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Our Experience at KCON

October 19, 2012


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It’s turning out that these WANKs aren’t really adventures around Korea lately. Last week’s was on our trip to Mexico, and this one is for our trip to California. Both trips, though, were Korea related, for Korea festivals…so that counts, right? Next WANK, I’m sure, will be IN KOREA itself. Unless we get flown out to some other place (Singapore: make it happen!)

Anyhow, this whole KCON event was a very bizarre experience for us. It was great in many ways, not-great in many ways, and overall totally not what we expected. For starters, we expected to make a video of the event! We wanted to walk around, show off some of the tents and what people are doing, grab some food, ask people some questions, and just get a good feel of the vibe of the event. We didn’t expect that we’d be unable to do this.

Turned out that as soon as we tried to get out there and start filming, we were surrounded by you awesome Nasties! OOH YOU SO NASTY AND SO…PLENTIFUL! We did not expect so many Nasties to be there. Like, seriously. It got to the point that security had to be called and we had to be escorted back to the VIP area. That sucks! Totally, freaking sucks, and changed the day for us entirely.

What security told us made sense: it was a safety issue, and people could get hurt. We were hoping that we’d be able to talk to people on the other side of the fence, but then a crowd formed, and we had to move away from it, because security said that people would be crushed. So, we’re not blaming security or KCON for anything. We’re just upset that it had to be that way. We want to be able to just sit down and chat with you guise, do some nasty poses and roll down some sexy windows, talk about Korea and living in Korea or visiting Korea, talk about Kpop and Kdramas, and just be able to interact with you people in person, away from our computers, you know? It just felt all so overwhelming to us. Even when we did our autograph session, we wanted to chat with all of you, but it turned out that the most we could do was just sign something quickly, maybe put in a doodle or two, say a quick thank you, take a quick picture, and…that was it! It was just a conveyor belt of rushed signing and picture taking, and it made us really quite sad.

We don’t want it to be that way. We want to hear what you all have to say, but there just isn’t enough time for it. The venue was too big, I think. I don’t know. It’s such a stupid complaint from us, I know. “BOO HOO HOO! So many people wanted to talk to us! We’re ungrateful snobby fartsuckers!” I really hope it doesn’t sound that way. We’re really so overwhelmed that so many people are so supportive, and we really just wish we could do a better job of thanking you and speaking with you. There were even people who cosplayed as us! We really wanted to run off the stage and hug them and take pictures with them, but we couldn’t without causing a security issue.

Long story short, we never thought we’d have so many people watching us, and we’re totally unprepared on how to handle it all, and we wish we could speak with you all individually, but that totally wasn’t possible this time, and while that’s a good thing that more people like us, it also makes us sad that we were incapable of interacting with you the way we’d want to.

I can’t even imagine how Kpop idols feel. The riots that formed over them were a lot bigger than those for us. How do idols feel about it? We keep on thinking to ourselves that, well, they’re in the business for that purpose. They want to be famous and successful. So they prepared themselves mentally for it. But us: we never thought we’d need security to walk us from place to place. NEVER CROSSED OUR MINDS EVER.

Ok. I’m babbling. I think you get what we’re trying to say, right? We would like to show you some cool videos from the event, though, even if they’re not ours. For starters, we got to speak briefly with Bruce Automatic, the guy behind Junsu’s “Uncommitted”! WOOHOO! Check out the video here:

For starters, THAT’S AWESOME! What makes this even more awesome is that Automatic tweeted this video to Junsu, to which Junsu responded “Oh my god sun!” Which, I would assume, means that Junsu is happy that we like his song, which – obviously – means that we’re best friends now and can get that interview with him easily. Right. RIGHT? BRUCE I HOPE YOU READING THIS! Hook it up!

No, but seriously, we wanted to say more to answer this question, but our voices were starting to fade after doing so much talking already. We were fighting our colds and pink eyes, and were totally floored by the end of this panel.

Here’s another question from our panel about how to make Kpop more accessible to the West. We got an easy, $20 solution. TELL ME I AIN’T RIGHT ABOUT THIS!

Come on! Get an English proofreader! Enough with this “we write Engrish in our lyrics because Korean people think it sounds cool.” If that’s the case, then just use proper English that’s cool as well. It’ll be cool to English listeners and Korean listeners. Won’t that be a win-win situation, instead of a win-lose situation? DO IT, YO! It’s so easy to fix, and will make Kpop so much easier for newbies to get into.

Next is a video of our second panel, the Up Close and Personal with YouTube Idols panel. Here we are answering a bunch of questions during the Q&A session, including shots of the AWESOME AWESOME people who cosplayed as us. Ha!

Last video is by The Verge, which is, like, our favourite Tech News site. Yeah. You read that right. Tech News. I read that stuff, alright?! Anyhow, when they said they wanted to interview us, I thought “you’re not really our target demographic, but I don’t care! You’re the Verge! Sure!” So here’s the video. It’s really quite awesome: one of the best Kpop video documentary thingies I’ve seen in a while. Not cheesy, beautifully edited. The cameras they had were so damn sexy. OOOOH SO NASTY! Anyhow, we’re in the video for a bit. This is right after our last panel, and we were pretty exhausted, so I hope our answers are kinda coherent:

Lastly, we want to end this off with a great big thank you to Patrick Rogers. He went through great lengths to be able to come to KCON to be our photographer for the event. More importantly, he was such a great help throughout the entire day in more ways than we can explain. Thank you, Patrick! Here are some of the pictures he took from the day. They’re so awesome! There’s a lot more in the full set if you check it on Flickr:

8058 KCON 126991 KCON 127039 KCON 127073 KCON 127077 KCON 127284 KCON 12
7292 KCON 127371 KCON 127373 KCON 127376 KCON 127377 KCON 127382 KCON 12-Edit
7384 KCON 127385 KCON 127387 KCON 127388 KCON 127396 KCON 127397 KCON 12
7402 KCON 127405 KCON 127408 KCON 127410 KCON 127413 KCON 127414 KCON 12

KCON 2012, a set on Flickr.

And lastly LASTLY, we have some extra scenes as well. Here’s more footage of the cosplayers, from our camera angle, as well as Simon having a conversation with a fake Spudgy:



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Our Experience at KCON


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  1. bet you felt like kpop idols right then and got to experience what they have to deal with every time they step out of the house XD it seemed like you had a great day!!! felt sorry you guys were so sick last October

    6 years ago
  2. omg, omg, omg WHAT IS THIS ABOUT SINGAPORE?? iv been slowly gathering thingies to send to them (i study in london), planning to send it to them when im back for winter break because its so much cheaper to send from singapore than london but WHAT IS THIS! is there something in the works singaporean nasties are planning or some korean event that i dont know about? i will DAIII if they go to singapore while im frikkin not there LOL, that would be the worst luck ever, for me i mean, would still be really really happy to know theyve been if something comes up :))

    8 years ago
  3. ‘OMG YOU’RE SO CUTE’ – that one? :D Or all the ‘nice hair’ ‘great picture’
    This is why I can never see Simon and Martina as celebrities. They’re too down-to-earth and lovely! <3

    *cough*btw Mandi, I found out you like Tablo/Epik High, so can you join us in chatting about their latest MV? :D

    8 years ago
  4. haha i know i’m in the back of the first panel…. too small to see XD but i’m still super happy that i managed to get a picture with Martina, since you guys were the reason i wanted to go to KCON in the first place :3

    8 years ago
  5. I am so not surprised at the overwhelming reception you received at KCON. You guise have really been pioneers in translating the nuances of Kpop for english speakers with such a refreshing and quirky perspective that we have come to love. I cannot believe how incredibly humble and down to earth Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer was at the KCON panel, I thought it was so awesome he reads your blog. I really hope he is one of the drivers for Kpop in the US since he is obviously passionate about Kpop and he has already shown his talents with Junsu’s Uncommitted..I found it lyrically better than most pop songs in the US..it actually had a story to tell that was relatable. Hopefully he’ll hook you guise up with Junsu in the future for an interview…crossing fingers!!!

    8 years ago
  6. OH So you’re the culprit?? Because you naughty naughty??!! xD

    8 years ago
  7. Oh, the guy next to Simon and Martina at the YouTube idol panel. He’s funny! I’ve seen him a few times before.

    8 years ago
  8. Aaaahh, I wish I could’ve gone! From what I’ve read on Tumblr, the convention part of KCON was a really disorganized mess. I tried watching the the live streaming of the event and it wasn’t any better of an experience for me because there was a really big confusion over the links to live stream. Like, the official KCON Live Stream event page had put up the wrong link. Then people started passing around the right link, but because it went out like every five minutes and wouldn’t come back on automatically, lots of people thought it was another wrong link. For me, I tried out the second link and it worked, but I had to refresh constantly and Flash Player kept crashing on me, and I’ve heard I wasn’t the only one having those problems.

    Thankfully the concert live stream was SO much better, and it was amaaaaaazing! I really enjoyed it, even if I only got to watch it on a screen. All of the fanaccounts I’ve read also said that the concert was really good, far better than the convention itself.

    TL;DR The convention part could be improved, but the concert part was very enjoyable.

    8 years ago
  9. Man, I envy you nasties so much. Once I graduate and I can actually have money to throw away I am going to every Kpop event possible. Kpop fund! ^-^ And an eyk fund? :)
    Simon&Martina, I adore you guys and I hope we get to meet some day. :)

    8 years ago
  10. Martina I shook your hand and the next day I woke up sick! I think you got me sick but that’s okay. I forgive you. :’)

    8 years ago
  11. Thank you for putting up videos of your trip to Kcon. While I was watching it felt like I was actually there with you guys because of all the fans screaming. You guys are so awesome for still being dedicated to your fans even though you were so ill, all the nasties will appreciate your hard work.

    And I am really looking forward to your Kdrama segments!!

    8 years ago
  12. Oh my lords fan girls

    8 years ago
  13. Oh man you guys are so amazing and when I started watching the video and saw everyone cheering and screaming for you was simply amazing, moved me to pretty much tears! I’m so glad you guys had an amazing time and wish I could of been there to lend my voice to the fellow nasties!

    8 years ago
  14. i saw that cosplayer girl!! Her outfit was AMAZING! ^O^ I want to know where she got her glasses… >3>

    8 years ago
  15. Hope you enjoyed the ranch~ And Marina the make up~ ^^. It was really awesome meeting you guys even for a quick sec only. Please come to Cali again!!!

    8 years ago
  16. I’m wondering if Simon and Martina’s fanclub is going to be called “NASTY”
    That would be awesome…
    (Situation: In a kpop concert….)
    Someone: Hey, I’m a Baby, Who are you?
    Me: I’m a Nasty!
    So weird!! lllloooooooooooooll! >.<

    8 years ago
    • We are called ‘Nastys’ we had an online poll vote and everything, so jump on in and get Nasty with us!

      8 years ago
      • really? Actually, I’m kind of new at EatYourKimchi, so I didnt know about that… Oki doki, I will go there ^^

        8 years ago
  17. I was soooo sad I didn’t get to go since I was so close (just in Vegas) ;-;

    8 years ago
  18. “…What makes this even more awesome is that Automatic tweeted this video to Junsu, to which Junsu responded “Oh my god sun!” Which, I would assume, means that Junsu is happy that we like his song, which – obviously – means that we’re best friends now and can get that interview with him easily.” Sorry, but LOL!!! >.<
    But yeah!!! I want an interview with the new best friends NOW! :D

    Simon and Martina are celebrities, Oh my god sun! :O That's the power of "Eat Your Kimchi" which means that they both did it, so obviously it (being surrounded by fans ^^) happened because they deserved it… So glad! ^^

    8 years ago
  19. WOW
    That was a lot of screaming…
    I’m surprised you didn’t come back to Korea half deaf as well… or did you? xD

    8 years ago
  20. I about died when I saw that the extra senes was Simon talking to the spudgy my roomate and i gave you guys. totally made my day!

    8 years ago
  21. That was sorta amazing and I even started to tear up at the last video from the Verge. I wish you all had been well so you could have fully enjoyed your trips. I also loved the robospudgy. Has real spudgy met it yet?

    Kcon looked like it was insane though. That was a lot of screaming.

    8 years ago
  22. hahaha Martina you’re like my friend!!! when i have soft or fluffy clothes on she likes stroking it…and not letting go…
    9.27 SOY UN DORITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i guess you guys just got a taste of what it’s like being an idol….or just famous!!! i mean you are already famous and stuff and we also saw that at Mexico but it’s more hectic here!! and like yeah…. you can just….see it more here and you had to experience the safety issues stuff and being away from your fans….*sigh* i’m bad at explaining!! ^^;;

    8 years ago
  23. Thank you for the upload guise!! I feel sad that I couldn’t go but if I could I would have probably been like *reaching arm and jumping*:”I’m over here guise! … over here! … aww T___T*

    Take care!! > . <
    (YT username: addicted2anime123)

    8 years ago
  24. next time go undercover ;)

    8 years ago
  25. I so wish I was there D:

    8 years ago
  26. Saw the video!

    – cool glasses Simon!
    – you poor sick duckies D:
    – They guys who picked you up are SOOO COOOL!!
    – lol @ martina stroking the Gorilla arms
    – Oh wow the lady who got your 500 won, can I just say, I love her voice :D
    – A SEA OF NASTIES ~(*O*)~ *nosebleed*
    – seeing you with sunglasses in your apartment looked really funny :p It reminded me of that episode in Glee where two students decided to be cool by wearing sunglasses in class lol.
    – I’m really liking this narration style of WANC~
    – Thank You For The Warning. I Almost Burst My Eardrums. o.O
    – Right after you set up your camera in the tent, there was that blonde lady in black, in the front row, who was constantly laughing her head off at the screams you were getting? That’s me right now xD
    – Did that banner say KISS AND TOUCH ME RUB MY BANANAS??!!! OMG GURL we need to be best friends. NAO.
    – lol Soy Un Dorito….
    – The girl right at the front in the second tent – that was Spicey Ricey yea? I saw her video, she said she gave you tshirts or something :D
    – Can’t believe someone had the guts to give you a turtleneck :p
    – WHAT??!! You mean Simon wasn’t there screaming I LOST MY PANTS??!! That song was the highlight of the concert for us, just for imagining Simon going spastic!! >_<

    That was amazing guys. I really feel like I was there in spirit :p
    Thank you for always taking us places and involving us in the things you do and enjoy :)

    8 years ago
  27. I’m so sorry but this has to be said. The girl with the blue bag with the post FLAXTON ST. is just plain genius. Girl, if you’re reading this, you made my day.

    And yay for S&M’s popularity. Maybe one day, I’ll read about you and your airport fashion on Allkpop or Soompi. lol

    8 years ago
  28. omg lol this is craZay! did it feel a bit scary lol?

    8 years ago
  29. Evy

    i couldn’t even tell that you guys were sick! it was great to be able to see you in person :) and i was also honestly surprised at the sheer mass of people following you two around. i’m also so glad that you guys saw the eyk cosplayers! i saw them while they were waiting in line to get your autograph, and unfortunately, i don’t think they were able to reach you guys before you had to go, so i thought their awesomeness almost wasn’t seen.

    8 years ago
  30. I love you guys so much! i watched the concert from my computer screen, and filmed alot of it! (its crappy cuz its off my iPod! but oh well!) I fangirled so hard when i saw Taebin from 1TYM! hope you guys feel better soon!

    8 years ago
  31. Oh no!! Security D: That’s such a pity…. I hadn’t realised it was that bad. But if it makes you feel any better, from what I’ve seen on tumblr, the short greetings and doodles that you managed to give away made le Nasties very happy – highlight of the whole festival, for some people. I saw the EXO autograph btw, that was epic :D

    Can I also thank Patrick? Those were some great photos. FLAXTON ST OMG xD
    What was that glass everyone was writing on?
    That shot of you peering over the fence was so funny, but also kinda sad D:

    And so many Nasties!! It would so awesome to be with so many people who liked the same thing – I wish I had been there :O

    8 years ago
    • About the glass, I’m not quite sure. But I did recognize that B.A.P’s matoki characters were connected to the glass that they were signing. o -o

      8 years ago
  32. I love how some people are just shrieking in excitement and others clearly have absolutely no idea who you are! In that last group was probably security, who obviously did reckon on the power of the NASTIES! Sorry you didn’t get to do more personal interaction!

    On an unrelated note: in the last week or so I’ve started getting pop-up ads on this site, and my computer is also having trouble loading some of your pages because it’s being slowed down by some external links/ads/somethings (I have no idea). I’m just wondering if anyone else is having these issues, or if it’s just me?

    8 years ago
    • Nic

      It’s the same for me. Actually firefox told me that it had stopped a popup and if wanted to allow them for this site. I clicked allow thinking it might be something important for the site but it was just advertising. I also think I had video advertising trying to play which may be slowing things down as well.

      8 years ago
  33. When I was streaming KCON, I was like “I bet Simon would’ve loudly sung I LOST MY PANTS… RIPPITO FLIPPITO SLIPPI SLOW MOTION” Sigh, please shout loudly if you’re ever going to see EXO live again, whether or not are they singing this song!
    It’s such a pity that the organizers in Singapore are a little… I don’t know. I really hope you’ll get invited to Singapore! :D I will go to the airport to see you guys (DON’T TAKE THE VIP ROUTE. And in the airport it’s fenced all the way to your car or taxi, pretty safe)!

    8 years ago
  34. The virus is spreading! Oooooh you so nasty!

    8 years ago
  35. I have to say you guys are amazing. You came to Korea to teach and have been so lucky to do other things from there and now travel all over the world. I came to Korea 20 months ago and will be heading back in March after finishing teaching. I really wish I was able to do something like you but I was never able to gain the courage/strength/creativeness to actually do it. Congrats guys!

    8 years ago
  36. Hee hee… unrelated but that photo with that girl holding up that poster was..O.o..Anyways isn’t the fact that people cosplayed as you enough to show how popular and famous you guys are??!!! so cool!!!!! and about not being able to talk to much fans….. I don’t think you should be that sad about not meeting everyone cos IMO i think its more about your videos like what @facebook-21712083:disqus said before!!!!! I really like (as in you guys are so awesome and funny like, not Kyaaaa~~ i like you guys) the fact that we all can watch you both in a new video each week which is the same as meeting you!!!
    PS: I normally block all ads and annoying popups and even videos on every site but this site is the only exception cos you guys are special!!! I don’t mind the online gambling ads popping up cos its for a good cause! :D

    8 years ago
  37. I call it winning. It is sad that y’all aren’t able to interact with as many fans face-to-face, but you do interact with the fans through your videos, and I think that is enough :)

    8 years ago
  38. First!!

    That Spudgy doll looks so cute!! xD
    I’ve seen all those kcon videos already lol – I was constantly searching for new EYK-related videos on youtube to cure my EYK withdrawal :p
    Let me just go spazz over Epik High’s new MV, and I’ll be back to read your blog :p

    8 years ago