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Our Episode of Star King

July 18, 2011


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Alright! Last Star King post ever! Turns out that Star King won’t let us upload the video to our channel and they’ve decided to upload it to their own channel. So be it! We can at least embed the video here to show it! We can’t upload it to our own channel because SBS will take it down. We can’t put the subs up for this, either, because we don’t have access to their channel to upload the subs, and even if we did, we don’t know enough Korean to be able to translate it. Really sorry!

Anyhow, you’ll see that the video is a lot shorter than the clips we included with Super Junior and f(x). Basically, the premise of our segment was that we would come on stage with the Mission Impossible theme, be amazed that we saw all the kpop idols, and then we’d kidnap them and sell them to Kpop fans overseas. That’s why we say “Chabawa”; supposedly that means “kidnap them”? Anyhow, these sales of Kpop idols overseas would, in turn, make us rich. What they say afterwards, we don’t know. We think Shindong is scared to go and people laugh about it. That’s our guess.

Funny story about that Mission Impossible scene: they opened the doors before we actually got on stage. Smoke erupted, the theme song played, and we were still running to get on stage. That made us laugh. Second time the doors opened we were there and ready. Huzzah!

Afterwards, they talk about our videos and our site a bit and what we do. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem like they mention our site name or YouTube channel anywhere. It’s like “hey guise! These people make a cool site! Good luck finding it!” Are we wrong here? Our Korean isn’t good enough to know what’s going on – which would explain the confused looks on our faces. Ha! Also – someone told us this after watching the show, so we’re not sure if it’s true or not – but supposedly they said that we’re rich from our site now? Or something like that? We don’t know about that. We know we’re not rich, though! We wouldn’t be eating as much ramyeon if we were! Or maybe rich people eat ramyeon also? Don’t think so…

We were supposed to discuss our international viewers, what artists they seem to respond to the most, who they’d like to see overseas, and what countries have the biggest kpop fans (according to our site, that is). Then SM Entertainment, represented by f(x) and Super Junior, were going to send a message to their international fans and thank them for their support, which is why in our Super Junior clip you heard them speak in many different languages (including Polish – WOOT WOOT!).

We’re just really surprised at how short our segment was. As you saw, we had a lot of extra footage, and there was even more that we didn’t include. Guess that’s just how TV works! Also, another thing that makes us laugh, I think they call us the Daebak Pubu (or the cool married couple). Is that right? We saw that as the tag for their YouTube video, as well as in the video itself, we think. Cool! We’re known as the cool married couple!

Simon and Super Junior

Simon scares Super Junior

And, for the record, because everyone seems to be confused as to our height, Simon’s 6’4 and Martina’s 5’7 and a half. Yes, we’re big. In fact, it’s the first thing people say to Simon when we meet. “Oh! You’re so tall!” We don’t seem that tall in our videos because – as some of you might remember from our Arirang TV episode – Simon squats for most of the video so he can fit in the frame.
Looks like Super Junior didn’t see that episode, and were also surprised at how massive Simon really is. Really felt like saying “YER A WIZARD HARRY!” or “YOUUUUU SHALL NOT PASSSSSS” most of the time, but decided not to. Ha!

Anyhow, if you’re worried by us posting this on Monday, and think that we won’t post Music Mondays, don’t worry. We’re editing it now. We just had to post this video with Star King while it was still fresh :D



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Our Episode of Star King


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  1. I laughed SO HARD when the clip with Spudgey humping Martina came on. I would not have guessed that’d be the one picked for the show.

    4 years ago
  2. Oh my god they picked like… the most embarrassing videos… XD

    8 years ago
  3. omg! Super Junior look like hobbits compared to simon

    9 years ago
  4. SHINee eats ramyeon….

    9 years ago
    • Not really that different from your’s then?? ;b “It’s Martina and Simon!!!!” *SQUEAL*

      9 years ago
  5. This looked so cute. I liked the little kidnap segment lol.  Looks like it was a lot of fun! Maybe someday you can interview f(x) and Super Junior for your site.  That’d be cool even though I’m not a huge fan of either I like them both for the most part.  I’ve only seen Amber and Sulli a bit here and there and ShinDong on some shows like “Strong Heart.” And yeah with the broadcasting license that’s true. In the show MTV has now “Match Up” with Block B and B1A4 they bleep out product names alot. They didn’t some drink that Block B did a cf though for so shrug. 

    9 years ago
  6. english pleaseee ToT 

    9 years ago
  7. And omg Simon really is tall. I so got a kick out of him next to the SJ guys and how tiny they look lol. What’s the typical height in Korea for a guy? 

    9 years ago