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KpopCharts Update: Need Dual Boy

January 10, 2013


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Girls’ Generation “I Got a Boy” – Vote for it Here!

OOoOOOooOOHH Don’t you want to know what we think about the song? People ask us this just about every time we go on Twitter. It’s so odd! It seems like the reaction to the song is so controversial. Some people love it, some people hate it. Those who love it are accused of either being blind Sones or paid off by SM for saying that; those who hate it are accused of being biased and dumb. What if we have a middle reaction to it? I guess we’ll be blind, biased, dumb, and paid off? The best of both worlds!

Anyhow, we’ll tell you what we think about them when Music Monday comes around and they’re voted in. We’re like, 99% sure they’ll win. So you’ll just have to wait till then!

Interestingly, this is one of the rare songs and videos in which we have people call us up (who know our number) and tell us their thoughts about the song. It’s not something that happens with every song (because thousands of songs are released and our phones would be ringing non-stop), but we’ve had people who don’t like Kpop call us up just to voice their opinions on the song. Oh! It’s so evocative! Thoughts?

Kim Sung Gyu “I Need You” – Vote for it Here!

Man, this is such a pretty song! I know that Nell (or, one of the members of Nell) helped in the making of this song, but doesn’t it sound just so very…Nellian? It sounds more like Nell than it sounds like Infinite, that’s for sure. There’s no Orange Juice in this song. What’s an Infinite song without Orange Juice?

I feel like soon every Kpop artist will have some snacky or junk food associated with them. I can eat Doritos, Bull Jerky, and drink Orange Juice, and a non-Kpop fan would think it’s just an odd meal, while a Kpop initiate would be like “damn: that’s one hella Kpop meal.” Now I just need some band to sing about ranch dressing. I will pimp that song out to no end. Any one singing about ranch dressing is guaranteed to have the full force of my marketing prowess behind them. GET TO IT, RECORD LABELS!

Kim Sori “Dual Life” – Vote for it Here!

*hip thrusts*

*hops over to blue screen*

*films hip thrusts in front of blue screen*

*camera bursts into flames*

*memory card salvaged*

*import to computer*

*computer bursts into flames*

*uploaded it to YouTube before that happens*

*YouTube bursts into flames*

*Internet dies*


Hey: why does blogging about stuff always have to be so thoughtful and stuff? Sometimes I just want to write about silly stuff and how much I dance. CUZ I CAN DANCE SO GOOD! And this song is great for dancing.

Side note: dancing is not just for single men pretending to like dancing just in hopes of getting a woman. Dancing should not be stopped as soon as marriage is accomplished. Married guise can dance with their wives, too. So…yeah. Remember that.

*goes back to hip thrusting*



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Kpop Charts Update


KpopCharts Update: Need Dual Boy


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  1. Ahem. I see soooo many serious type comments here. Outside of that, I see no reason why you should not go right ahead and blue screen Simon into one of Sori’s videos. In particular, Boys Boys is delightfully disco and opens up so very many costume options.

    7 years ago
  2. I really dig Kim Sori’s video and song! Has she been around for a while? Or is she new? She is seriously one of the prettiest kpop girls I’ve ever seen

    8 years ago
  3. The first 25 seconds of Kim Sori’s video made me think that I was listening to a ‘Blue Man Group’ song. (I wasn’t watching, just listening to the video at first).

    I love Kim Sung Kyu! I bought his album and absolutely loved this song. Such a pretty voice. His lip-synching was not the greatest. Maybe he went to the same school as 2NE1 did when they did ‘Ugly’.

    8 years ago
  4. i have a question, silly but i have to do it, why “Snuggle” please answer me, Mariana from Argentina.
    i look for the meaning of the word but i´d like you to tell.

    8 years ago
  5. Dude, Simon, you look downright skinny! And as for ‘I’ve Got A Boy’, why are they all googly-eyed? They’re all dating the same guy (again). *le sigh* Plus, personally, I find the messages of the video as conflicted as the song itself – it’s also very very sexist. What confuses me is the lyrics don’t match the tones of the song – for the first time, I wish I could unsee the lyric translation. I dislike the song more that I know the actual sugar coated meaning of the words. The lyrics are so little girl as opposed to the image they appear to be trying to do, the sound they issue, and the dance they work. They are all in their 20’s now, SM, let them act like it.

    The dance is pretty dope, though.

    8 years ago
  6. VOTE KIM SORI !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8 years ago
  7. and this is exactly i’m really interested in this week KMM!! i wanna know your actual thoughts on IGAB!!
    i really don’t understand why people can’t understand other people’s points of views and realise it’s your thought and not everyone will have the same opinion on things, and just that everyone is different!!

    i actually like IGAB! but it think it probably could’ve done without Jessica’s part near the end where it goes all slow!….but then at that part i really like the ohohohohoh that they go into….
    at first when listening to that song i thought it was just so weird!! but i listened to it again and it quickly grew on me!!
    i totally love their dance for it too!!

    but yeah! i hope you guys can honestly tell us what you like and dislike about it or if you totally don’t like it or do!!!
    hhmm…the comments i’ve seen about it…..it’s like Marmite!! hahaha!!

    8 years ago
  8. Break Down korean ver. is due to be released on the 17th (kst I’m pretty sure) so S&M will probably add that one to the charts when it shows up ^^.

    Honestly though I don’t really want them to review it… I love the album and sjm of course, but the video is only interesting to watch if you care about the boys and want to see their purdy faces.

    8 years ago
  9. Its sad that you two are getting Greif over a GG song. I wish fans would back off a bit and just enjoy the music and respect the idols and their fellow Kpop fans. Sure I get bumbed when my bias doesn’t get a review but I enjoy Kpop Music Mondays anyways…Its like “Just chill! and understand that the world doesn’t revolve around your bias”.

    This is actually one of the only GG songs that have caught my eye. They’ve not really produced a song that is my style but “I got a Boy” is really catchy and kinda fun.

    Oh ya, you guys have ruined Doritos(as well as Jerky) for my coworkers. When ever Doritos come up in their lunches or in conversation I immediately start shouting “Soy Un Dorito!” and after that event, slowly but surely, they are starting to recognize when a certain food has been associated to Kpop in my mind.

    Oh my gosh. Kim Sori’s is so Nasty! And surprisingly Dual Life is my favorite song out of the three for Kpop Music Monday. Probably because of how danceable and mature sounding it is.

    8 years ago
  10. i really enjoyed two songs on this weeks roundup! One in particular is really stuck in my head after one listen and the other is the type of song that is right up my taste alley. I love the kpop chart update because you introduce me (and your fans) to artist I don’t know, or don’t know that well. Thanks guys. And well as for that third video I didn’t discuss, well it was …oooo look a butterfly!

    8 years ago
  11. O_O
    That Kim Sori song is FIRE. OMG!
    *Buys song immediately*
    So sad that it probably won’t get reviewed. :C I like that song the most out of the three talked about on the update.
    And is it just me, or did anyone else think that the new GG song was a mix of, like, 4 different songs? :/
    That struck me as odd. No fluid transition in between the switches, the style just abruptly changes. Me no likey.

    8 years ago
  12. I predict for the k-pop music monday and I got a boy: They like the song, and the dance, but the acting they find to be awful. They’ll comment on there only being one boy, They’ll point of their awful eating skills with k-pop artists. They’ll prolly speculate that it has something to do with flacid jaw syndrome. The english with probably get a 4.5 out of 5(too afraid to put a 5 :P) But i won’t pretend the skits :P

    If I know them well enough from their other vids, this is what i think they’ll like and dislike :P

    Well, it’s mainly a guess, and i might be wrong :P

    8 years ago
  13. [BEWARE of the mini semi-rant towards the end. sorry.] i think I Got A Boy isn’t necessarily a special or a different song in any way at all since SUJU and f(x) have been coming out with sounds similar to this in the past. i think it’s getting a lot of hype because it’s SNSD.

    since this is a really visually edgy and funky and also very fierce electronic sounding song that people aren’t used to hearing from SNSD. it’s something so different and the fact that surprises most is because they really made it work. it finally proves once and for all that SNSD are very capable of transforming into any image they want and pull it off really well. they’re chameleons. they’ve done sexy, cutesy, diva, and now they’re doing funky and edgy.

    overall i really like the song, i LOVE it in fact. i just feel like it’s a little bit disjointed with all the changing rythms and stuff but that’s not a major thing and i just come to like it eventually. what i really dislike is the “rapping” parts. the song could have done without it in my opinion because it just sounds like a whole string of mumbling and doesn’t flow well to be quite honest. another thing is the one-liners, specifically tiffany’s “heeeere comes trouble” in the beginning. i really hate it.

    i literally cringe every time that part comes on because it seriously sounds very tryhard to me. i mean, i love the fact that they’re coming out with a new, tougher and more badass and sassy image but you don’t have to push it too far and almost force us to see you that way. and i’m not talking abt SNSD or tiffany here. i’m talking about the people that make the one-liners. i mean seriously man. always in moderation. i mean, if they debuted with this song then yea, i wouldn’t have minded it so much, but after 5 years of selling the cutesy good girl next door image, you expect me to believe that kind hearted sweetie pie tiffany is trouble??? lol. honey funny fany i love you dearest but i don’t believe that one bit. now if it were hyoyeon then hell yeah i’d buy it but yeah. you get my point by now i believe. lol.

    RANT. sorry for ranting. i’m just gonna add a disclaimer up top. lol. and yeah. that’s it. that’s my personal thought on SNSD’s I Got A Boy.

    8 years ago
    • I think they gave Tiff the line, because only she and Jessica are able to speak English without much of an accent

      8 years ago
      • it’s not that i hate the one-liners because i loved sica’s 140 thing and i loved sica and fany’s one-liners in dancing queen as well, it’s just that the actual words of the one-liner itself. like omg how badass is snsd. oh here comes trouble. it just sounded so fake to me. they could have made her say something else right? lol. i know it’s nitpicking but it’s just that tiny itch on your back that you can’t reach you know? haha.

        8 years ago
  14. As hyocraze said, it’s in mandarin so not eligible to be out on the charts, but they may come out with a Korean version! I really like Break Down too!

    8 years ago
  15. it’s such a shame… that kim sori song is sooooooo much better than the girl’s generation one!! and we know who will win….

    this was my face watching the GG song… —> @[email protected]

    i mean, was that a song?? sounded like 15 songs mashed together to me… and the video was fun to watch and had nice costumes and sets, but if it didn’t have a flashy video to save it, that song would be soooo bad!!!

    definitely disappointed for GG’s comeback…

    8 years ago
  16. Woowee Woowee is my lunch time jam. I have a few students who stay in during recess and I play it. They bop their little heads to it while fixing puzzles.

    8 years ago
  17. I Got a Boy. So many conflicting feelings. I didn’t like it when I first heard it. I felt like I had listened to 5 songs all at once and couldn’t really distinguish any of them from each other. And yet I couldn’t stop listening to it. I kept going back. Now I love listening to it, even though there is definitely way too much going on in that song. I love the clothes (totally my style), the hair (also my style), and the crazy danceability. But then I feel like the whole intro plus opening rap is too much, and the random slow down part in the middle just takes me out of the song. I don’t know. Love or hate. I can’t decide.

    8 years ago
  18. “Interestingly, this is one of the rare songs and videos in which we have people call us up (who know our number) and tell us their thoughts about the song. It’s not something that happens with every song (because thousands of songs are released and our phones would be ringing non-stop), but we’ve had people who don’t like Kpop call us up just to voice their opinions on the song. Oh! It’s so evocative! Thoughts?”

    <— WOHAOOWW!!!! :-O

    xD my jaw dropped when I was reading that!!!! xD this is really interesting especially that you mentioned that "they don't like kpop" xD I guess this shows how much of a hot topic snsd are !!!

    oh btw i thought you don't have k-music cocktails anymore but you've got the "thursday: K-music cocktai" at the end of your signing off video .. :p I kinda miss those

    8 years ago
  19. K Crunch Cocktail??

    I’ve been like begging for this to come back, posted about it a number of times! I feel like it could help appease so many Nasties by having this (though I still feel that the Update vid is an issues..). And beyond that it’s nice to get different songs in there and for S&M to talk about videos they want to talk about!
    I really really hope they do bring this segment back!

    8 years ago
    • Lol, that’s so funny!
      And you agree with me! That’s nice to hear. I kinda felt like a lonely fish over the subject…and I was a little worried posting that because I thought people would freak out like I hate S&M and their videos and stuff, but I swear I don’t! I just don’t like all the nastiness that shows up sometimes (and not the Nasty type of nasty either). As you were saying, I don’t want it to be like Allkpop where things are quite vitriolic.

      But I really hope they are bringing back the K Crunch Cocktail. I could use a good drink ; )

      8 years ago
  20. “Interestingly, this is one of the rare songs and videos in which we have people call us up (who know our number) and tell us their thoughts about the song.” “…It’s so evocative! Thoughts?” the songs ok.

    Second video: O.o his voice is amazing!! but I can’t help myself from admiting that I would like to see Nell’s version of this song! (but that wouldn’t be right would it?) I could totally tell it was Nell’s style kind of song. I don’t know for others but I really like when music artists sing their own songs because the lyrics preserve that music artist’s emotions and that’s what makes the song unique and wonderful. Just sayin’….

    Third song: I’m not such a disco kind of person. It was alright I guess…. but the video kind of reminds me of another video…


    8 years ago
  21. Perhaps in addition to the KMM charts, you could have sub charts like Indie, Club, Hip Hop, etc. It would be interesting to see what the top dance tracks are, for example.

    8 years ago
  22. Oh Kim Sori, I really liked her in the first season of Invincible Youth when she came in the second half. Always felt bad she never got that well known because she seemed to be trying hard at least. And she seemed like a good dancer. Hope this one will get her some more fans :)

    8 years ago
    • wow. good thing i read your comment because i was abt to say something really nasty abt her dancing. seriously. putting it in a nice way, it was cheap and dirty and not in a good way. i mean the amount of times i saw her crotch and ass, just…. no. ew.

      8 years ago
      • It’s kind of like how CUBE Entertainment has forced the sex sells image on Hyuna; the girl is good looking, she’s a decent dancer and singer (and she’s been getting better since she debuted as a solo artist), and she’s not too bad as an idol rapper (she has nothing on someone like CL, but at least she’s sort of trying). It kind of boggles my mind that these agencies go the cheap route and give these girls dances that’s 90% booty popping. I had the same issue as this video with Secret’s Poison; amazing song, but horrible dance. I had the opposite reaction of Martina with the SHINee Sherlock video – I wanted the dance sections to be done with, so I could watch the drama bits.

        8 years ago
  23. That will be awesome if they are bringing back the K Crunch!

    8 years ago
    I saw that, you disco woman! That’s Mr. Brohoho’s brick room, with white paint and plain! Double timing it, aren’t you?
    P.s., at first when i heard Girls’ Generation’s I Got A Boy, it sounded weird, like the first time i saw Gangnam Style (same feeling, not same experience visually obviously, just wanted to clarify) and it grew on me by the second listen. I LOVE it! More than Dancing Queen in fact, its my Lady Jam! (see what i did there? Pitch Perfect reference :D love that movie) I love how its a mash-up of 3 different songs, and the choreography is bomb ass, and it sounds sophisticated and different! GG are in their 20’s now, and they are growing up. This song is a big step forward in the RIGHT direction for that! and, as i’ve mentioned before, I saw that SM! You’re using SHINee, SuJu and BoA’s street! You just covered it in lights and Engrish! :D

    8 years ago
  25. The competition will be interesting in a week or two. Quite a few people are coming back. -cough-BAP and Nu’est-cough- May the odds be ever in their favor. Sistar’s subgroup too, I think? And Jaejoong. Can’t forget him. x3

    I actually like I Got a Boy a lot. A lot more than I expected. I’ve never been too into SNSD, but it was catchy. I could do without some parts of the song, but overall it was nice.

    Oh Sunggyu… <3 I love his songs, but I do wish 41 Days was made into a music video, rather than I Need You. Oh well, I love both songs, and I liked the switch from black and white to color. You kinda knew it was coming, but at the same time you really wonder when it's gonna happen in the song.

    Dual Life is just… incredibly catchy, and I've replayed it multiple times.

    8 years ago
  26. I gotta admit I wasn’t sure about IGAB when it first came out, but it has kinda grown on me to the point that I’m kinda really liking it. It’s such a clusterf**k of styles that it seems slightly schizophrenic but somehow (imo) it kinda works and makes a pretty interesting song. I’m definitely not bored with it even if at points I’m like “Did I move to another song…oh no that’s still the same song…ok”.

    8 years ago
  27. 237

    If I got a boy gets voted in….. Almost definitely! I think k-pop chart updates are actually my favorite segments!

    8 years ago
  28. When you mentioned Snuggle You, I immediately thought of the hate posts about your ‘annoying pet names’.

    And these days, when you talk about Engrish, I think about the hate posts of ‘Engrish is making fun of people’s honest attempts to learn a language’.

    Now, I actually follow a blog that posts these hate comments regularly, so that if there’s anything concrete that can be improved, I can immediately suggest it to S&M so they can fix it. Sometimes I do find some useful posts, and pass on the suggestions to S&M.

    BUT, for the most part, the hate posts come from people who either personally dislike EYK just cos, or people who think you should take kpop more seriously, and honour kpop stars more. For the first group of people, there’s nothing we can do except ask them to stop watching EYK and leave us alone. For the second group of people – EYK clearly isn’t for them. I like EYK because S&M aren’t afraid to make fun of kpop. They’re musicians, not gods, and I’m glad S&M take the silly approach that they do. So far, all the kpop stars who come across EYK enjoy their humour, even if they’re being made fun of half the time. I wish the fans would be able to react in the same way. The main issue I have with kpop is that fans tend to take it way too seriously, and worship their idols who can do no wrong. So sorry to disappoint those fans, but I hope EYK will make fun of kpop forever. I wouldn’t like kpop if it wasn’t for EYK, and seeing kpop stars enjoying EYK humour makes me respect them all the more – not for being perfect, but for being down-to-earth.

    Anyway, what this rant is all about is that: although I don’t take any of the hate posts seriously anymore, it sucks that they’re starting to interfere with my enjoyment of EYK videos. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. I wish there was something we could do about it. Any suggestions? :/

    Ps. I love Kim Sori’s latest song :p Been listening to it on repeat since it came out. Brohoho gymnastics FTW!!!

    8 years ago
    • I couldn’t agree more. Why is there such hate when someone has a different Kpop bias or doesn’t worship the same Kpop Idol as you do? And if EYK dislikes a song well then they’re just haters. Right, because all Kpop artists and their songs were created equal. I think some people think KMM is a time to gush and squeal about Kpop Idols. And to sing never-ending praise to them. However, I rarely see any hate when it comes to the other segments. n.b. No hate in the indie playlist– even if they gush about their favourite artists and keep reviewing the same artist over and over.

      8 years ago
    • It’s funny that people think that it’s bad to ever make fun of bad English, seeing as my good friend (whose first language is not English, but Cantonese) loves to giggle at bad English.

      8 years ago
    • I loved how they changed the brohoho window room into a kitchen and then a club! At least I want to believe it’s the same room for all 3 scenes!

      As for the hate posts? I read the first part then ignore the rest. Not worth my time.

      8 years ago
    • Hey, look on the bright side, haters usually tag along with fame, popularity etc… Pardon me for being crude– opinion is like an arse, everybody has one. Be encouraged, Simon & Martina, your growing fandom supersedes haters.

      To the haters: (in loud thunderous voice) Your gods (idols) have spoken (positive comments of eyk), differing opinions equate defiance. Don’t you fear your gods’ hatred toward you for damaging their image?! Bwah, ah, ah, ah…

      8 years ago
    • Honesly, I don’t see the point of this tumblr. I understand the initial idea, people not being comfortable sharing negative opinions here, blah blah blah, but it turned into a playground for haters and it was predictable. It would be much more pleasant for everyone to have a mix of different opinions here than only unconditional love here and mostly hate on a tumblr on which a few people try to express constructive criticism.

      8 years ago
    • Why is it that they think that some of their comments would not be taken constructively? I know I check in it to see what things we may be doing which can be improved and sometimes there are some good comments that make me self reflect and try harder.

      But, you can’t please everyone and there are some ‘ opinions’ which are just trivial and petty. I think it is good that there is a place that people can share some of their criticisms but yes, they have to realise that we are people too and sometimes these opinions are not based on reality or truth and there is very little we can do about people just not liking EYK.

      Especially after a pretty sucky week, it is sometimes tough to go and read about how someone has taken something you have said to help or inform others and used it against you to attack you and say you are a bad person.

      To put it into perspective I remind myself that I have students who get mad at me when I speak to them or put them in time out and they tell me that they ‘don’t care’ and throw tantrums or get sullen and sulky. And then I have some who listen to me when I give them criticism (e.g you need to do your work on your own and not copy so I know of you understand the work) and then at the end of the day give me a hug before they leave for the day and tell me what a great teacher I am. It balances out I guess. But the kids who hate you seem to make you forget about the ones that love you sometimes.

      8 years ago
    • Hah, I actually know of a particular group of people who think it is impossible to be racist towards a white person. Apparently they think that since white people inherently are in the place of power, they can’t be oppressed. Maybe people can be prejudiced against them but you can’t be racist towards them. As a black person who has white friends… I know it is possible. But I have seen people get into vicious arguments about what racism means.

      8 years ago
      • I had someone tell me that because I am white I am automatically racist and that, as you were saying, can not have racism directed towards me because I’m not a minority, who lack the ability to be racist.

        (Putting that frame of thinking into S&M’s situation..aren’t they considered the minority in Korea?)

        8 years ago
        • I think any person can be discriminated against, no matter if their race is the majority or minority or what have you. I think people have just think it’s ok for minorities to be racist to white people, because white people did it first. To me, that’s retarded. As someone who’s been discriminated against on many levels, I would never want to make someone feel that way. I’ve wanted vengeance, but not against that entire group. Every person is different and should be judged on the basis of something superficial (hair color, skin color, marital status, fat/skinny, et al); sure those things are a part of your identity, but they don’t define what kind of person you are.

          8 years ago
    • I personally stay away from those type of post/blogs/comments. No need to have someone elses negative attitude affect my joyful positive enjoyment of EYM, kpop and the combo kpop EYM humor. Personally if I don’t like something, well then, I just don’t watch it, read it or listen to it and the people who choose to run hateful social sites need to grow up and learn to do the same.

      8 years ago
  29. If the Snuggly one’s rockish-ish-nish doesn’t make sense…

    I believe he used to be the lead singer of a screamo metal band.

    8 years ago
    • The Snuggly One’s rockish-ish-nish rocks! That’s how he impressed me when he was on Immortal Songs. Pretty boys don’t simply make the cut anymore, they’re too many, they need to know how to sing properly to deserve a place in my heart :D

      8 years ago
  30. Just do the break dance if IGAB wins….LOL

    8 years ago
  31. i love Adblock!!!

    8 years ago
  32. Next week….Infinite H needs to happen!!!
    Bahhhhhhh the cuteness overload with this video……..I can tell you for certain that many Inspirits were all jealous of that lucky lucky lucky girl…..She must have saved the country in her past life……….hahahah

    8 years ago
  33. Well, if the internet dies because of Simon dancing, I’m going to have to start reading again… It’s not a bad thing, per say, but then I wouldn’t be able to watch eatyoukimchi. Which means that no one can watch eatyourkimchi, which means that Simon and Martina will lose the company, which will leave them cold and hungry on the streets of Seoul.
    Please don’t dance, Mr. Simon. I don’t want you and Mrs. Martina to freeze to death.

    8 years ago
  34. Nell actually collaborated with Sunggyu on the song Shine, not I Need You, but it’s a beautiful song nonetheless ;w;

    8 years ago
    • Actually, Kim Jong Hwan (more famous…? member of Nell) worked on Shine and I Need You and 41 Days was done by the Bassist, Lee Jung Hoon.

      8 years ago
  35. Yay, Nell! Ever since you guys reviewed White Night for K-Indie Crunch, I’ve been listening to a lot of Nell — I love their sound!

    ….erm.. yes.. this is somehow relevant to the K-pop charts update, I swear…

    8 years ago
    • You should check out Nell’s 기억을 걷는 시간 (A Time Walking Through Memories…….? rough translation….)
      One of their most famous songs…..also Kyu covered it a whole bunch of times….haha

      8 years ago
  36. whats really funny is my friend Soo Yeon looks just like soo young

    8 years ago
  37. First comment!!! YEAH!!!! :D BTW I loved the GG song and MV its fun AYO GG!

    8 years ago
  38. who ever you haters are “shut the front door” lol it’s Simon and Martina’s opinion

    8 years ago