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What is Oden + Special Unwanted Surprise

November 30, 2018


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Hello party people!  We’re feeling good this week, and we’ve been on a working spree!  Can’t you tell?  Long time viewers, don’t answer that.  You might remember when we posted many videos a week.  But now we’ve posted two and we feel SO ACCOMPLISHED.  I’ll stop patting myself on the back now.  Let’s talk a bit about Oden:

I think this video is less a video explaining oden and more an invitation for you to explore it, as we did.  We’ve really only been eating Oden from convenience stores, or when we buy it at the supermarket and include it in our shabu shabu pots.  But it’s not common to find Oden at a lot of shops.  This place, Yamachan, is among the only that we know that serves it.  So we decided to go there, and film what our adventurous experience would be like.  And what do you know, we got rewarded by eating a big mouthful of sperm.  See.  Adventuring pays off……. 

Yamachan was its own adventure that we wanted to share via a podcast but we never got around to.  When we were last in Canada, our friends stayed in our house to petsit Spudgy and Meemers.  They’re Ryan and Phoebe, who you might remember from our K-Indie playlist a while ago.  Yeah!  That Ryan!  Well, when we were gone, he went to Bakawarai, and became friends with a guy who invited them to his restaurant.  When we came back, Ryan set up a date that we could go to his friend’s restaurant.  After we went, we were exploring the area, and found Yamachan, which was celebrating its anniversary by cooking with no pants on.  After an hour of hanging out there, interestingly, Ryan’s friend came to Yamachan as well, and we sat beside each other and ate and drank.  

We then started following Yamachan on Instagram so we could see what they were up to.  And when we saw that they were cooking up some Oden we knew we HAD to go try it out.  It’s rare.  Not super rare, but rare enough for us to be excited.  So we went!  And then they fed us sperm.  Which is also super rare.  Not in how it’s cooked, like rare or medium rare or well done.  It’s just uncommon.  

But, it’s all a fun story, I think, and one we wanted to share.  This is how we usually go out and explore and try new things.  Sometimes we get a fun story out of it that we can share with you.  Actually, most of the time we get a fun story out of it.  Even if it’s something we don’t necessarily love, it’s still a great memory to have.

If you’re in the area, give Yamachan a shot.  It’s in a really cool neighbourhood, and the bar has a great vibe to it.  The address is 1 Chome-19-11 Nakachō, Musashino-shi, Tōkyō-to 180-0006, or just check them out on Google Maps if that’s easier.  We missed out on their sliding noodles AAAHHHH!  I hope we can be there for it next summer.

If you’d like some more laughs, we’ve got some extra scenes below! 



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Food Adventure


What is Oden + Special Unwanted Surprise


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  1. That is so amazingly cool! Thank you for making the video. Also, thank you so much for the reminders to “build your ladder.” Because I never expect them, they are that much more effective when I run into them in your videos.

    No one expects the ladder building exhibition!

    2 years ago
  2. Wow! I thought I knew what Oden was (noodles?) but I guess that I was totally wrong! XD More like a gnocchi or dumpling and so hot/cool. The different shapes and flavours are so interesting, thanks for making this video. I really enjoy how going out for food often turns into a (somewhat)wacky adventure for you guide most of the time, so great. Great job on the video too, mixing it up with the sfx and music. Martina, if you made that “move your body” tune, can I get it on iTunes or something? LOL-Love it! :3

    2 years ago
    • I was literally just coming to comment the same thing. That song slaps! I need a 10hr loop of that and some of the other music that does be in these videos.

      Also Simon, your UK accent is getting a lot better!! That preposition thing is so spot on. Some Irish accents do that too, just FYI! When are you coming to Ireland? I think you’d love it here.

      2 years ago