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K.Will Interview with Eatyourkimchi!

April 12, 2013


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K.Will Interview and Miscellaneous Thoughts

Hurrah! We got the chance to sit down with K.Will and interview him!. Here’s the video, in all it’s glory! We’ve been talking about this interview a lot over the past week. We made an announcement video for it, hinted at it in the KpopCharts Update, and mentioned it in our Music Monday on K.Will’s “Love Blossom” as well. This definitely seems like K.Will week and we sure have been hearing his newest song “Love Blossom” being played all around Seoul.

Well, the teasing is now over. Here’s our interview with K.Will! He came over to the studio on Friday night, answered some questions, and took some pictures with us. Woot! We were really lucky to have him stop by, since he JUST released his new song, and is surely going all over the place for his promotions. I like the idea of K.Will stopping by the studio as part of the promotional circuit, by the way. Maybe one day every band will stop by when they’re promoting? That’d be pretty freaking cool!

Also, Martina feels really disappointed about this interview because she was really sick that day. Something she ate did NOT go over well…I think it was the shrimp noodle soup she had. We weren’t going to cancel the interview but she just didn’t feel her normal energetic self but she tried to be as chipper as possible! If you noticed that she seemed less energetic than usual, that’s why. My sweet wife is such a trooper!

These interviews do take a while to edit, though, because there’s so much footage to go through, usually. It’s not just a matter of “film video upload video boom!” We gotta cut around things here and there, and make this video look good. K.Will doesn’t speak a lot of English, so Soo Zee was on the side translating. Putting up hard subs isn’t a breeze, either. Also, we’re not complaining here, we just know that a lot of people are like “Y U NO POST VIDEO RIGHT AWAY!” It’s because a lot of work has to go into making the final product :D

Here’s how it looks behind the camera:

K Will Interview Behind the Scenes

Oh! And some of you might be a bit confused by the intro sequence. We found his promotional video for “Love Blossom” to be hilarious, and wanted to recreate it. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it:

Ha! Now THAT’S a teaser. You get to hear some of the song and get some lols out of it. Super effective, in my opinion, as opposed to other teasers which we shall not name but I’m sure you’ll think we’re talking about though we might not be thinking about the teaser you’re thinking about. Oooh you so sneaky!

Lastly, we’re sorry if we didn’t pick your question and it didn’t get answered for the interview. We do scour through all of your suggestions, pick the top rated ones, and then send a whole slew of them in to the management to approve, so they get the final say in what we can talk about in the interview. Some of you had awesome questions, but we just couldn’t get them all in!

K.Will “Love Blossom” Signed CD Giveaway!

We had K.Will sign some CDs so we can give them away to you guise! It’s what we do for all of our interviews, and this is no different. It was awesome timing that K.Will got voted in for Music Monday since we were able to give away one for our Music Monday on K.Will’s “Love Blossom”. We’re giving away two more for this interview. And they have been signed all in different colours! OooOOooOooOH! We kept the one signed in blue, cause we love blue. Woot! If you want to win, here’s what you gotta do!

To Our YouTube Subscribers!
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2) Let us know in the comments to this video on YouTube, what you like most about K.Will. All of you Nasties: go show K.Will some support, and let him know how strong of an international following he has.
3) If you’re an Eatyourkimchi Nasty you can leave your comments here as well! Your chances of winning are higher here, because there are fewer comments compared to YouTube. Just giving you the inside scoop ;)

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Also, we’ve got some behind the scenes footage. I’d like to say that there’s footage of K.Will playing with our dog, because we say that as a lead in to all of our blooper footage for interviews, and then we never show it. Ha! So, we’ll just tease you by saying maybe you’ll see the Spudgy, maybe you won’t :D



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K.Will Interview with Eatyourkimchi!


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  1. ah, i always back to watch his interview ^^ omg he is so awesome

    5 years ago
  2. K.Will is awesome and the intro of the interview was very funny xD Loved it <3 :D & it was funny, how he didn't know you two were married, thinking that you two were chingus who were very weird o.O xD

    7 years ago
  3. I love how K. Will is so casual in the interview, like he is actually incredibly interested in what his fans have to say and suggest. He all around seems like an amazing person and has INCREDIBLE talent! (All while being humble about it.) On top of that he is strikingly handsome. Hehe ;)

    7 years ago
  4. I just feel like he’s a really friend-type man, but girls like Simon said, there is a chance to get out of a friend-zone! Pssst. I would slap K.Will on his bum too. If i really had a chance to do it.

    7 years ago
  5. I love K.Will and if there was any solo artist i could see in concert it would definitely be him. its a shame that the idol industry overshadows the real gems who tend to have much more of a passion and talent for singing/performing, not that i dislike kpop but it would be nice to see people like K.Will gracing the headlines and Tv shows more often.

    7 years ago
  6. Such an awesome and fun interview!! ^____^ I love how in the beginning you re-enacted K. Will’s teaser for “Love Blossom” :) and how he reacted when you told him you’re married :D

    Great work EYK crew!! :D

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

    7 years ago
  7. So since you guys got K.Will… You could get Sistar or Boyfriend too… Right? :D

    7 years ago
  8. My favorite part was when k.will had his first appearance! *Gasp* but then he forgot his lucky ring, jinxed it, and got assassinated! T.T

    Youtube: puppichu

    7 years ago
  9. K Will is amazing, i love his music, (though i would like to see him in more videos). He is so talented and so unique and blessed by God.He is truly amazing at what he does. He’s actually very very cute, and i don’t see why he would think he’s not “gorgeous” enough to be in his own videos lol. Through his music we can all relate and understand the feeling perfectly. I can see from this interview and other interviews that he has a great personality, has a good heart, and is so sweet., I love the photo shoot!! you guys are adorable!

    7 years ago
  10. On the sidenote, i read the blog post in a bus while travelling.. for some reason, i read the whole post with Simon’s booming DOTHRAKI MAN VOICE!!

    7 years ago
  11. I fell in love with K.Will’s voice ever since his album “Dropping the Tears” came out. I will admit, at first I looked at the MV b/c of SNSD’s Yuri…but oh man ever since then he has become one of my favorite solo male singers OF ALL TIME!!! I ALWAYS look forward to his comeback/new songs b/c his voice is so soothing and his songs always hit me in the heart and mind (in a good way)! My favorite thing about K.Will’s music is that I never get tired of his emotional and husky voice, whether it is a sad or happy song! His voice is SOO versatile! Also, I’ve never doubted his good looks or style so I don’t know why it’s such a hot topic right now haha. He really looks like a laid-back and friendly MAN~ “I don’t need a man~I don’t need a man”-prettier-than-a-girl =P Anyways, I LOVE YOU K.WILL! KEEP UP THE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC! HWAITING~~! Lastly, thank you VERY much Simon and Martina for interviewing him even though you weren’t feeling your best! >.< I appreciate your hard work and it paid off!!! ^o^

    7 years ago
  12. It’s hard to pick up just one thing what I love about K.Will, because he’s such an interesting, intelligent and charming person, with beautiful, soft, chocolatte voice… If I wouldn’t love Alex with my whole heart (I truly do), K.Will might be my favourite solo artist :) I love it that he doesn’t show off, he is just himself, despite the fact that he is on the music scene for so long and has been awarded many times, but he seems to be such a normal, kinda shy guy, who maybe thinks – what’s all the noise about? It’s me just singing. I love watching tv shows with him, he’s so natural, not pretending anything. And besides that, he is handsome guy. So if his company will hear out the voices of K.Will’s fans – please – put him in next music video for more than few seconds, the best would be whole music video of course. It’s a pleasure not only to listen to his awesome voice, but also to look at his charming person. ^^

    PS I really enjoyed this interview (although Clazziquai’s interview will be my No 1 forever – sorry, can’t help it ^^ ). Thank you Simon and Martina for great job (which of course you always do :) ). I was smiling all the time while watching it. And the idea with intro is fantastic! I loved the teaser for “Love Blossom” as well!

    PS2 And big big thanks that you make your guests saying “I love you” in different languages ♥ Hearing them saying “Kocham Cię / Ja Ciebie kocham” makes my heart flutter ^_^

    7 years ago
  13. Lovin’ how polished the videos are looking (YAY LEIGH!) Also, LOVED his reaction to the shower comment. HEHEHEHE. But even more than that, he seems so sweet and down to earth. And lastly, why I likes me some K.Will. Said it on youtube (raine dichotomy), but as a musician, I really appreciate the musicianship that is SO obvious in his work. The technical finesse, phrase endings, great pitch in live performance (and tone!) He’s also got the ‘it’ factor live, which is such a draw. I LOVE live performance. Can I also mention that I think he’s wicked hot? Is that a good reason????

    7 years ago
  14. K.will’s songs are amazing, his voice is awesome, he’s handsome too can’t believe he never appear in his videos :/ unfair!
    he’s on my most played list <3
    love from Venezuela

    thank you simon and martina for the chance ^^

    7 years ago
  15. The Interview was just great especially when K. Will thought that you’re showering together :p ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Thank you so much for this moment^^ K. Will I’ll suport you in whatever you’re doing! greets from Switzerland

    7 years ago
  16. Thanks Simon for teaching him ‘Ja ciebie kocham’ I died in front of my computer when he said that ^^

    7 years ago
  17. I wanna see the marshmallow booth photos:O

    7 years ago