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U-Kiss – Stop Girl: Kpop Music Monday

September 25, 2012


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We told you that if U-Kiss won the KpopCharts this week, we’d release their interview footage sooner than later. And so we released it yesterday. Check out our Interview with U-Kiss + Backstage Footage for “Stop Girl”. But now, it’s time for our Music Monday review. Woohoo! For starters, if you haven’t seen the video yet (shame on you!) you can check it out here:

Woohoo for U-Kiss not being homeless anymore! In previous Kpop Music Mondays we commented on how U-Kiss are often in squalid dwellings, and how they seemed like Kpop idols turned squatters. But not anymore! They have their own place now! Great success! Even greater success is that we weren’t the only ones who thought this. We spoke with Kevin while they were filming this video, and he said that they noticed the same thing, BEFORE WE MENTIONED IT IN CONVERSATION. Does that mean that U-Kiss and their management thought of that themselves, or did they watch our Music Mondays and take what we said to heart? If that’s the case, then how many other labels are taking what we’re saying to heart? Best case scenario, SM WILL STOP PUTTING UP THOSE GODAWFUL ADS! COME ON SM! I KNOW YOU SEEN MY MOVIES!

Otherwise, we’re not sure we’re really fond of the Black and White version of the video (although Martina disagrees because she likes the B&W version). There’s a colour version online as well, and I think that would have been better to go with. The black and white just seems too…moody, you know? Sure, it fits the song and all, but I’m more into my Kpop videos being vibrant. Since the set offers so little in terms of vibrancy itself, then the lack of colour seems a lot more stark. Thoughts?

Anyhow, we’ve got ANOTHER CD GIVEAWAY. Why? Well, for starters, we’re being given more CDs than we had originally planned, so who are we to keep them for ourselves? You guise worked so hard to get them to the top past G-Dragon (seriously big feat there for our site), and you received the interview yesterday so well and gave it a ton of views, so why not give you more CDs? We got em, you deserve it. So, here’s what you gotta do to win:

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We’ll pick four answers and announce them in the bloopers of next week’s Music Monday, along with the winners of yesterday’s contest. SO MANY AUTOGRAPHED CDS TO WIN! We’re giving away 7 in total. We hope you like em!

And, lastly, here are this week’s Bloopers. Dr. Meemersworth stole the spotlight today. We’ve got no idea why, but if the camera’s on, she REALLY wants to be in front of it and doing all of the crazy things she does. Or she just wants to be cute. Can’t blame her. She is quite cute!



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U-Kiss – Stop Girl: Kpop Music Monday


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  1. The bloopers were hilarious this week – and with an extra dose of cute delivered by Dr Meemersworth. Great job, EYK team! By the way, where was Spudgy while you were filming?
    Also, I have now spent the entire evening singing ‘statatatatatap girl in the name of laaaaaaahve’ (yes, that’s exactly how I sing it), and I blame this on you and U-Kiss.

    8 years ago
  2. Hi Simon & Martina ! I love your videos you’re amazing !

    My favorite part of the video is… arf so hard to choose ! the entire MV is AWESOME ! Okay…if i really have to choose i will say the chorus dancing part. I love the choreo, how they all dance together (it’s really cool to add girl dancers !! ) , the synchronisation of their dance moves, when they all do the little wave (woooh *-* ) i find that it fits perfectly the chorus (that I totally love ^^ stop girl in the name of loooove <3 ). It's just AWESOME ! U-KISS fighting <3
    A French Kiss-me ^^ (sorry for my english *^* )
    My youtube : BiliBouh Sushi

    8 years ago
  3. U-Kiss’s MV was phenomenal. The part that really stuck out to me was Kevin’s and Soohyun’s part leading up to the chorus. It was so powerful and it gave me goosebumps; the good kind.
    The English really flowed perfectly and the way Soohyun sung “Hey, hey!” really gave me the shivers. Unlike so many other songs I’ve heard, the English really meant something and it flowed with the rest of the song and it made me smile endlessly.
    I hope U-Kiss keeps this style of singing English and incorporates it in future songs as well. :)

    Youtube username: gaarawantcookie

    8 years ago
  4. omg this is one of the most awesome KMM ever!!! I love how there’s a part of Kevin and Eli, it’s so hilarious :D I’d love to see this kind of concept more than often ;DD
    I know it’s kinda delusional but imagine GDTOP doing this, damn that would be awesome :D:D mabye it’ll become reality someday who knows?~ haha
    yeah, the contest~
    my favorite part of the Stop Girl video~ first off, I’m really fond of the Black and White version, you know, for me it just creates this special feeling and emphasizes the dance even more~! And in my opinion the dance is of the highlights of the music video, especially the part when kevin is dancing with this girl!!
    youtube username: sora2ii

    8 years ago
  5. Martina I must say that the girls wig really suits you. It looks like your real hair. :)

    8 years ago
  6. Kevin’s part was the BEST.

    8 years ago
  7. my favorite part was….EVERYTHING!! this was the most perfect song and MV of U-Kiss evah!!! the dance was pretty friggin awesome! Kiseop had more lines!!! actually I change my mind my favorite part was all of Kiseop’s parts! SO PROUD OF HIM!!!

    8 years ago
  8. Y’know, I actually liked that Kevin got to be more manly in this video than he has been. It was nice to see him get a one-on-one dance with a girl. =P

    Anywhodlepoodle, I agree with Simon that this is pretty much their best video ever and one of their better songs. DoraDora was fun to dance to, Believe was a bit awkward but this just strikes an amazing balance between fun and relaxing (at least, to me…) The black and white totally fit with the them, if you ask me, because sometimes when you’re fighting in a relationship it seems like it’s black and white to one another but there are definitely shades of gray in the middle. (I know, totally deep thoughts there. =P)

    … I think I made this comment long enough… Sorreh~ ^-^

    8 years ago
  9. I was so excited to see your videos of the interview and the behind the scenes with U-Kiss, that were posted yesterday. I have to say that U-Kiss is probably the most down to Earth and amazing KPop groups EVAR!

    **For the contest!**
    YouTube username- HystericalSarah
    My favorite part of the “Stop Girl” music video is when the back-up dancer comes out from behind Kevin and they dance in sync (not to be confused with N’Sync, ha!). It’s a small part but it was so well done that it left a big impression on me.

    Thanks for holding another giveaway! <3. Sarah

    8 years ago
  10. I really like this ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah’ and the beat in the beginning in the song =D

    YT acc-SunnyA

    8 years ago
  11. i like kevin’s performance, haha!! but not the part with the girl dancer, just really jealous!! hihi!! but still i like his performance! :D

    8 years ago
  12. whoa martina!! you got a lot cuter, love you’re eyes ><

    8 years ago
  13. WHOA! Way to fluster the CRAP out of me!! hahaha! Love the unexpected shots of Kevin and Eli!! So fun! Ahhh Kevin is so dang adorable. I just want to put him in my pocket. Why can’t he fit in my pocket?? *sad panda*

    Voting for Kevin!! xoxo

    8 years ago
  14. Dr. Meemersworth was also doing the celebration dance in behind Simon!LOL!SO CUTE!!

    8 years ago
  15. Thank guys for giving us a great and hilarious review for U-KISS Stop Girl! You did a hard work :”) Feels so happy to watch U-KISS two days in a row on your web. This is my 1st time to make a post here, and all I wanna say is I thank God that there’s a great people like you both Simon and Martina. I mean, you could represent us as a U-KISS or Kpop viewers/listeners to make a review towards Kpop MVs, especially U-KISS (since am a U-KISS fan.lol). I never feel you did it in harsh way anyway, coz U-KISS surely need that to make their MV and performance better. And thru you, they will know their plus and minus.

    Am with you on Dongho’s hat btw! I also hope that he threw it away *sorry my baby Dongdong! ;) And the rhyming! Great that Simon mentioned
    it, I also love the rhyme of the song :)

    And for Stop Girl MV, indeed am happy coz they’re not homeless anymore! Plus, they all had lot of girl friends in their new place! Yeay!haha! When I watch the MV, I feel so happy to see that there are some girl dancers on it. *there’s only 4 girls on that MV, don’t you think they should added 2 more girls?haha*

    Well, since I love the dance and girl dancer concept, my fave part on U-KISS Stop Girl MV would be:

    1) Kiseop solo dance followed by each member of U-KISS at the intro part. When I first downloaded the song, actually I feel kinda bored with the long intro. But when I saw the video, I feel that kind of long intro was necessary to do this kind of cool dance! :)
    2) Kevin dance with the girl dancer. Both look sooo sexy and hawt!! Makes me want to date him! *oooppss*
    3) I also love Soohyun’s dance part with the 3 girls! *again, it makes me feels like: “oh mooommmmyy, I wanna be that dancer!!” Too bad I can’t dance,haha.
    4) Dongho’s fierce appearance before his rap part (the one with a mess hair), when he touch his lips like a nappeun namja!haha.
    5) Eli’s part when he’s rapping. The way he rap was sooo intense and in a hi pitch *which is caught me off guard* intense rap while he’s pointing here and there and made a ‘gun’ sign,and sat on the elegance couch make him look so hot!
    6) Should mention that I love the 1-2-2-1 dance formation on the chorus and 2-1-2-1 dance formation on the hook 3 (the one after Eli’s rap). Before they released the MV I wonder what the dance formation would be with only 6 members on it. But thank God they did very good on it, as usual. So should thank to the dance trainer-nim :)

    (Youtube username : ntiex)

    8 years ago
  16. I loved the “Stop Girl” music video…and it’s actually a bit difficult to pick my favorite part. I thought the set was nice in the fact that they don’t look homeless any more…I enjoyed their outfits for the most part, and I liked Dongho’s hair when it was all messy. But I guess my favorite part was the whole dance and how it mixed with the song…and that includes, I can’t believe I’m saying this but, Kevin’s dance with the female dancer, which was pretty awesome.
    Youtube username: Blondesaxplayer

    This KMM was hilarious!! I loved the skit about the chess piece…brilliant!! :D

    8 years ago
  17. You guys are AWESOME!!!
    This is definitely the best KMM EVER <3!!!!

    8 years ago
  18. kevin

    8 years ago
  19. My favorite
    part is at 2:56, when Soonhun sings that high note and then Kevin stars with a
    new melody, which I find really nice and fits the song perfectly ^o^. Because
    when I first watched the music video this part kind of surprised me, it was
    already in the end of the video, when I wasn’t expecting nothing new on the
    melody of the song. – yukari832

    8 years ago
  20. Muy bueno!!! *:* me encantó esta canción y el video. Creo que realmente U-KISS ha madurado. Y siguen siendo muy dulces y agradables ^_^
    Awesome!!! I Love the video and the song *. * and I think that U-Kiss has grown really. And they are very sweet and nice still ^_^

    8 years ago
  21. My favorite part was when Soohyun did his dance with the three girls. It just kinda blew my mind that BAM THREE GIRLS OUTTA NOWHERE and this was right after Kevin’s awesome thing so it was even more so mindblown
    Youtube: amy96795

    8 years ago
  22. I really liked the series of close shots at the beginning with the shadowing and their intense expressions alternating with the short dance clips. I think that it was a great lead into the rest of the video

    8 years ago
  23. The best part in your KMM today was Memers climbing the tree/plant during your ‘exotic’ scene as a woman!

    8 years ago
  24. My best part is totally Kevin’s solo dance with female partner from the first time I saw it.
    At first we can’t see the girl , then she comes from Kevin’s behind and they do their little choreo ^^ awesome youtube name: felix62442

    8 years ago
  25. so cute*

    8 years ago
  26. Youtube username: eriyuka
    My favorite part is when Kevin starts singing “Somedays 후회 하겠지”
    Because of the new beat of the song and the addicting melody, also the soft look of him at 0:48 with those smokey eyes asjghafGHgghklG

    8 years ago
  27. Seungri kisses girl: eeewwwwwww
    Martina: No, she’s not coming.


    8 years ago
  28. This was actually one of my least favorite ukiss songs -__-

    8 years ago
  29. b-but I really liked the hat ;A;

    8 years ago
  30. Wait, you want me to choose between Kevin and Eli?? But…but…they’re both
    so adorable! TBH my two favorite parts were Kevin’s solo lead up to the chorus
    (0:42-0:51) and Eli’s styling and rap. LOVE the blond mohawk, Eli!!

    Nope, not gonna choose. =P

    Sailor Hoon, BAHAHAH!!

    8 years ago
  31. omg watching the first part with u-kiss introducing kpop music mondays gave me a heartattack.

    8 years ago
  32. Martina, could you do a hair tutorial from that style? And do I see a tint of blue? :o
    Meemers has grown so much~~! <3
    And lastly Simon, did it take long to learn that Sailor Moon -thingy? (or did you know it already *eyebrows* which would be quite distarcting, 'cause even I can't watch it.. :S)

    8 years ago
  33. This is tough but even though Kevin is my number 1 bias, I really loved Soohyuns part when he hits that high note around 2:56 and everyone starts to sing altogether and kevin has a solo. There were some overlap between different members where Kevin sang a different part and soohyun was still singing his powerful infamous high note and everyone else was singing “Stop Girl! In the name of love” yet everyone had a little line to show their voice which I really liked also. I thought it would be a bit weird at first but it totally worked and flowed really nice. Oh and I thought I was the only one that thought that a bit of sailor moon was involved. ^_^ love you guys! (UKISS AND EYK)

    Username: Animeluver74

    8 years ago
  34. wow ..finally some sexy ,close, move interactions goin’ on in a k-pop video loved the kevin solo
    ♥♥ , Super lovee U-kiss even tho i’m a /VIP/ i support the hard and good work tht others do keep it up Guys!!

    8 years ago
  35. Youtube username: Corachan123
    My favourite part in Stop Girl…. I think is when Soohyun and Kevin dance with the girls!! They’re awesome!!!♥♥

    8 years ago
  36. And by the way the best MMD EVER !!

    8 years ago
  37. My favourite part of the MV is deffinetely the begining with the choreography. It was very intresting ! And the solo shots of Soohyun.. <3 I really like the MV it's very classy and with the black and white only colors – it's genuis ! And I losted my grammary that I can't spell proprerly .. Sorry for my bad english, english is not my native language. Youtube name: PaleniAi

    8 years ago
  38. martina! you look great in long hair!…cannot say the same about simon however :P

    8 years ago
  39. Mwuahahahaha!!! Favorite Martina moment ever: DarkTina

    8 years ago
  40. I really like the new video U-Kiss! All the guys did a good job! I love the party Soohyun, especially as he is dancing with the girls! To me, he’s wonderful! I hope all members of the group will be good!

    8 years ago