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KpopCharts Update: Shinhwa, CNBlue, BtoB

March 31, 2012


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1) Shinhwa “Venus”Vote for them here!

I’m kinda worried about what we said here for Shinhwa. See, back when we started Kpop Music Mondays, we talked about a lot of bands that we weren’t really familiar with. As time passed we got to know them more, understand them better, and kind of get to appreciate the inside culture of their fandoms. We’re more comfortable now with our Music Mondays than we were back when we started. Talking about Shinhwa today kinda brings us back to those first few reviews, when we still felt new. Shinhwa doesn’t really mean anything to us. We know they’re legendary, and that they mean a lot to other people, but they are before our time, and so they don’t really resonate with us. Sure, they resonate with lots of other people, but they don’t really seem to resonate with our KpopCharts audience, either. No servers are crashing for them. No votes are getting flooded. And so, they’re not having as big an impact as we thought they might, but we’re not surprised.

Long story short, we can only talk about Shinhwa based on the song we heard today…which is alright. Nothing really that takes us by storm. And the video is of confident men rather than of growing boys…so…yeah. Decent song, we guess!

2) CNBlue “Hey You”Vote for them here!

Last week we talked about CNBlue and couldn’t really say much about their video, which was cool for being artistically shot, but not something to really talk about. This video is much more up our alley! So many white people! Wow! Seriously: how did they get on set for that? What company do they work for? I’m hoping that one of you reads our blog and can answer this question for us. Come on! Don’t be shy! And – you potential trolls – don’t use this as an opportunity to pretend you were there just to lead us on. PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

3) BtoB “Insane”Vote for them here!





Kpop: stop making ridiculous names. Seriously. This is such a bizarre WTF name that I can’t even concentrate on anything else apart from my sheer confusion for stupid names. It’s like you eat alphabet soup and poop out band names. Stop it already.



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Kpop Charts Update


KpopCharts Update: Shinhwa, CNBlue, BtoB


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  1. *Three Shinhwa members speak English. Are you forgetting our Hyesungie? >.> And Junjin’s, Dongwan’s and Minwoo’s English is great too so it doesn’t sound like P-Nus at all. :D

    7 years ago
  2. BTOB is not a stupid naaaammmmeeeee!!!!!! its cool cause it stands for “born to beat”!!!!!! have your own thoughts Simon but I think its awesome!!!!1

    7 years ago
  3. Whoa, whoa. What’s with all the mean comments, all of a sudden? Like, the first ten are (respectfully and not) telling M&S that they don’t know what they’re talking about. Shinhwa are awesome and talented, yes. But they’re right. They’re older. It makes sense for them to have an older fanbase. That doesn’t mean you can’t like them as a younger viewer. Hell, look at Bi/Rain and Leeteuk. They’re both ten years older than I am, but I’d come running in a heartbeat. They’re also promoted more overseas (my country), and more currently.

    Today’s popular image is that of the Flower Boy. SHINee and SuJu both have that image and they are the more currently popular. I’m not saying Shinhwa doesn’t have a large fanbase, but here’s the three types of people I run into most who like them:

    Old fans, who were fans back when they were mid-career.

    K-Pop obsessives, who know most bands since 1980.

    K-Pop hipsters. “Oh, you listen to SHINee? They’re cool, I guess. My favorite’s Shinhwa. They’re kind of the original, you know? But, I mean, SHINee’s ok too.”

    It’s like the Rolling Stones. Sure, they have younger fans. But the majority (not whole of, but majority) of people at all their comeback concerts will be the three groups I stated above.

    TL; DR –  In a foreign audience, what’s current is what’s most  popular. Current is not Shinhwa, even though they have talent.

    8 years ago
  4. cnblue is the best kpop band
    without the dancing routines and robotic moves
    they are the freestyle of what kpop would be if it decided to freestyle! lol
    cnblue so cool so charming
    should listen to in my head solely composed by yonghwa and the japanese single where you are also composed by yonghwa
    that is the true sound of cnblue and the future sound hopefully

    8 years ago
  5. I once read somewhere that you should never read the “comments” section of the media you watch on internet because that is where people go to forget their manners and just say whatever they want, unfiltered.

    I made the grave mistake of looking through the comment section on this post. Oh my! Who knew people get so worked up over a difference of opinion on MUSIC? Seriously.. it’s a band, people, not reproductive rights.

    Simon and Martina, you guys still rock. Haters gonna hate. Your true fans love you – and respect your opinions even if they are different from our own.

    8 years ago
  6. I just don’t understand… many of you Changjos are claiming, “Oh, our fanbase as a whole is older and more mature, we don’t have time to do all the ridiculous things fans of younger groups do”… but how mature is it exactly to pounce on  and rant away to people for sharing their opinions and liking different music than you and not knowing your fanclub name and …God forbid, making a penis joke?! I don’t know about the rest of you, but those who aren’t amused by a well-placed penis joke are just a bit too srs business (I’m so serious, yeah!) for me.

    8 years ago
  7. Just to add my two cents ^^:

    I was also disappointed with the opinion of Simon and Martina, I hoped they’d as excited as I was for this return but no…. and it’s alright ! You guys have your own opinion (I almost always agree with you^^) so I wasn’t offended or anything.

    The first time I heard Venus I was a bit surprised, the chorus I thought was a little weird (my loooooove ….Venus), that the Venus bit was a bit off but it grew on me and I can’t stop listening to it and mimicking (or trying to) the choregraphy (and looking ridiculous while doing it).

    I do believe that Shinhwa is more than just music. While I do love their music, I discovered the boys with Xman and their amazing personalities. They are incredibly funny. I suggest you watch Win Win with Shinhwa or the Shinhwa Broadcast, it may help understand a bit the history of Shinhwa (debut, success, though times…). 

    While Shinhwa was popular (and still is), it was honestly never as big as g.o.d or h.o.t (they debuted before and were a revolution for SK) but unlike all the other groups, Shinhwa stuck together even after they “separated” with the army or solo activities, they always promised they would come back as a group. And after 14 years, they are still together. 

    They are all signed under different companies (some even have their own!) so in order to do their group activities, they created a company (Shinhwa Company) and each brought in an equal amount of money, all that just to keep their promise to their fans and come back as a group. They are not nearly as young as the new groups out there, they don’t have the same stamina (Hyesung and Andy got injured during this come-back) and their dance can’t be as impressive as it used to be but it’s still awesome. 

    Instead of fighting with them over something so trivial (they weren’t even that harsh!), let’s vote for Shinhwa and try to make them win the kpop charts :)


    If you don’t want to read all of this, a little recap: song is great, the guys are awesome and Simon and Martina are entitled to their own opinions. Let’s vote for Shinhwa – Venus !

    8 years ago
  8. I actually like this piece.  SHINWA may be a legend but for those of us new to KPOP, we can only base our opinion of SHINWA on what they have shown us recently.  As for myself, since there have been news that the legend SHINWA was making a comeback, I was quite open to see what they have in store.  I was also not pleased because the material is pretty much what I see everyday in the kpop sphere.  Not to say it’s bad.  It’s just that it did not stand out (not with me and not with the general present-day kpop community) which explains why it did not create a buzz the way SHINEE and EXO are getting. I think that is the same opinion held by Simon and Martina so why should it be wrong and all of you who have known SHINWA forever be right? 

    If you think differently, speak out but don’t be disrespectful… and don’t attack the people who gave opinions.  Not everyone thinks the same.

    8 years ago
  9. Yes ZackEager is young.  He’s an opinionated little fuck and so am I.  We agree to disagree.  Every band listed in this argument, I am probably old enough to be everyone’s mom.  But I digress,  I love Kpop and I love to perv on Kpop,  Jailbait, 20’s, 30’s.. it’s all good.   Never heard Shinhwa sing til this video and yes I did like it.  Then again, Ren from NU’EST gets my motor running too…. :P
    BTW, I am 47  Old enough to know better and old enough not to give a shit….

    8 years ago
  10. Child, please.  You demand an apology video because you don’t agree with their opinion and you’re offended? What about what Simon said was rude?  He was very polite when he was talking about Shinhwa.  It doesn’t matter if you agree with it or not they did/said nothing that requires an apology. 

    People need to know the difference between stating an opinion and being rude.  They’re only responsible for what they say and how they say it.  The rest is up to the viewers to be mature and understand that they’re simply stating what they think – which is why people watch their videos anyway.

    8 years ago
  11. Some people really need to grow up. What the hell is with all this bashing and bad comments? It’s just a video about THEIR opinion on this song. If you disagree with them, this is it. Everyone has different opinions, you can’t kill people for what they think. From what I see they didn’t bash Shinhwa, neither did they say harmful things about them…They just said what they thought while being funny as always. This is why I think they are awesome, because they say what they think about songs and stuff even  if it’s a positive or negative thing. They are honest and this is the most important thing. 
    If you think their opinion is wrong, if you hate them or whatever why do you even spend your time commenting? This doesn’t make sense.Oh and I almost forgot, they made fun of Big Bang, they made fun of Shinee, SJ (And by the way I’m an ELF and I won’t get angry if they said sth. negative about them because, as I said it’s just their opinion and it won’t change my love for the group)  and so many other groups so your comment is invalid :P Simon, Martina, Spudgy, thanks for making awesome videos all the time. I respect you and I love your videos! You always make me laugh even if I’m not in a good mood. Don’t let these comments affect you and your work, because some people are just stupid. Go on and make honest videos like this! Love you, guys!

    8 years ago
  12. First off: I wouldn’t care if anyone bashed any band I like. Why? Because it’s just their opinion! It doesn’t effect ANYTHING! I still like the band! The band is still successful! Yay all around!

    Second: Shinhwa will always will be a legend to those people that know Shinhwa, but that will NEVER change the fact that we just personally don’t know them! It’s not an insult, it’s just a plain old fact. 

    Third: We make fun of TONS of fan club names and the names of actual kpop bands! It’s just for fun.

    8 years ago
  13. Even I do not agree with some words spoken by Simon and Martina, I still respect their opinion. We all have different point of view and the diversity makes life become more interesting. I do not expect everybody has the same feeling as me, for what I feel when Shinhwa makes their comeback. They are coming back, for me, it made my day. So we should put all the drama aside and just enjoy their music, don’t take everything to heart.

    I think all the 6 members of Shinhwa are aware of how their fans are feeling, because before they went in hiatus in 2008 due to military service, they gave their fan a goodbye concert, and the CF of their concert reflected their thoughts. You can check out the CF here. Personally, I love that CF, it showed even if their fans grew older, have other interest, Shinhwa was, be, and will take  a special place in their heart. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qasA7yByU4A). The background music for the CF is “Throw my fist”, one of their hits. 

    Instead of blaming Simon and Martina, I think it will be better if we can show this wonderful couple about Shinhwa rather than just throw words to fly all over the place. Dear Simon and Martina, if you are new with Shinhwa, one of the song I can recommend to listen to is “Once in a lifetime” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-OhegVtbaQ). If you see the MV, you can actually spot UEE of After School before her debut ^____^~. Or, you can check out “Brand new”, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR46mwxCanY), another hit of them, which the MV and the dance has some similarity to their new song “Venus”.

    I wish both of you all the best. Love

    8 years ago
  14. All they said was they didn’t know if Shinhwa was still popular enough to comeback, and they even admitted they might be wrong.

    It’s like Madonna, a legend in her own time, but her new album flopped because she is not that popular with the younger generation. Simon and Martina just said that the same thing MIGHT happen to Shinhwa.

    Anyway, about the Cn Blue thing, I think it is possible that they filmed it in L.A. while they were there for their concert.

    8 years ago