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Martina’s Colored Tattoo LiveChat!

September 27, 2013


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Hello everyone! Welcome back to another concluded weekly LiveChat blogpost, where we write about stuff for the week, and about some stuff we did and talked about in our LiveChat.

For starters, Caleb, I forgive you now. I got your email and I understand. Anya, however, I do not forgive. I ran to the window and looked for you, and you weren’t there, and now I’m going to have trust issues with people. Thank you.

Also, hope you like the new color of the tattoo! You European Nasties, we’re going to get to see you soon, and you can see the tattoo! Though, I don’t think it’s tank top weather where we’re going. Norway supposedly is, like, 1 degree right now. That’s cold. Too cold. I’m not sure how we’re going to be able to pack enough clothing for the trip. Well, first, we’re not sure if we’re going to be able to CLEAN enough clothing for the trip. This week has been so crazy. We did the Crayon Pop interview, and we’re also doing two other projects that we haven’t talked about yet. Actually three. I just remembered the third one. So, after Music Monday, we worked on three extra projects, on top of our regular filming schedule. AH! Things are getting crazy around here. Hopefully things will settle down after November. But that’s not the point. The point is, we’re totally excited for this upcoming trip to Europe, and we have no idea what to expect…apart from it being too cold for us with our lack of clean clothing!

Back to the tattoo, we also did a short video of the tattoo process, similar to Martina’s first tattoo video. You can check it out here:

Also, special thanks to you lovely Nasties who sent us fun packages to play with:

Sarah and Bodhi (the Cat) from Australia
Med and Kajsa from Sweden
Carla and Luciana from Brazil

I think we need to get in the habit of eating before we do these LiveChats, because we just get too hungry and then have a candy dinner. Ha! That’s not good for us. But, wow, those Brazilian Cookies were DELICIOUS! And, whoa, that bottle of alcohol is STRONG. Does anyone know how it’s supposed to be drunk? Just straight up or mixed with something? I’m not sure, but I’m intrigued! I didn’t know that alcohol could be sent through customs. Can it? Who knows. Either way, we’re impressed!

Anyhow, we’re gonna get back to filming tonight. Yes, we have another segment we plan on filming. The night is young! And it’s our close friend’s wedding tomorrow! We’re pretty excited. They flew back from Canada to Korea for the wedding. We haven’t seen him for a while so we’re pretty stoked, which is why we’re so energetic today. But…question is…should we film…or should we do laundry? Hmmm. Tough choice.

We also wanted to thank Anna from Russia for dropping of an awesome care package at our studio! Sorry we didn’t open it up on camera, we were a bit excited. But we posted a picture in this post! ^^ Thank you so much.

Russian Nasty

Ok that’s it for real. If you missed out on the LiveChat and never want to miss out on one again, make sure you click on the pretty button here. It’s so pretty! I know you wanna click it. Do it!



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Martina’s Colored Tattoo LiveChat!


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  1. i cant wait to get my first tattoo! ANGEL WINGS ON MY BACK! SIIIIIIIICK!

    6 years ago
  2. I’m gonna miss you while you’re gone ;_______; … it’s raining ;____;


    P.S: おとうさん… if the eye keeps bothering you, please go and get it checked.
    P.S.s: the tattoo looks great so far :)

    7 years ago
  3. I’m meeting you in a week!!! I’m SO EXCITED!

    7 years ago
    • I live in Bergen, and am super busy at the moment with an amateur play I act in, and the only day off I have the last two weeks and next is October the fifth! It was meant to be ^^ So I’m taking the night train on Friday and will fly back early Sunday. Still not even near your crazy schedule!

      7 years ago
  4. Its soooo unfortunate that North America is so ABSOLUTELY on the other side of the world from you, because then I’m stuck with choices like Sleep or EatYourKimchi at 3am…gah

    7 years ago
  5. Nooooooooo! This was at 5 AM from where I live in California, while I was sleeping and mentally preparing for school tests. :(

    7 years ago
  6. they say that the more you hate something, the more you secretly like it. Eh Martina, eh? ;)

    7 years ago
  7. And from this day forth the bug from Simon’s phone was called Anya!

    7 years ago
  8. its been a long time since u received cool ranch doritos in fanmail…

    7 years ago
  9. I know very little about X-Men, so maybe someone can answer this for me. Wolverine’s costume looks like the school colors of the University of Michigan (aka, the Michigan Wolverines) was that on purpose?

    7 years ago
    • Ha! No.
      Wolverine the comic Est. 1974
      Wolverines the team, Est. 1817

      Despite X-Men being old, the University is a bit older ;-)
      I appreciate your theory though!

      I just looked it up. Apparently the creator has been asked this question many, many times and it turns out it’s just a big coincidence. However, so many people have thought the same thing that it’s become a common false origin story. Personally, I think it must have been a subconscious thing, because really, Wolverine’s early costume is very reminiscent of the UofM football uniform. I bet his brain associated the word Wolverine with those colors and Michigan’s helmet “wings” and he didn’t realize he’d incorporated it into the design until people started pointing it out.

      7 years ago
  10. I has a couple quick questions and I figure this is the best place to ask them!How can I find out when the Livechats will be and how do I participate in them? Secondly, do I have to do to send Simon and Martina a package?? I found the address but are there any shipping regulations I should watch out for when sending things to S.Korea?

    7 years ago
    • LiveChat times are usually posted the day before (LiveChats of late have usually been Friday nights KST, sometimes on Saturdays, or Sundays. These will change if and when they do them in Europe). The Korean Postal Service isn’t terribly picky on what comes into SK, but just be careful when sending meat products (jerky, biltong) – they will check the package. They will also beat the crap out of the package, so bubble wrap any breakable items (for some strange reason, the boxes sent from Australia are usually unharmed. The ones from Europe/US tend to be a bit battered when they arrive).

      7 years ago
  11. The desert soup had both the Swedish and Finnish name on it. Simon read the Swedish first and then the other side was in Finnish. Btw, I was so confused when I first saw Eli’s twitter, because I read it as kiisseli, thinking about the desert, and was like does Eli know Finnish?!

    Aaaand Martina’s tattoo looks wonderful! Can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s all finished.

    7 years ago
  12. It’s the second livechat Simon almost said my nickname (Kinimarisu 2 weeks ago and Kiniramisasu today xD) Close enough :D
    Poland is a bit warmer than Norway (12 ~17 degrees) but it’s rainy and gloomy :(
    Was Junsu with you when Martina coloured her tattoo? I saw a banana!

    7 years ago
  13. I slept through it………. :( It was my first day off in a month. May I please be forgiven for missing the last two because of work and this one because of my sleepiness? Oh man guise I am so tired. Can you empathize and forgive me please?

    I tell you what. I’m finally making my own money now so I’ll be able to afford to send you a big ol’ package shortly, and hopefully that will make up for it. I have no idea how all these young’uns afford even the shipping to Korea, let alone the contents of the packages. I only ever got $5 allowance a week, if that, back in my day (like two years ago), and like a year of that would afford sending you an empty box. A nice box, but an empty one. What is going on? Where are all of these kids getting their money from? Idek. Is it from the drug trade? I hope not. Stay in school

    7 years ago
  14. lol Simon must keep grudges well, eh, Martina?

    7 years ago
  15. Gah! I missed the end live cuz I had to go to work. Going to watch the rest of it now ;)

    7 years ago