up’).

    AJ with his geometrical room.. It’ll b more fun  composing and solving his equations.

    Kiseop so grumpy on that couch.. I know its too self degrading to sleep on a couch.. Because ur my favourite will have a delux room with revolving closet.

    And ofcourse a danceroom
    for all..ofcourse i wont miss out the fun..forgot to mention… the
    dance room is divided into cool looking sets from their MVs
    ABANDONED ROOM that kiseop destroyed with his mans strength.

    yt: ukissoholic010

    8 years ago
  14. All the KissMes posted really awesome responses, so I’m going to try and get real up in this contest!

    In the future, my commonlawhusbandboyfriendpartner and I have grand plans of starting an ESL homestay inn. We want to buy a house in Toronto and rent out the rooms to international students that want to come to Canada to study English. We would offer all the usual services, breakfast, packed lunches, dinner, laundry, fully furnished comfortable rooms, etc; plus we would also have private English classes available. Our goal is to create an affordable and enjoyable environment for students, which we hear is sometimes hard to find. Students can get rent credits by helping with chores and can suggest and help with making meals for the house if they miss anything from home or want to try anything new.

    If we could adopt UKISS, they would be our trial kids with access to all services for free and would be showered with love and affection! If they like us maybe UKISS could be our spokesidols! If they continued to stay with us, Kevin, Eli, and AJ could be teaching assistants and the other boys could work on their English skills, and of course all the boys could help with cooking, Chef’s Kiss style<3~

    youtube username: lotusinkstudio

    happy birthday again, Martini Martina!<3~

    8 years ago
  15. Why I would be the best candidate? I can clean, cook, and I’m the BEST
    baby-sitter. :D Not to mention, I dance as well. And thanks to my
    driver’s license, I can drive my baby UKISS anywhere. (LOL) Rooms? I
    have 4 (4 chambers of the heart). Good enough? :D

    8 years ago
  16. I’m really happy to answer this question: Why
    would I make an idea candidate to adopt a member of U-Kiss? 

    Because U-Kiss has 7 members, I
    will tell 8 reasons:

    1. My dad’s really love to
    sing, as well as my mom. Soohyun, he has a really great vocal technique. I
    believe, he could spend his free/break time while doing karaoke with my
    parents. He could also teach my parents how to sing beautifully, cause my
    parent’s vocal are sometimes..you know.. Then, he also could sing some songs
    for me to sleep. As you know, Soohyun’s voice is really sweet and lovely that I  would have a sweet dream through his voice.

    2. Honestly, I really love to dance :D And I guess you know which member would I asked to teach me dance, Kiseop ! :) He’s really good at dancing especially at robot dance. Sometimes, I spend my time to practice dancing some of U-Kiss’ songs since they’re my favorite K-pop group. With Kiseop in my house, he could teach me dance and I would be very happy. He’s a cute and a nice guy that we could spend our time to practice dancing sweetly >< Aww, how cool! :D If he live in my house, he could save me if someone example suddenly enter my house scarily ._. And we also could take many selcas because Eli is always gorgeous in every selcas he took :D I really love his good-looking face < He could spend his time with me in my home teaching me beat boxing, I believe it would be very very very fun :D A lot of fun! AJ also has a very good looking face and I totally in love with his cat-smile :D His smile really looks like a cute cat :D I would take many selcas with him too <3

    5. This cute and cool guy, Hoon, I believe he could make me in good mood everyday! :D Why? Because every time I listen to his voice, my heart beat so fast which is means I really love the way he sing :) Every time he sing, every songs, he always sing it beautifully with full-heartedly, I love it <

    6. This is what I;m waiting for, mu eternal ultimate cute lovely gorgeous chubby sweet beautiful guy, Keviiiiiiin < If he live in my house, I could do many fun things with him! We could spend our time by listening to his Super Lovely Angelic Voice that I totally in love with it < And one thing I want the most from him is to do his Totally Awesome Cute Agyeo in front of me. If he live in my house and he do agyeo every time, my heart will always bounce bo-bo bounce bo-bo bounce ~~ He also could spend his time playing with my older brother. Dongho really love to play games, same as my brother. We can be a really close family :D I love his Agyeoooo :3333

    8. If I could adopt just a member of U-Kiss, I would choose Kevin :D But I also really want all of U-Kiss members to be adopted by me lol :p Because my life would be more complete if they live in my house. We could be a really happy and close family <3 I hope someday later it would be happen :DD

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA! :DD*ps: sorry it's a belated birthday from me hehe ^^

    8 years ago
  17. HEYY eatykimchi is so funny, and I choose doradora, of course, Eli and Kevin are sexy (kevin does the same as in ma boy hyorin (Sistar) haha is beautiful!

    8 years ago
  18. Happy birthday Martina!!!!

    8 years ago
  19. Without a doubt, I would be the perfect candidate because, as a poor college student, my dorm room is basically an exact replica of U-KISS’s room in Tick Tack. Living in my place…yep, it’ll be like they never abandoned their (tick)tacky home in the first place! Because of the condition of the room, there is no need for F.A.R.T.ing to be kept at a minimum.Youtube account: smilecherry28

    8 years ago
  20.  DUDE, I’m so dumb. I just pronounced “Ms. Sahsangphan” out loud and realized it’s actually sasaeng fan.

    I think we should question the legitimacy of this U-Kiss adoption then!
    It’s all a scheme!
    No real sasaeng fan will give away their “oppar idols” so easily.
    They’re going to give you all fakes, duplicates of the U-Kiss members!
    But no one would notice, because everyone’s ovaries and brovaries will be too busy exploding and complementing the beautiful-ness of Korean males.
    And the real U-Kiss members… would be kidnapped by this “Ms. Sahsangphan.”

    U-Kiss members aren’t running away and trying to find a home for themselves!
    Don’t do eeet!

    [ In other news, Happy Belated Birthday Martina! (: ]

    8 years ago
  21. YT Username-KanameLove

    I’d be a suitable candidate because my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Damn right…

    8 years ago
  22. Well to start off you can’t just adopt one member, it’s more like a seven for one deal because I would be TOTALLY incapable of just adopting one, I admire and LOVE them all so much it would be super hard to choose. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I think I would make a great candidate to adopt all seven members because my house has six bedrooms (a member and I will have to share a room) each room with beds on the floor not the wall (unless they want it on the wall), I have a basement with a disco ball and an awesome sound system for them to dance, my basement has a plain white wall incase they are feeling creative and want to draw graffiti on it or paint it (I have plenty of paint). My house has a yard that is one acre big so we can run around and be crazy together and I also have a swimming pool ^__^ and incase they want to swim in a more natural environment; Lake Michigan is just five minutes away. Also, the city of Chicago is only a short drive or train ride away so, they can enjoy both the city life and suburb life with their fans because according to a survey a few of my friends and I conducted at our school, 62% of students at my school are KPOP fans <3 . Furthermore, my sister is studying fashion so she can help with their wardrobe at no cost. I will be starting college next year and I am planning on becoming a doctor so I will be able to tend to most of their health needs. Therefore, they can always be healthy and strong. Plus, KISSMES will be able to visit when ever they want as long as it does not interfere with they boys’ schedules. Hey, maybe we can even have some holiday parties here and there for all U-KISS fans to come, of course in that case some of us will have to stand outside or on the ceiling, but we will all fit and have fun!                                                                                                                                
    youtube name: dulcenenadepeewee

    8 years ago
  23. Would I be a good candidate?

    That’s a good question.. along with, does the sun rise every morning? (which you can see from the cage, AHEM I mean windows, of the lovely room I shall provide for him).

    I think this question goes without saying.

    1. First of all, I have 2 TRIPLE KING SIZED BEDS. Whoever I am fortunate enough to adopt can have one of them. Sharing is caring. It would be separate from mine of course, a good two inches. I have also included a beautiful sparkly dresser with a matching mirror. It has enough room for him to store all of his makeup … but just in case I have an extra one.

    2. I work at a place that specializes in demolishing clocks that no longer work properly, so maybe if I adopt Kiseop, he can have a job and provide for the rest of his group. It pays overtime.

    3. My neighbor always calls me rude names (which I will not mention), and I would like to return the favor by vandalizing her car. I think one of the members might be able to help with that. I would definitely reward them for the job. I have some kimchi and rice that I’m sure they would enjoy, as well as American food to help them adapt to our culture even more.

    4. I live near a fairly nice high school (don’t worry, the windows are bullet proof, don’t be fooled by the name, “Ghetto School”), that has advanced placement English and Math. Although most are graduated, this would provide them with a place to write lyrics for their newest hit singles. If they want, they could even combine English and Science to make scientific poetry. Photosynthesize my heart into paradise.. has a nice ring to it. (I failed Bio..)

    5. Last but not least, I would make sure he wouldn’t be attacked by crazed fans… (I have my resources)

    Thank you for considering my offer. But if you aren’t convinced yet .. I will make sure that they don’t contact Mordney anymore. I can’t risk my beautiful idols being tainted by the foul heart of his vampiric soul. I promise that Mordney will not be present.

    My youtube is JoannaShadows

    8 years ago
  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA~!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD WOOHOO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would make an ideal candidate to adopt a member of U-KISS because:
    1) I have a cool little place where it is llike being way out in random wilderness that is a short and easy 5 minute walk from my house. yeah. no kiddding. Its really random, and just in between my neighborhood and the other neighborhood. I know. Cool right? So they dont have to be homesick about their life in Neverland~
    2) I have a whole bunch of buckets of paint from leftover house renovations, and they can use it whenever they like. Although i think I will give them some painting lessons before giving them access to the paint and living room at the same time… u know.. just a little 101 on how to paint on a canvas…only a canvas… and who knows, after that they might win awards for their absract styles…
    3) I have a great freezer that they can use if they start to miss living in that nice storage freezer from Neverland~ They would have to take turns, but other than that, its a rather nice freezer~
    4) And if they want to find an alleyway or subway station, then we can always take a trip to San Fransisco or Oakland or anywhere~
    5) I would have to adopt any of the members other than Eli, because if I adopt him then it will be very awkward when he figures out that we are perfect for eachother. So we might as well avoid that awkward situation…
    6) There is a spare bedroom that he could use, so its not like anyone will have to share a room~ (so no worries eli! No need to get jealous of anyone!) xD
    7) Also.. I’m the oldest child in my family, and I dont like it. My little brother and sisters are always trying to bother me, and i have to put up with it because I’m the oldest and should be the most ‘mature’ and whatever. I have always wanted an older sibling so adopting a ukiss idle would be like getting one~… except i would have adopteed him… o well~
    8) I can take my mom’s makeup box, which she never uses, and let them use if they want, since it seems they have liked to use it lately… especially around their eyes…
    9) I they miss their Mr. Brohoho studio, then i can easily set up a new one in another room~~ :33 so they’d be completely comfy.
    10) my dad has some nice weights in the garage, so if they want to use their super human strength then we we can go to the nice mini park which is like a super small nature walk, and they can toss some weights around there~ ^^; u know… instead of the furniture in my living room… ^^
    11) my dad loves that do it yourself fix and renovate the house and whatever stuff, so im sure he wouldn.t mind nailin a bed tothe wall for my ukiss member, and i could help him go to the mini wilderness thing next to my neighborhood to make a rope to hold him to the bed if he real;ly prefers sleeping on the wall~~ or of course he can sleep in a normal bed~~^^
    11) Finally, the other members can visit whenever they like, so that my member doesn’t get lonely~…especially eli… :3
     …woah. this was long.. anyways.. my youtube username is: JinjuRhee)

    8 years ago
  25. LOL really good….
    Oh and btw if you guys want a recipe to make your own ranch dressing there is a way to do it :)

    8 years ago
  26. hello eatyourkimchi first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!!!!!!! 
    I think i would be cabpable to take care of a kpop idol because of the fact that i can provide them with alot of things. 
    1. i can cook really GOOD anything they want i can make it. since i work at a family restaurant. 
    2.  i’m determined when it comes to taking care of something/someone 
    3. my family owns a buiilding so then maybe they can choose which room or apartment they want. 
    4. i love Everyone that i get introduced or meet with. so i can shower the idol with love 
    5. I also like to help people around me more than i shouldn’t but if they need space then i will give them space. 
    6. I LOVE U-KISS!!!!! if they need anything I will make sure they get it!
    These are the things i’m capable to do for them
    OK NOW 
    IF I EVER EVER EVER EVEEEEEER DID get a chance to adopt u-kiss i think ALL of my senses and all of the the things i’m capable things i can do for them might like be gone. BUT I WILL TRY MY BEST CAUSE IT WOULD BE NECESSARY TO MANKIND.!!!!!!

    Youtube account: ultimatebankai245

    8 years ago
  27. Oh, God no!  If I adopted a U-Kiss member…ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE!  Everyone would drop their babies and run around with their pants on the ground as the cry, “OH SH–! IT BE A CHANEESE INVASION. MAYNE, LOOK AT YO CHANEESE OREE-ENTAL A–!!  ARE YOU A GURL OR A GRAMAH? CAUSE I CAIN’T BE TELLIN NO DI-FRENCE!! *insert obnoxiously loud, ghetto laughter here*” *face-palm* Don’t worry U-KISS!!  I’ll live in a big beautiful apartment (or house) one day, and when that day comes, I SHALL ADOPT YOU!  Until then, I think I’m gonna go outside and play my kpop on blast in front of the group of gangsters that are playing that dumb rap music!! :D Oh don’t worry, I’ve 911 (the backward version of Korea’s 119) on speed dial #1!! :)

    8 years ago
    I don’t have a perfect house for them yet, BUT…. that’s because we’re undergoing rennovations.
    (PSST… we could really use Kiseop’s super manly man strength to help. ;D)
    And since they like to sleep sideways like astronauts (DON’T JUDGE THEM FOR IT), I can probably fit that into my rennovation plans. If they need friends, I got some lovely flowers in the front yard. Flowers, Flower boys… it was meant to be. 
    If they need to dance, there are plenty of lovely places to choose around here. They can dance in public without being harrassed by fan girls, as I live in SoCal and U-Kiss is not very well known. (But if they want to be known, I’ve got PLENTY of Asian friends to keep them company.)
    Another pro about SoCal is that everyone already dresses strangely and applies crazy make-up anyway, so they’ll fit in and can easily find clothes to fit their taste! 
    And as for FJS, I’ll call up Heather Austin (comment below) as she seems to be a professional in curing FJS, so no need to worry. :)

    YOUTUBE: magicalninjapixie 

    8 years ago
  29. YOUTUBE: Imotayexysa  

    I would be a good candidate to adopt a U-Kiss member because 
    1.) My heart have plenty of empty rooms for any members to live in :)

    8 years ago
  30. living in big city, next to the forest (all exclusive, environment friendly option not only for greenpeace fans but also for busy kpop singer from seoul, its time to break ! :D definitively )
    in fact my room’s window is on the gardens side (so its clear: no trees, no paparazzi hanging on them)

    and since my beloved dog has gone its a lot of free space on the left side on my bed so soohyun can sleep there comfortably ^^” .. or maybe i just should addopt another puppy Oo”

    8 years ago
  31. Let’s see… these would be my reasons:

    – I have lots of beds in the house I live in, including a room with a big bed where at least three members could sleep in. Two beds in my room and a pair of inflatable beds, so sleeping places ain’t no problem! Not to forget to mention my mattresses are very comfortable.

    – I live in the mountains. I’m pretty sure U-Kiss would like to get some rest as well and since I have no neighbours (sadface), it’ll be a pretty nice silence. I also have a pool where they could cool off, and a dog for them to play. A big terrain (with a huge hill, sadly…) so there’s no lack of space for them if they wanted to go outside.

    – The town is nearby, so if they ever wanted to walk around for a while, they could do so there! Portuguese food is really good, and the local restaurants always prepare delicious meals. I’m sure they’ll love it.

    – I have several things to entertain them. I mean, I got a Rubik’s Cube, Monopoly, lots of Nintendo DS stuff, Gameboy Advance, PlayStation2, Nintendo Wii and thousands and thousands of games for those consoles.

    – They could try out my tablet and draw on the computer (and be amazed), mess around and whatnot. I could also teach them a bit about Portuguese culture (Since I’ve heard Alexander was half Portuguese?) and perhaps even teach them some stuff, ahaha.

    – I’m not a huge KissMe, but I’d be sure to give them as much as attention as possible. I found all the members to be adorable and sweet, and would like to taste their cooking upon watching Chef’s Kiss… though I’m worried about dying of food poisoning, but that’s OK.

    – I’d like to talk to them and learn Korean from them, so basically it’d be exchanging language knowledge between each other. I could also try and teach them some Dutch words and I got some pretty unique clothing that seem to fit them. You could say I’ve got some ‘unisex’ clothing.

    – I’m not perfect or ideal for them, but I’d sure like to try my best and cheer and support them whenever they need it! And I’m sure some of them are pretty good at certain subjects (e.g.: Maths, Biology, etc.)… at least, I hope so. I’d like so help sometimes haha.

    – I like both dancing and singing, and a little bit of acting, so that’d be another area of ‘entertainment’ in case we’d be bored. :D

    Also, my YouTube account name is… Chibinied.

    8 years ago
  32. Ok…since you guys said I can adopt ONE member (why only one???- I want ’em all! XD) I’d choose Kevin.
    Why him?
    He seems like a nice guy to make friends with + he speaks English (hallelujah!) and I study Korean (what a coincidence!) + I also love taking pics + I talk to my laptop too (hehe~weiiiird) +…blablabla ;)
    Why I’m an ideal candidate?
    Need to be danced twice a day? Extra bed? Clothing? No problem!
    Wanna paint on my white armchairs? You are welcome! (and don’t forget to leave an autograpg!)
    and FINALLY: I’ve just discovered I have sheets of ALL his clothes’ colours presented in DoraDora MV and even like his hair colour (why the heck do I have these ones???)!!! lol
    So he can choose whichever he likes ^_^

    P.S. my narration-like comment doesn’t fit for YouTube. XD  (/user/MariaRaize)
    P.P.S. My late Happy Birthday, Martina! You ARE amazing!!! *cheers*

    8 years ago
  33. Actually I live in a little flat in Spain and with my parents, so i’m not a good candidate to have U-KISS over. Buuuuuuuuut, I live in Spain, the north to be specific, and there’s a beautiful beach in which Kiseop and Sohyun could expose their bodies in peace and a ridiculous amount of pigeons that would make Eli feel like home. P.D. We have Redbull too.

    (Youtube Account: PatryChan)

    8 years ago
  34. I am an ideal candidate to let U-Kiss sleep at my house.. because I don’t know. I JUST WANT HOON. I WANT HOON SO MUCH SO BADLY. Because he made me a HARDCORE KISS ME. HE IS SOO CUTE I CAN… I don’t know. I JUST LOVE HOON SO MUCH. End-of-story. Sorry. Can’t possibly be better than others’ TT_TT LOOK AT THAT PRETTY CUTE FACE;~~;
    501fahrenheit here:)

    8 years ago