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KpopCharts Update: What’s Come Miss

May 11, 2013


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2PM “Come Back When You Hear This Song” – Vote for it Here!

I hope we were clear in our KpopCharts update. We’re happy that 2PM’s back! We’d like to see them do more stuff in Korea than in Japan, not because being in Japan is bad, but because we’re biased, and we don’t review Jpop songs (yet?). One of these days we might start up that eatyoursushi website we bought ages ago. Who knows. Then we’ll be able to talk about 2PM all the time, because they’re doing stuff there all the time. OH 2PM! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US! Well, I know why. There’s more money to make in Japan than in Korea, because people don’t buy music in Korea but they do in Japan. NEVERTHELESS! Music’s about more than just money, right? Right guise? Come back to the motherland! Stay here and make more music and dances! Hell: even stop by the Nasty Studio! We’ll have fun interviews and stuff! It’ll be the best ever!

WHO’S WITH ME?!?!!?!?!

B1A4 “What’s Happening” – Vote for it Here!

Alert! Alert! Incoming important bulletin from your Galactic Overlords, Bilasa! I will read the bulletin, and you will observe and obey:

“Greetings, peasants! This is Bilasa. We are coming back from another Galactic conquest, in which we ate an entire galaxy. They have their own sense of democracy as well, and they voted for something other than us. So we ated them up. We are now in the process of digesting them. Soon, we will fart them out, and their farticles will become the building blocks of new nebulae and galaxies that will form another civilization. Note: this fate will await you as well, if you do not vote for us. If you do not, then look to your loved ones and say your final farewells. We will use you as toothpicks. Bilasa out!”

Damn. Bilasa is so testy lately…

Lee Hyori “Miss Korea” – Vote for it Here!

Side note about Lee Hyori: you remember that video we did with Jung Saem Mool a while ago? Well, in that video we talked about how they’re responsible for a lot of the makeup for Kpop idols? Well, they’re also – from what I’ve been told – responsible for Lee Hyori’s makeup in this video. Cool! We still talk to Jung Saem Mool from time to time. They’re cool people :D

Anyhow, we’re not sure how well this song is going to do considering the competition it’s up against, so we talked about it a lot more than we would otherwise in a KpopCharts Update. Quite frankly, it’s not the best Hyori song out there, but it’s really quite interesting as a music video and how it relates to its lyrics, which we mentioned, like, 4 times in the KpopCharts update. Yeah! Isn’t Lee Hyori supposed to release a bunch of videos, though? I think I read that somewhere. If so, I can wait to see more bombast. She’s good for that :D

Also…congratulations to the winners of the signed uBEAT CDs! If you won, please send us an email and we’ll send out your CDs ASAP! WOOOHOO!



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Kpop Charts Update


KpopCharts Update: What’s Come Miss


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  1. Although I don’t mind cause I like the Hyori video, why is it in the running when its not even in the top 5?

    7 years ago
  2. Lee Hyori is so pretty!! her makeup is lovely in it!!
    i thought the song was o~kay! not that great! but the music video was awesome to watch for me! really liked it!!
    can’t wait to see her next songs and mv’s!

    7 years ago
  3. I think you two might be two of the funniest people in the universe. Funny and awesome. Perhaps it is you who is doing the universe conquering, and not Bilasa?

    7 years ago
  4. I thought of something the other day that kind of changed my
    perspective on how EYK are choosing what videos to review for KMM. The fact
    that they could choose any of the top three videos and it wouldn’t necessarily
    be the one that the majority wanted used to kind of bother me. But then I
    stepped back for a second and compared them to the rest of k-pop reviewers on
    the internet:

    The Average K-pop Reviewer:

    Every week (or so, because a lot of them aren’t consistent),
    they talk about a video that’s generally popular that they may have liked or
    may not have liked. They only talk about videos if they have enough to say
    about them. They make a video, and people generally like it because it’s funny.
    Although they get requests to do certain music videos for next time, they may
    or may not make a decision based on those requests.

    That is the NORM for k-pop reviewers. Now let’s compare them
    to Simon and Martina:

    Every week on the same day (unless they are physically unable
    to) they talk about a video. They want to review videos that their viewer base
    thinks are interesting, so they give up some of their ability to choose MVs
    that will make good videos in order to give their viewers a say in what MV they
    review so the viewers will have more of a say. They used to poll viewers
    through avenues like Facebook, but because it was difficult to preserve
    transparency and accessibility they spent a lot of time and energy to create a
    polling system that anyone could access and chose the top result every week.
    However, because their viewers don’t necessarily know what video EYK will be
    able to utilize the best, EYK felt that some of the quality and variety of
    their reviews was suffering, so they gave themselves a little bit more control
    so that they could choose a MV each week that will provide the best material
    for a review.

    I guess what I’m saying is that it’s a little presumptuous
    of people to get mad at EYK because of their choices for KMM or how they make
    those choices. I’m really grateful to EYK for caring enough to give their
    viewers a say. And again, I’m comparing them to MOST k-pop reviewers, not ALL k-pop reviewers.
    EYK, hwaiting!!

    7 years ago
  5. Woo Hoo Hyori! love this song i hope it wins but what i really want to see is Welcome by Jay Park reviewed! Guise vote for him on the Kpop charts its literally going to be THE BEST EVER. If you haven’t watched it watch it now!

    7 years ago
  6. Lee Hyori’s “Miss Korea” reminds me of Dana International with “Diva”. Kind of similar but “Miss Korea” lyrics are more obvious as message… and *yey* I didn’t win… I think … if I ever get to win anything… I’ll have no reaction at all – . –

    Great job guise!(Martina’s improvisation was kind of awkward this time… ) can’t wait for the KCrunch Indie Segment! :)


    7 years ago
  7. I was hoping for either HISTORY’s Dreamer or LC9’s Mama Beat. It would be awesome to hear what you think about HISTORY’s unique song which, for some reason, makes me want to watch Lion King.. And I would also love to hear you talk about the ginormously amount of violence and gore in LC9’s MV. But I won’t complain.

    7 years ago
  8. if 2pm review this week, will b another 2pm another week? (hmmm….but s&m going to spore that next next week…)

    7 years ago
  9. I was hoping they’d include rewind by Double K :/

    7 years ago
  10. About 2pm:

    I like sloth. It’s not just lazy, it’s aggressively lazy. He just throws those music sheets around. “I’m not doing it! I want to watch cartoons!” Good for you sloth! You relax!

    I have something to say about this suspenders trend. It’s not just suspenders, it’s suspenders with a gray button down shirt, which to me evokes depression era farmer. Maybe a bit of Laura Ingalls Wilder. What is that all about?

    About Bilasa:

    I should mention I’ve been imbibing a bit this evening, so that video freaked me out.

    About Lee Hyori:
    I looked up the lyrics. Rock on Lee Hyori! And might I add, there are drag queens in this video! I think that might be the first time I’ve ever seen drag queens in any K-pop video of any kind. For that it wins.

    7 years ago
  11. I don’t know why but I love the vigor with which Baro hits the “Ken doll” over the head with that pillow. A pillow has never looked so fluffy and skull crushing at the same time.

    7 years ago
  12. I really liked the 35 second mark part of the Bilasa song. I wish that part would have been developed into its own song!

    7 years ago
  13. So OK, I had this whole big joke planned out about someone stealing my idea of using a kyary pamyu pamyu video as the premise for a B1A4 video. But then I looked an PONPONPON again and gave up. You can’t beat that.

    7 years ago
    • Kyary Pamyu = subversive cutieness + hallucinogenic drugs. The cutie thing is very subversive and unsettling. Girl vomits up eyeballs in the video and farts color ribbons. You’re not like, “that girl is adorable!” You’re like, “I think that girl is insane!” I don’t know if any of the Korean artists can go that far off the reservation without ruffling feathers ya know?

      7 years ago
  14. i thought ‘wild’ will be in the list of chart update today…

    7 years ago
  15. My thoughts on the videos:

    2PM- um…I’m sorry, It was kinda a let down for me. It was nice but for me it wasn’t anything memorable. I’m sorry, Hottests. :( I’ve heard the other songs on their CD are good (I haven’t listened to it yet…wait is it out even? Maybe I got confused…)

    B1A4- WTF did I watch? Ok I’m going to go on a bit of a mini-rant here. They BLEW me away with Tried to walk. Plus I saw them on Immortal Song and they were INCREDIBLE!!! My point is, The have some awesome vocals and great rappers. So why do they get songs that are just…well just like that. I want more songs like Tried to Walk where they can show the talent that they have and not these weird silly songs. Sorry B1A4 fans. I just don’t think they are being allowed to tap into the potential that they have.

    Lee Hyori – She looks A-maz-ing! Also, did you see the Drag Queens? I love drag queens! When I heard the teaser, I didn’t think I would like the song and while I don’t think it’s anything spectacular, I really like it and find myself singing it on and off quite often.

    7 years ago
    • I think my biggest issue is that I like B1A4 and think they are really talented, I’m just not a fan of the cutesy/silly types of songs as a group concept (as in that’s what they normally put out), so I can’t really get into them too much. I know that not all the songs on their albums are the silly type. When Tried to Walk came out someone linked me to a playlist of all their songs and there were a few that I liked. Unfortunately, since I don’t have time to look up every song that every group puts out, I have to rely on the title songs to attract me and make me want to know more. And since I’m not a big fan of the cutesy/silly songs, it’s hard (am I making sense in my convoluted logic?). I don’t think they have to do ballads all the time or anything like that, but I’m more into the…power songs? IDK…

      I do agree that this would be a mood booster song. Not a good of one as Beautiful Target though. I hear that song and can’t help but laugh and get in a good mood.

      7 years ago
    • I didn’t know he wrote a lot of their title tracks. I knew he wrote some of their songs but didn’t know about their title tracks. I guess that these types of songs just aren’t my cup of tea but Tried to Walk was awesome. I think these guys are really talented tho…which reminds me someone linked me to a playlist of theirs and there were a couple songs that I really liked. I need to hunt those up…sorry thinking/typing out loud.

      7 years ago
  16. As I watched the Bilasa video, all I could think was “is this what it would be like on an acid trip?” But seriously, I think the video would be perfect for Music Monday. There’s so many bizarre happenings in that video that I didn’t even know what the heck was going on half the time lol. I need a Music Monday interpretive breakdown in order to fully understand the profound meaning that I know is behind the video. :P

    I love Lee Hyori and am totally ecstatic she’s come back! I’m a bit mehh about 2pm, but I still enjoyed their song.

    7 years ago
    • I’d love to hear what Simon and Martina would have to say about lovely galactic conquerors in their latest release. The video is oozing with “wtf”ness but it fits well with the giddy mood of the song, I’d say.

      I like 2pm’s song as well, but the choreo kinda sucked a bit compared to the song itself. I was honestly expecting a bit more oompf, considering its their comeback after 2 years :c

      7 years ago
  17. Bilasa Video EXPLANATION: B1A4 are trying to find out what’s going on between that creepy doll girl & creepy doll guy so tgat’s why they’re trying to hear them. B1A4 is stalking them, they want the girl so that is why they kill the doll guy at the end with a pillow fight… o.O

    7 years ago
  18. Neeeed the shirt that you (Martina) are wearing. Just saying

    7 years ago
  19. I can totally get behind the idea of new farticles being the building blocks of new nebulae and galaxies. Sounds like an anime in the making :p

    7 years ago

    Mostly because I didn’t win. It is a great quality of my mind to adhere to reality in such an appropriate fashion.

    7 years ago
  21. Great! Open that eatyoursushi website please! I love listening to JPOP and Jrock! Also, I would love for you guys to review Hyori’s song, simply because it has the funniest Engrish I have ever heard!

    Beeekozz I’m a Misseu Ko-re-ya! :3

    7 years ago
    • By Engrish are you referring to the “Miss Korea” part? ‘Cause it’s actually not Engrish. Hyori isn’t trying to pronounce “Miss Korea” like an English speaker would; she’s using the accepted Korean pronunciation, which, though it is derived from the English words, sounds different because that’s the closest phonetic approximation you can get when writing them in Hangul: Miss Korea —> 미스코리아 —> me – seu – koh – ree – ah

      7 years ago
      • I would buy that argument if she wasn’t saying “because I’m a” in the same sentence and if the on-line Korean lyrics I’ve seen didn’t have “Because I’m a Miss Korea” written in English.

        7 years ago
        • It’s the title of the song: 미스코리아, which translates to Miss Korea in English. Not Engrish, merely the Korean pronunciation of foreign loan words.

          Also, my guess would be that she chose not to pronounce it the English way because doing so wouldn’t fit with the beat of the song; not enough syllables.

          7 years ago
    • hoping for martina to review jdrama too… :)…mayb the web more suitable ‘eatyourramen’ since simon really like ramen so much…

      7 years ago
    • pardon me but what is funny ^^”

      7 years ago
    • Hyori’s english was amazing xP I’ve been singing the “I’m a missu ko-re-ya” since i heard the song.

      7 years ago
    • I’m with you there :p I’ve been begging them to for years.

      I even collected all the official YouTube PVs in anticipation :p

      7 years ago