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K.Will Interview with Eatyourkimchi!

April 12, 2013


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K.Will Interview and Miscellaneous Thoughts

Hurrah! We got the chance to sit down with K.Will and interview him!. Here’s the video, in all it’s glory! We’ve been talking about this interview a lot over the past week. We made an announcement video for it, hinted at it in the KpopCharts Update, and mentioned it in our Music Monday on K.Will’s “Love Blossom” as well. This definitely seems like K.Will week and we sure have been hearing his newest song “Love Blossom” being played all around Seoul.

Well, the teasing is now over. Here’s our interview with K.Will! He came over to the studio on Friday night, answered some questions, and took some pictures with us. Woot! We were really lucky to have him stop by, since he JUST released his new song, and is surely going all over the place for his promotions. I like the idea of K.Will stopping by the studio as part of the promotional circuit, by the way. Maybe one day every band will stop by when they’re promoting? That’d be pretty freaking cool!

Also, Martina feels really disappointed about this interview because she was really sick that day. Something she ate did NOT go over well…I think it was the shrimp noodle soup she had. We weren’t going to cancel the interview but she just didn’t feel her normal energetic self but she tried to be as chipper as possible! If you noticed that she seemed less energetic than usual, that’s why. My sweet wife is such a trooper!

These interviews do take a while to edit, though, because there’s so much footage to go through, usually. It’s not just a matter of “film video upload video boom!” We gotta cut around things here and there, and make this video look good. K.Will doesn’t speak a lot of English, so Soo Zee was on the side translating. Putting up hard subs isn’t a breeze, either. Also, we’re not complaining here, we just know that a lot of people are like “Y U NO POST VIDEO RIGHT AWAY!” It’s because a lot of work has to go into making the final product :D

Here’s how it looks behind the camera:

K Will Interview Behind the Scenes

Oh! And some of you might be a bit confused by the intro sequence. We found his promotional video for “Love Blossom” to be hilarious, and wanted to recreate it. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it:

Ha! Now THAT’S a teaser. You get to hear some of the song and get some lols out of it. Super effective, in my opinion, as opposed to other teasers which we shall not name but I’m sure you’ll think we’re talking about though we might not be thinking about the teaser you’re thinking about. Oooh you so sneaky!

Lastly, we’re sorry if we didn’t pick your question and it didn’t get answered for the interview. We do scour through all of your suggestions, pick the top rated ones, and then send a whole slew of them in to the management to approve, so they get the final say in what we can talk about in the interview. Some of you had awesome questions, but we just couldn’t get them all in!

K.Will “Love Blossom” Signed CD Giveaway!

We had K.Will sign some CDs so we can give them away to you guise! It’s what we do for all of our interviews, and this is no different. It was awesome timing that K.Will got voted in for Music Monday since we were able to give away one for our Music Monday on K.Will’s “Love Blossom”. We’re giving away two more for this interview. And they have been signed all in different colours! OooOOooOooOH! We kept the one signed in blue, cause we love blue. Woot! If you want to win, here’s what you gotta do!

To Our YouTube Subscribers!
1) Click this link to Subscribe to us on YouTube. Non YouTube subscribers get no CD.
2) Let us know in the comments to this video on YouTube, what you like most about K.Will. All of you Nasties: go show K.Will some support, and let him know how strong of an international following he has.
3) If you’re an Eatyourkimchi Nasty you can leave your comments here as well! Your chances of winning are higher here, because there are fewer comments compared to YouTube. Just giving you the inside scoop ;)

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Also, we’ve got some behind the scenes footage. I’d like to say that there’s footage of K.Will playing with our dog, because we say that as a lead in to all of our blooper footage for interviews, and then we never show it. Ha! So, we’ll just tease you by saying maybe you’ll see the Spudgy, maybe you won’t :D



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K.Will Interview with Eatyourkimchi!


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  1. You guys did you a fine job, like always, no worries ;) I hope Martina gets well very soon and to the both of you, please do take care of your own well beings ;)

    7 years ago
  2. ok, he is SO CUTE like, I want now to buy his cd just to support him >< he deserves *–* and of course i loved the song XDD

    7 years ago
  3. Wow, this interview came out quite early as compared to some others! And I would have never guessed that Martina was sick.
    You guise have the best intros out there! And that reaction “you saw him in the shower?” before he realized you’re married – priceless!
    Good job, I’m looking forward to future interviews!

    7 years ago
  4. Ever since I listened to k.wills’ song ‘I need you’ a year ago I have be fixated with k.wills’ song’s!!! The make me feel happy if I’ve had a down day!!! And for a year now ‘I need you’ has been on my favourites playlist (feeling a bit obsessive here…). But as I was saying he will always be a my favourite solo artist, even above all over singers from England, USA etc. You can feel all his emotion that he put in to each and every song he has sung.He is dedicated and passionate about wha he does and that I why I shower my love over K.will ♡♡♡

    7 years ago
  5. I love everything about K.Will’s music, seriously. Whenever I revising english or animating at like 4am his music is so relaxing and keeps me from like flipping tables, it’s just so calming without being overly sad all the time. I just like everything about his music plus he’s one of my favourite singers of all time!

    7 years ago
  6. I love how K.will goes along with all of the great EYK shenanigans and really made me smile. He seems to be one of the most humble singers I have seen recently interviewed.

    7 years ago
  7. The reason I like K.Will’s music so much is a combination of
    things. He’s got a very clear and mellow timbre and gets just the right amount
    of breathlessness when he hits higher notes.
    Also, even though his music videos have AMAZING plots his songs weave so
    effortlessly into the action that you still hear the song while you watch.

    7 years ago
  8. I play this song, praying for spring because….ITS FREAKIN’ SNOWING IN APRIL IN TORONTO!

    7 years ago
  9. When K.will reacted to the showering part I kept thinking ‘inappropriate’ in Simon’s voice! That part was just too funny.

    7 years ago
  10. looooooooove the intro. K.Will is amazing. u guys are amazing. everything is amazing.

    7 years ago
  11. The intro just kill me XD I just hope someday K.will will be the star in one of his mv´s, he deserve it. He is handsome and great singer, he deserve be more famous. And with that, He and more singers with this kind of music of music will be know and maybe, more people will know k-pop is just not the “generic” music.

    7 years ago
  12. Ahh! I love your interviews! This is so cute aahhaha The intro is hilarious, and I really love how he didn’t know you guys were married LOL and please :DD reveal the spudgy footage!

    7 years ago
  13. There’s a person at 5:35. That person disappears later. That person has magic :O
    You should set up a security cam and watch the staff take all the food.

    7 years ago
  14. love the interview! and the intro lol <3 K.will
    I love that his music is memorable, effortless but still amazing
    his songs are emotional but also enjoyable I can listen to it all the time
    and then I just fell in love with his voice – I'm a fan!

    7 years ago
  15. The thing i love about his voice other than it being perfect is that there is just so much emotion put into it. I love the way thw songs just tug at my heart strings(omg kdrama reference). I dont have much to say about it other than that because its simple: i love his voice.

    7 years ago
  16. I love K. Will because he has an awesome voice is so sexyyyy~ he can say he’s not good looking, but he sure is!!! Love all his songs and his lives are all awesome!!!! <3

    7 years ago
  17. the teasers were hilaroius!!! <3 K.Will

    7 years ago
  18. Hmm… What do I like most about K. Will..? I absolutely love, LOVE! his voice. But everyone loves his voice so that’s not really anything that I have to say more about. I love that he can do both deep emotional songs and cute happy ones that makes you really excited for spring. And I can’t help but love and have the outmost respect for him after seeing “Please Don’t”. That was the first time I ever heard of him and since then I’m hooked. It’s such a beautiful and realistic depiction of love and that it’s about a guy loving a guy, especially since it’s from Korea, makes it even more special. Since sadly homosexuality still isn’t as accepted as it should. But now I’m just rambling… Anyway… My youtube name is: MrsKaulitz97

    7 years ago
  19. te amo is i love you in spanish….

    7 years ago
  20. when /do we get to see the photos from the photo booth? :)

    7 years ago
  21. first, I heard K.Will ost song for I Love To Kill… and was captivated by his wonderful voice.
    then I saw him in Immortal Song 2.
    this is the main reason why I love him now.

    he can create and send very precise and, at the same time, beautiful message with tone, volume and pitch of his voice.
    the message that goes through everything and doesn’t care for language or cultural barriers.
    I laughed, I cried, I swooned listening to him singing, all the time without any understanding of the korean lyrics!

    his talent is simply international and it knows no boundaries.

    when he released his 3rd album, part 1 – I was sold, completely sold :D
    listening to him talking in my language, in Polish – Kocham Cie…. awwwwww! O.o

    (my youtube acc.: bupuk)

    7 years ago
  22. I love a lot of things about K Will. His voice is amazing; he has husky voice but still get the nice ringing voice for some music genre, not to mention also his technique for hitting the high notes. His music videos always have a nice plot with a good casts. My fav (plot and casts) so far: ‘Miss, miss, miss’, ‘Please don’t’, ‘I need you’, and ‘Love Blossom’ is gonna be next). From what I saw from his self-interview (http://youtu.be/n2lLTyi387Y) he’s a funny person. I was surprised when he rapped with Outsider in a show (http://youtu.be/IS3-Jjt-0Y0). You know how Outsider spits out his words… Yeah, he did it, spit out some words with Outsider (though he may be not as good as real rapper but I’m amazed on how fast he rapped). K Will, saranghae!

    7 years ago
  23. What i love about K.Will is his voice! I absolutely love it, its smooth and sweet :) I find that i get really into his songs, they are great. He’s very talented, him singing live sounds like its to die for, but living in Canada its sorta hard to do lol. He seems like a very down to earth kind of guy and i can hear that he is passionate about singing. I also think he should appear more in his music videos, he is very handsom, who else is with me! :)

    I’m hooked on his new song Love Blossom! <3

    7 years ago
  24. Will Simon teach I love you in Polish to ALL the future guests too? .__.’

    7 years ago
  25. Ok let’s see….

    I like how K.Will music+voice makes me feel when I listen to his music. Like sometimes it’s so nice and smooth and soft and I feel like I’m riding on a herd of sheep and then when he gets all emotional the herd starts running and the wind blows my lion hair back and I’m just enjoying the breeze and….
    Yeah that seems accurate.
    ._. Yeah….the music is usually pretty chill like me ~.~
    I’m so happy you guys were able to interview him. He’s amazing b’.’d
    Thank you so much Simon and Martina!

    7 years ago
  26. Awesome interview! So happy his new music is out and he’s out doing promotions! Yay K.Will!

    7 years ago
  27. OH MY LORD, DAT INTRO!!!! It was too funny XD Oh Martina, your face…


    This was a very interesting interview; I wouldn’t really call myself a fan of K.Will, but I do enjoy his music. He has a very pretty voice, and as a lover of music (as well as being a singer :3), you can always appreciate that. It is rather depressing that K.Will hasn’t shown up in his own music videos (I was really surprised that that was really his first, since my first experience with his music was “Please, Don’t”); he might not be “hawt” in the Korean sense of the word, but he is still rather handsome. He also has such a bright smile that is really contagious (I cannot count how many times I cheesed at my screen when the dude smiled XD). And before someone says otherwise, I’m not trying to shame or insult Korean standards of beauty; you like what you like, and you should be allowed to like whatever you want. I am, however, saying that they shouldn’t be so rigid; there are many types of “beautiful” than the ones that you know. (I hope I didn’t sound so preachy, this is just something that’s really close to me) All in all, I want to give kudos and props to this guy; he is definitely holding his own in an industry of groups and people that are considered more attractive than him. Respect :3

    7 years ago

    for me, i love k.will because he is all around such an awesome guy. he’s super talented and very humble. and when i say talented i’m not just saying it because he can sing so well; as a teacher this guy is AMAZING. i’m not sure who else he teaches, but he’s boyfriend’s vocal coach and they have improved in leaps and bounds over the past year and half after debuting. i swear, k.will with a student is like michelangelo with marble. as strange as it sounds, go listen to “boyfriend” and then “hitomi no melody” or “be my shine” and be amazed because holy freaking crap the improvement is mind blowing and you will agree with my strange simile. i know all of the members really look up to him too. in part it’s because they’ve gotten used to performing and singing, but you can’t deny that k.will has helped them. even from their second title song they sound so much more polished and mature now in all their music & performances, so for that thank you k.will! :D

    just one of the reasons i love him so much though! i could probably go on forever about his voice as well, it’s one of the most beautiful things i have ever heard. don’t get me started i’ll write a paragraph about it and how if i could marry a sound it would be his voice… -3-”
    anyways here’s “boyfriend” and their most recent song “hitomi no melody”:

    7 years ago
  29. I loved this interview- although I’ve loved every interview you guys have done, so I don’t know if that really means too much. I feel like you guys don’t ask the typical questions and your interviews are really personable.I thought that the intro was hilarious and I died when Martina started talking about Simon in the shower. The look on K.Will’s face before you told him you’re married….priceless. I also find it kind of amusing that those of us who come here (eatyourkimchi.com) are part of a slightly different category of Nasties.

    7 years ago
  30. daebak T_T K.Will is such an amazing artist! I’m so glad you guys got to interview him! :))

    7 years ago
  31. The moment of sheer confusion and “Oh no she didn’t” on K.Will’s face at the Simon in the shower conversation may be the top best part of this interview!

    Great interview. I’m glad he is so down to earth and approachable. The interview felt that you were just catching up with an old friend on what they’ve been up to. Daebak!

    7 years ago
  32. Loved the intro and his surprise at y’all being married – haha, his reaction was he best.

    I really enjoy his powerful voice – he’s got that rare ability to pull people into the emotion of the song. When the song was heartbroken in “Please Don’t”, I felt sad and remembered those kind of unrequited feelings, when the song is cheerful and bubbly in “Love Blossom” it makes me feel better and happier.
    K. Will’s proven to be so humble and he’s also really funny and handsome – I don’t understand why he’s not the lead in his own MVs.

    7 years ago
  33. It’s not “Ja ciebie kocham ” ( non grammatical and sounds silly) Simon:) I love you in Polish is ” Kocham Cię”
    Great interview guys btw :)

    7 years ago
    • *takes down notes* Is that slang or average person talk? Also…how do I teach Korean people how to pronounce “Cię”… choouuww, chuuuewwww, cheeeiuuwww,…AGRH!

      7 years ago
      • oh I was about to write that….. “kocham cię” is the most common phrase used for expressing love in polish…it’s not a slang but a normal way of speaking I love you…..while “ja ciebie kocham” is kinda…hmm….unnatural? archaic? awkward? so yeah it’s better to use kocham cię instead (not that we complain about teaching polish to k-pop artist–we are super duper grateful!!)……and don’t worry about pronouncing ę…..because normally if such letter happens to be as the last one in the word you always pronounce it as usual “e” without adding any nasal effects…thats the rule…so problem is solved….. nad btw nice interview!!! hope to see more idols coming ( and speakin polish cause thats AWESOME!!)love you guys!

        7 years ago
      • I’m not sure if this was a serious question but I’m going to answer anyway: nope, it’s not slang ;) Of course everyone will understand “ja ciebie kocham” but it has English syntax (unless we want to emphasize the subject, usually we don’t need this pronoun “I” because the verb’s form indicates the subject) and “kocham cię” sounds waaaaay more natural. As for the pronounciation of “cię” – just like “ciebie” but without the “bie” part ;)

        7 years ago
    • I don’t care. I was so happy hearing him speaking polish. Yeeeaaah K.Will mówił po polsku. Huuura!

      7 years ago
  34. I think that K.Will is amazingly talented and versatile in both voice and style. On one had you have his catchy tunes like “Love Blossom” with its funky jazzy beat and its catchy lyrics. On the other hand you have his meaningful songs like “Love Like This” that was featured on the Cheongdamdong Alice OST. I think with his voice and talent he can tackle pretty much any style of music and make it sound great. I look forward to hearing more of his music. He certainly has the talent and drive to keep making some great songs! (my Youtube user is ezaffin)

    7 years ago
  35. I love how smooth K.Will’s voice is, and his songs really highlight his vocal talent. Also, I think he does such an amazing job of conveying emotion through his songs, and I can’t wait to hear more from him in the future. Although I listen to a lot of different artists, there are only a few instances where I would consider buying an artist’s entire album , and K.Will is definitely one of those artists.

    7 years ago
  36. I forgot to say the last scene with the golden spudgy was GOD, PURE GOLD!!!!
    By the way did he say something about the prize? Like where is my prize????

    7 years ago
  37. it’s good to see you guys had fun with the introduction! I giggled a bit too much… (; And Martina, you didn’t seem sick at all! You did a good job! ^^
    And I’m shocked that K.Will doesn’t consider himself “attractive enough” for his MVs… I think he’s very handsome! And I adored his cameo in his own MV… that was weird to say, but okay.
    Thank you for the interview~

    7 years ago
  38. The beggining was hilarious. He did a great job and it was very funny. Kwill is the best solo artist out there, period. There’s nothing he can’t sing, and he can actually rap really good as well. I saw on youtube his reditions of Fantastic baby, and Gangnam Style, and he’s really got it. Very talented, and good sense of humor. What is there not to love?

    7 years ago
  39. Okay so what I love about kwill. This is going to be long.
    FINALLYYY HE IS GETTING THE LOVE AND ATTENTION HE DESERVES!!!!! First of all the thing that I love about kwill the most is that he is not just some pretty boy dancing with a good body. Let us ask ourselves how many of us
    would still spazz and scream over all these pretty boys if they did not look
    the way they did right now? The society has set the beauty standards so high
    that it is making it difficult for handsome guys like kwill to be considered as
    handsome! He is an amazing singer and he always comes up with something new. 이러지마 제발
    aka please don’t was shocking for everyone.
    And with having all these new bands shocking audiences and making everyone cry
    is a pretty damn hard thing to do. He has an amazing voice. I first heard his
    voice when I was watching this drama called a love to kill with rain in it,
    back in 2005. He sang this ost called “꿈” which in English would be translated to dream. His
    voice is truly amazing and he is not attracting fans with his visuals but
    singing abilities. The fact that he is not being widely recognized is very sad
    and shocking. He is my favorite singer !!!!!! He is always working hard to
    bring the best to his fans. And in my perspective we need more singers like him!
    He always make me cry with his music <3 I listen to him when I am sad, happy
    exited or any. When we listen to music we always skip songs but I have never
    skipped his songs. i would love to win this cd !!!!! k will is cute and just amazing !!!! i just love kwill so much <3

    7 years ago
  40. why I love K.Will? BEcouse he is K.Will!!!! <3<3<3 And because he is making awesome music!<3 So Thenk you very much!!!!

    Youtube username: Alisa otaku

    P.S. OH my God! K.Will's face at minute 1:57 of part 2 "you've seen him shower?" O.0 You're the best, I tell you!!!!!

    7 years ago