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Our Favorite Kpop of 2012

January 6, 2013


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Ok, so this isn’t a real KpopCharts Update, because there’s no point in us doing those yet, since next Music Monday will be on Infinite’s “The Chaser,” since they won the Best Potential Kpop Music Monday award for our EYKAs. Yes, that means some other band has just been screwed over for this week. It would probably be Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy,” buuuuut since it just came out it will probably hold on tight for two weeks. TVXQ’s “Catch Me” held on for almost three weeks. Girls’ Generation can do the same, right. RIGHT?!

Anyhow, since we’re not promoting voting on the KpopCharts, we thought we’d talk about our favorite Kpop songs and videos of the year. A lot of the time, what gets voted into first place on the KpopCharts doesn’t represent what we personally like the most. So we wanted to talk about those videos here – yes – not as thoroughly as we would in a Kpop Music Monday, but at least you can know what songs we happen to love.

Mostly, it was the girl groups that got the shaft this year. The first half of our talk is mostly about the girl groups that didn’t get voted in, while the second half is about the boys. We did review all the boys we talked about. We just wanted to talk about how our opinions changed of those songs and videos. For those of you who are upset that girl groups get the short end of the stick on the KpopCharts – believe me – we’re upset as well, and we want to give them a bigger chance. We’re trying to find a solution for it on the KpopCharts. We think we’re almost there. And – no – us doing TWO KPOP MUSIC MONDAYS A WEEK is not the answer. We need some equalizing factor…or something.

Anyhow, I’m sure a lot of you will be like “Y U NO MENTION ____” Yes, we can’t talk about every band that is out there. We just wanted to talk about what stuck out for us the most. I’m sure there’ll be other bands and songs that pop up in our minds later that we’ll be like “oh! We should have mentioned them!” but it’ll be too late. Also, there are some bands that we distinctly were NOT impressed with, which we will IN NO WAY MENTION OUT LOUD. We won’t incur the wrath of the internets. But, let’s face it, some songs and videos sucked hard. We just won’t say which ones :D

Yeah! So that’s it. In case you haven’t seen some of the videos, we put them in a playlist below! Check it out from the second video (we don’t know how to embed a playlist starting from a specific video, rather than just the first. Sorry!)



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Kpop Charts Update


Our Favorite Kpop of 2012


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  1. i really liked shinees nightmare but they never made a video for it T^T

    5 years ago
  2. I have to say that my favourite songs of the year were probably Bad Boy by 100% and Punishment by Roh Ji Hoon. Though Sexy Love and Mama (if you get rid of the horrific narration) are close behind.

    And I agree with some of the other comments — sometimes I think you should just review a group you want to review.

    6 years ago
  3. The show was awesome! So awkward at times. Poor Eli though, he seemed to loose the challenges fairly often and was left not eating anything but Kimchi and Rice. Little hard to understand at times when they spoken in Korean for a while, but you got the gist of what they were saying. That reminds me, I need to see if there were any more episodes!

    6 years ago
  4. I’m curious! Do you remember if it was it in the last 4 years (2009-2012)? I want to find the song.

    6 years ago
  5. Though I really like 2NE1’s I Love You, Sistar’s Alone, and Secret’s Talk That, my favorite song by a girl group this year is Miss A’s Touch.

    6 years ago
  6. F*** yes ukiss and australia!! How they didnt get nominated for the sbs popasia awards i dont know but personally i really think they would have one :/ but they are sooooo biased towards big bang and yg that i am no longer a fan of either groups. It got me soooo frustrated that they played big bang or gd like 3 or 4 times an episode >:( but UKISS FTW!!

    6 years ago
  7. I think my favorite song was Dancing Queen by Crayon Pop….the song really surprised me for a rookie group and the thinking dance is so wonderfully quirky. Much less, who doesn’t like “Dancing in the moonlight” at times?

    6 years ago
  8. Sistar – Alone. It’s like “Missing You” by the Stones redone as a disco-reggae pop song. Brave Brothers keeps tinkering with it, rearranging the beat, coming out with remixes, etc, but nothing he’s done can match the original because the original is perfect and can’t be improved.

    Anyway. ^^ Besides the ones you guys mentioned, some other 2012 standouts for me (that have been generally overlooked as far as I can tell) are Ukiss Believe, Kara Pandora, Epik High Wrong, BTOB Wow, Crazyno Musiche, EXID Every Night, B1A4 Wonderful Tonight (unplugged remix), Brave Girls Nowadays You and E.via Night Blooming Roses. Also 4Minute Volume Up, which could easily be on the Sexy Mr. Saxobeat playlist you guys have going on in this post.

    6 years ago
    • I love how everyone has a different favourite from Epik High’s Album!
      Totally agree with you on the Sexy Saxobeat in Volume Up, soo good!

      6 years ago
      • It’s a really good album!

        I like Wrong because I like the way it sounds, rock guitars underneath a pretty, classical-sounding arrangement, sad sad sad vocals that overlap each other, the kind of circular beat. And also because it’s social commentary – think how many of those “words you shouldn’t say to someone you love” (not that I always agree) pop up in other Kpop songs.

        What’s your favorite song from 99 :D

        6 years ago
        • My fav would have to be 비켜/Get out of the way. After listening to the album, it was the one song that I kept coming back to over and over again. Normally I’m a MV fan, so I tend to stick to title tracks from Korean artists, but I absolutely fell in love the beat of this song and the raping. There is something about the song that is so energizing, I just want to get up and jump, and the fast raping between Mithra and Tablo, amazing!

          6 years ago
        • Oh, I haven’t listened to that one in a while. Time to listen again! :D

          6 years ago
        • :D I’ve started listening to Wrong again XD and looking up the English translations for the rest of the Album too.

          6 years ago
  9. oh i forgot GaIn’s Bloom, Miryo’s Dirty, JYP’s You’re The One, JoKwon’s Animal and Sunny Hill’s Goodbye For Romance :D i’m sure i forgot many others great songs

    6 years ago
  10. mmm what song stuck out for me the most… i think that Blue and Bad Boy were 2 of the most amazing songs of this year (and i’m not saying that because i’m a vip, i was really disappointed by Love Song last year), i loved also :

    GD’s That XX

    Se7en’s When I Can’t Sing

    BoA’s Only One

    miss A’s Touch

    Sistar’s Alone

    4minute’s Volume Up

    Orange Caramel’s Lipstick

    Block B’ Nilili Mambo

    MIB’s So It’s Only Hard For Me

    Nell’s The Day Before and White Night

    and so many others, it was really a good year for korean music :D for the rookies, i really like C-Clown and Juniel, i love their music and their voices

    6 years ago
  11. I think Dalmatian’s E.R. was one of the best. One of, because there were so many 2012 songs I loved. I don’t follow them and I didn’t even hear the song until months after it came out, but when I did I just couldn’t stop listening.

    6 years ago
  12. Aside from my obvious YG bias for BigBang and Epik High ( Happy Birthday to Mithra, my same age friend) in 2012 I really enjoyed:

    a. Block B- the entire ‘Blockbuster’ album was pretty stellar. I liked ‘Nillili Mambo’, but my faves were definitely ‘Mental Breaker’ and ‘No Joke’

    b. Sistar- ‘Alone’ – Honestly I liked Loving you too but I find that my favourite Sistar song of all time is Sistar19 ‘Ma Boy’ which was not even from this year.

    c. Sunny Hill- ‘ Prince and Princess Charming/Is the White Horse Coming’- As catchy as ‘The Grasshopper Song’ was, the quirky nature of this song had me up and dancing all the time.

    d. UKiss-‘Tick Tock’ Korean Version- I also loved Stop Girl, but Tick Tock was amazing last year and it was still amazing on the Doradora EP this year.

    e. Super Junior- ‘ Spy’. I gave in to the earworm that was Spy ( and Sexy, Free and Single) you guys are right about this song being great as a motivator in the mornings.

    f. BAP- ‘ No Mercy’- I pretty much loved most of their stuff this year except for stop it. I liked Crash as well.

    g. Wonder Girls- ‘R.E.A.L’- the Wonder Party EP was pretty solid. Not many people like the awkward rapping in this song but I find it refreshing and fun to sing along with.

    h. J.Min- ‘ Stand Up’. Technically an OST song but I can’t resist it. I also downloaded the whole ‘ To the Beautiful You’ album. There are some gorgeous pop tracks on that OST.

    i. Secret- ‘ Poison’. Gosh, never thought I would like a song with a crotch dance, but yep, I did.

    j. Jay Park- ‘ Know Your Name’- his New Breed Album was also pretty awesome.

    k. Primary- ‘?’-the guys on this track are awesome, nuff said.

    l. 100%- ‘Bad Boy’ – something about this group really attracted me. I loved the live version of this song.

    m. Naul- the entire Principle of my Soul album. That whole album is soulful and terrific.

    n. K.Will- ‘Please Don’t’ Love his voice, love the conversations this video provoked. He is also pretty hilarious.

    6 years ago
  13. Hmmm this is hard – I started off with a short list but took too long writing and more and more songs just kept on appearing. Keep in mind these lists are not in any particular order.

    – Whole Albums –

    GD – One of a Kind
    I loove Light It Up, and That XX and Crayon are so different but SO ADDICTNG. Uncensored ver. of That XX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcJIHHiyMEA

    Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single (and SPY repackage by extension)
    This album was seriously fantastic, with lots of variety. Excluding singles, I especially loved Rockstar, From U, Butterfly and Gulliver.

    EXO K/M – MAMA
    The only song from this album that I didn’t ADORE was Angel (sorry exotics!). Really well done first album for a rookie group (generally with mini albums I’m lucky if I like more than 2 of the songs, and I hate it when they cheat and add an “instrumental” of the single)

    Block B – Blockbuster
    Really really well done. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was! I love the opening song.

    BAP – All of the Above
    I didn’t fall desperately in love with Stop It or Crash (still liked them but I don’t really rock out in my car to Stop It…), but everything else? YES PLEASE

    SHINee – Sherlock
    While I admit the first three songs (Sherlock, then Clue and Note) can get repetitive for obvious reasons, for the purpose of my sanity I only count that block as one song ^^. Special mention goes to Honesty! Major kudos to SHINee for including such a heartfelt acoustic ballad that highlights each of their lovely voices to perfection (groundbreaking for an SM artist :P). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDfX8rFWKak

    F(X) – Electric Shock
    I got a little bit tired of the actual single, but the rest of the album is very refreshing and a joy to listen to. I especially love Let’s Try.

    – Individual Songs – (I’m including japanese singles if I liked them enough!)

    Simon D, Gaeko, Tablo, DJ Tukutz, Mithra, Choiza – THE CYPHER 2012 (not sure if this counts but HOLY BAJEEZUS it’s so good!!! Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUc_NLNu4YU
    Big Bang – Blue
    Epik High – It’s Cold
    Junsuuuuu – Fever, Tarantallegra
    SHINee – 1000 Years Always By Your Side (The other sm artists have to dance in boxes because they gave all of the plots to shinee I guess…)
    Miss A – Lips, Touch (zomg I discovered this one late, I avoided Miss A because of Bad Girl Good Girl and now I seriously regret it, lol)
    Batoost – Midnight, Beautiful Night
    C-Clown – Far Away… Young Love
    Bilasa – Tried to Walk
    2NE1 – I Love You
    BTOB – WoW
    Yoseob – Caffeine
    BoA – The Shadow
    Boyfriend – Janus, Love Style (the pink floral suits KILL ME but I love both of these songs xD)
    Roh Ji Hoon – Punishment (*drool*)
    Wooyoung – Sexy Lady
    U-Kiss – DoraDora, Stop Girl
    TVXQ – Viva, Gorgeous, Humanoids
    K.Will – Please Don’t
    SNSD – I Got a Boy **Hana’s Edit Ver ONLY** — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRBXM7JprXg

    – Honorable mention for stuff from 2011 or before that I just started listening to that makes me go AKDFJLHDJASJDF –

    **Tablo – Try**
    SunnyHill – Midnight Circus
    GD&TOP – Don’t Go Home
    IU – 4AM
    Kim Kyu Jong – Yesterday

    6 years ago
  14. I also couldn’t help but notice the australian nuts, was that coles brand? Looked like coles…

    6 years ago
    • They were from Woolies/Woolworths!! (also known as Safeway down south) ^^b

      **EDIT: OH WAIT!! Maybe it was Coles after all…I usually go to Woolies but I think that day I went to Coles for some reason. Meh same thing :p

      6 years ago
  15. Favorite song of the year: Infinite’s “The Chaser.” I didn’t think too much of it when it first came out, but it’s really grown on me. I’m not an Infinite fan either, but their dance moves and the AWESOME song won me over. Orange Caramel’s “Lipstick” is a close second though.

    6 years ago
  16. That is what happens when you use a mac…

    6 years ago
  17. the chaser by infinite was my favorite song!

    6 years ago
  18. I’m not sure if its the camera angle, or if some of the canvases aren’t straight. I was completely distracted in one of your other videos as well. I just want to come and straighten the pictures XD hahaha
    I tried to make a list of my Top 10, but couldn’t do it. I got to a playlist of about 50 songs XD and still felt bad for missing some songs/artists.
    In reading through the comments, I’m glad to see that almost all of my favourites have been included by one Nasty or another. But there is one song in particular that I haven’t seen mentioned yet and that’s Verbal Jint’s ‘You deserve better’ featuring Sanchez (from Phantom)! http://youtu.be/0Wns2mn0kcQ I love this song soo much!
    oh and B2ST’s Not me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGjt9WVF2xU
    T-ara’s Lovey Dovey… anyone?
    Otherwise I love everyone’s favourites of the year and there are a few songs that I’m going to look up! I hope 2013 is just as good!

    6 years ago
  19. Wow! That Sunggyu song from Immortal Song was AMAZING! Thanks for the link :)

    6 years ago
    • That was honestly my favorite song by him until 41 Days.

      6 years ago
      • Yes, 41 Days is still by far my absolute favourite Sunggyu song! but I also love the whole album, its the first Kpop album that I’ve actually liked every single song! XD

        6 years ago
  20. Phantom – Hole In Your Face!! <3 I was thinking the same thing. The MV was released last year, but it was on their 2012 album. I love that song sooo much!

    6 years ago
  21. Haha I saw that too! I was like *twitch* is that… COLES BRAND :DDDDDDD

    6 years ago
  22. You know, if you don’t find a technical way of equalizing the votes, why not just dedicate one Music Monday every quarter or so in which you pick out a song/MV you’ve been really wanting to talk about or believe got buried by the local EYK fan favorites? I mean, general consensus is all well and good, but a touch of KINGLY POWER has its place now and then! Ho ho! ☆~(ゝ。∂)

    6 years ago
  23. Yay! D-Unit’s Missing You! I had that on repeat for months! I love that song

    6 years ago
  24. LOVE that you guise did this!!! Many of your favourites made it to our K-pop Awards ^^. http://www.samsoondowntherabbithole.com/2012/12/k-pop-awards-best-of-2012.html

    I totally agree with you about listening to the songs sans head phones. I am totally in love with GD’s album. My fave from the album might be “Light it Up” – ah, I just love it!!! I also really loved Hot Potato’s “Pillow” which I became aware of because of your awesomeness!!! Thanks for all you do to spread the Korean and K-pop love!

    6 years ago
  25. My 10 favorite songs of the year (without being biased) are:
    – Volume Up ~ 4minute
    – Ticket ~ Nine Muses
    – Bad Boy ~ 100%
    – It’s cold ~ Epik High
    – Crayon ~ G-Dragon
    – Monster ~ Bigbang
    – The Chaser ~ Infinite
    – Punishment ~ Roh Ji Hoon
    – 60 sec. ~ Kim Sungkyu
    – Alone ~ Sistar

    6 years ago
  26. ooooh… favourites… well, here are some of my personal faves.

    Tarantallegra by Xia
    Blue and Fantastic Baby by Big Bang (basically, the whole Still Alive album was gold)
    Sherlock by Shinee
    The Grasshopper Song by Sunny Hill
    I Love You by 2NE1
    One of a Kind and That XX by G-Dragon
    Twinkle by TaeTiSeo
    Poison by Secret (yeah, I know the dancing is kind of gross, but I love the song)
    Roulette, Painkiller, and Lonely by SPICA, one of the most underrated girl groups EVER

    Everything TVXQ did this year, I loved. The song Catch Me was just okay, but the album it was part of was INCREDIBLE. I love almost every song on it. My favourites are Viva, Getaway, How Are You, Gorgeous, I Swear, and Humanoids! I loved their Japanese stuff this year too. I am so proud of those two. *_*

    6 years ago
  27. No order :

    The XX – G Dragon (awesome)
    Mama – Gangkiz (love the whistle part, like the video, love the dance)
    Lips – Miss A (no video but such a great song)
    Fantastic Baby – BigBang (wow, fantastic baby, dance, woohoo, boom shakalaka…)
    I Wish – FT Island (can’t get enough of that song, video is great, but he should lose the tiara)
    Have, Don’t Have – Dal Shabet (song is just so great)
    Bloom – GaIn (the sexy video, but so freaking long intro, the song is just awesome)
    Lovey Dovey – T-ara (love the song, totally love the zombie version)
    Hey You – CNBlue (video not so much, song is stuck in my head)
    Like This – Wonder Girls (love the dance, so simple yet so cool)

    Welcome 2013! I’m excited to see (and hear) what’s in store for us this year!

    6 years ago