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The Best Kpop Songs for a Workout

March 25, 2014


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Hey guise!

This isn’t our typical Kpop Music Monday, but we like to switch things up a bit from time to time. We’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately, and have talked about our somewhat healthy lifestyle in a few videos. For our latest video on Our Morning Routine, the topic came up of talking about our Workout Playlist, so we figured this would be the best time to do so. Booya!

We talked a lot about our Kpop Workout Playlist, but we’ve got a bunch of non-Kpop songs as well that we listen to when we work out. Here’s a list of them, along with links to the vids on YouTube, if you feel like watching em!

A Sample of Simon’s Playlist

Japandroids “The House That Heaven Built”
–Great song for both a workout and a run. Totally gets me pumped, especially after reading dumb stuff on the internet, I totally feel like shouting “anyone wanna bring you down/ Tell em all to go to hell!” Quite cathartic.

The Knife “Full of Fire”
–Warning! This is a seriously WTF video. I didn’t even get to the end of it. I just really like the song. It really fits my running pace, and it’s got a bizarre dark energy vibe to it that really puts the fire in my heels. Is that what old people say? Stop judging me!

Pharell “Happy”
–Hey! A non-grumpy song! It’s great for running as well. Better for running during the day than running at night, though, I think. Also helps me keep a great pace. Great for the end of the run when I can barely lift my legs anymore and I feel like I look like a toddler trying to walk: it keeps my feet moving. Fun stuff.

Benny Benassi “No Matter What You Do”
–Probably one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s my power song for any moment. Tired from running? Play this, boi! About to bench a bagillion pounds? Play this, foo! I could fight a dragon listening to this song. Nothing gets me quite as pumped. Warning, though: another WTF video. I only saw it for the first time today and gave up halfway through…

M.I.A “Y.A.L.A”
–Great song for fart-licking! Especially when the chorus kicks in. Run a regular pace for the verse, sprint your ass off for the chorus. I do find the rapping in the verses rather silly, though, and the two of us make fun of it all the time:

I’m the Spuuuuud-gee!
My fur is smuuuuud-gee!
Don’t hold a gruuuudge-G
Cuz you can’t buuuuudge-me.
Hey I’m the Meeeeeemers
I am a dreeeeeamer
You’re just a screeeeeamer,
whenevs I preeeeen…err?

Still a great song, though.

A Sample of Martina’s Playlist

Electric Six “Danger, High Voltage”
–One of my all time favourite bands, who were just as awesome and energetic live. This song gets you up and dancing and shamelessly shaking your head violently to the chorus despite all the people watching you. It’s best not to watch this music video unless you’re prepared for an oddly sexual video. I mean odd. Like glowing electric light bulb boobs and crotches. You’ve been warned! BUT THE SONG ROCKS!!!

Death From Above 1979 “Sexy Results”
–A great beat for lifting weights and doing glute kicks. It’s not a very fast beat so you can control your lifts for every other beat or to the beat if you please. I like it for those glute kicks (the one when you are on all fours and curling one leg up to your chest and then kicking out) because it’s the perfect beat. Also, I like sexy sounding sounds to motivate me, it makes me lift weights with more joy and with less grudge towards the fact that I am indeed exercising. HAHA! Sexy workout music is like going dancing at a club to a great song except that you’re working out…at a club…to a song. Plus, DAT COWBELL SOLO!

Crystal Castles “Vanished”
–I use this song as an example simple because I use this song for my intensive jump rope sessions. For the days that I don’t run to get my cardio in, I jump rope between weight lifting and abs so that my heart rate doesn’t drop to low. I jump to the beat for as long as I humanly can but I could have chosen any song off of all the Crystal Castle albums. This band is freakin’ amazing and I actually like every single song they have ever made. Like ever. Angry? Crystal Castles. Depressed? Crystal Castles. Happy? Crystal Castles?

Jamiroquai “White Knuckle Ride”
— OOH! An official music video! Finally! This is a funktastic song that just gets me in the workout mood. I often start my workout with this song to get me into the mood as I head towards the gym. It’s a great beat for a warm up jog or some light biking to get your heart rate up and if I’m not using it for that I use it for sit ups. But whoa…the video kind of sucks for this awesome song.

Nine Inch Nails “The Hand That Feeds”
— There are a whole lot more NIN and various other rock songs on my workout playlist (like Korn, Deftones, 24Hours, Telepathy, Gogostar) but I wanted to include this song because it has a great build up that I can anticipate. I use this for planking which is a horrible horrible invention made to torture people. I stupidly tried to do the “Hollywood Ab Blast” workout on my Nike app which was only 15 minutes long. 15 minutes of hell. 15 minutes of you flailing on a mat like a fish out of water while trying to balance your side plank while also doing flapping V things with your legs. Looks soooo easy when the instructor shows you how to do it. Point is, this song allows me to hold my plank for the 1 minute I’m supposed to because I’m angry at having to do the planking and NIN guides me through that anger like a spirit animal. A lovely, angry, vampire/Snape-look-a-like spirit animal.

Martina’s Bonus K-pop round: 2NE1 “Hate You”, GD&TOP “Oh Yeah”, Beenzino “Boogie On & On”, MBLAQ “Oh Yeah”


So let us know what you think! Did we miss out on any super awesome songs? We need more recommendations! We’ve heard our playlists for a long time now, and the songs are starting to lose their effect on us. We need moar!

Speaking of moar, we have moar video! Some bloopers, in fact. Check em out!

And, lastly, make sure you click on this button right here for not only more videos, but for more muscles and less fats!



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Kpop Music Mondays


The Best Kpop Songs for a Workout


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  1. This was an awesome video! Loved that you guys did something different to spice things up a bit for Music Mondays :D Orange Caramel is a must for working out! I have a few recommendations… I find I have to change up my workout music a lot just so I stay motivated.

    “Kill This Love” – Epik High (good for intervals)
    “Dance2Night” – 2PM
    “Eat You Up” – BoA
    “The Scrappy (The Latch Brothers Remix)” – BS 2000 (this is from the Jet Set Radio future soundtrack… not sure if you guys have ever played that game? Highly recommend using anything from that soundtrack as part of your playlist though!)
    “Bibara Bibara” – Stereopony
    “Laura Palmer” – Bastille
    “Red Alert” – Basement Jaxx
    “World is Mine” – Supercell
    “Fast in my Car” – Paramore
    “Pop Culture” – Madeon
    “You May Crawl (Takkyu Ishino Remix)” – School Food Punishment

    … just to name a few :|

    6 years ago
  2. I love working out to kpop because the bpm is higher then normal pop music (or rock) so I run faster ^^
    Songs I LOVE working out to: M.I.B. -Dash, SuperJunior-M – GO! Seungri- Strong baby, Han Geng- Clown Mask, Rain- 30sexy and la song, BTS- boy in luv, Trax- paradox and scorpion, super junior – man in love.
    I basically ditched my entire running playlist here (#^3^#)

    6 years ago
  3. for how long can Martina plank?

    6 years ago
    • 1 minute! But she’s dealing with bad shoulders/EDS at the same time, so it becomes a shoulder issue as much as it becomes an ab issue. I’m sure she could go longer if it wasn’t for that!

      6 years ago
  4. Kim Hyun Joong’s “Unbreakable” hands down best song to workout to! I am a “runner” (I use quotations because I still struggle to run a mile :P) and whenever it comes on I just get all fired up! It’s so epic, plus Kim Hyun Joong…he’s so…*ahem* inspiring! ;D

    6 years ago
    • SO MUCH YES TO THIS. I also love whipping out some really old SS501 songs like A Song Calling for You and Fighter haha some of them are kinda cheesy (in a good way) and its perfect to put me in a motivated mood :p

      6 years ago
  5. Omgaaaaad this is so perfect~ I’m getting sick of my own playlist for jogging and is in dire need of fresh music to keep me going. Snsd’s run devil run chorus “you better run run run run runnnnnn” humoured me for a while but it wasn’t a really great running song… and what Martina said about Tara is so true! Some of the kpop dances just get programmed into the body that I start flailing my arms to the song as I’m jogging outside haha

    6 years ago
  6. I can’t work out and listen to music unfortuantely. I’ve tried multiple times, and my earbuds always fall out of my ear. I think I have some kind of mishapen ears that prevents me from listening to music while exercising. Also, I don’t really want to use those headphones either because I would get them sweaty and gross as I sweat a lot…

    6 years ago
    • I had the same problem – I was using earphones that are like the Iphone ones, but as I was running I would get so sweaty that they’d end up slipping out. Headphones offered a good solution, but the only problem is that I run in the streets around the neighbourhood (for lack of a park) and so it was too dangerous, considering I needed to be able to hear what was going on around me as well, but headphones block outside noise. So if you run somewhere safe, over-the-ear headphones are a good way to go.

      Otherwise, I use this type of earbud:
      Which don’t slip out as much, especially if the piece that goes in your ear is a spongey material unlike the plastic on these ones.

      Or otherwise, this type works a charm:

      6 years ago
    • Did you try bigger earbuds? Default earbuds don’t fit for my giant earholes, so I always have to swap out for the biggest ones. Maybe that’ll help?

      I’ve also seen some over-the-ear headphones that are supposedly great for working out, but I haven’t tried them

      6 years ago
      • I’ve tried the ones that go in your ear, but I can’t use them as jamming something into my earhole doesn’t go in properly and will fall out. Currently my default one are the ones that came with my Iphone, and they fall out all the time. (also one earbud is broken since music isn’t coming from that side.)

        Over-the ear ones feel extremely weird… I can’t get them to stay either… I really have strange ears if the same thing happened with my snake earring…

        6 years ago
        • That might work. Now all I have to do it find a good, cheap sweat headband…

          6 years ago
  7. First of all, loads of love from Sweden here… I still see my fanart on that wall… OOoh Yeah!

    Link: http://popcorn-cloud.deviantart.com/art/An-ode-to-Eatyourkimchi-405821817

    Secondly, to confirm what Simon said (note: not says), yes… Fartlek is apparently a Swedish word. Fart means speed and lek means play (as the verb leka) or game (as in what children do, not necessary board or video games). Literally it means having fun with speed.

    Here is therefore my utterly ridiculous and unnecessary explanation as to why Swedish can seem silly.

    1, Sweden LOVES to connect words. I can literally find a million examples for this, just looking around this room, such as blåbärsblad (blueberry leaves), sidenband (silk ribbons), dammkorn (dust particles), glastallrik (a plate made of glass), balettskor (ballet shoes), etc…

    This is more than obvious since Guiness book of records once listed this as the longest word in the world:

    Nordöstersjökustartilleriflygspaningssimulatoranläggningingsmaterielunderhållsuppföljningssystemdiskussionsinläggsförberedelsearbeten (133 letters)

    which means:

    preparatory work on the contribution to the discussion on the maintaining system of support of the material of the aviation survey simulator device within the north-east part of the coast artillery of the Baltic

    2, if you don’t follow this above rule, you get very funny meanings:

    kassamedarbetare (cashiers) – kassa medarbetare (horrible coworkers)
    herrtoalett (lavatory for men) – herr toalett (Mr toilet)
    rökfritt (no smoking, as in the sign) – rök fritt (feel free to smoke)
    stekt kycklinglever (fried chickenliver – stekt kyckling lever (fried chicken is alive).

    3, we tend to create tons of new words this way… unless the new words are based on a foreign language, new words tends to be made from connecting old words to somehow make sense. When ipads started appearing, they tried to Swedify it, by calling it surfplatta (“att surfa”- means to be connected on the Internet and “platta” means a flat object). It takes a while though before such words really become part of the language, because most still said ipads until the android really started to appear.

    6 years ago
  8. I would really recommend Surfing Wave by House Rulez (or anything else from them) because dat saxophone and beat. mmm-mmm

    6 years ago
    • HOLY SNAAZZZZBALLS!!! I just looked it up. AMAZING!!! I want to perform at a magic show while working out. 0_____o

      6 years ago
  9. I really like how this isn’t just another review. i really love these songs and I would love to use the playlist but i play water polo so I am always in the water. If i do have dry land practice i will so use this. I would add GD’s One of a Kind and BoA’s Energetic

    6 years ago
  10. Ahhhhhh Martina I love “Danger high voltage” so much!!! It pumps me up every single time! Fire in the discoooo! But yeah even though I don’t really work out as in a gym and stuff what does it for me is reggaeton, EDM and kpop like Seungri’s “Gotta talk to you” but the Hard remix version. It’s good stuff.
    SHINee -“ready or not”
    2ne1 – “I’m the best”
    BoA – “Action”
    Kim Sori – “Dual Life”
    SNSD – Flower Power
    Eniac – Love again… well most of electronic-sounding kpop will do it for me honestly haha.
    I should really search through all my kpop and make a party-super-fun-time-playlist. Thanks for the idea you guise! :D

    6 years ago
  11. Sigh. I’m kinda torn. I _like_ hearing about your workout songs because it’s always nice to get new ideas. I even _like_ some of your choices and it’s a great place for all the Nasties to throw in their choices and discuss it. But………. I kind of feel like this would have made a better TL;DR or WANK, rather than a “KMM-type” video. Or even better, an Open the Happy type video. The video flew by and was kind of fun but I guess that I just don’t like “list” videos, to me, they are boring: I can read a list faster and more enjoyably than see a video about it, the video format is completely unnecessary and loses my attention because there is no enough content to keep my eyes on the screen. This is just my personal preference and I seriously considered if I would even comment on this video at all because just because it is not my cup of tea doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great video for others. To me, the audio pretty much is sufficient to convey the subject, the video is only adds entertainment every once in a while by funny poses. I’ll just try to illustrate my preference this way: take this video – sample a frame every 12 seconds, then play those frames for 12 seconds each and leave the audio intact. Now, if that “new” video has the same entertainment quotient (or higher) than the original, why did you need the video and all that fancy scripting and editing?

    I feel bad if you feel the limit of KMM’s entertainment is funny poses every 15 seconds, but there is a much higher video content than that and the audio is very insufficient to convey the subject and this is what makes KMM a great video (whatever the content) and why I feel that these “list” videos just fall short. Just my opinion, it was still a good video, my expectations were just too high. I hope that in trying to explain why, it makes up for my disappointment in it.

    Cyber_3 – working out to the new Chromeo album – “I’m jealous! I ain’t with it!”

    6 years ago
    • Totally valid point. We’ve been playing around with the idea of lists videos for a while now. We’re not fully comfortable with them yet. We’ll keep mulling around the idea, though :D

      6 years ago
      • I have a different opinion of that… I love list videos :D And I think it is fun to watch them, I actually get a lot of songs I want to see from videos like these! Like your underrated fall music videos/songs? LOVED IT! Your Simon songs video where simon said all his favorite for the year? LOVED IT! So do what you want, because your videos always come out great :D Like seriously this youtubing and videomaking is something you started because you really enjoyed it, it should stay that way!

        6 years ago
      • I’ve actually been pleased with the list video concept. I don’t usually like online lists because there are billions of them, most ending up saying the same thing and some being too subjective that I don’t really feel comfortable with the choices. But the lists you guise make always resonate with me, mainly because we have similar tastes, but also cause they expose me to a lot of new songs and videos I wouldn’t normally encounter. I must confess, sometimes when there’s a music video at the top of the Kpop charts that I like, but another one ends up getting reviewed for KMM, I get a little bummed out for a moment. Although, that has never happened when I found a list instead of the MV of my choosing. Also, the lists feature fragments of the songs and lots of insightful thoughts about them, which makes for a ‘really easy to digest’ format. I’m always looking forward to your upcoming playlists, because in my books you guise have a great record of endorsing amazing songs.
        I understand why some Nasties don’t find the lists as entertaining as the regular Music Mondays. It’s safe to say that the best KMM videos were the ones that picked apart an MV frame by frame for ridiculously amusing stuff, then channeled that stuff into awesome sketches with hilarious characters. The thing is, lately, very few music videos have provided the amount of entertaining content needed to fill a whole KMM segment. So, instead of an overstretched regular KMM, I prefer a list of videos that helps expanding the search area for comedic valuable scenes.
        I agree that these types of videos don’t rise up to the visual level of epicness we’re used to from S&M, but neither do the TL:DR’s and that doesn’t stop them from being my favorite segments. In my opinion, the writing in them makes up for the lack of dynamic visuals. If you guise think the list video idea isn’t working for the majority of Nasties, I wouldn’t mind if you moved it to a different segment or stick with it just for the blog posts, as long as you keep featuring awesome songs and share your hilarious insights about them. After all you created a pretty democratic system around here:D.
        Lately, I realized that I find your blog posts as entertaining or even more so than your videos.

        6 years ago
      • A Top 5 S&M Picks for the month could be an awesome edition to the line up. That way you can scratch your monthly “but we want to talk about THIS video” itch and people voting on the charts don’t feel disappointed that their efforts for the week are going to waste (I vote when I remember to so I really not fussed there).

        6 years ago
      • Do you mind if I ask “why are you playing around with the idea of lists videos?” ? Not that this is anything wrong with that but, it seems like a waste of your talents to me. Any yahoo e-tainment host can rattle off a list of things about whatever on whatever but who really cares? Top 10 things to remember to bring to Korea? Useful if going to Korea! Top 10 kpop songs of the year? Once a year! Top 10 kitty treats? Only if I have a dissatisfied kitty! If you’re going to make a list, consider what audience cares about this information on its own, not just because it is delivered by EYK, otherwise you’re just rinsing and repeating the Nasties. Not that you have to grow your audience with each video but you can only rinse your fans so often…..that sounded better in my head ^^;;; To me, most of these list-videos (made by others) are just re-packaging other people’s information or of known information you’ve already given, they seem lazy. If you have something new to say, a new opinion or joke to share, why not be more in depth about it than a list? Aren’t all the EYK videos pretty much about the content? Isn’t that where their greatness lies? It is to me, but I don’t know what it is for you…..just something to consider.

        6 years ago
        • I have a different opinion of that… I love list videos :D And I think it is fun to watch them, I actually get a lot of songs I want to see from videos like these! Like your underrated fall music videos/songs? LOVED IT! Your Simon songs video where simon said all his favorite for the year? LOVED IT! So do what you want, because your videos always come out great :D

          6 years ago
        • Fair question: we play around with the idea because we want to change things up with Music Monday. Some days we’re just not inspired by any of the videos in the top 3. Some days we feel like we’ve been doing the same thing too much. Some days we feel like there’s a bunch of stuff we want to mention, but don’t get the chance to.

          We put lists like this in Music Mondays because I don’t want Kpop spilling over too much into our other segments. Kpop isn’t the most popular thing on our channel. Some people don’t like it at all, and want our other videos to focus on their content rather than music content, so having this spill over into those videos might not get the best reception, you know?

          6 years ago
        • Hahahahahaha! “Valid point”? “Fair Question”? Please don’t give me that kind of legitimization, you are FAR too polite – LOL! I am touched that you have answered but I am just one friendly person out here on the ‘net. Come to my house for supper and then I’ll feel legit ;)

          I can sympathize that Music Mondays are feeling repetitive and maybe don’t always go in a direction you feel motivated to follow. In the past, you’ve really pulled some amazing stuff out of your butts in trying to deal with that but it’s got to be frustrating. I do not have any saesaeng attachment to the KMM format or content and mixing it up is totally great in my book, it’s certainly got to be more fun for the EYK crew……Maybe there is a Simon-and-Martina-special-format that you will find your way to, something that no one else is doing, something you enjoy. I wonder also if there is something completely different that you want to try in the slot? Something sequential or a series that can be maintained for a set period? While all the slice of life stuff in the other videos is awesome, sometimes it’s nice to have a predictable series to anticipate and look forward to. Something you could film in advance? Maybe a different kind of outlet for your mad skit skillz and characters? If you are worried about what the Nasties think, why not create a survey/poll/discussion to get ideas? (not to follow directly or it will be spammed).

          People are always going to object to change, so what? People seem to object to just everything on the internet these days, completely inexplicably and disproportionately to sane behaviour around the world. Crazy be crazy, don’t let it get you down. Maybe some die hard fans will be disappointed but you may make more new ones. You have to move forward yourselves as you want to or these fun times will just become a job, one that you can’t quit since it’s become your life. Don’t let it go there.

          Cyber_3 – “It may sound like something from a cat poster, but ‘I believe in you’ ” – LEGO Movie

          6 years ago
        • I like this a lot. Personally I don’t have much interest in Kpop but I tend to watch KMM’s just because you guys are great so I watch all of your videos. But the main reason I like EYK and how I found you guys was through the TL:DRs, WANKs, FAPFAP, and WTFs. If everything was just Kpop Kpop Kpop it wouldnt be nearly as fun.

          6 years ago
        • ^This, definitely.

          6 years ago
        • Rather than edit, I’m going to add something/correct myself here. Not to get all Marshall McLuhan about it, but while the content is super awesome, most of the time the greatness is in the delivery that makes (for me) an EYK video great. Seriously, you could make a video about pretty much anything, as long as you keep the delivery method and it would be great. I don’t need to have a Monday video about kpop, but because it is called “Kpop Music Monday”, I tend to expect it to be about that. There are lots of other formats you could play if not lists, I do really miss making up dance names bits. I still can’t put out the trash without “manly sweeping” first ;)

          6 years ago
        • I know what you mean :D I became a fan in like 2009 after I saw their interpretation on the “sorrysorry” dance. I also liked indie playlist and kpop chart update and I was also happy when they tried to do this kpop month review where they also talked about dramas…..and I kind of would be happy if they would also talk about dramas because they had plans about it. Unfortunately they do not have time for these things but what I’m the most happy about is that the WTFs are back :D yeahh! I also like those MMs where they review like 2 songs they can be sooo much fun for me. And the comments I like thhe conversations here and also under the charts, people have good points and interpretations and jokes :D

          6 years ago
        • I see your point, but I am sad that you do not enjoy the “list videos” as much as I do. Sometimes I forget older songs and then I get reintroduced to them. I also do not listen to every existing K-pop group so in most cases I can always find newer ones. I think it is also a great way to show some other bands to the people that do not necessary have to be Kpop. Also not every Kpop-fan become a Kpop fan in the Middle ages so showing older or newer bands is nice, and yes as you mentioned not every nastie follows S&M from the beginning. I think bringing something different once in a while is refreshing.

          6 years ago
        • Well, as I had to re-watch the video with my son when he came home from school, I can say that it has grown on me some . It is definitely, by far, the best of the list-type videos that S&M have put out, I can tell they pulled out all the stops on this one and it paid off.

          Just for the record though, I don’t hold allegiance to any kpop group and I’ve only been watching EYK videos for 2 years now. I do like their suggestions and certainly I skip to school to get my son to lots of their suggestions. I have made a habit of watching KMM then perusing the kpop charts here at EYK to find more tunes that I like, EYK is almost my only kpop exposure. Lots of great songs never even make the top 10 so it is fun seeing what I can find that I like. Maybe that’s my bias, that I consider the kpop charts a list already so I don’t need a video about one too. I do love the discussions here too though, so I am not unhappy about the topic. I also liked the kpopchart update and k-indie lists when they existed. Maybe I am remembering there being a few lists already and thinking that KMM was one too many. Thank you for encouraging me to re-think my views on EYK list-videos more objectively.

          6 years ago
        • I actually agree. One of my favorite recent KMMs was the Unsausage Fest Edition, which for all intents and purposes is a list video. I really enjoy the format where they discuss a couple videos at once. Maybe because I’m not invested in any one group (that whole stanning/biased mentality just doesn’t appeal to me), or maybe because it seems that they say what they want without trying to stretch the video out. I don’t know. But I definitely do enjoy those type of videos.

          6 years ago
  12. Excellent list! Another two very good songs for jogging (excellent BPM) is Shinhwa – This Love, and MBLAQ – Smoky Girl

    6 years ago
  13. I run 4 times a week and MFBTY is definitely on my playlist! But my 2 go to songs for when im about to quit and need a boost are tarantallegra and GD heartbreaker! I dont know why but I just feel energize by them! ohh and ukiss standing still is awesome the only problem with it is that like martina I cant control myself and want to dance to it while running but I have master the urges lol

    6 years ago
  14. Is it weird that I didn’t know that I knew that Electric Six song until I got to the part in the description about the glowing boobs & balls, then it all came rushing back! Hahaha why do we remember these things??

    6 years ago
  15. It isn’t KPop, but when I’m running I usually have Florence + the Machines “Breath of Life” track playing on repeat the entire time, ha. Something about that kind of really heavy, almost world building kind of music really gets me going.

    6 years ago
  16. I actually get that, too – though it’s more ‘evening’ as opposed to night. My mum likes to get up in the morning and go running, but the few times I’ve gone with her I’ve been 10x worse than if I had gone in the evening. I guess I just have more energy then? Who knows!

    6 years ago
  17. When I was at uni I tried to make a skipping K-Pop playlist. That was fun.

    6 years ago
  18. For me a great song for aerobics is Sign by Brown Eyed Girls, it has a fast and even beat and Miryo, along with the chorus, keep me pumped the entire time. It’s a bit relentless, though, and I’m always dead when it’s done. I love it when you guys do these lists; they are a great way to see your opinions on many different songs and you always introduce me to new music that I like. So Many Details is still on repeat. Just keep giving me this candy! ^___^

    6 years ago
  19. I think someone mentioned it but yeah, going fast and slow is called ‘interval training’ xD Also, yep Simon – you’re totally right! Going slow with weights means that you’re using your muscles to lift/drop them as opposed to momentum. That being said, it’s even better if you’re consciously thinking of the specific muscles you’re trying to use and feeling yourself use them… If that makes sense?

    Great list! Some of my Kpop favourites are:
    1. The appropriately named ‘Run’ by MBLAQ, and from the same album ‘This Is War’
    2. A lot of B.A.P.’s more powerful stuff, like ‘Warrior’, ‘Power’ and ‘No Mercy’
    3. This is going to sound crazy but, ‘BLUE’ by Big Bang – it has a really nice ongoing beat/melody for running. The song kind of feels like it’s runnig itself. Also, ‘Ego’, ‘Still Alive’ and ‘Monster’
    4. More K-indie but Copy Machine’s ‘Rodeo’
    5. Ga in ‘Fxxk U’
    6. BlockB ‘Mental Breaker’

    1. Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’
    2. Just about anything by Anberlin – especially their ‘New Surrender’ and ‘Cities’ albums
    3. Eagle Eye Cherry ‘Save Tonight’
    4. Eels ‘Hey Man’
    5. Kid Cudi ‘Erase Me’
    6. Little Comets ‘Dancing Song’
    7. MGMT ‘Kids’
    8. Mixalis Xatzigiannis ‘Xeria Psila’ and some songs by ‘Melisses’ (all Greek)

    And yeah… Those are a few of the many! Hope you like them and sorry for the long post :)

    6 years ago
    • Actually no, Simon was right. The thing they were doing is actually fartlek.The difference is that fartlek doesn’t have any specific time limit in which you run or walk. It’s more like, “Okay, I wanna run for a while now,” and then you run for as long as you’d like before you switch to a slower tempo, whereas intervall training is “Okay, I’m gonna sprint for 30 seconds and then slow down to a jog for 15 seconds and do that 15 times”. I hope I explained it properly haha!

      6 years ago
      • Oh, really? I didn’t know that! Interesting :) Thanks for the info!

        6 years ago
    • I’ve run to Blue too :) I’ll check out the other stuff you recommend.

      6 years ago
    • About the whole running thing with Blue- GD runs in that video. And oh is it a sight to behold.

      6 years ago
    • Yes, B.A.P.s Warrior is really good for lifting weights with. You get to feel so tough. :P

      6 years ago
    • RUN
      good one, can’t believe I forgot it. :)

      6 years ago
      • Hahahaha I know right? I hear it and I’m like “I’m running! I’m running! I PROMISE I’M TRYING MY BEST HERE OK?”

        6 years ago
  20. remember the name is my top workout song. it used to be my pump up song for swimming! iothers include: she wolf by shakira, back in black by ad/dc, bedrock by young money, keep your head down by tvxq, till i collapse by eminem, forever by drake and eminem, little wayne and someone else lol, hard by rihanna, all the above by manio and we run this by missy elliott.

    the more rap-y it is the more fuel for the fire when i lift! when i swim i just have to get a song stuck in my head since i dont have waterproof headphones and stuff. :((
    martina! do you think you are going to do a lifting video??

    6 years ago
    • ahhhhhhhh i forgot one of my favorites! if for some reason i actually do cardio i have to listen to step by kara. they are literally telling you to step it! and its really up beat and it makes me happy even when im dying lol

      6 years ago
  21. Good playlist, but none of them are in my workout playlist! I think Sexy, Free & Single has a great rhythm for walking, great BPM! I use different songs, I always make a playlist for workout, but every single time, it’s different from the last time! So I can’t name all of them here.

    6 years ago
  22. I recomend 2ne1’s I am the best and Go away. I am the best gives me an ego boost when I need it (the last km) and Go Away helps me release my frustration when I’m running. I would also recommend Jeajoong’s Mine for the same reason. Some other songs that I have on my list are B1A4’s Beautiful Target and Cherry Filter’s Romantic Cat and Flying Duck because they make me feel lighter when I’m running and just are really upbeat and nice to listen to when you’re in the middle of your run.

    6 years ago
  23. “Eye of the Tiger” is a must have on anyones workout playlist.

    6 years ago
  24. ADTOY is super awesome for jogging :D always when i jogg in the woods I run and sing at the same time :)
    I would also recommend Bilasa’s “With you”, “In the wind”, “Baby I’m sorry” and to be honest, most of their song fit my running pace and make me want to run a marathon :D

    6 years ago
    • I’m totally gonna’ try this, because I love! singing and sometimes I like running.

      6 years ago
    • I find hiking, speed walking, or jogging while singing is really great for strengthening lungs (I don’t run so can’t vouch for it there). I’m very asthmatic and singing while I walk or jog has over time decreased my reliance on steroid inhalers. You don’t necessarily have to sing out loud either. Just as long as you’re breathing and using your diaphragm the same way you would be if you were actually singing. It takes working into but eventually it can be just as enjoyable as singing in the shower.

      6 years ago
    • Running and singing is a terrible combination. I had to do it for show choir so that we could sing while we danced and those were the longest practices ever. D:

      6 years ago
    • Exactly!!! how do people talk and run??!!!? Im just trying to stay alive when im running

      6 years ago
    • I also sing while I run (or I try to sometimes) but yessss!!! B1A4 is awesome to listen to while running!!!

      6 years ago
    • Yup, but only this one song, and my performance sounds rather like a military cadence with some gasping in between, and not that smooth as it should be haha :D
      I started to run as a complete looser, even though I’m rather slim, I had to mix running with march for a very long time, cuz I couldn’t breath after 3 minuets of slow running. And in my first competition I finished LAST. There was only me and the ambulance behind me for the whole time o_O So keep it up Simon and you’ll forget soon about gasping! :D

      6 years ago
    • haha me too! singing is a must especially during the epic choruses :D although for me is more like singing and then immediately gasping for air…

      6 years ago
      • For me too! :D But it makes jogging fun even if I’m tired to death haha :D

        6 years ago
  25. Ahhh yes electric six. Their videos are uber weird but love the songs! Thing is I remember when high voltage came out and didnt think it was that weird but now several years on and being more mature and what not, THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT VIDEO! ahem, all the other songs I agree with aswell, even if I don’t work out :D U-kiss DORADORA always makes me pumped :D

    6 years ago
  26. These are my top “high energy” kpop songs from my more upbeat and energizing kpop play list! I never really though of applying it to working out, funny enough… Gonna change that and use these for work outs now!

    6 years ago
  27. Thank you for this playlist!!!, I just came back from the Gym and during my workout I was thinking about how much I needed a good kpop playlist for workout…=D

    6 years ago
  28. i have exo-let out the beast, epik high-dont hate me, tvxq-keep your head down, bap-power, city hunter ost – sad run (this is the track for everytime leeminho starts to beat the bad guys up, listening to it makes me feel like im the one kicking ass).

    6 years ago
  29. Vee

    Also SHINEE Ring Ding Dong …especially when I need a lil push at the end of my 5k

    6 years ago
  30. Awesome playlist guys! I’m not really one for exercise lately but this is very similar to my work playist or the playlist I have for staying alert on my drive to work.

    6 years ago
  31. Oh, cool! The reason I actually got into kpop was because I started running and needed up-beat songs with lyrics that I couldn’t understand and, therefore, sing along to. That’s where SHINee and Big Bang came into play… and stayed. Oh, and A.D.T.O.Y helps me with smooth and sexy hand movements (I need that for salsa).

    6 years ago
  32. Rain’s “La Song” works perfectly for skipping/jumping rope. At least for me.
    At first I tried jumping to some faster-paced songs, but they were too fast for me… La Song works perfectly, though.

    6 years ago
  33. SHINee’s “Stranger” is also really good for running.

    6 years ago
  34. Kim Hyun Joong “Unbreakable.” That’s my workout song.

    6 years ago
  35. the best one for me to work out to is a mashup of Pretty Boy by 2NE1 & T-Pain = Turn All The Lights on by Dj Huygens^^ You should check it out! It’s great for spinning! ->

    6 years ago
  36. This isn’t at all related to the video (sorry I have class in a few minutes so I have to watch the video/read the blog post later) but I just wanted you guys to know that you are doing a great job and a lot of subscribers like to act like you have to completely do every single thing we ask you, but Eatyourkimchi is YOUR blog about YOUR opinions on KPOP and to be quite honest, you don’t owe us followers/subscribers anything at all. I’m a Nasty because I love your sense of humor, I have similar music tastes and I love that you guys don’t stick to boring routine videos and occasionally will shake it up a bit with something new. I know you’ve been receiving a lot of hate lately and you don’t deserve any of it. To end this little rant(?) I just want to say that I’m proud to be a Nasty and I love Eatyourkimchi and Simon, Martina, Spudgy, Meemers, Leigh and SooZee and I enjoy every video that is put out even if I have a different opinion on the content. Much love from a New York Nasty, EYK 화이팅!~ ^^

    6 years ago
    • I know I may be pretty late but I had to – sorta – opine about this. I think you guys are beyond great, and whenever I feel down and lonely, I come here and feed from your quirky, endless lively humor. I love that you guys never sugar coat things which, sadly, is what media does so the viewers may find it appropriate and/or good enough for their approval. I hate when things are “modified” so people would not disagree with it; I love how you guys go with the flow and stick to your strong viewpoints no matter what. I like when people are xyresic-tongued and straightforward with me (no matter how much it hurts). I may not agree with everything, but I respect them anyway because they are YOUR OPINIONS and they should be heard and respected nonetheless. You guys are the awesome, FIGHTING!

      5 years ago
    • I like BAP and frankly I found that video freaking hilarious. But mainly as a lampshade to the fact that BAP started out bombastic in videos like Warrior then all of a sudden boom they’re crying everywhere. Granted by lampshade I’m referring to the large number of groups that anxiously look into the camera while rubbing their lips and shedding a single tear over the girl/guy love interest the whole group is mooning over. I like many of the songs, and the group may or may not have control over their concept. But I personally found it funny for pointing out the video absurdities that I’ve gotten used to over my brief time as a Kpop fan.
      Although I have to say that Kpop fans can be really scary, and I think S&M got on some of those bad sides with that particular video. I do think that fans need to lighten up though. Just because someone doesn’t like one particular direction or song for a group, and teases them, shouldn’t mean the fans need to knee-jerk into lynch mob mode.

      6 years ago
    • Hey guise! Just adding my two cents about your KMMs, I’m preferring these themed videos I just don’t take as much notice of the kpop charts anymore. I think its because of the drama it stirs..and life has enough drama so I’m out! Thanks anyway for trying to find that balance between entertainment and music review, you do a good job and I LOOOVE your other videos peace and love Caz xo

      6 years ago
    • You just keep doing your thing.
      If people like it then great! If they don’t then that’s fine too.
      But it frustrates me to see people trying to tell you what to do. Whenever you do something a bit different we see a backlash. People really don’t like change, huh.
      As I’m quite a casual K-pop fan and have no issue with swearing or anything, I’ve never had a problem with you guys since I found you 3 years ago. You’d never do anything mean – spirited and my personal ethos is ”don’t take offence unless offence was intended”. I’m not bothered about who you review or what you talk about because whatever you do I have faith that it’s going to make me laugh xD
      So yeah, just do what you want to do. As long as making videos is still fun for you then we are going to enjoy it too ^^

      6 years ago
    • That also comes down a matter of perception. Simon and Martina learned from that and are unlikely to make a joke like that again. Unfortunately that will be continually listed as a reason why they are “bad” people and something that people will continue to dredge up in the future. If someone’s perception is that EYK is so bad, of course that just confirms everything for them – they will focus on that and block out anything positive. If someone’s perception is more middle ground they might view it as a slip up but move on from it, and for many people they recognise it in the context it is in and that it’s not meant to offend and find it funny.

      It’s not really fair to assume that idols get upset about the same things as fan girls and BAP don’t need people to be outraged in their behalf. The cultural differences between an international fan girl and a Korean man in an idol group are probably vast, as sad as that must be for some people. Also, my perspective as not being a BAP fan girl is very different. My perspective is coloured by being in Korea, married to a Korean man and seeing how he reacted to that Music Monday. Now he is no idol but he is a bit closer culturally. He loved that Music Monday. He laughed so hard. He likes BAP as well, but he thought it was very funny. So for him that kind of name calling was very funny because he saw it as just a joke and not something he assumed people would get upset about.

      6 years ago
      • “So immediately assuming that I’m a butt-hurt, inconsolable fan-girl is a little bit offending”…. you probably shouldn’t assume that I assumed that ;)

        Also in the bigger scheme of things I don’t really think they lost that many followers. Places like tumblr and forums make it seem like it’s so much more than it really is. EYK is gaining more fans than they are losing, however they have noted that this joke didn’t go over well and are unlikely to say that again. Even though a lot of people got that it being offensive words was actually the joke in itself – not that it’s what they really thought of BAP, EYK recognised after that not everyone appreciates that type of humour.

        And as for interviewing BAP again. Can’t really make assumptions on that either and will just have to wait and see.

        6 years ago
        • Yes that referred to international fan girls, not that I was assuming that you were one, but I think it’s fair to say the majority of those upset were international fan girls considering that’s the majority of the Kpop international audience. YouTube comments easily fall into the same category as Tumblr and forums, which is why EYK write more in their blog posts here because it’s a group of people willing to discuss things, rather than just raging. While some YouTube comments can be well thought out and reasonable, it’s unfortunate that YouTube comments on any channel can be quite extreme and I know from experience aren’t a reasonable representation of the larger community. I think it’s pretty fair to say EYK have learnt from this, have noted it, and have moved on. As someone else has pointed out, all Music Mondays since haven’t had that type of joke.

          6 years ago
        • I don’t think you are attacking them at all. You’ve already said you are a fan and you just didn’t like that joke. I was just trying to explain another angle of it, not making a point against you at all. Fair from it, you’ve been very reasonable in explaining your view, especially compared to other comments found online.

          6 years ago
    • I get you, but it wasn’t just the name calling because that would be just a bit silly to get upset only because of that. For me, it wasn’t really wrong, but it was uncomfortable, for many reasons I listed in a Youtube comment (that might be lost in the chaos over there). It had not that much to do with the “profanity”, but the content of it… Anyway, it would be too long to talk about it yet again and I feel like everything has already been said on this particular vid. We should all just let it rest in peace and move on.

      6 years ago
      • “We should all just let it rest in peace and move on.”
        Amen to that!

        6 years ago
    • The best thing you can do is be yourselves, produce what you want to produce and have fun. There will always be people to support you and love what you do. So I also salute your for doing what you want to do instead of sticking to what your audience wants, which might not be the same thing but it’s fine.

      6 years ago
    • And that’s your opinion; I personally found it hilarious because they weren’t being serious about it, it was obviously a joke referencing the fact that they were all crying in the music video. I really doubt BYG (if he even saw the video, he and BAP have a lot more important things to do than watch videos on youtube tbh) would make as big a deal out of it as everyone is turning it into.

      6 years ago
      • No offense taken, different strokes for different folks. And believe me, I don’t follow EYK blindly and ignore all their flaws. I’ve written several messages and comments in the past critiquing things I don’t agree with about their videos/blog posts, and I don’t do that for a lot of youtubers I follow because I don’t care that much about a lot of other youtube channels. I even wrote a message prior to the BTOB/B.A.P/BTS video they did, saying that since they had been on hiatus for so long that we Nasties deserved a video reviewing more than one group. Now I’m not saying my comment was the reason they made the video or even that they definitely saw it, but it’s possible that they did and it’s possible that that comment was one of the reasons they made the BTOB/B.A.P/BTS video. A lot of people say they take none of their fans’ comments and requests into consideration, but I saw that video as a sign that they definitely did. But back to the original reason for my reply; I definitely have a darker taste for humor than most people, I know this. And there is a lot of dark humor between the members of my family (for instance, “bitch” is a word used pretty commonly in my house, and it definitely isn’t the worst word, but it isn’t used with malice). So when I saw EYK make that joke, I didn’t think “Oh my God, how disgraceful, how can they say something so horrible about B.A.P, a group who has worked so hard in the past! And B.A.P will definitely be hurt by this!” (I really hope you don’t take offense to that part, those are actual things I’ve heard from B.A.P fans in relation to the B/B/B video), I simply laughed and continued watching the video. Bottom line is, none of us actually know 1) if B.A.P even watched the video, and 2) if they did watch the video if any of them were hurt by what Simon and Martina said. I would think that with BYG being so into hip-hop that he has heard much darker things, and for all we know he could’ve seen the video and laughed his ass off. If he was offended, then he should bring that to EYK so they can apologize because it was obvious to a lot of people that that segment was never intended to be offensive. It’s comedy, it’s a joke. I think a lot of people take EYK way too seriously sometimes, more seriously than they take themselves.

        TL;DR- I am certainly not asking you to change your values and what not, but I didn’t view Simon and Martina’s comment in the same way you did, and there’s no way of knowing how B.A.P viewed it, if they watched the video at all.

        6 years ago
      • And isn’t that just the kicker? No one knows what BAP thinks, if they even think anything about it at all (which is the more likely scenario), but other people will always try to twist this sort of thing to suit their own agenda. If you personally were offended, then just say it instead of trying to use another (in this case BYG) as some sort of mouthpiece. No one has the right to say what other people should or shouldn’t be offended by.

        6 years ago
        • I was surprised to see this comment in my inbox after so long. Here’s the thing, I simply don’t agree with what you’re saying. Not a single part of it. Though I do understand [i]what[/i] you’re saying. I’m pretty sure that goes both ways, which is totally ok. I’m not here to convince you, and I don’t really care to, but I will explain my perspective. I personally find it more offensive to take the term and immediately associate it as an attack on woman, which it absolutely wasn’t, unless you yourself associate woman with the way BAP was acting in the video (and I’m sure someone out there reading this is going to be throw into a fuss over how I must be self-hating or have no sense of misogyny or some shit just because I don’t make that association). Just like other insults there are times when these terms are specifically used to humiliate and put down woman, but this really wasn’t one of those times, not to mention it’s tongue in cheek usage. You’re trying to argue the term out of context, which you simply cannot do because there most certainly was a context, and that, if anything, makes your argument (for lack of better word) less creditable in my eyes.

          6 years ago
        • I already said that I understand what you’re saying. I’m perfectly aware what the words mean so I’m not sure why you decided to reply to me with a breakdown definition of them and ignore what I’ve already said about the context of the perceived insult. This is going to be my last reply here, because I don’t think you care about how it was used, or to even discuss it, and your issue is just with the general words themselves, which has no relevance to the topic at hand other than the fact that they existed at that particular moment in time.

          6 years ago
    • The whole “media feed youstuff that you eat like a brainless zombie”… *sighs* I feel slightly bad for saying this, but as a media and communcation student, that is sadly true in many ways.

      Time for a quick history reviiew, in media

      Media in general, such as newspapers mainly, but also radio, once believed they were the almighty source of information, and thus they treated themselves kind of like it.

      By the 50’s someone came up with the conclusion though that media was far from mighty, and people actually had an opinion, thus suddenly they weren’t as important.

      This changed once more during the 80’s, and now the compromise is: yes, they have power, but not full power over people’s brains.

      Thus, the media masterminds kind of know today that media does shape a lot of how we think, but not everything because we do have brains of our own. Do they try to trick us, absolutely yes… which is why it has been a lifechanging horror to actually study the subject, as I cannot even look at headlines without wondering: “hmm… what do they mean with this?”

      6 years ago
    • Its sad but true… they’ve been accused of a lot of terrible things by fans that one can only assume are butthurt fangirls/boys that dont like the way that EyK talks about kpop and Korea. If you want to know what people are saying, you could browse the Eat Your Kimchi tag on tumblr (that’s how i found out) but be warned, some of the stuff they say is quite nasty (and not in a good way)

      6 years ago
      • Exactly my thoughts too. I donated a little too (wish I could have donated more actually) but I never thought of it as buying a part of EYK. I was just happy to give to people I found so fun an entertaining. Even if I don’t always agree or find everything awesome, I love the fact that you guys are so creative. It makes it fun to see what crazy things you get into next. Keep up the good work guise!

        6 years ago
      • Thank you for that :) I unfortunately only heard of EYK well after the fundraiser so I’m just speaking of my experiences with Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Anyhow better late than never! <3

        Also: fartleking is a thing… for real. I can't believe it either (x_x'')

        6 years ago
      • to be extremely honest, i DO notice the slight change/increase in swearing and vulgarity used (or censored) in EYK’s videos. i remember they started out really family friendly, really nice and even if they wanted to express their disappointment on KMMs on the songs reviewed, they would use really neutral terms and “play it safe”. but the recent videos are getting not so family friendly, and its noticeable they had to bleep out more words these days in their videos.

        Still, i am an adult and i dont really mind if they make fun of my fave bands and what not. on the other hand, others could be right about the issue where they mentioned “bitch ass pussies”. if i were a fan of BAP, i probably would laugh it off, because i would find it funny. i mean after watching so many of their videos, i kinda understand their sense of humor and the jokes that they tend to say. but the kpop idols themselves might not feel the same way like i do.

        i guess some fans see themselves to be the knights of shining armor for their idols and fight wars for them and thus start a “fight” with EYK to protect their idols. to be honest, no matter how hardcore a fan you are, you will not fully understand how your idol feels unless you are extremely close to them on a personal level. so there’s no need to fight wars for them. if BAP is pissed off by their comments, they could issue a warning to EYK, or “ban” them from talking abt BAP ever in their videos.

        if you hate kimchi so much, just dont eat it. you dont have to pull out a sledge hammer and pound it.

        6 years ago
      • Erm… sorry but I find that thought kind of ridiculous. It’s nothing personal to you nor anyone, but in financing their studio and launching their business via crowd funding they did not, in any way, put themselves nor their business up for sale. The contributions are called donations after all. And any perks you get by contributing are just that: perks, that they chose to offer as thanks. By your logic, would it be ok to ask for a slice of an NGO to which you donated? After all, it’d be because of you that they’d still be operating right? After their campaign was over and the promised perks sent out, they did not contractually owe you nor anyone a thing.

        6 years ago
      • They probably just thought of it as their loving fans’ support in helping them grow. Not “buying” them. Just giving them a push to make them better. Even if I had donated, I would have NEVER expected them to think that I own a piece of them. That’s just wrong. They are who they are, and they do what they want for THEIR videos. If someone doesn’t like it anymore, well then they can just stop watching and find something else to do.

        6 years ago
      • Not only that if was a bank loan ..the bank would want the money back with interest. Stock Holders would want their pint of blood as well. I have said this I am not hater, I have been a fan for years. I am just confused lately…..

        6 years ago
      • This reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend, from when I was studying Asia. She told me a lot of the newer students that had appeared were mainly kpop or jpop fans, and therefore took the subject generally believing they would get the “paradise” aspect… sad to say for them, this wasn’t really true, and some of them started badmouthing the subject.

        Some kpop fans are just that, in their own world. I am sure that world must be awesome, but personally I prefer living in the real world, and not something make believe. Which is probably why I like EYK so much, as I get to see both sides, both good and bad. I’ve been to Korea myself, so some of the things talked about during KMM, FAPFAP, WANKS aren’t completely foreign to me. Yet, as an adoptive Korea, I am really happy that I can, through the magics of Internet that wasn’t this developed when I was a teen, get to see Korea today. Beats any early 90’s books.

        And I should stop writing comments, it’s nearly midnight, and I have studies to do tomorrow as well… real life yes… *sighs*

        6 years ago
      • This is a really insightful comment and I fully agree. I mean, of COURSE fans should be able to feel that they can express their opinions, whether positive or negative and S&M should be able to take this on board because that’s how they can improve and continue to grow EYK in a positive manner (and I think they do). Otherwise, they’d probably just end up plateauing for lack of fresh content/improvement.

        But unfortunately, I guess that some people think that because this is the Internet or something they can say whatever they want. It seems that many people forget that S&M are people too, not just ‘celebrities’ or whatever, so they say some truly nasty things, which is just wrong. Plain wrong. And all I’d like to say to them is: Guys, HI HELLO HEY! This might come as a surprise, but *GASP* S&M are not evil masterminds! I’m not going to hate on you for disliking EYK – it’s within your every right. But please think about the things you say. If it’s not something you would say to their faces, then is it really alright to post it for everyone to see? Would you do that to a friend, or is it just because they’re some “strangers” on a totally different continent?

        Really, some things they come up with are ludicrous and I can only say I’m truly sorry to S&M for having to put up with it. Yet, unfortunately, that’s what happens when your fanbase grows – you gain some fans, you gain some haters. You guys, please just concentrate on the people that love you :) I think that one of the saddest parts of it all is that some people who make GENUINELY good comments/constructive criticism get buried under hateful ones. I’ve seen some absolutely genius ideas, but they’re just never going to come to light because people are too busy taking out their anger on some random couple on the Internet.

        6 years ago
  37. Try Nervo-We’re all no one!!~

    6 years ago
  38. Cool songs. I like the energetic songs that make you want to move or just do move until the songs beat has finished. You could also try some remixes that are upbeat.
    Thanks guys!

    BTW first

    6 years ago
  39. wow didn’t expect Japandroids on this list!!! woo VanCity!!

    6 years ago
  40. Martina her list is closer to my playlist. When working out I am full out blasting metal, hardcore, punk and rock. For some reason hip hop, dance and such that are usually played in gyms because you can work out on the beat don’t do it for me. So I am always sure to bring my own playlist.

    6 years ago