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New York vs Chicago Pizza: What’s Better?

August 21, 2015


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Martina here. A pizza battle eh? Who wouldn’t want to take part in a pizza battle!!?? Woe is me for having to eat all this pizza. *swoons* Now first off, I want to begin by saying I am a huge pizza fan. I love pizza. I love all types of pizza. I am such a huge pizza fan that I generally like everything and anything on my pizza. I draw the line at sweet tasting Korean style pizza with strange amounts of sweet potato mousse and cream cheese. But I do like Hawaiian pizza. I mention this because I am very easily pleased by pizza. As long as you evenly cover my pizza pie with delicious toppings, I’m pretty happy. If you give me a pizza with sloppily applied cheese, gapping tomato sauce holes with no toppings covering, it I’ll be very disappointed in your lack of pizza skills.

That being said, I think there are many different types of pizza consumers in the world. Because of that, the battle between NYC style and Chicago style pizza will always rage on because they are just so different. I personally loved both because I love all types of pizza but not everyone is into thin crust and not everyone is into thick crust. Just a basic difference in your crust preference will be enough to set you on the path of being a picky pizza eaten. In order to find out what kind of pizza eater you are, and to discover what kind of pizza you might like, I’ve made a small pizza quiz for you to take.

Martina’s Pizza Personality Quiz

What kind of crust do you prefer?
A) Crispy thin crust.
B) Puffy dough with an end crust I can dip in sauce.
C) I don’t have a preference.
D) The type of crust I like depends on the toppings on the pizza. What kind are we ordering?
E) I never eat my crust, so I don’t really care.

Do you enjoy white pizza? That’s pizza made with an olive oil base instead of tomato sauce.
A) Yes!
B) No!
C) I’ve never tried it.
D) I’ve never tried it and I never will. Sounds gross.
E) Depends on my mood.

I’ve made pizza at home before.
A) Yes, it was great!
B) No, I’ve never tried but I want to.
C) No, that’s way too much work.
D) Yes, it turned out awful and soggy.
E) I added extra toppings to frozen pizza…does that count?

I’ve tried Margherita pizza and enjoyed it.
A) Yes, simple and yummy.
B) Yes, but it was boring.
C) No, I’ve never had the chance but I want to.
D) Isn’t that a drink?

Where do you eat pizza the most?
A) At a restaurant.
B) By the slice at a pizza shop.
C) Mostly at parties.
D) In my home via delivery.
E) In my home via my microwave.

How many kinds of toppings do you like on your pizza?
A) Two to three otherwise the crust can get soggy.
B) Two to three otherwise it can be too overwhelming.
C) I don’t care about the amount of toppings, as long as it tastes good.
D) Let’s not get crazy. Olives, pineapple, and cilantro do not belong on pizza. Gimme a basic pizza anyway.
E) Load it on up! I want to be full after eating my pizza. None of this wimpy thin crust for me.

People best describe you as:
A) outgoing and talkative
B) a thoughtful introvert
C) a lone wolf who prefers one or two friends
D) a group person that enjoys being around many people at once
E) Loki with a hint of Malfoy


Time to add up your score…
I have no idea how to calculate…
but congrats on liking pizza!

You’re one of the following pizza personalities!

You might be: The Ultimate Pizza Lover
I like all types of pizza. Thin or thick, frozen or deep dish. I’ll make it at home, eat it by the slice, or order a gourmet pizza at a restaurant. My priorities are on the quality of the toppings and the accuracy in which they are applied to my dough. I don’t want blotchy tomato sauce sections that are left bare, I want an evenly covered pizza. Olive oil base or tomato, I don’t care as long as the end product is yummy!

You might be: a Thin Crust Brick Oven Gourmet Kind of Pizza Person
If my pizza crust isn’t crispy, I don’t want it. That’s why I prefer pizza cooked in a brick oven. If I had my own brick oven I’d make it myself at home. And what’s up with that nonsense dipping sauce for the useless crust? Toppings should make their way to the very edge of my pizza dough. And I want to see options like artichoke, spinach, and Italian meats that I can’t pronounce.

You might be: a Thick Crust Gourmet Pizza Person
I enjoy an olive oil pizza with spinach and feta as much as the next gourmet pizza lover but what’s up with that useless thin crust pizza? How can I load on 5 different toppings with wimpy thin crust pizza? Give me an assortment of awesome toppings and a pizza dough that can support it. If push comes to shove I’ll eat thin crust pizza, but I’ll feel hungry afterwards.

You might be: Deep Dish Chicago Pizza Person

I want a pizza with so much cheese and so many toppings on it that I’ll never poop again. I want to use a fork and knife to get through my pizza, in fact, I want to eat pizza like it is a casserole. I don’t care much for crust or dipping sauce, I want to get my money’s worth with a pizza so loaded up with toppings I can eat two slices and feel full. Aww yeah.

The Basic Pizza Party Person

Let’s not get crazy with weird toppings. Artichoke? That doesn’t belong on a pizza. I like cheese, pepperoni, and maybe another typical pizza topping on my pie. If it’s the kind of pizza you order it for a kids birthday party, I’ll probably like it. Pizza is alright but it’s not my favourite thing ever.

The Frozen is Fine Pizza Person

I like pizza…but I don’t looooove pizza. I’m not dishing out the cash for those over priced delivery pizzas plus a tip and restaurant pizzas made in dumb brick ovens are way to pricey. I can buy a much cheaper frozen pizza from the grocery store. Heck,I might even add some of my own toppings to the pizza and make it all fancy. Also, if I don’t have an oven I am totally willing to microwave it. Also, a pizza pocket counts as pizza, right?

If you’re interested in visiting the locations we went to and decided for yourself, we went to Toby’s Public House on 686 6th Avenue (at 21ST St) Brooklyn, NY, 11215, and Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria on 1120 N. State Street, Chicago, IL, 60610. More importantly, I’m sure some of you are going to say “why did you go there! That’s not the best place! This is the best place!” In fact, when I was speaking with a Nasty I met in the streets of New York and I was telling her about the video we were about to shoot, a dude I didn’t know walked up and was like “hey if you want the best pizza go here!” I didn’t even know the guy! But everyone’s very passionate about their choices. We came to these two after a lot of research from online opinions, and though they may be contentious choices, they’re still pretty good representations of pizza, right?

Anyhow, if you can’t get enough pizza, check out our bloopers here!



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New York vs Chicago Pizza: What’s Better?


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  1. If you happen to be in Berlin, you need to try the Pizza from San Juan, in the Turmstreet. My cousin from New York told me it is the best Pizza she ever had :)

    5 years ago
  2. I’m pretty sure the Chicago one is more of a quiche than a pizza… Anyway that’s how we make quiches in France.

    5 years ago
  3. I am a man of simple pleasures. Thin base cheese and tomato does it for me. Maybe some chilli oil… This stupid website always makes me hungry :'(

    5 years ago
  4. I’ve lived within 1 hour of both NYC and Chicago and have had some of the best pizza from both cities. But nothing beats a single slice for $1 from some off-alley mom and pop shop that is wrapped in tin-foil, dripping with grease that you have to fold to eat, NY style. Oh the memories. The memories!

    5 years ago
  5. Yay for Norwegian pizza! I love homemade pizza, mostly because buying gluten free pizza is so often a big disappointment. EXCEPT when I was in Byron Bay Australia and we went to this Tony dude who had an italian style oven in his garden and he made pizza for us. IT WAS SO GOOD! Perfect thin crust, awesome italian ham and fancy mushroom I have no idea what was called. I will forever dream about that pizza

    5 years ago
  6. Sounds like Simon would like the Tomato Pie- a New Jersey specialty. It is kind-of a mix between Chicago style and New York Style. Like if you took the casserole part out of a chicago pie. Basically it is like a focaccia bread topped with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. It is often called Sicillian Pizza and served in squares. I love it since it is easy to order vegan, and still packs lots of flavor.

    I have to agree on the general argument that Chicago Pizza is like a pizza cake, casserole, or a pizza pot pie that is missing a top crust. It can be yummy, but not a “pizza.”

    FYI- I know you guys are vegan, but if you are in Philly I recommend checking out Blackbird Pizza. It is all vegan but super tasty, and it gets a lot of reviews that it is best pizza place in Philly, vegan or not. I love the Balboa (Roasted cherry tomato, seitan sausage, baby arugula, pumpkin seed pesto, tofu ricotta, chili flakes, olive oil) it packs a punch! They also house a bakery called Dottie’s Donuts, also the best donuts in the area! Their vegan as well, but my Dad has no clue and gobbles them up when I bring them.

    5 years ago
  7. Hey guise I know this is really random but I love the animated versions of yourselves you use in videos. Would you mind giving me the name of the person who did those for you? I would like to hire them to do them for my YouTube channel!

    5 years ago
  8. My favorite pizza is in San Francisco. Pasquale’s, which has two locations. One by Ocean Beach, and the other, a sit-down restaurant. (Do not order the minestrone, though. It’s this odd white potato soup, not the usual brothy vegetable soup.) It’s New York style pizza, and probably nothing 4 star, but it’s my pizza place since childhood.

    My Dad swears by Pirro’s Pizzaria, another sit-down location. If you go there and the weather’s nice, take a table on the patio in back. There’s a cute cat that pops in there.

    5 years ago
  9. Chicago deep dish all the way!!

    5 years ago
  10. Meg

    I was born in Chicago and lived there for about 11 years and you guys went to the right place. Lou Mals in KNOWN in Chicago. Its so good. Whenever my family goes back to Chicago to visit my sister there, we don’t plan visits to museums or anything like that, we plan visits to restaurants lol. If you like sausage, I would suggest a visit to Portillos, also a fairly famous place in Chicago.

    I live in Arizona now and this is where a lot of people from Chicago come to retire (or just move in general when they get sick of the cold). The Cubs practice here even. And so many Chicagoians have moved out here that the famous places in Chicago actually started branched here lol. Portillos opened a few years ago and LOU MALS IS COMING SOON AND OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING WITH THE BEST NEWS EVER is basically how most of AZ reacted to that news lol

    5 years ago
  11. I’m not a huge pizza lover. Frozen usually is good enough for me and the one I typically like is the Mexican style pizza.

    5 years ago
  12. Brooklyn pizza is amazing. Hands down.

    With that said, one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had that wasn’t NY style was in…Virginia. Why? Because of the fact that they weren’t trying to be NY style. The place is called Firework Grill in Leesburg, VA. They source their foods to local farms nearby. My cousin lives there and whenever my sister and I go to visit her I ask if we can go there.

    Other places that are good on Long Island that I go to are:

    Imperial Pizza- My family has been going to them for YEARS for pizza. They don’t mess around with their toppings.
    Mulberry Street Pizza- Great place, and they always make sure the slices are hot.

    Unrelated Side Note: Martina, the hand spun yarn is on it’s way!I am currently working on the rest of it and it will be done soon.

    5 years ago
    • Oh wow. I lived in Leesburg for several years and went to Fire Works Pizza a few times. It is really good and I completely forgot about it when I originally commented on this blog post.

      My favorite is still a place in Baltimore near where I went to college, but they would probably come in second.

      5 years ago
  13. Next time you come to the US you should stop by big Lou’s pizza in San Antonio by far the biggest and best pizza you can try. The pizza is bigger than the table itself

    5 years ago
  14. You know what would be awesome on thin crust? The Kimchi sauteed in bacon drippings that they serve at Bop-n-Grill near Loyola univ. That would really work well!

    5 years ago
    • And that’s what is great about Chicago. Someone said, “Oh, kimchi is okay I guess. But why not make it amazing and super unhealthy by adding bacon fat!” Chicago, never stop being you. I love Bop n’ Grill btw.

      5 years ago
  15. Go to Italy, any where in Italy and discover the birth place of Pizza.

    5 years ago
    • Specifically go to Naples where they do have the best pizza in the world ;) I lived in Naples as a kid when my dad was stationed there and eating actual Italian pizza was the best experience. The closest I’ve had in the states (since I live in the South and not in New York) was an Italian couple from Palermo that had their own restaurant and served it Italian style. There’s nothing better than mozzarella di bufala, that sauce, some basil, and the thin crust straight from a stone oven <3

      5 years ago
  16. I’m a Chicagoan and can’t get on the Chicago-style pizza train either and always defer to New York style. I like being able to see the toppings and hold the slice in my hand, which just becomes a mess with the full entree that is one slice of Chicago deep-dish. It’s delicious yes, but so much planning has to go into just taking the first bite of our beloved pizza pie it feels like work…

    5 years ago
    • Meg

      As a fellow Chicaogioan, I’ve been told to inform you that you are now disowned. Sorry. ;) lol

      5 years ago
    • Really now…. I would have thought that it would be the other way around because your from Chicago.

      5 years ago
  17. My favourite pizza place in Sydney is Perry’s in Glebe.


    My favourite one they make is the Marrakesh (One of eight vegetarian pizzas they make): Goat’s cheese, spinach, oven roasted tomatoes, oven roasted capsicum & walnuts (Yes, walnuts). Amazing!

    5 years ago
  18. *dramatic gasping* Illuminati confirmed.

    5 years ago
  19. Four Kegs in Las Vegas is the best. Not to mention a young Guy Fierri, Fierrie (whatever the food network guy) worked there when he was pursuing his undergrad at UNLV. Its got a thick crust like a chicago but its still got the right amount of sauce to cheese ratio!!!!

    5 years ago
  20. you cray?! chicago “pizza” ain’t pizza! as a chicagoan (?) pointed out below it is much more like pizza cake. although it looks like some truly tasty pizza cake…
    but what about, you know, italian pizza? neapolitan pizza? these are some pizza basics here! i see italian pizza vs new york pizza as a much fairer fight. so, what do you guys prefer? :D i wouldn’t be able to decide…

    5 years ago
  21. Leigh should have just said any number for that question. do you guise really know the 26th decimal of pi? I really only get Ny style where I live. there’s only Pizzaria Uno near me that does the deep dish. I do have my I own pizza stone and make my own though.Cilanto on a pizza? don’t think so. I’ll eat anything but draw the line at soap flavor.not mention neither Norway or Thailand are pizza countries.stick to Italian restaurants.

    5 years ago
  22. I’m not normally a huge pizza lover, but now I really, really crave some pizza! So… Pizza for lunch it is :D

    I find it interesting that your favorite pizza is a Norwegian pizza. Do you remember the name of the place? Maybe I’ll try it next time I’m in Oslo :)

    5 years ago
  23. I definitely fall into the Ultimate Pizza Lover category :’)

    5 years ago
  24. If you’re ever in the area, I would recommend a restaurant called Joe Squared in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s on the pricier-side, but they have one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. My favorite is the chicken and balsamic pizza, but they have a ton of stuff! (http://joesquared.com/food/signature-square-pizzas/)

    If you do go, I would try to go to their Station North location, the other is in the harbor area which is more busy and touristy. c:

    5 years ago
  25. Well, looks like I’m going to bed hungry. Thanks, I guess?

    5 years ago
  26. Chicago truth time: The deep dish is NOT an every day pizza like the New York dollar slice. It’s special occasion pizza. Let’s be real, it’s pizza cake. The every day pizza is a very thin, almost cracker crust pizza that is cut “party style” (in squares, not triangles). If you’ve ever ordered pizza delivery in Chicago, that’s usually what arrives at your door.

    5 years ago
    • Exactly – although the Windy City is known for Deep Dish pizza, most places have Chicago style thin crust cut in squares. My hubby Dave (the big guy with the beard and glasses who was helping out at the meet up) worked at his uncle’s pizza place on the South Side when he was in high school, baking that exact style of pizza.

      5 years ago
    • AH! I did not know that about Chicago delivery pizza. Interesting!

      5 years ago
  27. It 1:16 in the morning an I want Pizza mmMMMMMMM. For me when it comes to pizza it dosen’t matter to me Chicago or New York, I just love Pizza.Oh’ Martina are you ok? I saw in the bloopers that your arm was in a sling.I hope everthing is alright.

    5 years ago
    • It was just a bad pain day, that’s all. Some days she can’t move her arm very well so she needs a sling, like in our couple umbrella video.

      5 years ago
      • I understand and know myself about chronic pain I do hope she feels better soon. Martina fighting

        5 years ago