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The Best Kpop Songs for a Workout

March 25, 2014


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Hey guise!

This isn’t our typical Kpop Music Monday, but we like to switch things up a bit from time to time. We’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately, and have talked about our somewhat healthy lifestyle in a few videos. For our latest video on Our Morning Routine, the topic came up of talking about our Workout Playlist, so we figured this would be the best time to do so. Booya!

We talked a lot about our Kpop Workout Playlist, but we’ve got a bunch of non-Kpop songs as well that we listen to when we work out. Here’s a list of them, along with links to the vids on YouTube, if you feel like watching em!

A Sample of Simon’s Playlist

Japandroids “The House That Heaven Built”
–Great song for both a workout and a run. Totally gets me pumped, especially after reading dumb stuff on the internet, I totally feel like shouting “anyone wanna bring you down/ Tell em all to go to hell!” Quite cathartic.

The Knife “Full of Fire”
–Warning! This is a seriously WTF video. I didn’t even get to the end of it. I just really like the song. It really fits my running pace, and it’s got a bizarre dark energy vibe to it that really puts the fire in my heels. Is that what old people say? Stop judging me!

Pharell “Happy”
–Hey! A non-grumpy song! It’s great for running as well. Better for running during the day than running at night, though, I think. Also helps me keep a great pace. Great for the end of the run when I can barely lift my legs anymore and I feel like I look like a toddler trying to walk: it keeps my feet moving. Fun stuff.

Benny Benassi “No Matter What You Do”
–Probably one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s my power song for any moment. Tired from running? Play this, boi! About to bench a bagillion pounds? Play this, foo! I could fight a dragon listening to this song. Nothing gets me quite as pumped. Warning, though: another WTF video. I only saw it for the first time today and gave up halfway through…

M.I.A “Y.A.L.A”
–Great song for fart-licking! Especially when the chorus kicks in. Run a regular pace for the verse, sprint your ass off for the chorus. I do find the rapping in the verses rather silly, though, and the two of us make fun of it all the time:

I’m the Spuuuuud-gee!
My fur is smuuuuud-gee!
Don’t hold a gruuuudge-G
Cuz you can’t buuuuudge-me.
Hey I’m the Meeeeeemers
I am a dreeeeeamer
You’re just a screeeeeamer,
whenevs I preeeeen…err?

Still a great song, though.

A Sample of Martina’s Playlist

Electric Six “Danger, High Voltage”
–One of my all time favourite bands, who were just as awesome and energetic live. This song gets you up and dancing and shamelessly shaking your head violently to the chorus despite all the people watching you. It’s best not to watch this music video unless you’re prepared for an oddly sexual video. I mean odd. Like glowing electric light bulb boobs and crotches. You’ve been warned! BUT THE SONG ROCKS!!!

Death From Above 1979 “Sexy Results”
–A great beat for lifting weights and doing glute kicks. It’s not a very fast beat so you can control your lifts for every other beat or to the beat if you please. I like it for those glute kicks (the one when you are on all fours and curling one leg up to your chest and then kicking out) because it’s the perfect beat. Also, I like sexy sounding sounds to motivate me, it makes me lift weights with more joy and with less grudge towards the fact that I am indeed exercising. HAHA! Sexy workout music is like going dancing at a club to a great song except that you’re working out…at a club…to a song. Plus, DAT COWBELL SOLO!

Crystal Castles “Vanished”
–I use this song as an example simple because I use this song for my intensive jump rope sessions. For the days that I don’t run to get my cardio in, I jump rope between weight lifting and abs so that my heart rate doesn’t drop to low. I jump to the beat for as long as I humanly can but I could have chosen any song off of all the Crystal Castle albums. This band is freakin’ amazing and I actually like every single song they have ever made. Like ever. Angry? Crystal Castles. Depressed? Crystal Castles. Happy? Crystal Castles?

Jamiroquai “White Knuckle Ride”
— OOH! An official music video! Finally! This is a funktastic song that just gets me in the workout mood. I often start my workout with this song to get me into the mood as I head towards the gym. It’s a great beat for a warm up jog or some light biking to get your heart rate up and if I’m not using it for that I use it for sit ups. But whoa…the video kind of sucks for this awesome song.

Nine Inch Nails “The Hand That Feeds”
— There are a whole lot more NIN and various other rock songs on my workout playlist (like Korn, Deftones, 24Hours, Telepathy, Gogostar) but I wanted to include this song because it has a great build up that I can anticipate. I use this for planking which is a horrible horrible invention made to torture people. I stupidly tried to do the “Hollywood Ab Blast” workout on my Nike app which was only 15 minutes long. 15 minutes of hell. 15 minutes of you flailing on a mat like a fish out of water while trying to balance your side plank while also doing flapping V things with your legs. Looks soooo easy when the instructor shows you how to do it. Point is, this song allows me to hold my plank for the 1 minute I’m supposed to because I’m angry at having to do the planking and NIN guides me through that anger like a spirit animal. A lovely, angry, vampire/Snape-look-a-like spirit animal.

Martina’s Bonus K-pop round: 2NE1 “Hate You”, GD&TOP “Oh Yeah”, Beenzino “Boogie On & On”, MBLAQ “Oh Yeah”


So let us know what you think! Did we miss out on any super awesome songs? We need more recommendations! We’ve heard our playlists for a long time now, and the songs are starting to lose their effect on us. We need moar!

Speaking of moar, we have moar video! Some bloopers, in fact. Check em out!

And, lastly, make sure you click on this button right here for not only more videos, but for more muscles and less fats!



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Kpop Music Mondays


The Best Kpop Songs for a Workout


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  1. So guys. I have this problem where I hate working out. I get really angry. Seriously. I was told that “exercising releases endorphins that make you happy!” And my reply was “Well, that must work backwards in my body as well because it makes me angry.” But you know what I started doing? KPOP DANCES! Of course I could never attempt the really complicated dances… I once tried SHINee’s Lucifer… Oooooh boy was that a mistake. XD But even though I suck at dancing and would never show it to A.N.Y.O.N.E. I actually completely learned VIXX’s G.R.8.U and Rock Ur Body, and have been working on some others lately. :) I gotta say, even though I hate working out/exercising, learning Kpop dances is fun. Although, there is a dangerous side-effect of wanting to dance along to the song whenever it plays on my iPod and I’m out in public…… Yeah, can’t let anyone see that….

    6 years ago
  2. Simon is not lying….


    6 years ago
    • Yes! I was hoping someone else would’ve said this already. We used to do these in the Army (저는 미국사람). It was almost harder trying not to laugh at the name while doing them.

      6 years ago
  3. Oh my goodness! There are so many good workout songs out there! You already mentioned a lot of the good ones. I LOVE working out to “Happy”! I also LOVE working out to “Sail.” Here are some of my other favorites.

    -Pretty much anything Super Junior (especially “Mr. Simple”, “Superman”, “Break Down”, and “Sexy, Free, and Single”)
    -Anything Crayon Pop
    -“Unbreakable” by Kim Hyun Joong
    -“Everybody” by SHINee
    -“Number 9” by T-ara

    -“GaraGaraGo” by Big Bang

    -“Je Veux” by Zaz
    -“Le Paradis” by Corneille

    -“Italiana” by Severina

    -“Glück” by Prinz Pi

    -Fairy Tail theme
    -“Sail” by Awolnation
    -“Bullseye” by Kdrew
    -“Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons
    -“Radiation” by Gavin DeGraw
    -“Counting Stars” by One Republic

    6 years ago
  4. Beenzino! I love “Boogie On and On” too, and a lot of his other work. Because of his work with Swings on “A Real Lady”, I got into Beenzino and Swings, and from them I got into, Zion.T, GRAY, Mayson The Soul, Simon D, Primary, some others I can’t remember atm… ugh, they’re all so good. I had heard about some of the others before, like Simon D on one of the tv programs. I’m already a fan of MFBTY, Tiger JK, and Tasha because of you guys!

    6 years ago
  5. I’m sorry, but every time someone says something about running I think of this:

    6 years ago
  6. Right now I’m loving T-ara’s “Do You Know Me?” to work out. It’s so catchy and just adds a bounce to my steps haha!

    6 years ago
  7. Kim Hyun Joong- Unbreakable, Break Down, GI- Beatles, Gi Yeuk (I’ve recently rediscovered this song and have been listening to it non stop) Alphabat- Tantara, Ledapple- Time Is Up, Orange Caramel, Crayon Pop, 2NE1, C-Clown- Justice, Rain- La Song, 30Sexy, TOP- Turn It Up, Doom Dada, BAP, Beast- Soom (because it reminds me to breathe XD), Bigbang, Block B, Brown Eyed Girls, BTS, EXO- Mama, History, Wolf, f(x), GD- Coup d’Etat, Crooked (for running of course), Heartbreaker, Breathe (for more breathing), Girl’s Day- Expect, Female President, Girl’s Generation is great for running, Infinite, KARA, Jaejoong, LC9- Mama Beat, MBLAQ- Smokey Girl, Stay, Mona Lisa (all for running), and This Is War for reps (because there is nothing more satisfying than doing a rep when they go OH in the chorus hehe), MFBTY- Sweet Dream, Miss A- Breathe (for more breathing), Seungri- VVIP, SHINee, Sunny Hill- Grasshopper Song (for running), Super Junior, T-ara N4- Jeon Won Diary (running), TVXQ- Humanoids, Keep Your Head Down, U-KISS- Shut Up, Man Man Ha Ni, Bingeul Bingeul, Dora Dora, Neverland (running), VIXX- GR8U, Wonder Boyz- Tarzan, Junsu- Incredible (running), 100%- Want U Back, 4Minute- Huh, I My Me Mine
    This is literally my entire playlist. If you notice, it starts off randomly but then starts going alphabetically because I was trying to fish out all of the songs by a single artist at first but then realized I could just organize it alphabetically… and then I now just realize that I’ll have to put it back into the general order I had it because I separated my running songs and my rep songs. Darn you alphabet.

    6 years ago
  8. I actually have a lot of songs that I work out to (if I even work out at all…) but I’ll try to trim it down for you! :D

    1. A.D.T.O.Y
    2. Bounce by JJ Project — that’s actually a good one for running too! Because it’s all fast paced and then gets into the rock style and slows down some!
    3. Most of 2NE1’s songs
    4. Warrior by B.A.P — It makes me feel like a warrior when I work out! :) WARRIOR HUH!!
    5. I Feel Good by EXID — Like the title says it makes me believe I feel good (even when I’m not…I’m so out of shape)!
    6. Neverland by U-KISS
    7. Eat You Up by BoA

    P.S – I’ve never been offended by anything you’ve said in your videos. I may not agree with somethings but everything you’ve said (and I literally mean everything) has made me laugh. I wait all week to see your videos and they make me feel very light and happy once I finished watching them. I just want to say that I will forever be a Nasty! You all (Simon, Martina, SooZee, Leigh, Spudgy, and Meemers) have made my life brighter and I have you to thank for getting me into Kpop! I owe a lot to you! Thank you for everything and just stay yourselves! Hwaiting!!

    6 years ago
  9. “I just bench pressed GD and Taemin. It’s no biggie, it’s like 10kg. WHAT?!”


    6 years ago
  10. I’ve really been liking the newer format of kmm where you focus on a bunch of different bands. I don’t really enjoy watching people get competitive in comments sections and even though you don’t get to delve as deep into an mv as you could before, there’s not a whole lot of innovation happening in K-Pop these days. I really appreciate the Indie bands you’ve shown during Hongdae Fest and have fallen in love with Glen Check. Thanks for keeping everything fresh and still being true to yourselves. You guys are the best!

    6 years ago
  11. Personally, I really like these lists!! This idea might be more Martina focused but as a random idea for a future list–would you be up for doing a list video on your favorite J-Pop or C-Pop videos? I know those aren’t eligible for KMM’s, so this would maybe be a good way to share your favorites with us!

    6 years ago
  12. So no Toheart Music Monday???? : ( : (

    6 years ago
  13. I used to go to the gym a lot :)
    I sometimes did mini Kpop dances with my hands while I was on the treadmill. I also accidentally sung out loud sometimes. I got a lot of odd looks. They clearly do not know the joy of going ‘Waaaarrior HUH!’ while weight training.
    I miss going to the gym so much. It was like a chance to relax (? ok that sounds weird… I mean relax mentally :P).

    6 years ago
  14. :o BLASPHEMY! How could you not mention ZE:A’s “Pheonix”?! No, just kidding, but on the for realsies – that that song was basically produced for working out. Every time I hear that song, I feel like I want to jog up 100 steps and do a celebratory dance at the top!

    6 years ago
  15. I don’t really listen to Kpop anymore so my list to going to compose of a few English Songs, Japanese music, and old Kpop music.

    The Over – UVERworld
    PonPonPon – kyary pamyu pamyu
    Break Out – Tohoshinki
    The One – FAKY

    Tarantallegra – Junsu
    Incredible – Junsu

    Make it Up – Sam Tsui
    What if I was Nothing – All that Remains

    Both Sides of the Story – We Are the In Crowd

    6 years ago
  16. Best song for me ever to workout : BELIEVE BY CHER
    Just. Cause. Cher.

    But i agree so much with your no-kpop-playlist, like crystal castles, jamiroquai , and M.I.A :D

    6 years ago
  17. I loved that you guise ended up making this video! I’ve been on a health kick myself and trying out different kpop songs to work out too. On my playlist (I named it “werK it” xD):
    BTS – “We are Bulletproof pt. 2”;
    CL – “멘붕” and also “The Baddest Female (나쁜 기집애)”;
    EXO – 으르렁 (Growl) (great for running on the treadmill, but I’ve been struggling as well as Martina not to break into the dance xD);
    Taeyang – Ringa Linga;
    Girls Generation – Mr. Mr.
    Also, kinda non related, at first when you started to change up Kpop Music Monday’s format I didn’t liked it at first… But I’ve come embrace it and at actually antecipating the next monday, wondering what you would do. So, thank you (: I really enjoy this way of keeping things fresh (:
    Anyway, my congrats to all of the EYK crew from a loyal portuguese nasty :D

    6 years ago
  18. I listen to my whole kpop playlist when I work out… there are tons of songs I like… hmm… let me think of a few, here ya go:

    CNBlue’s “RUN” is actually very good for running (I run veeeerrrry slowly though..LOL).
    Super Junior’s Mr Simple is definitly a great work out song.
    Big Bang’s “Still Alive”.
    Crayon Pop- Bing Bing
    Dynamic Duo- 쌔끈해 (Three Dopeboyz) [feat. Zion.T] and 살발해 (Forever Young) [feat. Beenzino]
    G-Dragon- 세상을 흔들어 Shake the World
    Kim Hyun Joong- Unbreakable
    Zion.t- Click me (for slow stuff)
    Rhythm Power- 왕좌의 게임 Game of Thrones

    6 years ago
  19. Ok I have my K-Pop playlist for working out
    DBSK – Are You a Good Girl?
    EvoL – We Are a Bit Different
    MIB – Men In Black (Dash)
    B.A.P – Warrior
    Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense
    Eunhyuk & Donghae – Motorcycle

    I’m a really weird girl, but my music taste is kind of awesome U_U

    6 years ago
  20. yeah, k-pop has the best songs for workout… I hate workout but, as Martina said “Sexy workout music is like going dancing at a club to a great song except that you’re working out…at a club…to a song”… YOU READ MY MIND!
    when I jump I like to listen to Crayon Pop “Bar Bar Bar” and G-dragon’s “Crayon” :) U-Kiss’s “Doradora”, Trouble Maker and MBlaq’s “Smoky Girl” are great sexy workout songs too, IMO
    also, 2ne1’s I’m the best gives me a good feeling, like “yeah, I can do it… I’m the best!”
    everything is better with music :)

    6 years ago
  21. I totally use “Blue”! I’m so glad someone else mentioned it.

    6 years ago
  22. EYK hate? What?!? Blasphemy! Never heard about it…might be because I don’t gots a tumblr. But EYK crew, you guys are awesome and keep doing what you do (which is being awesome).

    I completely agree with you guys and have ADTOY (Pooniya Pooniya), Sweet Dreams, and Sexy, Free, and Single, Happy by Pharrell and NIN on my workout playlist. But I also have a lot of songs from 30 Seconds to Mars (The Mission, Attack, Closer to the Edge) and Linkin Park (Breaking the Habit, Papercut, Numb) in my running playlist. Evanescence is great one (specifically Bring Me to Life). Viva La Vida by Coldplay always makes me feel good during a long run as well. I would def recommend those and Perfection by Super Junior-M and Stop Girl by U-kiss (simply because its fantastic).

    6 years ago
  23. I totally use Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” for working out. It has just the right amount of energy.

    6 years ago
  24. BoA= Hurricane Venus! 4 seconds in and the bass drops and I wanna RUN FO DAYSSS :P

    6 years ago
  25. I always exercise to kpop, it has the best beat! My stamina is still pretty shit, so I can’t sing, but sometimes I lipsync to the music. Do this while panting, you will get odd looks as people seem to think I am muttering to myself like a crazy person XD
    I have a pretty long playlist, but the ones that really get me going are Big Bangs Fantastic Baby, Brown Eyed Girls Abacadabra and especially Junsu (Xxxxxxxiiiiiaaaaaahhhhh) Incredible. I am always like ‘Hells yeah, I’m Incredible! !!’ Good motivation when I feel like I am about to vomit all over the treadmill. X

    6 years ago
  26. I love running to BEG’s Mystery Survivor, VIXX’s Great U, D-UNIT’s Luv Me and Stromae’s (a great Belgian artist!) Papaoutai.

    6 years ago
  27. I don’t really have the time to spend half an hour working out so the song’s on my playlist are kinda the more “okay I got 10 minutes, dance time”. ovo; I have other songs on my list but these are the K-pop ones on mine.
    (No particular order because I tend to shuffle my playlist)
    1. Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry” (I still remember the dance to this lol)
    2. U-Kiss’s “Neverland”
    3. 2PM’s “Hands Up”
    4. SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”
    5. Shinhwa’s “This Love” (Not a very upbeat fast song but I love the beat)
    6. Junsu’s “Incredible” (Holla to that English yo)
    7. CNBlue’s “I’m a Loner”
    8. After School’s “Because of You” (… The only girl group. orz)
    9. DBSK’s “Mirotic” (A bit old but awww yeahhh uvu)
    10. Epik High’s “Fan” (One of my favorite songs of all time, seriously)

    6 years ago
  28. When I’m running I like songs that get me motivated to run a lot. CN Blues Run, MBLAQ’s Run and LED Apple’s Run to you(which play in that order, are really nice towards the end of my run when I am feeling a bit tired) The 1st two songs I will sprint with the chorus and run normal with the rest, for the last one it’s a nice constant pace to finish it out.

    6 years ago
  29. This video was funny and interesting but I was expecting ToHeart’s Delicious. I really wanted you guys to review that MV so badly….

    6 years ago
  30. B.A.P’s No Mercy is a great elliptical song. Running wise, I Got A Boy and Everybody are great songs.

    6 years ago
  31. Get Jinxed- http://youtu.be/0nlJuwO0GDs

    Let’s Get Ridiculous by Redfoo- http://youtu.be/1w9DiGlZksU

    and other random songs, like Ghost Lights by Woodkid, Block B’s Very Good, Imagine Dragons by Radioactive, Bass Cannon by Flux Pavilion, and Like This by Wondergirls.

    6 years ago
  32. JoKwon – I’m Da One. My number 1 song. Makes me feel like I can do anything~

    6 years ago
  33. bigbang.

    6 years ago
  34. Not Kpop, but check out MuteMath- The Nerve, I love all of their songs. But on a different note, im curious, how long does it take for you to edit a video, ex. Music Mondays? Totally curious

    6 years ago
  35. I haven’t watched the video yet, but thanks for posting all of this music! I’m always up for new music suggestion! And more music on KMM = more awesome sharing-ness!!
    I’ve got to say, my NUMBER 1 go-to work out song is Infinite’s The Chaser. I reaaaally love, and I am the fastest I ever am at running when I listen to that song because it’s so upbeat and gets me super pumped.

    6 years ago
  36. Omg I do ‘Insanity’ and that workout is fricken hard, but I swear I had my kpop playlist playing once and the time flew by sooooooo fast!! So every time I do my workouts, I absolutely have to listen to kpop. Doesn’t really matter who as long as it’s kpop.

    6 years ago
  37. kii

    This video came at an awesome time! I was just thinking of putting together a K-Pop work out playlist – I literally added some songs to a playlist yesterday, and then this video comes out. :D Thanks for your recs Simon and Martina! :D

    6 years ago
  38. I like dubstep for fast paced workouts such as running, erging or jump roping. I love kpop for lifting weights because I unfortunately mouth along to the words I can’t help it! At least when I’m lifting weights I’m breathing less heavily and can mouth the words without looking like a dying fish. But definitely one of the best songs to work out to is GLAM’s “I Like That” it’s so catchy and sassy.

    6 years ago
  39. G-Dragon’s The Leaders is AMAZING for sit ups and weightlifting!

    The “what’s up, what’s up, what’s up” can really get you into it. :D

    In addition I also recommend Girls’ Generation’s Express 999 for the running mil!

    6 years ago
  40. Nine Inch Nails <3

    6 years ago