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Meet Your Kimchi Travel Music

August 20, 2015


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I’m writing this as we’re on the plane back to Korea. In just a couple of hours we’ll be back to our normal lives in Seoul, and though I doubt many people would think of our lives as normal, our time back in our studio will at least be something we’re used to. With he Meet Your Kimchi Tour now over, we can get back to doing what we usually do.

It’s still very fresh to me, though, traveling around Canada and the US for 6 weeks. It’s the longest we’ve ever been away from Korea, the longest we’ve ever been in the US, and the most places we’ve ever been to in the US as well. We shot a couple of videos already, with a few more coming as well, but those videos don’t really capture all of the memories we’ve made on this trip.

This post, though, isn’t about those memories. We’ll share those in a bit. For now, I wanted to share something related to those memories: how I try to remember them. And I do make an effort to make myself remember. I’m cursed with a bad memory, and forget what people tell me very often. Fortunately, though, not all hope is lost, and not all of my experiences will be lost to me in the distance of a few years. I listen to music, lots of new music, as much as possible. If my life is a book, then different music albums dog ear the different events of my life. I try to listen to a new album every week, consciously, to try to build new memories, so that when I go back to that song I can remember where I first heard it. I can remember when Martina drove me back to Frank’s house in Etobicoke when we were dating and Deerhoof’s “Apple O” was playing. I can remember listening to Yo La Tengo’s “The Damage is Done” on the way to our religion class in our last year of university. When an old song plays, I can almost always remember where I was when I first heard the song, so why not try to listen to as many new songs as possible so that, when I’m older, I can jukebox through my life’s events?

And so, I’d like to share the albums that I’m tagging to my memories of our US Tour. Maybe you’ll like some of it, maybe you won’t. But here they are:

Vancouver: Miguel “Wildheart”

I wish I could like this album more than I do. It’s nothing agains the album itself, which fills the void that Frank Ocean has left in me for a while now. This is a great R&B album with lots of stellar tracks. “A Beautiful Exit” is my favourite, but “Coffee” and “What’s Normal Anyway” are both great songs as well. So why don’t I like this album as much as I should, if I’ve said good things about it? Vancouver is where we first landed for our tour. I was jet lagged worse than ever before, and most of my memories of Miguel and Vancouver are shrouded and hazy, apart from a few moments here and there, such as singing with our friend Ryan in the backseat as we talked in Russian accents on our way to our first apartment.

Seattle: Alina Baraz and Galimatias “Urban Flora”

This is probably my favourite album of the trip. Totally right up my alley. I love music you can listen to at night when you’re unwinding from the day and getting ready for bed with a glass of wine. Oh yes. This is that. And the vocals on this are just something else. I love mildly distorted vocals that sound like echoes from the shade. Oh hell I gotta listen to it again now. “Show Me” is phenomenal and easily my favourite song on the album. I love it. Definitely up there for my favourite albums of the year.

San Francisco and LA: Tame Impala “Currents”

Tame Impala’s album is definitely what we listened to the most on this trip, which is a good thing because it’s so good that we couldn’t tear ourselves away from it, but bad because it’s hard to pinpoint one memory that sticks with it in particular. We listened to it as we drove for a bajillion hours. I think what sticks out the most is when we got to LA, and we finally figured out the Airbnb owner’s music system, and then listened to “Let it Happen” as it filled the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, as we walked around the home and looked over all the homes in the valley.

Atlanta: Eloheim “Xanax” and Disclosure “Omen”

Yeah, these are two very different songs for two very different feelings in Atlanta. Eloheim is really down, Disclosure is super pumped. I listened to Elohim on repeat when we were on the plane and just getting into Atlanta. Martina was having a really bad pain week. The flight from LA to Houston dislocated Martina’s elbow, and she couldn’t close her arm, and she was really down, and I was down seeing her both sad and in pain, so this song seemed to fit right with our mood at the time. I haven’t listened to her other stuff, though, because I didn’t want to get into that kind of emotional spiral. Disclosure’s “Omen” was a great help to get out of it, though, and we blared it in the car before and after the event. It’s super fun. Disclosure never lets me down.

New York: Thundercats “Them Changes”

This, unfortunately, is the least played song of our trip, but its baseline really suited my experience of walking around the city a lot (I walked around the city a lot a lot A LOT). Martina went out with her friend Jackie on the first night, and I walked around for 6 hours and did my best to sink into the spirit of the city. This song is good walking music, and just feels like New York walking music, for some reason, but only if you walk jazzy-like. Don’t ask me how that looks. It’s just…it is what it is. This song’s groovy. Hope you like it :D

Chicago: Mac DeMarco “Another One”

WARNING: This video sucks profusely. Press play and don’t watch it. Martina said that the song is totally ruined for her, while before she really liked it. So…be warned :D

Oh do I ever love Mac DeMarco. We really got into him last Spring, and listened to his “Salad Days” album a lot when the weather got warmer and we could drive to work with the windows down. I was super excited that he put out a new album, and even though it’s not as great as the last one in my opinion, I still loved songs like “No Other Heart” and “A Heart Like Hers”, and remember them playing on the Jambox in our bedroom as we did our last bit of packing at the end of our tour.

Toronto: FKA Twigs “In Time”

Now, Toronto wasn’t part of our tour, and so this isn’t really part of our tour music, but we were in Toronto for a week seeing family and recovering from traveling so much. So, this might be cheating, but I still wanted to share this song because now’s my chance!

I’m actually listening to this on the airplane now. Holy smokes do I love this song! The rest of the album doesn’t really do it for me. I got into FKA Twigs last year in the bedroom of our place in Yeoso, and now listen to her whenever we’re driving in the rain. I like her take on R&B, and “In Time” is like her last album, but it’s a lot more complex. A lot more distorted voices, breaks and changes, contrasting between her yelling and whispering almost, all over a glorious R&B beat. Damn. I wish the rest of her EP sounded like this, and less grimey.

Here’s the link. I can’t find the song on its own on YouTube. I can only find it as part of her entire album video. But I’d recommend just listening and not watching the video. It’s a bit odd.

Martina’s Wake Up Album: Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü

Gotta add a couple more albums as special mention but these songs and albums only belong to me, Martina. I listened to Skrillex and Diplo’s album all throughout the trip as a way to get hyped up in the morning when I was feeling super mega exhausted. “Take Ü There” (Feat. Kiesza) and the Missy Elliott Remix of the same song are super fun plus I’m a huge Missy Elliott fan while Simon can’t stand her. BOOO TO SIMON! Also, while I know nothing about 2 Chaniz normally, his track “Febreze” is pretty hilarious. The lyrics are ridiculously awesome. Also, you might hate Justin Bieber (which I don’t) but his “Where Are U Now” track and video is gorgeous and actually quite moving. If you haven’t watched it, you can check it out here.

Martina’s Fav Korean Album: WHOwho “Oh Yeah”

Can’t finish this list without mentioning one of my favourite Korean rock bands, WHOwho. They released a new album this year which has a great summertime feel to it. Lots of catchy hooks and singable moments where you find yourself screaming in the car OOOOOHH OHHH OH OH OH OH OH OHH YEAHHHHH!!! You can pick up the album here and while they don’t have an official video out yet, the have an album release party video out with features their title track.

There you go! Hopefully you like some of the stuff posted here and you’ve have the chance to discover some new music. I’m also hoping that at the end of the year I’ll be able to make another playlist of my favourite albums of the year, which I didn’t get a chance to film last year. There’s lots more music that I love and would love to share. But for now, time to get back to filming in Korea! Let’s go!



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Meet Your Kimchi Travel Music


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  1. I would highly recommend listening to Made In Heights. Maybe you guys already listen to them but if you havent… you must! I have fallen in love with their music.
    Songs I recommend: Murakami, All the places, skylark interabang, and vices. All their music is great but these are my current favorites.
    Also, I met you guys at the Houston event and you guys were amazing!! I hope you guys come back in the future. I drove from Dallas and you have many fans here too :)
    Thanks and keep up the videos! :D

    5 years ago
    • I haven’t listened to them yet, but I’m definitely intrigued, because I love reading Murakami (just finished Norwegian Wood!) so I’d like to hear a song about him :D

      And thank you for coming to Houston! I’m glad you liked the show. We feel weird on stage, but we were happy to meet so many loving people!

      5 years ago
  2. Great selection of music! you guys should do this type of post more often ^_^

    5 years ago
  3. I find it distressing that the song I chose to listen to at 1 a.m. when I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about work, is the song where the guy dies of a heart attack while running to catch a plane for work. :-(

    5 years ago
    • Hahahaha. I’m sorry. I’m not necessarily super fond of the videos here. I like music more than visuals :D

      5 years ago
  4. I didn’t know you liked Disclosure. They are really good and the make good collabs with Sam Smith. Anyways thanks for sharing your music taste with us!

    5 years ago
  5. Your music selections have always been on point. Where do you guys discover all this excellent music?

    5 years ago
  6. Need another post like this!

    4 years ago
  7. Nice selections! I haven’t heard of many of these. If you like funky, chill-out music you have to check out Glass Animals. Although if Martina doesn’t like weird music videos you really shouldn’t look at theirs hahah–just listen.

    5 years ago
  8. I could never listen to a new album a week, I am way too picky with my music. ‘One band – one genre’ is how I usually class myself.

    However, I do highly recommend First Aid Kit if you haven’t heard of them, they’re a Swedish pop/folk sister duo and my do they sound like angels.

    5 years ago
    • (Accidentaly sent before I finished writing haha)

      I recommend their (FAK) songs “My Silver Lining”, “The Lion’s Roar”, and “Emmylou”, all part of their popular and radio songs, but man, they’re good. And for a live song; “Ghost Town”. They sing that one with an acoustic guitar and their own voices. No mics at all.

      5 years ago
  9. I love that you guys listen to such chill music. I call it “Painting Music” because it’s nice to listen to in the background and it gets the creative juices flowing! :)

    5 years ago
  10. Thanks for sharing this! I also heavily associate memories with music, so I completely understand. I’m not quite disciplined enough to listen to a new album each week, but I can still associate a song or album to a period of time or a certain feeling I had while I originally listened to it.

    I also really enjoy discovering new music, so I get excited about posts like this. Relatively recently I came across a band that might be up your alley (if you haven’t listened to them before), Porcelain Raft.

    Anyway, I hope the end of your travels go well! :D

    5 years ago
  11. Wow, there were some great songs in this list and I had actually only heard of one of them. I tend to get stuck in my music box and just listen to the same artists over and over, so thanks for the awesome music list! I will definitely be adding a lot of these to my song rotation.
    And I must confess, after reading that the Mac DeMarco “Another One” video should not be watched, I couldn’t help myself. O_O It was definitely on the weird side, though I’m guessing they meant it to be weird? Maybe? The video style kind of reminded me of The Black Keys “Fever” [Official Video] and Arctic Monkeys “Cornerstone”. Both great songs in my opinion, but the videos aren’t anything super amazing.

    Lastly, thanks for coming to Atlanta!! The event was amazing and you all were so lovely! Hope you guys come back again soon!!

    5 years ago
  12. So true! Keeping memories is so difficult, even when we say we’ll remember something forever. Music does it for me sometimes, but I’m doing a lot of journaling and taking pictures more recently. Vlogging also has helped! Even though I won’t remember it technically, I’ll be reminded when I pass by it on my computer. You guys should listen to Tori Kelly! Her voice and music is awesomely genuine and soulful.

    5 years ago
  13. I love this post! I’m always on the hunt for new music to add to my collection, and 5 of these are now included.

    3 years ago