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Learning how to make Pierogies with my Polish Parents

September 2, 2018


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I’m going to start by saying how much I love this video. I haven’t felt this happy about a video in a long time. Not that I’m unhappy with videos otherwise, but most of the time we’re focused hard when editing our videos. Here, though, keeping focus was so difficult, because we were just laughing so much while editing it. Just non stop, no matter how many times we ran through the rough copy of it. This will rank up there amongst my favourite videos ever.

I also love it because it shows a bit more about how I interact with my family, which I know might be weird for some people. We’re very loud. Very loud. I’m not this loud otherwise, but I think we’re all genetically slightly deafer than the average family so we have to talk at this volume so we can hear each other. Or it could be that we yelled so much in our youth that we damaged our ears, and so we need to keep yelling to be heard. It’s a vicious cycle. But it’s not based out of anger. It’s just based out of…I don’t know. I wonder if there are any other European families that are the same.

I’m also so happy with this video because it’s going to make my parents happy, and I’m a sucker for seeing them pleased with my videos. They loved the Japan video we shot together, and I hope they feel the same way about this. LET’S GET THIS TO A MILLION VIEWS SO THEY CAN LOVE ME MORE. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE SO THEY INVITE ME BACK. Oh that’s so manipulative, I know.

Oh, did you want the recipe? Here it is:




Please don’t follow my example. Go to the store and buy them instead.

Thus ends my recipe. I’ve perfected it, as you can tell. This wasn’t meant to be instructional, but just me enjoying some time with my family. We’ve got some bonus footage as well, in case you want to see some more silliness. Check em out below!



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Food Adventure


Learning how to make Pierogies with my Polish Parents


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  1. The day following my grandma’s funeral (she was 90!) I had cried so much my face hurt and I had one of those crying too much headaches. So, I stayed in bed binge watching your channel, even videos I’d already seen several times, it was oddly comforting, especially this video. It felt like hanging out with my family and I realized you kinda are like family since my kids and I have been watching you for years, and even met you in Atlanta. Thanks for letting us into your parents kitchen through this video and for sharing so much with us. I also plan to make some Pierogies with the kiddos next weekend, thanks for the inspiration!

    2 years ago
  2. Hi I got 3/4 way through this and I had to comment somewhere with something that might change you or your moms life I make tons of pierogies, I’m not Slavic in any way but I love them and my husband is half polish actually. He never ate them though as his mom is German born and raised.

    ANYWAYS – please get yourself one of these and make 18 pierogies at once:


    It actually works, I’m in no way affiliated with this company and there are other brands, in fact I have a stainless steel one that does the crimped edges but it does only 8 at a time.

    You will make so many pierogies you will have to freeze them and pass them out to neighbors! At least that is the Deep South way of dealing with excess amounts of food – push it onto anyone living near you!

    Y’all are precious and I really enjoy you both a lot. God bless y’all and continue on your journey spreading so much happiness to others!

    2 years ago
  3. Thanks again for sharing a video with you and your parents! They seem so sweet, and watching you guys together put a huge smile on my face.

    Also…your dad is so meticulous with his puzzles!? Clumping pieces together by color is the best I get.

    2 years ago