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LiveChat (not LiveCat)

April 5, 2013


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Hi ho! We’re off to go WANKing, but not before we publish our livechat! You know, I was thinking: YouTube comments are difficult to handle during the livechat: what if we tried hosting the livechat via embedding the video on our site? Would that be ok? I don’t know if it would crush the server or not, though. Disqus seems like an ok commenting system, but can it handle real-time commenting? I know that whenever we’re on our site commenting, we see “One New Comment. Click Here to View it” or something like that, rather than having it automatically update. Hmm. Not sure. I’ll have to look into it!

Anyhow, this was an easy week for fanmail. Last week we got packages almost every day. This week we barely got any. Not that we’re trying to sound sad about it! We’re just saying that because this means that we get more of a chance to chat with you guise during our livechat, rather than focusing solely on opening packages. You know, we do these LiveChats just for fun, but we’d really like to do a better job of them. Get a proper camera that we can hook up, rather than just using our laptop’s built in camera; get a couple of cameras, in fact, so that we can switch angles all professional like, and have it fade between both. That’d be sweet. Maybe one day. Who knows! Maybe we’ll even have different idols and artists stop by for livechats! We’d like to pose that to different groups as possible suggestions: we just need to make our livechats look a bit better before we can pursue that option!

^^Those two paragraphs we wrote yesterday in preparation for today’s licvechat, but that was before we filmed the livechat. Now that we’re done filming it, thank you all for sending us awesome stuff. WE’RE SO SAD THAT THE OURAN MUG DIDN’T MAKE IT! You’ve all watched Ouran Host Club, haven’t you? It’s the best anime ever. The best. No fighting or gravity defying boobs. Just great characters in funny situations with fantastic editing. We like it a lot. Honey Sempai was the best character.

Also, thanks for all the jellybeans. Whoa. We mentioned jellybeans before and now we’re getting ALL THE JELLYBEANS! SO MANY OF THEM! I hope K.Will likes Jellybeans. Or, at least, I hope his staff likes them, because they’ll probably devour them all during the interview. Ha!



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LiveChat (not LiveCat)


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  1. “Maybe we’ll even have different idols and artists stop by for livechats!” You know…I actually thought about that when you said you wanted to invite Aj, Eli and Kevin over. I guess we’ll just wait for better equipment :)

    I’ll be sure to send you something someday > . <

    P.S: I forgot to read your blog on this last posted live chat since it was posted on yt first – . –

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

    7 years ago
  2. Just to help you guys out for your future US packages because I’ve seen you struggle over state names so much. XD

    AL – Alabama
    AK – Alaska
    AZ – Arizona
    AR – Arkansas
    CA – California
    CO – Colorado
    CT – Connecticut
    DE – Delaware
    FL – Florida
    GA – Georgia
    GI – Hawaii
    ID – Idaho
    IL – Illinois
    IN – Indiana
    IA – Iowa
    KS – Kansas
    KY – Kentucky
    LA – Louisiana
    ME – Maine
    MD – Maryland
    MA – Massachusetts
    MI – Michigan
    MN – Minnesota
    MS – Mississippi
    MO – Missouri
    MT – Montana
    NE – Nebraska
    NV – Nevada
    NH – New Hampshire
    NJ – New Jersey
    NM – New Mexico
    NY – New York
    NC – North Carolina
    ND – North Dakota
    OH – Ohio
    OK – Oklahoma
    OR – Oregon
    PA – Pennsylvania
    RI – Rhode Island
    SC – South Carolina
    SD – South Dakota
    TN – Tennessee
    TX – Texas
    UT – Utah
    VT – Vermont
    VA – Virginia
    WA – Washington
    WV – West Virginia
    WI – Wisconsin
    WY – Wyoming

    7 years ago
  3. Some kids are just really afraid of dogs. We had to send out a firm statement at our school letting parents know that they shouldn’t bring their dogs with them when they came to pick up their kids. Parents would bring their super cute puppies and fluffy dogs, and a ton of kids would run up to pet it, but the parents didn’t see the two kids who had practically plastered themselves against the building.

    7 years ago
  4. thank you Martina for singing that Moffats song! now it’s gonna be in my head all day!!! and here i am to tell you you are not the only person that remembers them! although i don’t think many of your followers would because they would have to be a) Canadians (i don’t think The Moffats were ever popular anywhere else…) and b) over 25 (and i’m pretty sure most nasties are younger than that… oops!). but omg, flashback down memory lane! haha… i was never a fan but i just remember them cuz they had identical triplets in that band!

    7 years ago
  5. Don’t worry Martina my little brother under stands you pain with the root canal thing, he smashed his face on pavement and had six of them. (-_-)

    7 years ago
  6. Nah, please don’t have multiple cameras and professional shots. I find it so much better with these chill, webcam ones, since it makes you guys more relatable, not that you aren’t already. Just keep these simple :D

    7 years ago
  7. Irrational fears are irrational. I saw a little girl run screaming from her front door to the car because I was walking my dogs on the sidewalk. About 40 feet away. None of us were paying any attention to her at all until that happened. Then, of course, the dogs thought she wanted to play.
    I once worked with a woman who would start screaming if she saw a picture of a spider. Or a cut out Halloween spider decoration. Also irrational.

    Getting mad about something that hasn’t happened and probably won’t is also kind of irrational.
    Just sayin’.

    7 years ago
  8. Happy birthday !!

    7 years ago
  9. okay…those were some weird twitter names….
    haha Martina’s fringe!! (reminds me of Key when he was dyeing his fringe pink by himself! haha)
    ahahaha aawww poor little child!! ahah!!! one of my little cousins, he’s SO afraid of cats!! he’ll watch me play with a cat at a relatives house from like a metre away!! and if i call him over to stroke the cat he’ll with such a serious face shake his head and the cat’s just lying there being a cute lazyass being stroked!!!
    Martina people have made fun of kpop and called it kpoop!! i’ve seen it happen with kpop vs jpop fanwars!!
    aaaaww it’s a nice idea to feed kpop idols international sweets!! for valentines this year SHINee got LOADS of sweets from all over the world as a fanproject!!
    that square pillow looks like it’s from MyMimi!!! i have one!! a red geisha one!!
    ooohh!!! makeing kpop style caps sounds like a great idea!!!
    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honey Senpai got broke!!!!!!!!! T_T
    in the live action version of OHSHC i got so freaked out when Honey Senpai suddenly turned small when he went to hug and jump on someone!!! that was creepy…..
    Ayo always reminds me of SHINee’s song…Ayo!! one of the best SHINee songs EVER!!!!!!!

    7 years ago
  10. You can actually buy the Honey Sempai mug from Amazon! I am tempted every time I buy there something, but always say next time.

    7 years ago
  11. My package is the one from Wisconsin!!!! I’m glad you liked everything! Oh my poor Honey-sempai!!!! Martina, the yellow card is a birthday card for you!!! I think you’ll really like it.

    7 years ago
  12. i think martina was talking about this video right?


    7 years ago
  13. favorited the video so i can forever have proof that i successfully used twitter….. also, it rocks that S&M can just burst into unison song all the time… i’m more jelly than their crazy amount of jelly beans :/

    7 years ago
  14. What was the name of the manga that was mentioned towards the end of the chat? I couldn’t quite catch it.

    7 years ago
  15. Yes, happy birthday!

    7 years ago
  16. Oh! And Simon, I feel bad for asking, but I don’t know much about what you like, and I really want to send some good things for you other than ranch flavored things and mugs, since you don’t get much in the packages! Please let me (us) know!

    7 years ago
  17. I like the LiveChats this way. I don’t need any kind of fancy camera works; seeing you guys is just as great as that. I think us Nasties have enough good camera works on your other segments. Just keep LiveChat simple and like this. Love you guys!

    7 years ago