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Our Favorite Kpop of 2012

January 6, 2013


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Ok, so this isn’t a real KpopCharts Update, because there’s no point in us doing those yet, since next Music Monday will be on Infinite’s “The Chaser,” since they won the Best Potential Kpop Music Monday award for our EYKAs. Yes, that means some other band has just been screwed over for this week. It would probably be Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy,” buuuuut since it just came out it will probably hold on tight for two weeks. TVXQ’s “Catch Me” held on for almost three weeks. Girls’ Generation can do the same, right. RIGHT?!

Anyhow, since we’re not promoting voting on the KpopCharts, we thought we’d talk about our favorite Kpop songs and videos of the year. A lot of the time, what gets voted into first place on the KpopCharts doesn’t represent what we personally like the most. So we wanted to talk about those videos here – yes – not as thoroughly as we would in a Kpop Music Monday, but at least you can know what songs we happen to love.

Mostly, it was the girl groups that got the shaft this year. The first half of our talk is mostly about the girl groups that didn’t get voted in, while the second half is about the boys. We did review all the boys we talked about. We just wanted to talk about how our opinions changed of those songs and videos. For those of you who are upset that girl groups get the short end of the stick on the KpopCharts – believe me – we’re upset as well, and we want to give them a bigger chance. We’re trying to find a solution for it on the KpopCharts. We think we’re almost there. And – no – us doing TWO KPOP MUSIC MONDAYS A WEEK is not the answer. We need some equalizing factor…or something.

Anyhow, I’m sure a lot of you will be like “Y U NO MENTION ____” Yes, we can’t talk about every band that is out there. We just wanted to talk about what stuck out for us the most. I’m sure there’ll be other bands and songs that pop up in our minds later that we’ll be like “oh! We should have mentioned them!” but it’ll be too late. Also, there are some bands that we distinctly were NOT impressed with, which we will IN NO WAY MENTION OUT LOUD. We won’t incur the wrath of the internets. But, let’s face it, some songs and videos sucked hard. We just won’t say which ones :D

Yeah! So that’s it. In case you haven’t seen some of the videos, we put them in a playlist below! Check it out from the second video (we don’t know how to embed a playlist starting from a specific video, rather than just the first. Sorry!)



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Kpop Charts Update


Our Favorite Kpop of 2012


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  1. I actually really liked Boyfriend’s Love Style. It didn’t get much attention, that’s sad( And they wore flowerprint outfits, that was awesome!

    8 years ago
  2. Rookie group wise, I thought both Hello Venus ‘What are you doing today?’ and ‘Venus’ were both great songs and both the dancing was awesome! Videos not so much.
    Glam’s ‘Party (XXO)’ the meaning behind it was amazing, besides the vocals and dance.
    Ga Ins ‘Bloom’ was by far the best in vocals, dance, video, stage performances.Everything!

    8 years ago
  3. I love BtoB-WOW. It’s really addicting and original. The dance in the video is really fun too. They worked really hard this year but haven’t really gotten any recognition. I think you guys are on the dot with this list. Great infectious songs!

    8 years ago
  4. Honestly the song that I listened the most in 20112 was Big bang’s Bad boy !! It is shuch an epic song !!

    8 years ago
  5. Well, I like mood-lifting songs the most. So for me the songs I heard all the time last year were KARAs Girl’s Power, MYNAMEs Summer Party and EXIDs I Feel Good. Girl’s Power and Summer Party are Japanese though, but at least the groups are Korean.

    8 years ago
  6. my top 10 kpop songs in 2012 are: Nine Muses “One way ticket”, Teen Top “미치겠어”, Crayon Pop “Bing Bing”, 100% “Bad boy”, TVXQ “Catch me”, B.A.P “Warrior”, Busker Busker “Cherry Blossom Ending”, EXO “What is love”, 4minute “Volume Up”, Tasty “You know me” …. :)
    it was really hard to choose only 10 ^^’ last year was full of new great bands & songs :)

    8 years ago
  7. I was very surprised with myself when I realised how much fun I have while watching BtoB’s Wow dance version. This song is definitely out of my comfort zone. What can I say, I’m a sucker for good choreography.

    8 years ago
  8. EPIK HIGH – New Beautiful

    8 years ago
  9. I actually really liked NU’EST Action, the whole meaning of the song was really deep and meaning and the way the music video and dance actually really suited the lyrics was really impressive.

    8 years ago
  10. Hm. Favorite songs of 2012.
    Songs that I play over and over again are:
    B.A.P. “Dancing in the Rain” and “What the Hell”
    Nell “The Day Before” (such a heart wrenching video, and I just keep watching it over and over again)
    Pretty much everything released by Block B. I’ve listened to their albums from this year the most out of everything. I really, really love “Movie’s Over” and “Mental Breaker” specifically.
    Infinite “The Chaser” is a favorite.
    Daesung’s solo song “Wings”
    BoA “The Shadow”
    TVXQ “Catch Me”
    ….those are the one that pop in my mind at the moment.

    EDIT: Just thought of some more. I played Nu’est “Not Over You” over and over again for days and days. SHINee’s Dazzling Girl even though it’s Japanese. I also really like U-kiss’ “DoraDora”.

    8 years ago
    • Ukwon’s ‘lalalala’s XD

      8 years ago
      • I hope they’ll be able to sing it live with those ridiculous outfits and choreo one day. The showcase performance is in such a low quality and I can’t appreciate the awesomeness properly.

        8 years ago
        • That would be amazing. Or if they were somehow able to give it a proper music video.
          Though at the moment those things will probably be far in the future :(

          8 years ago
        • I’m sure they’ll be fine. I just don’t want this whole thing to set them back or cause anymore problems in terms of future appearances or anything.

          8 years ago
    • Aw yes, more love for The Shadow!

      8 years ago
      • I love that song so much! And the video is so good!
        (Though when watching the video I have this horrible habit of just staring at the red-headed back up dancer…is this just me? lol)

        8 years ago
    • Kes

      omg Wings, how did I forget that? I wish he didn’t go nasally at points in that song but that song is glorious ㅠㅠ

      8 years ago
      • I’m extremely biased towards his voice. It is by far one of my favorite voices in kpop lol. So I don’t mind the slight nasally-ness :)

        8 years ago
  11. Well, I don`t have a bias…

    No, no that`s a lie. SuJu and GG were my gateway drugs into kPop, so they will always have a special place in my heart. Does that count as bias? I think that might count as bias.

    As for my favourite songs this year — outside of my biases (although I will mention that I loved Flower Power and Opera, even though they don’t count cause the videos were released in Japanese) — let me think. Shinwha’s Venus, Beast’s Beautiful Night (and Midnight, although again with the Japanese), 2NE1’s I love You (my 6 year old LOVES that song, she will randomly start belting out the English parts on her own, and when I play it she tries to sing with the Korean, so cute), B1A4’s Tried to Walk is constantly stuck in my head right now, and I LOVE it. Secret’s booby (am I allowed to say ‘booby’?) bouncing Poison was another favourite of mine, Son Dam Bi’s song (I can’t remember the name atm) and … well nearly all the songs on your list. ^_^ Except Miss A’s Touch, that one flew under my radar, I will have to go find now.

    Of course, I also must add Psy’s Gangam Style. Whenever I mention to someone that I enjoy kPop (most recently to my dad) they say “Oh, you mean like Psy?” And then I go: **record scratch** “Yes. Yes like Psy. But there’s more than just Psy. And I liked Gangam Style before it was COOL and SHUT UP!! Ya!”

    Ahem. *cough* Moving on.

    I would like to conclude by saying that my two favourite things about kPop are as follows:

    I have been inspired to learn a new language. It’s a slow process, but I’ve reached the point where I can identify when strangers are speaking in Korean in public. I only understand every 10th word or so … but three or four months ago I would have known only that they were speaking an Asian language.

    Simon and Martina. No, I’m serious. Thank you guys for all the entertainment you have provided me this year, and I look forward to more of the same in the coming years. I appreciate everything you do. Sarangheo! <3

    ((Edited to remove angle brackets, didn't realize these posts were html enabled ^_^))

    8 years ago
    • We have a few things in common. :o) SNSD is also what got me into Kpop followed closely by Suju, so yes they are also my biases. Both Kpop and KDramas inspired me to learn Korean as well.. luckily one of my co-workers is Korean so she is helping me improve a bit faster than I would have on my own. I can also now read Korean, I may not understand most of what I am reading, but I can pronounce it. lol. I agree with your extra song choices but I would add B.A.P.’s “Crash” to that list and also Crayon Pop’s “Dancing Queen” (I haven’t been able to stop singing it.. it’s on loop on my Ipod. LOVE IT!! and the video for it is awesome as well!).

      8 years ago
      • Coool! ^_^ I was giving some thought to trying to learn to read Korean soonish. Any suggestions on where/how to get started?

        8 years ago
  12. My top 3: Orange Caramel’s Lipstick, EXID’s Every Night and Nine Muses’ News.

    8 years ago
  13. here are my favorites of 2012
    * Ailee – Heaven, Evening Sky
    – I was introduced to Heaven by the chart updates and I was instantly blown away. Evening Sky is sooo dreamy that sometimes, I go daydreaming throughout the song.

    * John Park – Falling
    – I even used this song for a project when I was in high school

    * TTS – Twinkle, Love Sick
    – the vocals in Twinkle were irresistible. Love Sick is what made me bought the mini album

    * EXO – What Is Love
    – Though I’m torn with my opinions regarding EXO, this song is undeniably good

    * f(x) – Electric Shock
    – imo, best female group song of 2012

    * miss A – Lips, Times Up
    – Lips was a standout in the Touch mini album. This is the first time I heard something like Times Up in k-pop so it was also a standout

    * Lunafly – How Nice Would It Be
    – I’m a sucker for acoustic songs and the rest of their songs are also amazing

    * Sistar – Alone
    – this was my jam during May/June

    * Infinite – The Chaser
    – imo, best male group song of 2012

    * Epik High – It’s Cold (feat. Lee Hayi), 아까워 (feat. 개코 of 다이나믹 듀오)
    – It’s Cold is simply beautiful. 아까워 is my favorite off 99

    * 2NE1 – I Love You
    – though some of my fellow blackjacks don’t like it, I love the song because the structure of the song makes it fresh and its like you don’t get bored with it

    I guess I have alot of favorites.

    8 years ago
    • First Epik High mention!!! *fist pump* :D

      8 years ago
      • Haha, I might be one of those “new fans” though I’m no longer a teenager so my heart can’t be conquered. :P I don’t like cutesy boy bands so I never was interested in B1A4 before, but Tried to Walk is a beautiful song. I also CANNOT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD! Ahem. I was even more impressed when I read that Jinyoung composed it himself. Idols who have a hand in creating their own music always earn extra bonus points with me. One of the other songs on the album that I liked was also made by Jinyoung. Safe to say that I’ll keep an eye out for other songs that he works on in the future.

        8 years ago
  14. Songs that got stuck in my head were NS Yoonji’s If You Love Me, Punishment by Roh Jihoon, Don’t forget me by Girl’s Day, 100%’s songs and Lunafly’s… I hope you get the chance to interview Lunafly~~~^^

    8 years ago
  15. Thank you so much for highlighting the ladies. Miss A’s “Touch” would be absolutely perfect in both audio and video aspects if it wasn’t for the occasional weird stretching editing of the video (what the hell is that and how is this supposed to look even remotely good?).
    I’ve never heard Nine Muses’ Ticket, but I’m listening to them right now and rather like it.

    I can’t do the “best of” thing. Singling out one (or even ten) out of hundreds is way beyond my capabilities.
    So I’ll just mention two positions I’ve been listening to on repeat the most (and more recently):
    Raindrops by Verbal Jint
    빗물구름태풍태양 by SARAM12SARAM
    They sound so GOOOOD. It’s insane.

    8 years ago
  16. For music mondays, maybe you can just alternate between boy groups and girl groups for every other week? Like, keep the same chart and just take the top rated boy group for one week, and top rated girl group the week after. Just a suggestion :)

    And my favourites of the year were Nillila Mambo and Mental Breaker by Block B, Let the Wind Blow by LEDApple, Sherlock by SHINee, Angel and Two Moons by Exo-M (bias because I speak mandarin), and Light it Up by G Dragon ft. Tablo and Dok2. Let the Wind Blow might actually have been my favourite of the year; there’s something so beautiful and ethereal, yet powerful, about the song that plays really well into their voices. I really hoped that Let the Wind Blow would get reviewed for KMM, because the video was one of my favourites, but oh well.

    8 years ago
  17. Nice to have your opinion for once :)

    Favorite song of the year ? Hard question ! So, I’m Miss A biased, so apart from them…

    – Dal Shabet Have/Don’t have -> WHY ?! Why didn’t this song wasn’t more popular in Korea ? > I discovered her in 2012, and, wow, I fell in love with her singing, I’m so sad you’ve never talked about her (just once in k-pop chart update i think), she’s great, and really funny.

    – Ailee Evening sky -> great rookie, great vocals, really nice songs.

    – Wonder Girls Girlfriend -> I listen to ballads as much as pop song i think, but this one was really good, people don’t recognize WG’s talent as much as they should do.

    Yeah, there’s more but I’ll stop here. Nice year for k-pop, even though I wished Miss A was more successfull :(
    Happy new year :)

    8 years ago
  18. yay!!!!!!!!! you guys saw SHINee at the year end shows!!!!! they made me so incredibly proud!!!
    i’m totally SHINee biased but my fave songs for the year are
    SHINee- Sherlock (of course ^^)
    Big Bang- Blue and Bad Boy
    SuJu- SFS,
    TVXQ- Catch Me
    f(x)- Electric Shock
    Junsu- Tarantallegra
    Primary- ? and a song for Nike called Naligood or something http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmuFJQ2O1QI
    Ailee- Heaven
    Sistar- Alone
    EXO What is Love and MAMA
    Younique- Maxtsep
    J-Min- Stand up
    BoA- Only one and Shadow
    Ukiss- Stop Girl
    Baek Seung Hoon- til the sun rises
    Leessang- Humility is hard
    wow……that’s a lot!! i thinks that’s all, i do feel like i’m missing something…
    but yeah LOVE these songs!!! constantly on repeat!!
    also does SM The performance- Spectrum count? that was so good!!! it’s a cover but i love it!!
    oh i love watching Crazyno- Musiche!

    8 years ago
    • Primary! There isn’t one song of his that I’ve heard so far I wouldn’t like.

      8 years ago
      • me too actually!!! i love them so much!!!
        but i just decided to focus on MV ones
        if a listed non-mv songs i’d have a million more to add!!!

        8 years ago
  19. In terms of number of plays, BoA’s Only One. At first I wasn’t in love with it but I don’t know why it rose above the rest. The dance is just… it blows my mind. It’s not the most epic of dances but it just does it.

    8 years ago
  20. I loved Nu’est Face. The lyrics and the beat was amazing. It had such an amazing message and just the dance was fun too.

    8 years ago
  21. I’ll try to be really reeeaaaallly unbiased here and choose my Top 10 Favorite Kpop Songs of 2012.

    1. B1A4 – Tried To Walk (freaking amazing song and the mini-album is just so amazing too)
    2. B.A.P – It’s All Lies (never had an MV but this was soooooo good too)
    3. Ailee – Evening Sky (Heaven was amazing and so was I Will Show You but Evening Sky was <3)
    4. Gain – Bloom (although watching the MV makes the Bloom experience better)
    5. 2NE1 – I Love You (would've preferred if they were a bit more active last year)
    6. T-ara – Day By Day (Hwayoung was exceptionally great here)
    7. Secret – Talk That (Zinger singing instead of rapping? I'M IN!)
    8. EXO – Angel (perfect… just perfect)
    9. G-Dragon – Without You/Eventually (everyone loved Missing You but this track was my favorite from the GD mini)
    10. Lunafly – Clear Day, Cloudy Day (underrated band, wish people would know these guys more)

    I'm stopping at 10 because if I continue, this list would never end. lol

    8 years ago
    • ooh I really love that song too!!

      8 years ago
    • So much I agree with on your list. Tried to walk, I Love You, Day by Day and especially Without You. That song was the best of the album.

      Bloom is growing on me from her perfs. I couldn’t play the MV where I was and had to stop it so never went back to listen to the rest of the song, but she has performed it at the MAMA and the SBS & MBC Gayo Daejuns and yeah, I could totally dig that.

      Based on our ridiculously similar tastes there, I will make a point of listening to everything else you listed.

      8 years ago
      • Sorry for the super late reply. Just busy with school.

        Anyways, I’m really happy to know that there are people (like you) who likes the song I like too. I really want to know your favorite songs of 2012. Maybe I’ll discover a new great song. :)

        8 years ago
        • All good. This is my list from on here somewhere. The first lot did not start the year on my Bias list or are not on my bias list.

          Tried To Walk by B1A4
          Russian Roulette by SPICA
          1,2,3,4 by Lee Hi
          Mama by EXO
          Severely by FT Island
          Day By Day by T-ara
          Volume Up by 4minute

          from my bias list:
          Monster and Bad Boy for Big Bang
          Without You and That XX for GD
          I Love You for 2NE1
          Touch for Miss A
          Don’t Hate Me for Epik High

          I highly recommend checking out SPICA. They are awesome!

          8 years ago
        • We pretty much have the same biases. LOL

          Will listen to SPICA. Heard about them but too lazy to really listen to them. :)

          8 years ago
    • I love Lunafly! :)

      8 years ago
    • Lunafly! They really have some beautiful songs!!!

      8 years ago
    • I love Without You soooo much from G-Dragon’s album. I’m glad I’m not the only one. :)

      8 years ago
    • Yay, now I know another person who loves Without You as much as I do.

      Let’s just hope that YG release his new girl group sooner than later so we’ll know the amazing voice behind Without You.

      8 years ago
  22. ddd

    Btob’s Wow was simply A-mazing!! Srsly it took me back to 90’s

    8 years ago
    • I instantly thought of the 90s when I heard it too! Good to know I’m not the only one!

      8 years ago
  23. Falling..John Park. Awesome awesome song.

    8 years ago
  24. My favorite of 2012 was UKISS Stop Girl….I still have not stopped listening to it since it came out.

    8 years ago
  25. Just read the blog post and with music mondays, I thought a quick fix would be to have 2 charts, one for men and one for women. And then alternate between the two for choosing winners. Then I realized you’d have to rework points values and the age factor and all that because of an added disadvantage of it not being every week…I don’t know how you’ll end up solving it, but I hope it hasn’t caused too much stress (or moneys for your programmer).

    Now to watch the video!

    8 years ago
  26. My favorite was Fantastic baby …. Hello from México :)

    8 years ago
  27. S&M thank you i love your videos you are some really cool ppl i <3 u both

    8 years ago
  28. Oh noes I forgot to mention Big Bangs Bad Boy. The instrumental to that track was chilling, and the Big Bang members made that song. Definitely my favourite Big Bang track of the year.
    Oh and Sistar deserves a mention too. And 2ne1. And *insert band name here*
    God darn it. Too many good songs. *runs off to find ipod*

    8 years ago
  29. Psy’s Gangnam Style rose above the rest, also time to rest, overkill.

    8 years ago
  30. Junsu’s Tarantallegra, the entire album, was just one of the most amazing things I have ever heard! I also really liked GD’s Crayon, TVXQ’s Humanoid and Block B’s Nillili Mambo, but my favourite songs of 2012 are without a doubt SHINee’s Sherlock and Andamiro’s Hypnotize! I didn’t know Andamiro before, but Hypnotize is such an amazing song!!

    8 years ago
  31. Sistar, Orange Caramel ande After School! Not comfort zone, its really all i heard last year

    8 years ago
  32. I actually had to think of this. So I checked my iPod and the most played k-pop song on there was G-Dragon’s Missing You. it never got a video, and it only came out like 3 months ago, yet it’s my most played korean song. My god that song was awesome. Just typing this out now I have the urge to go listen to it.
    A close second would probably be Spica’s painkiller, they were my rookie of the year.

    8 years ago
  33. How lovely, the playlist at the end was just what I was looking for to have some background music while playing Zoo Tycoon. (because I can!)

    8 years ago
  34. I think one of my favorite songs that came out this year is ‘Honesty’ by SHINee. It’s really just…gorgeous and showcases the boy’s voices so well. Another Kpop song that I would list under my favorites from this year is probably ‘Sherlock’ for all the reasons you mentioned. Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin are just dbfpeiurgrg amazing on stage, their voices are gorgeous live, their moves are crisp and clear and the choreography is just amazing. Even when one of them messes up a little (I’ve noticed it from Onew the most, but that’s because he’s my bias and when he’s on stage or camera I’m watching him…NOT IN A CREEPY WAY) they immediately correct it and get back into perfect form. I cannot say how much SHINee is just…amazing.

    8 years ago
  35. Junsu song stood out to me Cx I can’t explain why but it does and I’m a bias of Shinee so I LOVE Sherlock LOL

    8 years ago
  36. For me it had to be Crayon Pop’s Dancing Queen and also What Are You Doing Today? By Hello Venus.

    8 years ago
  37. 2 of the best songs i heard are Block B “Nillili Mambo” and Sistar’s “Loving U”
    Here are the Links : [BLock B = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AYJZvHeKFo ] Sistar = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL2AlXWVbKU

    8 years ago

    8 years ago
  39. My favourite was Psy’s Passionate Goodbye which was not popular at all. Close second is big bang’s Monster or G Dragon’s Crayon.

    8 years ago
  40. “You touch my PARTS baby”

    I’m sorry guise, have I misheard that line? Laughing like a mad man now. LOLOLOLOLOL

    8 years ago
    • We always ruin song lines. Don’t make us sing Big Bang’s “Blue.” WHOA do we ever mis-hear some stuff in there. WHOOOOAAAA

      8 years ago
      • I really want to know how you guise heard the song. What did you mis-hear?

        8 years ago
      • SING THEM!!! hahaha

        8 years ago
      • Now I’m so curious… (yeah…)

        8 years ago
        • Gyori Gyal Go
          I’m a mooooountainous chode
          nuh nuh nuh nuh
          Cream so gay!

          So on and so forth. We just like singing about being mountainous chodes and creams so gay!

          8 years ago
        • chode in hindi means f*er…

          8 years ago
        • My favorite mis-hearing of Blue is during TOP’s part, I swear I hear him say “The pork chop’s mine”

          8 years ago
      • So glad I’m not the only one who sing’s “Blue” completely wrong! Especially the two lines right before the chorus! OMG, Daesung/Taeyang’s lines kill me every time I hear it! XD

        8 years ago
        • Someone needs to share, LOL. I must be concentrating too hard trying to discern the Korean. I miss all the fun stuff.

          8 years ago
        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BClD-_4t2gU

          90% of the reason I don’t sing/hear the song correctly anymore.
          The other 10%, I zoned out while listening to the song, and misheard the Daesung/Taeyang part. Around the 1:22/2:49 mark in the song. Normally people hear what I heard without me having to tell them, by just pointing this particular part of the song out. :3

          8 years ago
      • LOL. I will let you butcher my favorite songs’ lyrics any day guise. I’m already expecting this “You touch my PARTS baby” to be in a shirt asap.

        8 years ago